Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Wow…just like *that*, it’s another opportunity to TGIF, GHers!

This week seemed to fly by for me, but running around tends to make the days go by faster. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for all the well wishes for Vanessa! It’s very kind of you, and I had her read all the comments and emails and fb comments. They made her smile, and of course, that made me smile. Her fever seems to finally be under control. It’s been hovering around 99 with meds, and that’s pretty good after the first couple of days. She was starting to act a little more like herself today, and I a finally breathing a sigh of relief.

I’ll tell you who’s not breathing a sigh of relief…all those in PC who happened to have one thing in common: they all got BUSTED!

While I do feel for Robin in that no mother should have to plan for her family’s life without her, but there are just some things I will never understand about her behavior. Asking Liz to step in was of course the first thing, but Robin not telling Mac or Maxie when she has told Jason and Matt is just completely wrong! I was so glad that Mac walked right into their conversation and BUSTED Robin for it! Of course, it was all the harder for Mac to hear since he was able to figure out that Robin knew about her viral load even back on the night of the bridge and never said a word. Mac has done right by Robin most of her life, especially in the absence of her parents. There is just no excuse for Robin doing so wrong by Mac.

Why do I have a feeling that Officer Padilla’s husband is about to get BUSTED for something much bigger than not being able to keep a job? The guy may be the first guy on a soap to give me the creeps without ever having laid my eyes on him. It just seems to me that Eddie isn’t the kind of guy his wife can count on. He never seems to have steady work. He never seems to be around to support his wife. And he stood her up in front of his new partner! What a scumbag! If he happens to be the one about to pounce on her in the alley, I am going to need Dante to bust a cap in his butt, like he did for Brenda’s scummy ex!

So, it’s official! Alexis is menopausal! Diane broke it to her with as little finesse and sympathy as possible, and Alexis had no choice but to embrace it; especially when Diane reminded her that it means she now has the freedom to have all the pregnancy-proof sex she wants now! (I’ll have to run that by all my menopausal family members!) Alexis didn’t seem as excited about that as Diane, but that didn’t mean Diane wasn’t going to keep trying to bring her over to the other side! She tried to sell Alexis on the idea of wild, passionate, abandoned SEX just as Mac walked up to them both. BUSTED! (I will admit – I loved the whole convo between those two -especially the reference to Sonny’s “might warriors” and the “Are you on crack?” question! LOL!)

It’s about damned time that Olivia put that some of the Bensonhurst Sass to good use! She has been watching Maggie move in on her turf, and her man for quite some time! I am so glad that she finally called her on it, but I am even happier that she called Steve on it at the end, too! This is not a one-sided game, and Β it’s a matter of principle. No one of the opposite sex should be turning to your man for anything – not even a professional opinion, once you have BUSTED her playing tongue hockey with said man. Once that line has been crossed, the possibility of any relationship – professional, platonic, or otherwise gets crossed off the list. Maggie gets on my nerves anyway – I’m kinda glad Olivia stomped her back off her man. It just seems to me that Olivia is going to have to be stomping by the hospital more often. I’m not sure Maggie really got the message all too clearly. Let’s just hope those dizzy spells Olivia has been having don’t keep her from stomping anywhere.

I guess nothing makes a woman feel better about her new man worries than stopping by her former man’s place hoping for a little attention. Unfortunately for Liv, John had his own hockey game going with Carly. BUSTED! Carly might have a much tougher time convincing her employee she misses Jax now. Yet, correct me if I’m wrong, Carly didn’t really seem to care. I think Olivia seemed more bothered by the BUST than anyone else in the room. It must be because she’s a little disappointed to think she isn’t the only cougar whose purr got John’s attention.

Carly may be purring, but Sonny is on the prowl! I just knew Sonny would not be able to control his impulse to find out exactly what Kate was hiding, and I have to hand it to him – he didn’t leave any room for misunderstandings or games this time. Kate was BUSTED! Sonny was right about one thing – he didn’t get where he is today without being the suspicious, slightly paranoid man he is. OF COURSE he would find out where she was, and follow her so he could figure out what she was really up to. I don’t know how Kate thought she would get away with it so soon after a failed attempt. What a newbie! (no pun intended!) I am with Sonny – I had no idea what the hell Kate was talking about when Sonny was trying to get to the bottom of what she was doing in Chicago instead of Palm Beach, and who she was meeting with. All of that stuff about the cigarette in her bra, and wanting to call her mom left me scratching my head…imagine what it was like in Sonny’s head!

Being BUSTED is no fun! Not only is it inconvenient, it’s also sometimes shameful and painful to see what dishonesty does to the people who love you. After one is BUSTED, the long and painful process of picking up and trying to put back together the pieces of the tattered relationships begin. Sometimes, you just can’t find all the pieces, and the relationship is never made whole again.

We’ll just have to see which Port Charles relationships get put back together, and which ones are left shattered – not even worth the trouble of trying to piece it back together.

Either way, this is getting interesting…




5 responses

  1. Fylicia'Marie

    Great post, as always. You know Robin is a ginormous control freak when it comes to Patrick (and everyone else, but let’s focus on the yummy part of Scrubs for the moment). Think back to Metro Court hostage crisis (just finished it up…on to Angela Monroe) when Jerry shot her and she made Emily and Liz promise to help Patrick find a good girlfriend and even played with a Carly angle as a torture mechanism…for Carly. Paging Ewen, paging Dr. Ewen. This chick needs a therapist who looks at the stars in ceiling tiles STAT!
    No Morgans today 😦 …but there’s always cliffhanger Friday πŸ™‚

    February 3, 2012 at 2:34 am

  2. I love you how do a theme word and then go on to prove it with every character that was on! New blog for me but great blog for me. I get it in my inbox now πŸ™‚

    February 3, 2012 at 6:18 am

    • Oh my!
      Coming from you, that compliment made my day!
      I am glad you enjoy it! Thanks for being a reader!

      February 7, 2012 at 3:06 am

  3. Traveler

    Speaking of Busted.. Im Busted for reading this blog late.
    But I made it… So Thanks for another great Blog!!
    Things are picking up in Port Charles and Im looking forward to see whats coming our way…..

    February 5, 2012 at 11:27 am

    • HONEY, better late than never πŸ˜‰

      February 7, 2012 at 3:03 am

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