Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Hola, GHers!

I will admit that Tuesday’s GH felt a little empty without our Morgan Family, but I guess the writers are trying to keep us wanting more.


Mission Accomplished, writers!

Port Charles was full of good news…and bad news.

Patrick and Robin FINALLY got the good news they’d been praying and waiting for…Robin’s new drug protocol is working, and her HIV is under control once more. What a great day for the Drakes, huh? Patrick and Robin can stop living in fear of losing what they have worked so hard to build together for their family, and for Emma. That is good news! The bad news is that just like their plans for a special hot date night were cut short, Patrick and Robin’s happiness and future may also be cut short thanks to something completely unrelated to Robin’s illness! 😦

So Spinelli seems to have remembered that he is one half of a Private Investigation Firm, and is actually doing some investigating in order to protect Maximista from another one of her messes. Spin went to see the Mob Prince, only to realize that his nicknames for people may be more of an annoyance than an endearment, and promises to make strides towards simplifying. That sounded like good news to John. For Spin, the good news was that John was willing to betray his father in order to help his old friend, Maxie. However the bad news was that in the end, there was really nothing he could do to help Spinelli or Maxie. John was on the up and up when he said he had no idea what their connection was, and once again, John reminded me that deep down beneath all of that hairy mobster, there really is a heart of gold; even if he doesn’t want to own it.

Speaking of Maxie, what I am sure she saw as the good news is that Matt seemed to want to work things out with her. When Matt pushed for Maxie to let “this thing” with Liz go, Maxie challenged that she would if he would. *snap* Matt made a lot of excuses for Liz, and even more excuses for himself, but Maxie wants this to work, so she convinces herself that it will. The bad news  for Maxie is that once at the Metro Court, Matt no longer seemed that interested in letting go of  “this thing” with Liz at all. In fact, he seemed to be completely unwilling to even let go of watching her every move with Dr. Keenan. Let’s hope the bad news helps Maxie to rid herself of the bad boyfriend.

I guess the good news regarding Liz is that she was caught between her rock, Matt, and her hard place, Ewan. Both men seemed to sense that Liz was playing the field a little wider than she had led each one to believe. The bad news for both of them is that unless they fail to recognize that this is who Liz really is, they will always be part of some kind of threesome. Is she really worth the trouble?

Wow, threesomes seem to be a hot topic in PC! There was some good news for Sonny and Kate, as they were able to get over their “threesome” issue, and were back in PC, enjoying dinner at the Metro Court. Sonny is moving ahead with his plan to donate a pulmonary wing in his son, Dante’s name, whether he wants it or not., and Kate is standing solidly behind him on his decision. For Sonny, that is good news, as he hasn’t done so well in recent history scoring support from the women in his life. Too bad there inevitably has to be some bad news. This is Sonny, after all. One of the (apparent many) secrets Kate is keeping involves Sonny’s mortal enemy, Jax. Though I give Kate credit for trying to tell Sonny before they were interrupted and Sonny was called away, I would bet Sonny might argue that she had plenty of time to come clean before then. And he’d be right.

If Sonny is going to think Kate’s secret is bad news, that doesn’t even begin to describe how Carly is going to feel about it! If Jax was looking for the perfect non-violent way to get back at Carly, he couldn’t have done better than selling his part of the Metro Court to Kate! I think it will sting even more for Carly since finding this out will come directly on the heels of taunting Kate with not getting her lease for her Crimson offices renewed.  There’s no way Kate will be able to resist throwing her big secret right in Carly’s face. Carly kinda asked for it, but Kate better watch out, because we know one thing Carly never learned in preschool was sharing!  It’s a good thing Carly got SOME good news before having her world turned upside down in that her son has finally forgive her for lying about Jax. Carly convinced Michael to understand that she lied about Jax being alive in order to protect him so that someday he will have a chance to reunite with his family. Now I wonder if Carly is about to become the biggest threat to Jax’s life.

Both good news and bad news are a guaranteed part of life. How we deal with each determines how fulfilling our lives will feel. Taking both good news and bad news in stride is what has separated the characters we love from the characters we love to bitch about. I think it has also determined the characters, and of course, the couples who have stolen our hearts, and made us the most loyal of fans.

The good news? It’s the best part of being a soap fan.

The bad news? We’d be lost without them.



One response

  1. Traveler

    Thanks for the Blog!! Well Said!!
    It is Good News being a Soap (Especially GH/JaSam) Fan!! I plan to watch every Episode and enjoy every Second…..
    The Bad News really is I would be lost with GH/JaSam… Im already having a had time with the loss of AMC and OLTL. I dont know what Im going to do if we lose GH.. *Tears*
    *Sighs* GH… What can I say… Im really starting to fall for Johnny!! He really does have a heart of Gold. My heart goes out to him, and I just want to give him a hug….
    The Good News is, I may actually get a chance to…. Im going to see Port Chuck in March!! Yay…. I hope I can control myself around Jason (Stevie B) and Johnny (Brandon B)… *Giggles*

    February 8, 2012 at 10:13 pm

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