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When People Tell You Who They Really Are…

Thanks, GHers, for the anniversary wishes, and for being so understanding.


Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without you guys sometimes.

I have to tell you that I almost didn’t make it through this blog post. I was completely blown away by a moment or realization with someone close to me, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I was completely numb. I sat and stared at the screen for about 2 hours before finally giving in to the truth that I could think of little else than what was bothering me. So I turned my computer off and went to bed, where I stared at the ceiling until the alarm went off this morning, even though my husband begged me to close my eyes and try to sleep. (The ignorance of solid sleepers ūüėČ ).

If there is one thing that I’ve learned, and perhaps forced myself to forget, over the years it is, “When People Tell You Who They Really Are, Believe Them.”

Even when it’s hard.

(Another one of those invaluable lessons Oprah taught us!)

If there’s anyone who could relate to how I was feeling last night, it is John. The sexy, but somber, mob prince certainly heard Anthony tell him who he really was. Yet, when John found out that Anthony had actually pimped his own daughter out for the sake of the business, he was beyond disgusted; he was completely destroyed. The worst thing for Johnny was that once he realized the ugly truth, he was most disappointed in himself for not expecting something that horrific. John can barely put one foot in front of the other, because he is still in a stupor of shock from finding out that he isn’t who he thought he was at all – he’s not just a Zacchara, but a Soleito. And after spending his whole life thinking that the woman who gave him life died saving his, his real mother was at his side most of his life. And we think we had problems? Poor John. Not even the concern of good women can move him to normalcy, as Olivia failed to pull him back rom the edge just as Carly did. I can only hope that John’s soul can be saved. Just goes to show that even when they are your parents, “When People Tell You Who They Really Are, Believe Them.”

I guess Olivia wants to help John because she feels helpless to help herself deal with the inconvenient truth staring back at her whenever she comes face to face with Steve. He is obviously keeping way more secrets from Olivia than just secrets about the best ribs, or ways to unwind after a long day. Steve is lying to Olivia – even if it’s only a lie of omission. The sooner she accepts that, the sooner she can make a decision about how much longer she wants to play this game she never really signed up for. “When People Tell You Who They Really Are, Believe Them.” I would have thought Olivia would have learne that by now.¬†

Someday soon, Maxie will hopefully look back at the 20 minutes she spent arguing things out with Matt once again, and trying to defend her own honor, and realize it was a waste on so many levels. First and foremost, Matt Hunter isn’t worth her time. It hurt me for Maxie to watch her trying to get Matt to see who she really was, because I also think she will soon realize that Matt was giving her hints about¬†who he really was all along: a faithless sucker. Maxie giving Matt the lowdown on who Liz really is, while all true, was still hard for me to watch, because it all fell on deaf ears. Matt has already decided that Liz is the dream he thinks her to be. Nothing is going to change that until she rips his heart out. Hearing Matt accuse Maxie of being jealous was more than I could stand. and I wish it had been more than she was willing to stand for. I wish she had slapped his face and walked away. Hopefully, Maxie has re-learned that “When People Tell You Who They Really Are, Believe Them.”

Is it just me, or is watching Patrick and Robin scenes now¬†tough to do? It breaks my heart that Patrick’s heart is about to break, and that he will, in turn, have to break their daughter’s heart with the news that mommy isn’t coming back. From what I’ve seen on magazine covers and interviews, Patrick is going to blame Jason for whatever happens to Robin, as if it’s Jason’s fault that Robin is a passionate doctor, who couldn’t have lived with herself anyway if she didn’t do her absolute best to save her patient, whoever that patient happens to be. Sure, she may be a little more emotional about this particular patient, but I think Patrick needs to remember that “When People Tell You Who They Really Are, Believe Them.” Even when it’s hard. This is who Robin is.

There are times that I can deal with Carly, and there¬†are times that I just want to wipe the floor with her. Whenever she is all over Jason, acting needy and possessive, would qualify her for the floor wiping. Whenever she badmouths¬†Sam, I want to stick her head in a bucket before wiping the floor with her! Carly has been so busy with her own drama that she has barely even remembered having a best friend. She only found out about his medical issues by mistake, and suddenly that makes her the authority on what caused Jason’s issues, and how they should be handled? Bitch, please! Sam is taking care of Jason on all levels, and she responds to Jason’s needs even before he has to ask. Carly is the most opportunistic control freak I’ve ever had the opportunity to watch, and I am so not buying her instant joy about Sam having Jason’s baby. I think Jason and Sam both would be wise to remember that “When People Tell You Who They Really Are, Believe Them.”

These writers just LOVE torturing JaSam fans with the possibilities that Jason and Sam would turn to secrets in order to protect the other! *evil eye* How opportunistic of them to keep us on the edge of our seats by toying with our emotions like that! *cough* (smart asses) For the second time in as many days, we were biting our fingernails wondering if one of them would feel forced to keep a secret from the other… for their own good. Honestly, as I was watching, I was already preparing Sam’s defense for this blog in my head. “When People Tell You Who They Really Are, Believe Them.”¬†¬†Sam loves Jason better than anyone. He and their baby are her first priority. Sam would have been acting in Jason’s best interests – and would be trying to save a life! You all heard Patrick! This thing with Franco is the one thing Patrick thinks is killing¬†Jason! If Sam had watched the DVD first, I honestly could not have blamed her. That DVD or the mere mention of Franco is enough to give ME a seizure!

However, I am glad that Sam knows Jason well enough to know that it would have been worse for him if he knew Franco was able to get to Sam again – in any way, shape, or form. Jason went against his natural instinct to protect Sam in favor of honesty, and I am proud of Sam for doing the same. I was so hoping that the damned DVD would be blank, or some creepy good-bye, but no. It seems to be the beginning of another mystery, and to me, the real mystery is why the writers don’t just throw the dirt on this storyline once and for all. From all that I have seen and heard from GH fans in general, people are just sick and tired of the Franco threat. With ratings in desperate need of rebounding after fans continue to lose confidence in ABC, I would say to the new team over at GH, “When People Tell You Who They Really Are, Believe Them.”

We Are…done with the Franco character!

If there was a bright spot in yesterday’s show, it was watching Jason finally get to do something he’s wanted to do forever. Jason is about to become a father, and he has been able to tell whomever he wants, whenever he wants, without someone asking him to lie about being the father. I am so happy for Jason!

I loved the way he leveled Carly with the news that Sam is pregnant, but I actually got a little teary when after hearing Robin talk about them both almost having everything they ever wanted, he looked at her with that look on his face, and told her he finally did. No more almost. “She’s pregnant,” he said, and there is a look of pure elation¬†on his face. In that moment, it was as though Franco had never existed, and there was no scary, life-threatening brain issue. Just the¬†mention of their baby, created in love, was enough to lift Jason out of his troubled reality. It’s a beautiful thing. “When People Tell You Who They Really Are, Believe Them.” Jason was born to be a father, and finally sharing his life with the woman who wanted that for him, and for them, may be the one reason Jason will fight like hell to beat the odds. Again.

I am off to see if I can buy back some lost sleep with a nap…I hope you all have a fantastic day!

‘Til GH…



6 responses

  1. Christie Rogers

    While I enjoyed everything that Maxie said to Matt I knew that it was falling on deaf ears. I don’t understand the appeal of Liz and how all these people just put her on a pedestal with a halo on her head. Her day will come. I hope.

    We should be seeing Ron’s work next week so I am hoping that this Franco stuff will be wrapped up quickly. I have read he has scrapped it so we will see. I am praying for an end.

    I too saw the joy in Jason’s eye when he told Carly and Robin that Sam was pregnant. Jason is so happy and smiling. He rarely smiles but the thought of this baby has him so happy. He knows that he will be able to enjoy and be a part of this child because Sam believes in him completely, not just parts.

    February 16, 2012 at 10:57 am

  2. samjase

    First of all…I hope you’re ok! It sounds like you are going through some emotional turmoil in your personal life. I wish the best for you.

    I want to talk about Maxie first. I LOVE THE DIALOGUE that came out of Maxie’s mouth. IMO..the writers are speaking for those of us in the viewing audience who see Liz exactly the way Maxie does. I wanted her to walk away from the idiot Matt also…BUT, not before she said what she had to say about Liz. She was spot on. Rather..the WRITERS were spot on.

    Jasam. OMG..they are so devoted to each other. Jason looked like he was in heaven stating..”Sam’s pregnant”! How long has it been since Jason was able to proudly announce he was going to be a father? Like never! Sam tried to tell him to claim his son and not let Lucky raise him. He didn’t listen. He’s suffered because of that. Guilt, regret..and much more. NOW..he is finally going to have a child with the woman he adores and the woman who is willing to proudly call him the father of her child. This is a love story that has me so hooked…it’s crazy.

    Carly…blaming Sam for dragging Jason down the aisle is a joke. Jason should have told her that it was Sam who wanted to postpone the wedding but he wouldn’t hear of it.
    Carly wasn’t happy for them about the baby. She knows she better show some joy because Jason sure looked like a proud and happy man when he announced that Sam was pregnant.

    The video. Well, it looks like the writers aren’t through driving us crazy regarding paternity. In the end…I have no doubt that Jason is the daddy…but, I honestly think the writers are going to toy with us for a while longer.

    Hope you were able to catch up on some sleep. I know that sleeplessness is awful.

    Love you…girl!!!

    February 16, 2012 at 11:15 am

  3. Fylicia'Marie

    Spectacular post today! Hope and pray what troubles your spirit enough to prevent sleep will get easier. It’s not going to go away, but hopefully the comfort of the Holy Spirit will make out easier to cope with.
    So yesterday was the first day I’ve watched a full epi for about six weeks (I typically get my dose of the Morgans via you tube and get the rest from you) and I’m glad I did. I miss KS, but Jen is doing a good job in her place. Still a bit green, but good. Carly was her typical needs-my-size-8-up-her-rear self. It is REALLY hard watching Scrubs…doesn’t the emotion in Patrick’s eyes give away that JT is pained that these are among his final scenes with Kim?
    Writing is getting better. HOWEVER, I do not think that turning GH into OLTL Redux (Tale of Two Todds-Jinxy Jason Double) is a recipe for success, but preeminent cancellation! I certainly hope RC was hired to usher IN a brighter future of longevity at GH, instead of ushering OUT another daytime staple.
    Have a glorious nap, hand it over to God and have a wonderful day.

    February 16, 2012 at 12:18 pm

  4. Traveler

    *Big Hug* Hope you got caught up on your missed sleep!!

    There is nothing like the twinkle in Jason’s eye as he spreads the word that Sam is Pregnant!! Gosh.. It has to feel great that he is able to share the news and not have to keep it a secret. *Cough..Cough*
    Sam has always believed he would make a Great Dad.. And with her confidence in him… He now has confidence in himself when it comes to fatherhood… Be still my beating heart!! *Sighs*

    Matt is so NOT worthy of Maxie!! I too wished she would have given him a big smack and just walked away.. I hope Liz gives him her “special treatment” like she has all the other men in her life. Then we can all sit back and laugh our asses off at him…..

    Carly… All I can do is just shake my head when it comes to her.

    Scrubs… My heart will break right along with Patricks!! I have faith he will do whats right in the end. Im a Patrick fan and I believe in him!!
    J&R Scenes were so enjoyable!! Love the Respect they have for eachothers relationships!!

    February 16, 2012 at 8:01 pm

  5. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers, Angelique I hope you can come to Terms with whatever is that has your Soul stirring! Thanks for the Blog today,You pushed through inspite of what you were enduring!
    The writers are toying with us when it comes to Liz! Maxie said a mouth full and it did fell on death/dumb ears! When Liz shows Matt her TRUE colors what Maxie said will finally (although too late) come full circle!
    I am happy about this……..Liz is home suspended! So she will not be stalking or faking pleasantries when it comes to Jason and Sam! That is most definitely fine by me!
    It is so hard to watch Robin and Patrick! I have loved their scenes,but it is also saddens me knowing what is coming! Robin and Patrick,Jason and Sam back to back emotional roller coaster! But that is what Soaps are about!
    As far as Franco I am done! Francos moment has passed! It was an “all over the place” s/l. It had more questions than answers from day one! The s/l never flowed! I for one wished Sam would have watched the DVD gave it to Spinelli and told Jason what she did! Let Franco be over allready!!!
    Carly was typical! She still thinks Jason belongs to her! It felt good that Jason and Robin are friends. That they wish each other well without any underlining reasons! When Robin told Jason that “Sam loves him so much” I smiled! When Jason replied “Shes pregnant” and Robin being so happy for him that was a great scene!

    February 16, 2012 at 8:15 pm

  6. Danielle Cerda

    U are so straight 2 the point about everthing that u write.That u read the minds of all of us JaSam fans.U say what we all feel inside.I wish all this Franco bullshit was over already.Let Sam And Jason be happy finally.STOP being back Franco already.ReallyI don’t know who I hated more Manny,Jerry or Franco.They all have something about Jason watching while they torture Sam.While I hope the writer’s straight this out before they give us all a seizer.See u next week and have a great day !!!!!!!!

    February 20, 2012 at 2:09 pm

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