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Good morning, GHers!

Sorry for taking an extended weekend. It was my birthday on Monday, and my hubby took some time off to spend with me, so I had to reciprocate. 😉

I finally caught up on the two days of GH I’d missed, and I only wish there was more worth celebrating.


It seems that wherever we turned on GH, someone was having a hard time swallowing the JAGGED LITTLE PILL of truth they were being handed. Sometimes Life hands us situations that are tough to swallow, but it seems Life is working overtime for those we love, and those we love to hate in Port Charles.

If Lulu Spencer-Falconeri expects me to garner even a smidgen of interest in her new life as Mrs. Falconeri, she’s going to have to go to and figure out her career path offscreen. Between her failed attempt at being the new Mama Pasta, her supposed newfound appreciation for art, and her 3-second stint as a dog walker, I am already bored with her. Whatever happened to remodeling and revamping The Haunted Star with all of the money her brother Nikolas gave her? I think PC needs some nightlife action again, like when it had The Cellar, or even when The Haunted Star was getting some action. I think it would be a venture worth taking on, because let’s face it: Realizing you have no life,as has Lulu, is A JAGGED LITTLE PILL to swallow.

It seems that dabbling in fantasy situations is Dr. Keenan’s specialty. First, he wa sharing hospital beds in the hallway, looking up at imaginary constellations. Now, he is taking his pet patient, Liz, on an imaginary elevator ride…in the supply closet. It’s a good thing Liz doesn’t suffer from amnesia, like Cassandra, or being in that supply closet may have triggered one of her favorite memories – doing Nikolas, while Lucky was right outside the door of that supply closet. I must admit that I allowed myself to try his new technique, and I allowed myself to use my imagination while Ewan was working with Liz. I imagined that I was also on the elevator, and when I heard the “ding” of the elevator, the doors opened between floors – and I pushed her off. Hey! He didn’t say it had to be a happy fantasy! 😉 Liz however, proved once more that she was never in Shadybrook because she was having a breakdown, but because she is incapable of being truthful in relationships with men, even when the man is her therapist. If anyone believed that Liz was actually having a breakthrough when she said she wanted to be “right there” at that moment, think again. Oh, I do believe that she did want to be right there, right then- but with the possibilty that she could be with Ewan. Liz said what she knew would pique Ewan’s interest most. I don’t believe any of that crap she was spewing about not wanting to go back or forward – the minute she is within ten feet of Lucky or Jason again, she will forget why she ever said that! I sense another Liz triangle being set up here – she seems to like the attention she gets from both Ewan and Matt. However, another WTD storyline – especially for her, would be more than A JAGGED LITTLE PILL for me to swallow.

 While Anthony Zacchara may be funny at times, and while he may have a wicked green thumb and a gift for cultivating roses and delicate orchids, I would think the novelty of life shackled to him would wear off rather quickly. I had hoped that Tracy had been kidnapped by Luke in an effort to save her from having to go through with her marriage to the crazy old coot, but sadly, Papa Z had been the one behind her abduction. I will say that I love that Tracy is at least trying every way she can think of to get out of it, including paying him back for the money she supposedly stole from him. I expected nothing less than for Tracy to fight like mad to avoid being in a club with women such as Dominica! Unfortunately for Tracy, Anthony wants his payment in wedded bliss. No wonder Tracy looked as though she might be sick – the thought of being Mrs. Anthony Zacchara is A JAGGED LITTLE PILL.

Marrying a Zacchara may not be very appetizing, but sleeping with John Zacchara seemed to be pretty appealing to Carly, whose been much too…shall we say, chaste?…over the past few months. Even when Carly was married, if she and Jax were having trouble that kept them from connecting, Carly would find her release with Sonny. She has never been one to even attempt a life of celibacy, but since she and Sonny happen to be mortal enemies this month, he’s not available. Which is, in all honesty,  why I thought she’d have jumped John’s younger, hotter bones by now. I don’t really understand this game she’s playing, but I know this – John’s got her number. He can see right through her – she wants him. I imagine that for an old pro like Carly, being called out that easily had to be A JAGGED LITTLE PILL.

 Sonny may need to make nice with Carly sooner than he’d hoped, because there’s no way he can turn to Carly without making at least a little nice. And chances are, he will need to if Kate finally snaps out of her sex-induced coma. When Kate overheard Michael and Sonny talking about Sonny having been shot, I thought I recognized  a flash of memory cross Kate’s face. I mean hearing that Sonny had been shot – possibly by a Zacchara, had to be  A JAGGED LITTLE PILL. After all, Kate was once shot as she stood facing him at the altar, by a Zacchara. While I know that it seems as though Kate has gotten over all of that, I just don’t know if she was blocking that reality in her pursuit to “reconnect” with her first love. I guess we’ll soon find out.

I’ll tell you that watching our beautiful, tortured Sam have to agonize over telling Jason that she is pregnant, and watching them both reel from the news was, I am sure, A JAGGED LITTLE PILL  for all of us to swallow, especially after we’ve waited eight long years to watch Jason and Sam enjoy the joys of pregnancy again! I don’t care why Garin Wolf did it – I don’t care what he thought would be the bigger story to come out of it! This was cruel and unusual punishment for a fanbase of a real couple, who has hung in there for almost a decade! It kills me that the news that should have made them both cry tears of joy has filled them both with dread and fear beyond anything they ever could have imagined. It angers me that they had Jason kill Franco without getting any answers first! I wanted Jason to know that what he “saw” wasn’t necessarily what happened. I wanted Franco to tell Jason that he enjoyed playing him, but that he never raped Sam! This storyline took up so much of our airtime over the past couple of months, and it took so much of the joy that should have been theirs –and ours, only to end in some uncharacteristic dumb move by Jason. Jason and Sam deserve happiness more than any couple on Daytime! Trust me – I watch every soap remaining, and no couple deserves this more than they do.

I am praying that the new writers recognize the need to lift some of this darkness from Port Charles, and that they will finally let the sun shine through. I want them to go back and watch Jason and Sam during her pregnancy, and I want them to build on how much they loved the baby girl they were going to raise together. I want to see how that bond they shared, and the bond they shared with the baby growing inside of Sam only deepens now that the baby is not just a baby they will raise together, but a baby they made together – in love.  I’ve had enough of the tough pills to swallow for our couple! The ONLY JAGGED LITTLE PILL I want to hear anything about for Jason and Sam for a good, long while better have come from a bottle of prenatal vitamins!

*stomps foot*

Hey, it’s my birthday week, and I may be feeling slightly “entitled.”




5 responses

  1. Carol

    Hope you had a great birthday! Loved the blog and just sent off this week mailing to TPTB. Our poor Sam is so unhappy and this should be the happiest moment in her life. Look forward to your next blog. Thank you for all you do to help us get thru the bad times for our couple. Just hope we will be getting some good times again real soon.

    January 18, 2012 at 8:13 pm

  2. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,Happy Birthday Angelique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great Blog missed you! The one thing I could even appreciate with Sam and Jason the other day is the way they “talked” to each other! Even through all this Hell they STILL confirm how much they Love each other!
    Not just Sam but Jason too! When Sam ASKED Jason if he could raise Francos child I had to smile because that question went back to THEIR 1st little girl.Jason was willing very much so to raise Sonny child as his own. And it was inspite of Sonny that he would do this! It was because he CARED about Sam that much! Jason was the only person to show Sam she mattered maybe in her entire life other than Danny! The new writers REALLY need to KNOW their HISTORY. If they need some help all they would have to do is contact our PRESIDENT of GH BELLA MAFIA!!!!!!! And if Angelique needed some “good backup” just ask and we will be there with Jasam bells on! I also was impressed that Jason was honest when he said “I don’t know”! Jason and Sam finding out that these TWINS are theirs made in LOVE had better be happy fireworks! They could do a whole show just flashbacking to the many conversations they have had about having a child together! They deserve to be Happy for more than a second! Any guesses on when Sam got pregnant …….I vote for 9/29/11 the BEST LOVE SCENE EVER! Impossible I think not remember the impossible and unexplainable always happens on SOAPS!
    I thought Patrick finding out from you know who was unfair but I am glad he knows! I was really moved by his Love for his wife!
    I did sign 2 petitions about this censorship!

    January 18, 2012 at 8:31 pm

  3. Traveler

    Happy..Happy.. Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    Right now.. Im not happy with the way the JaSam and Scrubs storylines are going down…
    JaSam (along with us fans) DESERVE to be happy and to have a JaSam Baby… I have to beleive the happiness is coming their way and ours…. I just hope it happens SOON…
    Im not happy that Patrick found out about Robin being sick by Liz. Heck.. Im not a Liz Fan.. But Im not going to blame this one on her. I blame TPTB and Robin…. I wanted Scrubs to have “their” moment. As sad as it is.. It should have been theirs to share together.. Not Liz or anyone else….
    Im hoping wih Feb Sweeps and Valentines Day coming. We will see som Loving moments for both JaSam and Scrubs!!!
    Thanks for a WONDERFUL Blog!!!

    January 18, 2012 at 11:39 pm

  4. Jessica

    Just wanted to wish you a very lovely and happy birthday!! I hope you have a fabulous week filled with lots of love and of course JaSam!

    although I have not commented in a while, I still do read everyday and I appreciate everything you do for our “little community” !

    January 18, 2012 at 11:52 pm

  5. samjase

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Many more happy, HEALTHY ones to come!

    This blog, as usual, is AWESOME! YOU are AWESOME!

    You hit every nail on the head in your comments. Can’t tell you how much you are admired and appreciated.

    Lots ahead for Jasam and us…their devoted fans! You are going to be a busy, busy girl! Cannot wait for Jasam’s next chapter! I am totally excited!

    January 19, 2012 at 10:18 am

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