Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


TGIF, GHers!

I am so glad it’s finally the weekend! Here’s to hoping that the new week will bring us closer to the stories that will keep us watching…with a little more interest. 😉

If I am honest with you guys, I have to admit that I actually had to go back and rewatch yesterday’s GH again, because I could not remember what happened – for the life of me! I am really hoping things pick up a bit storywise – and soon.

Everyone seems to be in the middle of a game – for survival, for one-uppance, for power, and even for love. What I did see yesterday was that everyone seemed to be making their moves.

I am positive that the Lante fans are in heaven right now. Dante comes home in the middle of the day to make sure his wife has fresh flowers, they have middle-of-the-day nookie, and he seems to be totally okay with the fact that she has no job, and no income, and no idea how that will change. Ah, bliss. Except that for Lulu, the bliss really seems to stem from one place lately  – the bottle. After a whole bottle, everything seems to be completely okay.  I think Lulu has made her move. Towards becoming just like her dad. I think it’s important for Dante to pay close attention to what’s happening with his wife. I think what he does next is just as important as what she does. Honeymoons don’t last forever – especially in Port Charles.

I really do love watching Alexis when she’s playing the smart, strong chick we all know she can be. The way she handled TJ was brilliant, and I loved that she let him know he was nothing more than a punk. I also thought it was kinda funny that Mac would be just as impressed with Alexis, and that it would lead him to ask her out – again. It is certainly Alexis’ move here; Mac has made his intentions pretty darned clear. I say, “Get it on, already!” We need all the lovin’ we can get around here!

I am just curious, and need your help. Are any of you interested n this Cassandra story? I am trying. I always enjoy having Helena in town – just not standing around silently in the corridors and tunnels. Somehow, I am sure that no matter what is going on with this story, the next move always belongs to Helena. We’ll just have to hang in there and see what that turns out to be. As for Ewan, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if Liz fell head over heels only to have Carly decide that she misses shrimp on the barbie, and go after the doc herself! I think a Liz/Carly/Ewan triangle would be just the kind of triangle that would get people talking, and with all of the history between Liz and Carly – it would have the potential to be pretty explosive! Other than that, I just can’t get myself motivated to care about any of the characters currently at Wyndemere. Bring back the Real Prince!

Carly is playing a game that breaks every single rule a mom should abide by. When, not if, Michael finds out about this, his opinion of his mother is going to sink to new lows. I get that Carly thinks she’s doing this for Michael, but I still think she’s doing it for herself, too – or at least for her libido. Hey, John is a hottie. No one can deny that. I just think that in life, some hotties are off-limits. Uncle Luke came through about three minutes too late, but I don’t really think Carly was too upset about that. Let’s hope she took the time to consider what John’s next move will be, since they don’t really have an iron-clad contract, or anything. Or, actually, she might have given some thought to what his next move would be, but just not off the couch.

Speaking of John, there seems to be a big secret looming. I follow my favorite writer, Michele Val Jean, so I know what the secret is, and let me just say that it threw even me for a loop. What it will do to John, and what it will mean for his barely-there balance is anyone’s guess. But I am sure that his next move after finding out will be one worthy of his lineage.

If we were to leave it to Sonny, John wouldn’t even live long enough to find out the big secret. Thank goodness that even with a misfiring brain, and a secret of his own that’s eating him alive, Jason is still the cooler head that prevails. If the next move were left to Sonny, John would pay with his life for something he had nothing to do with, and Sonny already has enough bad Karma to deal with, don’t you think? I’m glad Jason was able to talk him down with some common sense. Let’s see how long that lasts. Unfortunately, I have a sinking feeling that Luke has every intention of sharing the information he got from Skye with Sonny…and there is no way Sonny will be able to act with any sense after that.

In the game of what GH’s future will be, it’s definitely the new team’s move. Whatever they do next will decide whether GH really has any hope or not. I do believe good, solid writing will give GH the shot it needs to stay on the air.

The other thing it must have is good, solid support from all of the people who’d like it to stay on the air. This is not the time to pick up your checkers and go home. Now is the time to dig in our feet, and fight for our soap like never before. It’s not over ’til production wraps.

Your move. . .

Mke it a positive one.




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