Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Good morning, GHers!

I hope your day is getting off to a great start.

Port Charles seems to be in a transition, and I don’t just mean the recent writing changes, which are about to undergo change again. I’m talking about the relationships, and when things in a relationship change, you have to ask yourself, “What Now?”

While I think Jen Lilley did a great job of coming into a role and making it her own, I am really, really excited that Kirsten Storms will be back as Maxie, especially that Matt has proven himself to be the ass I thought he was the first time he seemed to be falling for Liz. I get that Maxie’s proposal to move in together is for all the wrong reasons, and that he shouldn’t feel pressured to change his own living situation. However, the fact that Maxie seems genuinely shaken every time she notices the “fedora guy” who’s stalking her, should garner her at least a little bit of concern from her boyfriend. It bothered me the first time Matt shrugged her off about it back at her apartment, and then just left her there, especially since she was near tears. But there was an extra coolness about Matt yesterday, and it just got on my damned nerves. A lot of that may have something to do with the fact that Matt also stood there as Liz baited, and basically mocked his girlfriend. Sure, I have something to say about Liz sticking herself smack dab in between Matt and his girlfriend, but I blame Matt for allowing it. I also blame him for feeding Liz’s hate by constantly talking Maxie down to her. My question for Matt is…”WHAT NOW?” You have obviously made your choice about the woman you care about and respect. WIll you be able to live with that choice when Liz makes hers?

I wanted to smack that lipgloss right off Liz’s face when she decided to interrupt a conversation between Matt and Maxie, with the sole intention of upstaging Maxie’s news. Liz was very clear about one thing: she saw it as a competition, and made no apologies for it. Were I Maxie, when Liz asked me to explain the specifics of Matt’s research, I would have asked Liz to first explain the specifics of birth control, since they obviously were never in Liz’s head to begin with. What drives me nuts about Liz is that when Matt even shows a sliver of feeling for her in front of any other man, such as Dr. Keenan, Liz acts as though he is her stalker.   So Liz, “What Now?”What happens next time Ewan is around and Matt wants to act towards you the way you acted towards him in front of his girlfriend? Bitch.

I was really happy that Maxie marched herself over to the offices of McCall & Jackal PI (someone needs to change that door!) and told Spinelli that she changed her mind, and now wants him to be her roommate! Mostly, I was happy for Spin, who seemed to have gotten the news of the year, but I was also happy that Matt will now be reminded that he isn’t the only guy in Maxie’s orbit. So, “What Now?” Hopefully, it’ll mean that our real Maxie and Spinelli get back to being somewhat normal again, and then they can lend some support to their best friends, Jason and Sam.

I can barely remember sometimes that there is a story involving Shawn, mostly because the term “story” is a little generous. After the awkward moments with Carly, the writers seemed to drop that storyline, and Shawn was just left floundering. Well, now TJ is in town with, of course – anger and attitude, and it’s all directed at Shawn. I am hoping that Molly can find a way to deal with her penchant for saving the lost and forlorn before this kid can get her in trouble, but how fun would that be, right? *rme* Carly seems to have just realized that no one had been running Kelly’s for months, and gave Shawn the job, but “What Now?” How will TJ and Shawn deal with life in Port Charles, and with each other? Hopefully in a way that makes sense. 😉

Boy, who knew that I was basically one step ahead of Kate and her breakdown? As you guys know, I saw this coming, but not even I saw it coming this quickly, or this dramatically. I would like there to be a release form that every woman in a mobster’s life must read and agree to, before stringing said mobsters along, and getting their emotions all twisted. What angers me the most about this crap with Kate is that we JUST WENT THROUGH THIS with Brenda! Why do these women keep pretending that they don’t know who Sonny is, or what he does, only to get him to fall headfirst into these messy, emotional traps, and then five minutes later decide “they can’t do this?” Did we not just see and hear Kate defending Sonny from his ex-wife, who was basically calling Sonny a cold-blooded killer? Why didn’t Kate seem to blink herself into reality then – when she heard Carly say that Sonny was the one planning to do the shooting? Now that Sonny was the one shot it’s time to reassess your priorities, decide that Sonny isn’t among the top five, and break up? Listen, Kate, cut the crap and get to the freakin’ point. “What Now?” Are you going to stop playing games, stop playing Sonny’s soul mate, and stop playing Sonny, period? I hope so, because I have absolutely no use for women in denial about who they’re sleeping with!

I am almost afraid to ask the question when it comes to our Jason and Sam. Truly, I am. I guess it’s because the answer seems to be so far off. I know this has been a very traumatic event for The Morgans, but I just want them to have answers, instead of more questions. Since their wedding,  – no since their proposal, really, it has been one question after another for these two, with seemingly no answers. First it was Jason’s accident, and subsequent surgery. Would he be alright? Would he remember Sam? Would he remember who he was? Would he remember his life? When they finally got through those questions, there were new ones. The night at their cabin there were questions about that moment where he seemed to be somewhere else. On their honeymoon, they explored the question about whether or not to have a baby almost daily. I think they also practiced making a baby almost daily. Question after question after question, and I think we are all ready for some answers! For fans of Jason and Sam, asking “What Now?” is quickly becoming a traumatic event.

I am not sure how technologically advanced the OBGYN Department at GH is, but thirteen years ago, when I went to my OBGYN after not feeling well for a few weeks, but never having missed a period, the doctor told me I was pregnant. Then right there, in his office, I had a sonogram done that told me I was nine weeks pregnant. Surely, thirteen years later, GH has the capability to tell Sam how far along she is, at the very least. Wouldn’t that be the first thing to have done, to see if the question they are dreading the answer to can’t be at least narrowed down? If the mission here was to torture the viewers for as long as possible – they have accomplished that mission and then some!

I can tell you that The Beauty of GH for me, even in this storyline, still lies in the depth of the love Jason has for Sam. This situation would not be easy for any man to deal with, much less a man with a savior complex and sudden, unexplained anger issues. Yet, we have all witnessed Jason forcing himself to breathe deeply, to stay in control, so as to not scare Sam any more than she already is. He has said all the right things, has reassured Sam in every way possible, and has reaffirmed his love for her as many times as it takes for her to hear and believe it.

Sam is lost in a sea of despair, and who can blame her? I got choked up when Sam talked about how she could feel this baby changing her body, because this should be a time Sam is relishing, especially after believing for so long that she would never experience pregnancy again. Yet because she can’t get Franco, or his DVD, or the attack Jason thinks he witnessed out of her head, this baby feels like an intruder to her. That breaks my heart. Which is why I am thankful that Jason keeps throwing himself towards her, encouraging her to hold on, like the lifesaver she needs right now. Only his love can get her through this, just like only her love has gotten him though everything they’ve ever been through before.

“What Now?”

I really just don’t know.

Hopefully, some closure to this nightmare… some answers to all of their questions. With fingers crossed, I dare to hope that we will finally get some happy moments, where Jason and Sam are talking about the changes in Sam’s body with smiles and happiness, instead of anger and resentment. I dream of a day not too far off where Jason is easing pregnancy books from Sam’s grip as she naps on their couch from the sheer exhaustion of carrying their bouncing baby girl.

“What Now?” shouldn’t perpetually send ripples of fear through a fanbase. At some point, we have to turn the corner…no?

It’s time for “What Now?” to be the phrase that sends electricity and excitement through this fanbase again. It’s time for it to make us imagine all of the wonderful and amazing possibilities. Time for us to finally realize the dreams we’ve held onto for our couple all of these years. Time for us to tune in with enthusiasm again, instead of a prayer and a sense of dread.

“What Now?”

I have a feeling that our soap’s survival depends on it.



6 responses

  1. Sure do hope this blog is on the way to TPTB. With all of the changes, drops, additions, subtractions they keep posting, it is a scary time for us fans. You know it, and you have the right outlook, and help us to keep the faith…no, no easy! But the scenes with Jason and Sam give hope that they will come through it all, and so will we. And, of course, that healthy baby that they will torment us with for the next few…whatever..
    Thank you for taking the time to post, and to give us your counsel…
    Send it to GH, please!!! Blessings, always.

    January 19, 2012 at 12:51 pm

  2. Traveler

    Wonderful Blog again today!!! Thank you!!
    What now??? Perfect question!! Only time will tell.. But Im choosing to believe JaSam along with us fans are in for some Happy Pregnancy/Baby moments this year.. Again… I just hope sooner rather than later….

    Sidenote: Liz is a Bitch.. And I enjoy Hating on her!! Hehehe!!

    Another Sidenote: ICAM about Kate/Sonny!! Please… How do these women (Brenda now Kate) not know what they are getting into.
    How lucky is it that Jason found Sam… Someone that knows and has been thru more than she should have but still loves and accepts Jason!! (Unlike a few others from Jasons past)…

    January 19, 2012 at 6:59 pm

  3. Traveler

    Yikes… Another Sidenote: I love that JaSam were/are dealing with the pregnancy “together”!! XOXOXO

    January 19, 2012 at 10:18 pm

  4. SamJasonsHeart

    Wonderful blog as always.. just want you to know even tho I may not have commented lately I am still reading..

    So happy the real Maxie will be back soon can’t see anyone else playing the part when Spin moves in.. as for Liz what a bitch but I expect nothing less from her.

    I am sending someone over to change that door to Morgan just for you!

    I believe this little miracle was created on the amazing night in the cabin.. and yes please get a sonogram asap and prove me right. So many questions could be put to rest with one little procedure.

    I am so proud of Jason and love him more everyday.. I love the way he loves our girl Sam.. Sam Jason’s Heart always has been always will! I want all the things you want for The Morgans.. hoping the writers will give us and Jasam what they deserve more than any couple on TV.. and that is a life of love, happiness and a family of their own.. or I may be saying it’s 2pm “What Now?” I am trying to stay positive *sigh* so I will just take your hand and hold on tight.. and see the Beauty of GH through your eyes when I can’t see it through my own!

    Hope you are well.. Love you!

    January 20, 2012 at 12:34 am

  5. Karlene

    Jason is getting back onto my good side with all this attention he has been giving our girl, Sam. What now? is a great question for a lot of the characters on our beloved show. It’s also a great question for TPTB w/ the thoughts of GH becoming a prime-time summer series. I really hope that the numbers keep doing horribly(I know that sounds bad) so that when Katie Couric comes on, GH can take over one of the timeslots currently occupied badly by the Spew and Revulsion.
    JASAM Love Always 🙂
    PS. Bring on the Liz hate!! Can’t stand her either and I ADORE everyone else that don’t like her as well 😉

    January 21, 2012 at 3:11 am

  6. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers! Hope ypu are doing better Angelique!

    Out of Jason Morgans mouth “Hold On”, we will was my comment when he said it to his wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    January 21, 2012 at 7:48 am

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