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TGIF indeed, GHers!

WOW! It was so incredible to hear from you all today – between the comments, texts, and the emails, I felt the excitement down to my toes! The Soap Opera Digest magazine cover seems to have snapped everyone out of that funk we were all in since last week, when every day was a chore to watch the newbies run Port Charles. (Just check out those ratings!)

For those of you who haven’t seen it, or haven’t heard, I won’t say another word. It’s up to you to have things spoiled or not. Here is the link I received. You choose:


I have been smiling all day! I hope now you will be, too!

*happy dance*

Moving right along…

Each of us have probably adopted our very own set of WORDS TO LIVE BY. For some of us, they are inspirational. For others, they are a tiny bit of wisdom passed down by a loved one, or something said by someone famous. For others, it may be a political phrase, or even something they got off the fortune cookie they had at lunch that day…or 5 years ago. WORDS TO LIVE BY have no rules, except that they mean something to the person holding them dear. There were definitely plenty of opportunities to adopt meaningful WORDS TO LIVE BY by every one of our favorites (and not-so-favorites).

There is something about Ronnie Domestico that sets my creep radar off. Ever since he showed his loud mug in PC, I have gotten a weird feeling about him. He proved me right about trusting my instincts when he was shown to have a connection to Franco. My instincts have been busing for a while about this stripper bully, too. I am not sure what it’s about, but I jut have a feeling that Ronnie was a little too excited about their suspect. Ronnie was right on one thing, though. Karma is a bitch. Certainly WORDS TO LIVE BY. Officer Domestico should repeat them to himself each morning. I have a feeling he and Karma will be crossing paths soon.

I find it fitting that Liz and Ethan would be discussing poker, as Liz certainly needed to be wearing her own poker face as she spewed that nonsense about how she and Lucky made each other stronger, and how they never blamed each other, or talked about who caused more damage. Uuuummmm, what history has Liz been revisiting? I cannot stand how Liz is all about Lucky while talking to his brother, and then she’ll be at the hospital at the same time Maxie is, and she’ll be all about Matt, until Dr. Keenan breezes by her, and then she’s all about “being in the moment”m until she spots Jason and witnesses how much he loves his wife, and then she’ll be all nostalgic and needy. Liz said the very WORDS TO LIVE BY she needs to hear for herself: she needs to be rational, cautious, and really take the time to think about what she needs to do – especially for her children’s sake. The thing with Liz is that she didn’t get to where she is because she didn’t know better. She got to where she is because even when she knows better, she thinks with her whoremones, instead of her head, or even her heart.

What did I just say about Tracy and her Daddy Issues? Case in point, even when Edward confronted her about it after she was tearing herself up over how to break the news to him, he showed absolutely no compassion for her situation. What a difference it would have made if Edward supported Tracy and helped her find a way out of this miserable situation. Instead, the WORDS TO LIVE BY he chose to share with Tracy in her time of need were, “You made your bed…” meaning that now, she will have to lie in it, even if she is sharing that bed with the enemy himself. Daddy’s Little Girl she is not.

So, I am sticking to my guns, and not flaking on staying angry at Sonny. That being said, it certainly didn’t hurt Sonny that he called Anthony out on what a piece of crap father he was to Claudia. A couple of times, Sonny even stopped Anthony from talking disrespectfully about his dead daughter, because he seemed to understand that Claudia and her dysfunction were a product of having been raised by such a scumbag, and that Claudia never stood a chance when the one person who should have been willing to lay down his life for her was the one person who sacrificed hers instead for personal gain. Ugh. Just talking about that Zacchara history makes my skin crawl. I had to overlook my anger at Sonny when he gave Anthony some WORDS TO LIVE BY: “No good father would turn a blind eye to their children, or worse – to let someone do something to their children and get away with it.” (True that!)

Even Anthony agreed that those were WORDS TO LIVE BY, but he turned them right around on Sonny, who blew John’s world apart with that unfortunate truth. Anthony reminded Sonny that “Not letting anyone hurt your children and get away with it” were also words to die by. That may have caused Sonny to have an Aha! moment, as Anthony started to name Sonny’s children, and asked him which one he was willing to sacrifice. These are the things Sonny never has the foresight to anticipate. Walking into John’s penthouse with that bombshell truth will have its price. If only Sonny had stopped to think about whether or not he can afford the price tag.

Considering that Sonny has turned a blind eye to most, if not all, of his children, it’s definitely a reason for concern. I mean, as Sonny was talking about no good father turning a blind eye to his children, MIchael is completely lost on Sonny’s blind side, with only Sam and Jason to look out for him and take actions to make sure he isn’t hurt. I am not sure if it will last, or if it was just a direct answer to my please, but hearing Michael say that he is going to start living a life that would honor Abby and what she wanted for his life starting right then, were WORDS TO LIVE BY… EVERYDAY! Let’s hope he does just that, and doesn’t do another complete 180. I am so ready for Michael to leave this “I Wanna Be A Mobster” game behind. Besides, if he wants to be a  rock Starr’s boyfriend 🙂 someday soon, he’s going to want to be on the right side of the security fence at Pentonville. 😉

Will Michael ever realize how lucky he was the day that Jason vowed to always be there for him, and the day Sam came into both their lives? I shudder to think how this could have turned out if not for the trust Michael has come to have in Aunt Sam, or the wisdom Sam showed in pushing Jason to go after Michael, regardless of what Michael said he wanted. I could never list all of the times that Jason has given Michael just the right WORDS TO LIVE BY, but I will say that Jason telling Michael that he doesn’t care how angry he is at him, he will always be there to help him, reminded US that Jason is going to be Port Charles’ Best Dad – hands down. I know that we have all wanted Jason to write Michael off, and to let him clean up his own messes, consequences be damned, but Jason loves Michael like a parent loves a child. Thank goodness for Michael’s sake that someone does.

I have often given Alexis a hard time about the attention, or lack thereof, she shows her eldest daughter, Sam. If Alexis were trying to convince me she’s going to do better, today was a fantastic start! Let me just say that having a mom and aunts who are going through menopause, and having dealt with hot flashes on all levels, I get a kick out of Alexis’s struggle with it. Most of us watching are women, and watching Alexis deal with something we have all dealt with, or will all deal with, makes for a realistic connection. I love that Sam really doesn’t know how to deal with it, because I remember reacting the same way. LOL. Both Nancy and Kelly played those scenes so well, and so realistically! I also think they did a great job with how Sam told Alexis the news that she is, in fact, pregnant. I was a bit apprehensive about Sam feeling pressured to tell Alexis before getting the results, but after watching them play out, I am glad that Sam did tell Alexis the truth. Someone needed to be able to press Sam on the fact that she is finally getting the one thing she and Jason have wanted for almost of their years together, and that she should be happy about it. I was proud of Alexis for finally stepping up to the Mommy plate and delivering very timely WORDS TO LIVE BY.  Sam most definitely needed to hear that “whatever is wrong, she needs to let it go, and just embrace the moment, because it is the best time of her life!” Hearing it from her mother will hopefully help the words to sink in.

I’d bet that if we compared notes, those of us who have experienced the joys of expecting our babies would agree that it’s a very emotional time. Sometimes those emotions are at the highest highs, and sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, they sink pretty low. We worry about out children even before we ever lay eyes on them. We worry about keeping them healthy while growing inside of us, we worry about being good parents when they enter this world. We worry about their health – emotionally, physically, and mentally, and we obsess about what we can do – or not do – to ensure all three. I imagine Sam wonders constantly about how her child is doing while growing inside the chaos that should be her safe haven for the nine moths she needs to develop. I imagine that she worries about what these paternity results will mean for her baby’s future, and what it might mean for who her child will be, should the father not be Jason. I imagine that Sam is a full-fledged member of Steph’s and my Insomnia Club, and that many a sleepless night is spent with all of these racing thoughts, when she should be blissfully dreaming of wall-paper patterns, and Boppy pillows. What should be moments of anticipation wondering if her baby will have Jason’s eyes, must turn to feelings of foreboding as she has to acknowledge the possibility that she may have to look in tot he eyes of her tormentor. Our poor Sam is a mess, even if she refuses to let Jason see all of her turmoil. Thankfully, Jason doesn’t have to see it to know that Sam is torn. All he has to do is look at her, and he can feel her restlessness. So, he shares the WORDS SAM WILL HAVE TO LIVE BY until they get some answers to all of their questions. “No matter what, I still love you.”


I never went through what Sam is going through, or I would have had a problem with my headwriter in the sky, but  I can tell you how completely healing and  pacifying those words were when all I was worried about was swollen ankles, and the only shame I felt was over a need to visit every restroom everywhere we went during my pregnancy. If those heartfelt words from my husband could calm me down, imagine the effect hearing them from her husband has on Sam, who is worried about a life-altering situation!

Jason has been a dream through this entire ordeal, and he deserves all of the love and trust that Sam has invested in him.

They will get each other through this, and they will finally get to celebrate this miracle together. We had faith in that from the beginning…and it is finally going to happen!

It’s a great time to be a JaSam Fan! 


Enjoy every second!



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5 responses

  1. We just knew you would be over the moon when that mag article became public…! Not that we doubted, but it sure is great to see.
    Have to smile at your insomniac writings…I wish we could both be talking about GH, since I am always awake too! Isn’t it maddening?
    No matter how tired we are, we stay awake…I think someone called it
    “mind chatter”….. I know I think a lot about the storylines..imagine you do as well. Thanks for helping us along and take care of yourself..we have a dicey journey ahead!! Let’s take it together, in faith! Much love!

    January 27, 2012 at 11:45 am

  2. I agree…. I never doubted for a second but it is really nice to see!! i found myself with a huge smile all day and even now as im writing this. I can’t wait to get my copy even though i have already seen the pics and stuff. I smiled the whole time I was reading your words. it is now finally time that we can really celebrate.

    one more thing, I loved lovd lovd th sam and alexis scenes as well and was pleasantly surprised at how much we got with them.

    January 27, 2012 at 1:39 pm

  3. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers! Angelique Have you tried “herbal tea sleepytime”?
    What is there left to say? Its Jasons baby and we all are over joyed with this news! How long have we waited for this,it seems like forever! I do believe that this Blog has had a lot to do with the “sigh of relief” we felt when this news broke! I am not always convinced that the “little people” can make a difference but over the past 2-3years my mind has been changed! If you believe in something its worth fighting for and you do not have to do it in a “under Handed” way! Just speak from your heart and failure is not an option regardless of the outcome! So here we are Jasammers our Jason and Sam are going to have a child(ren) together! Yea thats right I still thinks it will be Twins!I want all the sappyness(sp) that they can give us! What will they do when they hear the news?How will Monica and Edward react? What will Carly and Sonny say? Will Liz be Happy for THEM?? Spinelli,Maxie,Christina and Molly will be over joyed! Michael needs to find himself again but he will be happy for his Aunt and Uncle (Mom and Dad)!

    I loved the scenes with Alexis and Sam! Alexis is happy for her daughter and she came through with that feeling! Alexis was a Mom to Sam and that was pleasant surprise! I really do believe if Alexis knew what Franco supposedly did to Sam her Cassadine gene would have kicked in! Menopausal Alexis was very believable and funny! The scene with the window brought back memeories for me “I just needed air”!
    Jason and Sam are pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    January 28, 2012 at 10:41 am

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for another Great Blog!!
    It is a Great time to be a Jasam Fan… And Im doing the Happy Dance along with you and our fellow JaSammers!!
    Looking forward to our JaSam Baby Storyline!! Steve and Kelly have been Awesome and I know will continue to do so!!
    I enjoyed the Alexis/Sam scenes… Emotional with some laughs!!
    I still want to just give Johnny a big hug!!

    January 29, 2012 at 12:05 pm

  5. Sonia

    Thanks for this wonderful post

    January 29, 2012 at 9:17 pm

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