Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


TGIF, GHers! 

Thanks so much to all of you for your kind words and concern. Sometimes people disappoint us, and sometimes they hurt us. We have to learn to listen to our instincts better, and not betray those instincts, no matter how badly you want someone to be the person you hope them to be.

Live and learn, right?

Boy, did I need this weekend! By the time most of you read this, I will be on my way to one of those pain in the butt appointments I hate so much…but afterwards, my hubby has assured me that he is going to give me a weekend that will help me to forget all about my disappointments!

I’ll share the details as soon as I know them….one more thing some of you may know about us is that we are Surprise Junkies! 😉

Anyway, I am hoping that before embarking on our adventure, I will be home today in time to tune in to my favorite TV (not just daytime) drama, because GH is really getting GOOD again!

The one thing most of our Port Charlesians have in common is that they all have the same deep-down wish: NO MORE MAYHEM!

Eh, they may never get that wish, and especially not all at the same time, but it’s a great wish, and for great reason!

Let’s just recap:

  • Most of us could actually fill in for Sam over at McCall (Morgan) & Jackal, PI when Sam is out on maternity leave, because as soon as that crane dropped on poor, unfortunate Abby in Chicago, our spidey senses kicked into high gear and Delores’ mysterious husband became our number one suspect. Months later, and Dante is just figuring out that the person who attacked Delores outside of Jake’s seems to have a problem with his foot, where it drags. (By the way, kudos to whoever it was on the team – old team or new team, or in-between team – that came up with the idea to make our Port Charles Detectives actually look competent! That was long overdue!) Coincidentally, across town at Kelly’s, Delores was surreptitiously “kinda” meeting with John for some information that might lead her to her sister’s killer. Who can blame Delores? I’d want all kinds of information from John, too! While John may not given Padilla anything she could use on her case, he did give her plenty of help she didn’t ask for, and gave US all a super important clue! Delores’ husband has a problem with his foot! Wow! We are good! All Padilla wants is to put her sister’s killer away, and as tempting as it would be to be in John’s “debt”, I genuinely do believe this chick truly just wants NO MORE MAYHEM in her life. She is starting to grow on me, even if she happens to have the worst husband on the planet! Hopefully, John gave her the best clue ever so that she can bring him down.
  • Dante put in a hard day at work, and actually did some crucial detective work that may just bring them closer to finding the dancers’ attacker. I am sure we can all understand why he wouldn’t be in the mood to go put on a tuxedo and spend the next couple of hours pretending not to hate every single thing his father stands for. However, because everyone and (literally) his mother convinced him to support the “good cause” Sonny was giving to so generously, Dante showed up. And just in time to overhear his father sounding exactly like the mobster he is, and the mobster Dante detests. Could someone perhaps have reminded Sonny that he is supposed to be “downplaying” the mob boss thing on Dante’s big night? If Sonny weren’t so addicted to power-wielding, and order-giving, he might actually have stood a chance of surviving the night without his son looking down his nose at him in disgust. Hey, I wanna feel for Sonny here, but he just makes it to easy for Dante to find a dozen new reasons to turn his back on the idea of a relationship with his father. Shot twice, and Dante has decided that he wants NO MORE MAYHEM associated to Sonny.
  • John. John. John. I am going to need you to learn the fine art of socially acceptable behavior. Must every mob boss in Port Charles be, or act, insane? I want John to decide that he is going to fight Sonny on intelligence, not a battle over who can make a bigger scene publicly. Showing up drunk at the Metro Court for a benefit for medical research is below John. He can do better than this. He is better than this. I want John to distance himself front he chaos that surrounds both Sonny and Anthony, and decide that there will be NO MORE MAYHEM. Then he can show Sonny what he’s really made of.
  • Alexis has a lot of faith in the safety of Port Charles. After having one daughter kidnapped from the lake house, and another one nearly beat to death twice at the same lake house, I would not leave Molly there alone. I don’t care if Molly aged an extra year or not! We immediately see why Alexis’ decision will immediately come back to bite her in the ass, and I would guess that we are also going to see the reason TJ needs to be thrown in the lake wearing cement Jordans. I knew this kid was going to be bad news for Molly, and it makes me want to cover my eyes to keep from watching it unfold right before our eyes! 😦 I have high hopes for Molly, who should have learned so much from Kristina’s costly mistakes. I want TJ to pay for this dearly, and then NO MORE MAYHEM for Molly!
  • Matt and Maxie do have something in common! They are both equally annoying when it comes to their relationship – or former relationship, or whatever the hell it was!  Neither of them put that much talking or advice seeking into saving it while it still had a chance, so could they PLEASE just stop talking about it now? Ugh. No more  talk about how the other is to blame, no more talk about Liz’s role in its demise, and definitely NO MORE MAYHEM! Maxie needs to pick up the pieces of her dignity, and move on! (All while Matt gets prepared to lose whatever is left of his, courtesy of Liz!)
  • I am going to need Robin to use her influence at that hospital to get a security guard stationed near that lab she’s working in, to get someone to LOCK the door to the lab, and to pull the shades so that half of PC isn’t knocking on the window trying to get her attention, or barging in demanding it. Robin is extremely committed to giving Jason the chance to finally live out and enjoy the life he always wanted, but thought he’d never realize. Even Patrick is supportive of her decision to focus all of her energy on saving Jason. So can everyone just leave her alone, and agree to NO MORE MAYHEM, at least until she has come up with Jason’s only chance?
  • Speaking of Jason and Sam, perhaps it’s time they invest in a blu-ray player, so that they’ll have a legitimate excuse to not watch any more of those Franco DVDs! Honestly, I am so beyond OVER this Franco nightmare. I guess all those months of seeing his toes, or his heels, or his Fronkeys, was a little too much for this viewer. I feel as though Franco has stood between JaSam and their happiness over their baby for far too long. I need him to be dead DEAD. I completely related to Spinelli when he said, “NO MORE MAYHEM”, because dammit! We’ve had more than our fair share! Jason and Sam have been almost completely consumed by talk of Franco since arriving at the hospital, and already what Sam said about “this is how it should have been when they found out she was pregnant” seems to have been forgotten. Franco has stolen so much from them already. So much from all of us. Let the DVD be something Franco found among Susan Moore’s effects somewhere, and let this nightmare be over! The only DVDs The Morgans should be watching should involve birthing options, decorating options for the nursery, or Pregnancy Pilates. Jason’s illness should be enough angst to satisfy TPTB’s need for torturing the fans, but if Mr. and Mrs. Morgan must spend the next few weeks in the hospital, let them be focused on their future as parents to Daytime’s Most Wanted Baby EVER!
*chants* NO MORE MAYHEM!
Have a fantastic weekend, dear friends!

2 responses

  1. Traveler

    Have a Great Weekend!! Thanks for today’s Blog!!

    February 17, 2012 at 6:50 am

  2. Best of luck on yet another appointment, and roses to your husband for being a sweetheart and promising you a great weekend to look ahead to.
    He sounds like a real peach!!!
    We will keep the JaSam fires burning for you and join you here next week for more of our favourite, and beleagured couple………….Much love and blessings……

    February 17, 2012 at 12:19 pm

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