Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Oh, GHers…what a Fabulous Hump Day!

Our beloved GH was good, classic soap today, and man, oh man, it was a joy to watch!

There was deception, and secrecy, business drama and personal drama. There was a long-awaited  prelude to sweet, emotional lovemaking between a happily married couple, as well as a postlude conversation of raunchy, drunken sex with a girlfriend’s under appreciated prospect.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was watching my grandmother’s telenovela – well, minus the big hair, the super-duper push-up bras, and the outrageous outfits. 🙂

My point is that so many of the things that had been missing from our General Hospital for so long were there for us to enjoy, and The Writers and to be fair, Mr. Valentini, who had been on the job for a few days when Wednesday’s episode was shot, should get all the credit!

We are clearly on the right track to a full-on comeback!

There was something to enjoy in just about every segment (I struggle to include the LIW s/l – sorry!) and that’s what daytime dramas should be all about!

I remember back in the day when soaps would often write in a storyline reminiscent of an “ABC Afterschool Special”, where there was an important lesson for tweens and teens to come away with. I remember the specials being an integral part of my own adolescence, and when soaps tried to make up for the void they left behind when discontinued, I was pleasantly pleased. I am getting the sense that the Molly and TJ friendship is about to lead to one of those “learning opportunities”. Sure, Molly is booksmart, and well-read, but TJ’s street smarts and hard knocks make him the more influential of the duo, and that’s what worries me. Should our sweet, straight-laced Molly become a trouble-making rebel, TJ should get all the credit! (And the ass-kicking!)

So I don’t ever remember Diane claiming to BFF material, so it shouldn’t come as any great surprise to anyone that when the opportunity for seem sexual self-expression presented itself in the form of a drunken, more-adventurous-than-usual Mac Scorpio, she took it…and took him; perhaps repeatedly. Alexis was right about one thing – Diane does seem to have the libido of a 16-year-old. While this is probably something none of us would ever do with a man who was involved, however casually, with a friend, I certainly get why Diane did. And while she may not like what her friends did, Alexis should get all the credit!

I am actually kinda happy for Mac. He’s been a good guy, and he deserves some happiness. While I don’t think Mac and Diane are going to be some happily after after couple, I do think she served an important purpose. And judging by the smile of Mac’s face, and the spring in his step, I would say Mac agrees, and that Diane should get all the credit!

I realized the other day that I rarely write about the Wyndemere Saga or the Lady In White, and I have to admit that there is a reason. I just cannot “connect” to Wyndemere without my forever Prince, Nikolas. While I tune in and watch daily, I guess whatever id going on over on Spoon Island fails to form a memory in my brain. I dunno how that happens, but I will admit that today was a little different. In a scene that may have forever ruined my affinity for my favorite B movie, 9 1/2 weeks, Ethan tried to help Cassandra – or whatever her real name is, find a taste for new things, or recognize a taste for an old thing. *yawn* I cannot wait until this storyline has wrapped up, or at least moved into high gear. I just can’t help it. I guess the one who came up with this storyline should get all the credit for my boredom!

I was so looking forward to Carly’s reaction to finding out that Kate was her new, non-silent partner, and I was not disappointed. If there is one thing Laura Wright does exceptionally well, it’s fierce fury! (And her hair looked absolutely FANTASTIC to boot!) She had Carly all up in Kate’s face, and Kelly Sullivan’s Kate gave as good as she got. My favorite part of their fight was that here were two women on a soap, ready to scratch each other’s eyes out, and it wasn’t over a man! *listening to the sound of angels singing* Finally! Someone got a clue! Smart, empowered women like Carly and Kate should be fighting like mad over business and power, because for women that self-sufficient, fighting over a man would be a huge no-no! I thought it was interesting that Carly would actually think that the fact that she kept Jax’s secret would be enough to call it even between them. Not so fast. Jax did exactly what he knew would drive her the craziest, and Carly herself should get all the credit!

The original argument for who should get all the credit originated, of course, with our newlyweds, who were back at their Cabin That LOVE Built, celebrating the life-changing news that they are expecting an honest-to-God bundle of joy. It’s so good to see Jason and Sam relaxing, smiling, connecting after so many months of tension, sad, tortured expressions and heartbreaking distance!  Please, someone tell me that I am not the only one who smiles like an absolute fool for every second of their scenes! Well, except for when I am blushing like an inexperienced schoolgirl because Jason and Sam NEVER, EVER FAIL to make me feel like I have inadvertently tripped upon a moment of intimacy between a real couple in love! For that, Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco should get all the credit!

I thought that the conversations Jason and Sam had today were sweet and intimate, and so reminiscent of the conversations Jason and Sam used to have when good dialogue was an important part of GH’s success. Jason telling Sam that he was content, and Sam telling Jason that she hadn’t felt that peaceful since the last time they were at the cabin the night of their wedding, spoke to the balance Jason and Sam bring to each other. Jason asking Sam if she knew that she was safe now, and Sam telling Jason that she wanted the same for him, tells us just how much they want to protect each other. Their need to reassure the other about just how “okay” they are shows us that they need to take care of the other. Even their silly banter about the changes this baby is going to bring to their lives (how cute was Sam suggesting she call Jason “master”, and his reaction to it?), and how wonderful those changes will really be, gave us a glimpse of just how much happiness this new little Morgan will bring, even before her arrival. 🙂 For all of those wonderful words, and all that they meant, not just for The Morgans, but for us, the writers should get all the credit!

I am so glad there was more to enjoy at that cabin than just words. 😉 I know it sounds shallow, but this is a soap, after all! I want my LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON, and there’s nothin’ wrong with that! When it comes to romance, no other couple makes it as amazing and heavenly as Jason and Sam! From Sam’s reminders that they spent most of their honeymoon in bed, to Jason’s wanting them to get all the credit, I was feeling a bit hot under the collar! And can we talk about those kissed for a minute? Phew! It seems like forever and a day have gone by since we got some real make-out time, and I am thrilled  that there wasn’t an interruption in sight! I thought Jason was so incredibly sweet to take a moment and ask his wife if she was okay after he carried her to their bed, and I thought Sam was incredibly foresighted to ease any residual worries her husband might have had by assuring him she was “very, very okay.” 😉 For being the reason so many of us tune in every day with such fervor, and for being the catalyst to get us all fighting to save daytime, and for being the absolute BEST COUPLE ON DAYTIME TELEVISION, Jason and Sam should get all the credit!

Jason and Sam are as realistic as a fictional couple could possibly be. From Jason remembering to stock the place with more than beer this time, to Sam “starving”, to talking about what could have been one of her first cravings – chips and spicy salsa, to Sam “getting” sick, but not “being” sick, all make them so relatable to us that we can’t help but be totally invested, even in the details of every day married life! For that, everyone over at General Hospital involved in creating and sustaining this against-all-odds Supercouple should get all the credit!

And our most sincere thanks and appreciation!

Let’s make sure they get it!

From atop Cloud 9,




4 responses

  1. Karlene

    I’m also bored w/ the LIW s/l and trust me… you are not the only one that has a grin on their face from watching these last couple of days of Jasam action. I can’t help but keep watching the scenes over and over and over again. I too love that they included the morning sickness… I couldn’t help but LOL at it, actually 😉 I do have a couple more videos that I’m going to upload soon so please be on the look out!!!
    JASAM Love Always,
    PS. I’m glad your daughter is feeling better 🙂

    February 9, 2012 at 3:28 am

  2. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,
    I’m Starving!
    The Morning Sickness!
    Their Cabin!
    Are you okay?
    I’m Very,Very okay!
    How they always have each back!
    Mom and Dad!
    Their wonderful connection and touches!
    The fertility Necklace!
    The references to their Honeymoon and what they did most of the time!
    This fictional couple just melts my Heart……………..still!
    Thank You Steve and Kelly,GH writers,GH!
    I love when Diane and Alexis are on! They are too funny!

    February 9, 2012 at 9:03 pm

  3. Traveler

    Who should get all the credit… Well first and foremost… Its Steve and Kelly… Its because of them I not only love JaSam.. Im obsessed with JaSam!! For me its all about the Stelly Magic that makes me Love The Morgans so much…
    TPTB get credit too.. Without them there would be no Steve, Kelly and storylines… And without Stelly.. I wouldnt have the Jason and Sam I love so much. The best TV Couple of all time!!
    You know who else gets lots of credit… Angelique for this Wonderful Blog that I look forward to reading everyday!!! I cant thank you enough!!
    This has been another GREAT JaSam Week.. Im on Cloud 9 and one happy JaSammer!!

    Sidenote: I will be happy when the LIW S/L is over!! Umm.. That goes for Skate too….
    Another sidenote.. I remember the ABC Afterschool Specials. I used to look forward to watching those…

    February 9, 2012 at 10:38 pm

  4. Sonia

    Woo Woo you knock this one out

    February 12, 2012 at 10:15 pm

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