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“What Is Going On?”

Well, GHers, I am back from my weekend getaway, and tomorrow my hubby goes back to work, and it’s back to reality.

My very thoughtful hubby lovingly made sure the laptop made it to the hotel this weekend, and on Saturday night, I took the time to write out the introduction to our Sunday Drive…only to have the hotel’s internet service tell me it was “buffering” through any video I tried to access. Note to Hilton Hotels: I don’t ask for much. Just that the internet service at your hotels is at least as good as the service on Paris’ phone! Too much to ask?

I hated that we didn’t spend Sunday “together” via our drive…I guess next time my hubby plans a weekend getaway, I will have to put the Drive together before we leave.

I’m sorry!



“What Is Going On?” over in Port Charles? It seems all hell has broken loose!

While Olivia may never make my list of favorite characters, I don’t enjoy seeing any woman hurt, especially when they are so undeserving of it. Olivia has been really good to Steve Webber. She’s been understanding and supportive, and has made Steve a much more likable person, as I cannot stand him when he acts as though his only purpose in life is to sing the praises of his “kid sister.” Liv totally deserves better than to have Steve and Maggie huddled together all the time, and right under her nose! Liv had every right to ask “What Is Going On?” but damn, I hate that Steve allowed Maggie to tell Olivia that they were having an affair, and even more so since he never got the chance to tell her that it was a lie before madness ensued. Now that it has, Olivia can only  focus on her cousin, as she is truly the only person Kate can count on. Steve wanting to clear things up in the midst of this crisis didn’t really earn him any point. JERK.

Like Olivia, I am really starting to wonder about Kate. She is more than a bit off; she is completely hysterical, and it seems to me that she may not be able to account for her every moment during that hysteria. Not the best combination. I was entirely captivated by Kelly Sullivan’s delivery of Kate’s delirium! What a great job she did convincing me that she was on the verge of losing her cotton-picking mind! I was struggling at first to understand her reactions to everything, and to everyone, and was thinking to myself, “What Is Going On?”,  but I finally got it. Steve was right about one thing: she did seem to disappear inside herself, and we know it isn’t the first time. I got the feeling that when Kate knelt down and touched that blood stain, she wasn’t sure that she didn’t deal with Sonny herself, but not as herself. Huh. I did not see that one coming!

The other thing I didn’t see coming was Dante’s softening over Sonny. I mean, I am sure that I would find a soft spot for anyone who saved my life, but Dante is different. He has spent a lifetime hardening his heart against Sonny, and that was before Sonny ever took aim at his heart and shot his gun at him. I feel Dante works to strengthen his resolve to not be pulled in by Sonny’s need to make up for his mistakes, and so far, Dante has remained unmovable. Yet, when Dante saw that Sonny basically dragged his bleeding,injured butt to Johnny’s to avenge the attempt on Dante’s life, there was something different in the way he was looking at his father. “What Is Going On?” Is Dante really coming to understand what being a father to Sonny means to him as he said, or was he just being the negotiator he was trained to be at the academy? I guess only the time it takes for Sonny to heal will tell.

Was I the only one who saw the irony in a bleeding Sonny walking through Johnny’s door, only to see Carly come down the steps in a robe? It immediately reminded me of a wonder, bleeding Jason walking in on the very same scene all those years ago at Sonny’s. It boggles my mind sometimes just how lucky Sonny is to be alive after all these years – not in the mob – but after all these years of plain, old stupidity. With all of the men he employs to keep him safe, and do his dirty work, wouldn’t you think Sonny might have called one of them before leaving a trail of blood in the snow to Johnny’s, where he could barely even lift his gun, much less see his target? “What Is Going On?” Will Sonny ever stop to think before making any of his rash, usually costly decisions? For a second, I thought we would see a repeat of Sonny aiming and shooting Carly in the head, instead of his intended target. Thank goodness Dante was able to talk him down – and out of another reckless situation.

I am more and more thankful that Michael doesn’t really share any of Sonny’s DNA. I am finally starting to believe that Michael has shaken off the learned stupidity he picked up from Sonny, and is making his way towards becoming the man Abby (and many of us) always knew he could be. Thank you, writers, and especially Mr. Carlivati, for remembering that Molly would see the wisdom in reaching out to Michael for help when she realized she was in over her head. I absolutely LOVED that Michael didn’t dwell on the question of “What Is Going On?” and immediately responded to Molly’s call for help, and that he was able to get to her before anything more serious could happen. Lord knows, I could not stomach another rape storyline, and I needed this ABC Afterschool Special-type story to teach the lesson that it could have been worse, but because of Molly’s quick thinking and ability to admit she was in over her head, it wasn’t. I was also proud of Michael for ripping into TJ the way I would have loved to! While I did see a glimmer of hope that TJ may have actually learned an important lesson from what happened to Molly, I do not feel sorry for him, and I am going to be pissed at Molly if she cores for his delinquent butt!

You know, we’ve gotta give it to Nancy Lee Grahn on having Alexis react exactly the way any mother shoulda, coulda, woulda, if found in the same situation! From the moment Alexis walked in wanting to know, “What Is Going On?”, I could totally feel her anger and disappointment, and if I were Kate (Nancy’s real-life daughter), I would take note! My beloved Haley Pullos also did a great job with this new material for her character, and I think it’s about time we see Molly be more than a precocious matchmaker, even if she has to make some mistakes along the way. Alexis handled Molly and TJ with the efficiency of an experienced mom, and I am thankful that the writers made it so that Alexis seems to have learned some valuable lessons from her experiences during Kristina’s teen years. I am looking forward to the learning moments ahead – but mostly I am looking forward to more family centric storylines, like this one!

It seems Mr. and Mrs. Morgan can barely share a moment alone without having their world “rocked” and having to ask “What Is Going On?” I guess we faithful will have to wait a bit longer for the precious moments that should accompany this already long-awaited pregnancy. *sigh* I honestly would be happy with The Morgans just being able to spend some time alone at home, but with Jason’s condition being so dangerous, that doesn’t seem very likely either. Add to that the fact that Robin was caught in an explosion, and Jason may never walk out of that hospital again, unless Patrick is able to reach into that pocket of his, and hand Jason the one thing that could save his life – but cost Robin hers. Oh, how I hate that our poor Sam will now have to fight for her husband’s life even as Patrick is mourning the death of his wife. It’s an impossible situation under normal circumstances, but having to take on this fight while pregnant? Unimaginable!

To say that Patrick’s life was blown to pieces would be an understatement. My poor Vanessa walked in and saw Patrick banging on the door, yelling desperately at Robin, and cried,  “What Is Going On?” I couldn’t answer, as I myself was staring at the screen; frozen. All I could do was walk over and put my arms around her, as we both watched Robin say good-bye to Patrick, even though he refused to hear it. Wow. That was what I call drama! I am not sure I could have moved away from the TV if the bogey man himself were coming at me! While I may not have liked watching one of the only rootable couples left on daytime meet with such a tragic end, I understood that one half of that couple made the choice to leave the show, and as it played out, I was completely engrossed, even if I was also completely heartbroken.

It’s not often that we get to see Jason Thompson flexing his lesser used acting muscles, such as the ones reserved for emotional material like this, so let me take the opportunity to say that he knocked it out of the park with those scenes. I don’t think I have ever shed tears for Patrick and Robin, but I did watching those scenes, because Jason made me feel the incredible love that Patrick had for Robin, and the heart stopping loss he was facing without her. *applause*

I feel so badly for Mr. Valentini and Mr. Carlivati, because boy, oh boy, are they in the line of fire for all the misplaced fury from longtime Robin and Scrubs fans! I am not sure if people realize that Kimberly McCullough wanted out of her relationship with General Hospital to pursue her dreams, but if they do, I cannot understand why people are directing all of their frustration and anger over her departure from the show at TPTB – and other actors! I rewatched today’s epi on YouTube before sitting down to post, and after reading some of the comments, I thought, “What Is Going On?” What else could have been done to accommodate Miss McCullough’s desire to leave the show? I am endlessly grateful that HIV didn’t claim her life, and having the daughter of Robert and Anna Scorpio leave the canvas in anything less riveting than an explosive, keep-us-guessing, burned-beyond-recognition body under the yellow tarp, would, personally, have felt like a slap in the face to “authentic” longtime fans such as myself. Years ago, at the very height of our beloved soap genre, no one ever really died. Our hearts were never really broken when Reva drove her car off the bridge, or when Victor’s plane crashed, or even when Jesse died onscreen from gunshot wounds – or HELLO! When Lucky “died” in the fire! Perhaps one of the reasons soaps have taken such a hit is because in more recent years, beloved characters were recast, or *horror* they never came back from the dead!

Here, we’ve been given a real possibility (possibly the only possibility) that Robin could someday be reunited with her family, and people are complaining???

Again – “What Is Going On?”

If you happen to cross paths with one of these lunatics complaining over the gift that lifelong GH fans have been given here, tell them to put their big girl panties on, and take a look at the BIG PICTURE! If people keep complaining, and threatening, and bitching, and moaning, it will come as no surprise to any of us that our remaining ABC soap will meet a death even more untimely than Robin’s “presumed” one!

*stomps foot*



8 responses

  1. Fylicia'Marie

    Great to have you back. You were missed. Todays epi was heartbreaking to new for a couple of reasons. 1) Didn’t think I’d be so effected by Kim’s departure (I already knew she wanted out), but gosh darnit, Jason T. NAILED his scenes, and truthfully I was kind of bored with Scrubs + the Lisa thing didn’t help. But Jason T. has me looking up Scrubs on YT now. NAILED them and I found myself beside myself.

    Next one is a doosie…preface: I started watching GH again on a regular basis BECAUSE OF SAM, that’s how much I love her, so this really does hurt my heart to say/write: I was so thoroughly disappointed in her today. I haven’t felt this way since she watched Jake being kidnapped (though I got it, understood, but disagreed and got over it). She left Patrick alone right when he found out his wife, only woman he’s ever loved and mother of his child had died. And why? Because she thought he “needed to be alone”, thought maybe he wanted to scream with his whole body, while his head exploded as he tried to process this without someone holding him, even just his hand to let him know he wasn’t alone? No….she wanted to run back to Jason, forget Patrick and his loss.

    Before I get the she’s pregnant and not thinking clearly line: she’s been pregnant before, yet she was nothing if not compassionate towards others. She TOTALLY sympathized with Alexis about the stem cell thing, she just didn’t want to put her baby in any kind of jeopardy. Well lil tyke/tykette wouldn’t have been damaged by a hug/hand holding of the man who three minutes ago along with his now deceased wife were your husband’s only hope. Unacceptable and now the writers are going to turn her into a selfish, clingy woman whose life once again revolves around Jason so much she can’t see the forest for the trees. That might be a little harsh. However, this not Sam, this is Mrs. Morgan and I wanted that union more than anything; but not at the expense of her humanity.

    February 22, 2012 at 3:39 am

  2. Sorry, I totally disagree with the above post. Sam would intuitively know that Patrick needed to be alone long enough to process what had happened,just as she knew Jason needed space when jake died. To call her selfish and clingy is what is really unacceptable, unfair, and the last thing we need when our show is on the line. Sorry, Angelique, but these remarks are exactly what you are trying to keep from destroying our show, and I apologize for using your blog to speak up.
    I do thank you for the words of wisdom you always show us. But I just can’t keep quiet when I get riled up…………….Shutting up now.

    February 22, 2012 at 11:38 am

    • Trini

      I agree with you

      February 22, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    • Traveler

      I also agree with you 100%!!
      Sam was in a state of shock and so was Patrick!!
      I choose to watch this all play out and stay positive.. I have faith in Sam and GH…..

      February 22, 2012 at 3:19 pm

  3. Traveler

    I hope you had a Get Away with your Husband. You were missed but Im so glad you were doing something Fun wih the Hubby!!
    Im loving all the Excitement of GH this week!! My heart is breaking for Patrick and Scrub Fans.. We know this was Kim’s choice to leave so I totally understand where the Writers are coming back. I would hope Scrubs Fans know.. This leaves the door open for Kim to come back some day….
    I have total faith in Sam… And in Patrick.. I know they will both do what is right and in Jason’s best interest and their own!!!

    February 22, 2012 at 3:24 pm

  4. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,Welcome Back Angelique!
    I was glued to my televison I thought the last few days of GH were awesome! I too am glad it was not HIV that took Robin away! JT and KMc Nailed their scenes. Robin was her parents child strong and heartfelt! Patirck leaves no doubt how much he Loves his wife! TPTB left the door open for Robin and that was something they did not have to do!
    Spinelli and Jasons scenes were also heartfelt!
    If there is one thing Sam is not and that is selfish. Will she fight with all she has for her husband the Love of her Life you bet! It made sense that she did not go to Patrick! Their relationship is not like that! If Sam wanted to go to Jason because their hopes for his recovery just died with Robin why wouldn’t she!Also Sam knew Jason was not going to wait in that room too much longer and she was right!
    Jason and Sam need to be rejoicing their Baby(ies) and I am hoping this happens,SOON! I also hope Franco s/l is finished! I for one do not want him related to Jason in any way!
    The fallout of Robins death is going to be DEEP!
    I was very proud how Michael stood up for Molly!
    What is going on………….GH revamped our beloved soap I hope it continues! Even when we do not always see eye to eye lets try and stay
    positive and hopeful. It seems some GH TPTB are looking at a few GH Blogs! I hope so! If there is one thing that this one offers is a Insight like no other and thats because of you Angelique……Thank You!

    February 22, 2012 at 9:44 pm

  5. Karlene

    Welcome back friend. I hope you had an enjoyable time on your Anniversary trip with the hubby 🙂 Whenever I have watched GH this week, I can’t believe how fast the hour goes by. It is literally flying by and I love that there are now cliffhangers every day. It’s what keeps us tuning in. Patrick/JT and Robin/KMc are breaking my heart. I choose to keep watching to see what’s happening and not pay attention to spoilers. I’ve heard that RC likes dropping fake spoilers so no one knows what’s really going to happen so I’m going to be trying my damndest to not pay attention to them. That last look Sam gave Jason broke my heart too b/c Robin is one of Jason’s best friends and it will be really bad when he finds out the truth and Sam knows that. The look though said it all in 15 seconds. Who else can pull that off?!?!?! Hope you got a chance to watch the newest videos I’ve uploaded 😀
    JASAM Love Always,

    February 22, 2012 at 10:10 pm

  6. Dawn

    I am glad you were on a mini-break, but I have missed your daily blog and am completely glad you are back.

    Ok, let us think logically, shall we. Sam is Robin’s and Patrick’s friend so she is also in shock by what she stumbled upon in the lab explosion. Not only because the love of her life and father of her blessed baby is dying, but because she just witnessed someone elses, someone close to her, life collapse. That is very raw and powerfully intense, and Sam is feeling deep emotions because of this and allowed Patrick to unabashedly express his emotions as well. It was not for Sam to run to Patrick and comfort him, loosing your very reason for existing is not pain a hug would cure. In fact Patrick deserved the space to absorb the situation with dignity. I believe if Sam went over to Patrick, he would have rejected her sympathy by yelling and lashing out. The death of his wife was the most intimate of moments, if fact the last intimate moment Patrick and Robin will ever share and Patrick deserved to live it out completely and painfully. Tantamount to everything, Robin was the person that all who love Jason were relying upon to help him with his brain injury. Jason has been a stubborn patient and Sam is doing everything she can to ensure he receives care. This has also been an extremely looooooong night for our favorite characters in Port Charles, so they are taxed with many different emotions and you cannot fault them for the conundrum they are in.

    However, continuing down the path of logic, this is daytime drama. If Sam and Jason were hugging and kissing and talking about the baby for the next 6 months we would say, “ENOUGH!”, this is rediculous. So, cue the drama, enter the tough scenes. Jason will not be mad at Sam–at least for long if at all– for not telling him about Robin. I can see the pattern and Jason is going to blame himself and Patrick is going to blame Jason. Carly will definately be on Sam’s side of this and will tell Jason that Robin wanted to be sure he survived and made her own choices. Also, someone commented that the scenes between Spinelli and Jason were heartfelt and I completely agree. In fact it makes me look forward to the scenes that Sonny and Jason are going to share remenescing about Robin.

    This is a good platform to have our favorite soap jump into the future from. Many storylines and character interactions will come to be from it, and I do believe that the shows overall flow has changed over recent weeks, for the better. It is being written and produced very well and we should believe that in order for it to stay on television it needs to have interesting storylines and that is definately what we are getting.

    I don’t know where it will go next, but I have great feelings about it!!
    Stay Positive!



    February 23, 2012 at 12:25 pm

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