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It’s Enough To Bring You To Your Knees

TGIF, GHers!

Today I got the sweetest of deliveries! 

Aly, our very own JaSam Princess, and sweet-as-Girl-Scout-Cookies daughter of our friend, Jenn, sent me a CORB ORIGINAL CREATION! She and her mom made me a pink/black tie-dye t-shirt to wear in celebration of JaSam and their FABULOSITY! It matches perfectly with the JaSam bracelet given to me by Steph, and as I sit here typing and wearing both, I feel very JaSam Empowered!

I will have to get Karina to photograph it so that I can post it and have you all admire it!


I have a feeling I will be smiling through the night!


Almost as amazing as my JaSam Power Tee was Thursday’s episode of General Hospital! We got another nicely balanced, well-written episode with a little something for everyone, and for me, it fills my heart with hope for our favorite soap!

Someone probably not filled with hope would be Spinelli. I think it has become crystal clear that Maxie is completely focused on Matt romantically right now, and though Spin had tried to use that to his advantage by using their scheming time to just score more time with his former non-wife, I think his jig may be up. I did feel badly for Spin, because I kinda knew this was coming, and I knew that he’d be hurt. No matter how much time goes by, for Spin, watching Maxie walk away and into the arms of another love is enough to bring Spin to his knees.  

Too bad Maxie’s object of affection isn’t really worth her effort…or her attachment. Probably because he is already attached in every way but physically, to Liz. Maxie sees it. Maxie knows it. Yet, I am not sure it’s as much about Maxie loving Matt as it is that I think Maxie refuses to be bested by a “frumpy”  MFMO. Unfortunately for Maxie, she tends to get a little tunnel-vision-y when it comes to how she thinks things should be, and with that tunnel vision comes desperation, and with her desperation come the mistakes. Case in point? Maxie going to Dr. Keenan to get him to make a more decisive play for Nurse Webber right after making a deal with Matt to stop the games altogether, was a really dumb move. Especially since Matt was right there to witness her unraveling, and in opinion, that was more than he is worth. Yet, for her, the idea of being broken up with – especially for Liz, is enough to bring Maxie to her knees. 

If only Maxie had realized that Ewan’s current course was the best possible scenario for her plan to keep Liz away from Matt! Most of us know that the one thing that guarantees Liz’s interest, and ultimately burning desire, is the man who seems unattainable. As I expertly predicted, Liz was lightning quick to brush off Matt’s interest in the presence of her therapist/dinner date/fellow art enthusiast. Yet the minute Ewan was gone, Liz made sure to turn on her saccharin-sweet laughter just enough to keep Matt playing along. “Are you jealous”, she asked him coyly. Oh please, you slut, you are banking on just that! And sadly, it worked. Matt was all over her like white on rice, which gave Liz the boost she needed to be a little bolder with Ewan. If she had told him ONE MORE TIME how much she enjoyed that art exhibit, I would have jumped through the screen and dragged her butt back to the gallery and pinned her to a painting – any painting. I mean how transparent can she be? She finally got around to asking Ewan if he wanted to do it again, and he ignored the proposition and left her standing there like the fool I’ve always known her to be. However, THAT kind of aloof reaction is exactly what turns Liz on, and mark my words, if he keeps her chasing, it’ll be just enough to bring Liz to her knees.

A tortured John Zacchara is enough to bring ME to my knees. He makes me want to write a smutty romance novel around a hero that looks exactly like him! It’s no wonder he makes the older women want to take care of and baby him! Carly is in way over her head with John, and I’m not sure she realizes it. Carly is no stranger to animal attraction or purely sexual affairs, but with John it’s become much more, and it happened under her radar. I think John has realized that he has Carly a little off her game, and I think his challenging her on why she hasn’t signed her divorce papers was about trying to figure out just how off  she really was. In the end, Carly wants to take care of John, but deep down, if it ever comes down to John taking care of her, it will absolutely be enough to bring Carly to her knees!

Patrick is quite the enigma, isn’t he? Once known as the McSlutty of General Hospital, and the furthest thing from “ideal hubby and daddy” one could imagine, Patrick has turned all of that around. Here he was, late at night, standing in the freezing cold, just so that he could show his wife the site of their future dream home. I only wish that Patrick had talked to Lucky before doing that, as that very same gesture turned out disastrously for Lucky. I kinda felt sad that it’s almost assured that it won’t turn out that well for the Drakes, either. Luckily for them, every moment they have together right now with that ultra-adorable Emma is as close to perfection as they can get. It’s just that I know that the loss of his well-planned dream life with Robin will most definitely bring Patrick to his knees.

I have decided that since Nelson wasn’t watching with me today, the next time he and I argue about whose family gets to host Thanksgiving, I am going to go sit in front of my mirror, put on deep red lipstick in painfully slow strokes, let down my elaborately done updo, and smile eerily at my reflection. That should freak him out, huh? I know if Sonny had seen Kate, he would’ve said something like, “What kind of creepy, freaky crap is this?” (like he did in this hysterical scene at 1:22). *tears of laughter streaming down my face* Oh, Lord. GH has such a rich history! 😉 All kidding aside, I was wondering how long it would take before Sonny stopped smiling about the prospect of Kate snatching the hotel right out from under the mother of his children, and start going ballistic about Kate “betraying him”. To make it worse, Sonny envisioned Kate and Jax cavorting at the airport together while they sealed the deal with sex because he is still not over the fact that Brenda left him with Jax! Just the thought of Jax having a two point advantage in their game of Shared Women is more than enough to bring Sonny to his knees! It’s too bad that all of the Corinthos Women didn’t leave a written transcript of their time with Sonny. It could have all been kept in some giant, leather-bound diary, kind of like the one they used in the intro of All My Children, and as their time in Sonny’s life came to an end, they could have written down their thoughts for the next woman – or women. Perhaps then one of these women would have learned form a predecessor that Sonny doesn’t take betrayal well. Add to that mess the fact that Kate really is having some mental health issues of her own, and that fight they had at the restaurant could have landed them in the same wing at Shadybrook. I am wondering what compels Kate to keep that blood-soaked dress in that armoire after all this time. Especially since every time she dares to unlock the memories the dress evokes, it’s obviously enough to bring Kate to her knees.

I am not sure who was in charge of making sure that  Jason and Sam kiss at the end of each scene, but heavens above, it’s enough to bring me to my knees – in gratitude! Jason and Sam are The Beauty of GH! These past couple of days for Jason and Sam have healed the deep wounds Franco’s twisted storyline inflicted – and I was a fan of Franco once upon a time! Their time alone was so long overdue, and so desperately needed, by us, as well as them! It’s amazing, but their scenes are so realistic, that I honestly think Kelly Monaco is GLOWING! She looks more and more stunning with every passing day! She must be enjoying this story as much as we are! 😉 How wonderful it is to hear Mr. & Mrs. Morgan talking about pregnancy-related stuff, and how awesome to watch them bonding with their baby already. Every time Jason touched Sam’s belly, I get a lump in my throat. This is such a special time for both of them, and Jason will finally get to be there for all of the important moments in his baby’s existence! I am convinced more than ever that it’s a girl, as I had that “all day sickness” Sam refers to with both my girls. 😉 It’s adorable that Jason is enjoying every second, and looking forward to whatever comes next! More than anything, I am thrilled that they finally had the time to focus on each other, on their baby, and on finding their happy place again before taking on the rest of what life has in store for them back in Port Charles.

We have all been waiting for these moments – where Jason is fussing over Sam, and making sure that she is well taken care of, eating healthy, getting enough rest, and feeling loved. Whether he knew it or not, this is exactly what he gave Sam during her pregnancy with Lila back in 2004. Oh, how I missed those beautiful moments! When Jason walked her over to their dining room table, sat her down, and told her he was going to take care of her, my heart skipped a beat. He loves his wife so much, and wants to give her everything she needs in order for her to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. And when Sam looked up at him, and said, “This is how it should have been when I found out I was pregnant. He’s robbed us of so much”, she was speaking for all of us! That’s exactly how we felt! Now just imagine how it would rock Sam’s world to realize that Franco had invaded yet another part of their life in order to leave that wrapped baby gift. After a traumatic event like the one Sam is finally recovering from, finding out that Franco had been in their space would be horrifying! It would most certainly be enough to bring Sam to her knees in fear.

As if Sam doesn’t have enough to worry, or feel unsure about. While trying really hard to keep from nagging Jason, Sam needs for him to make sure that he is going to be well enough to enjoy their baby for years and years to come. She can’t handle the thought of anything going wrong right now when they finally have everything they’ve ever wanted, and she finally has everything she ever dreamed. How would Sam feel knowing that whatever is wrong with him is serious enough to bring Jason to his knees?

Only time will tell…let’s do everything we can to  make sure that GH has enough time to tell all of these stories for years to come!

Have a fantastic weekend!



4 responses

  1. samjase


    You have such a gift for putting into words what we are all feeling! It’s crazy good!!!!

    Your insight, your inspiration, your humor ‘BRING ME TO MY KNEES’ !

    I hope you consider writing a book someday! I’d buy it, promote it, and sit back like a proud parent! I mean it! You should definitely write a book…or a column in a magazine…something that you can share with the whole world.

    My comment on Jasam is simple…’THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST’. During some of their scenes, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…and I find myself doing both.

    Take care and stay well…we a lot of goodies to look forward to together and a few hardships I’m sure! It’s a soap afterall.

    February 10, 2012 at 11:28 am

  2. You really should….write a book, a short story, an article…something to share with the rest of the world your amazing take on GH, Jason, and Sam, and this love story that has us all banded together. You are always so eloquent, and speak for all of us. Think about it! One thing you can always do is see the deep meaning and reason of every scene, almost like reading the minds of the characters. Not many can do that.
    Have a wonderful weekend, keep well, and see you on the Sunday drive, the Lord willing. Much love!

    February 10, 2012 at 12:32 pm

  3. Traveler

    Wow.. Another Great Blog!! Loved it.. And Im Loving GH, Escpecially our JaSam….
    What I can say… You are Spot on about Elizabeth.. I get such a kick out of reading your thoughts about her.. She really is Fun to hate at times. He,he,he……
    *Sighs* This weeks JaSam scenes make my heart so happy.. I cant seem to stop smiling every time I think about them!! There is no way I can even begin to count how many times Ive Rewatched their scenes!! 🙂

    February 10, 2012 at 3:34 pm

  4. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers and our wonderful Lady of Words!
    Angelique you always amaze me on how your insight just Hits all the right points! I have been on CLOUD 99 plus since the news broke about our Parents to Be!!!!!!!! The scenes between Jason and Sam brought me to my knees and many smiles on my face! They are always something to behold! Jason and Sam are a fictional couple that have always touched our Hearts to the point you at times think they are a REAL Couple!!
    Recently I have read some spoilers that we are getting ready to be brought to our Knees with emotions both good and bad! This made me sad at first! But when I had a chance to think about it actually dream about it what may be on the Horizon for GH. Robin is to die!And her death is going to set off a CHAIN REACTION in mass numbers! Patrick,Emma, Mac,Maxie, Jason,her mom and dad are going to fall apart in one way or another! Jasons Health issues are going to come full circle! This may be the greatest challenge for them yet!!They are expecting a Baby(ies) something they both have wanted forever! And the possibilty of Jason not being apart of this with his wife will be unbearable for them both! I give Steve and Kelly a standing ovation for a job well done. They always bring their “A” game and its a pleasure to watch! As happy as Jason was about becoming a father he seemed as if he was not himself. He was fighting with all he had not to let on to Sam…..thats Love!Through all these upcoming Trials and Tribulations I will have my Tissues ready! I am glad to see Jason and Sam dealing with things together and knowing(hoping) they always will! Its not going to be a “someone” its going to be “something that test their Love and Trust! And I said before Steve and Kelly ALWAYS bring their “A” game!
    Whatever will be the cause for Robins tragedy I hope it will be done in a way to honor this character! GH, Love in the afternoon isn’t this why we watch and Hold On!!!

    February 10, 2012 at 11:31 pm

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