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Hey there, GHers!

Did you guys notice that the head-writing job was shared on Monday’s episode with Shelley Altman? Hmmm…and to think that we are already on the lookout for yet more head writing changes. Ay, ay, ay!

Our poor GH – going through more changes than a hormonal teenager going through puberty! We can only hope Port Charles’ pimply, awkward stage will give way to a gorgeous new GH that we can all be proud of, and will want to show off even more than we do now.

I’ll have to say that if I could pick one storyline to be the zit of PC, it would have to be this ridiculous Wyndemere/Lady In White crap. What the heck is going on over there, anyway? Now the cute Dr. Keenan is involved in that big ol’ mess, just when I was really starting to like him – and was warming to the thought of a triangle between him, Liz, and Carly!  My sister is probably thrilled that the LIW is named Cassandra, after her, but I’ve gotta tell you – it’s the ONLY thing I like about her. I am still trying to figure out when exactly Spin became so enthralled with this other “Blonde One,”  but that’s as deep as my interest goes. Hopefully, with the return of our beloved Kirsten Storms, Spin’s story will grow a little less tedious to tell. As for this Wyndemere Tale, the writers had better do some explaining – and soon. I am not sure how much longer we can go with a room full of people, and not a single one would be able to say to the Lady In White, “I Know You So Well.” Not even herself.

May I brag now? Did I not predict that Carly’s question to John about what she could do to keep him away from her son would involve her offering of sex? Oh, Caroline Benson Quartermaine Corinthos Alcazar Corinthos Jacks… “I Know You So Well.” I just knew that she would use Michael’s crisis to try and secure herself a roll in the hay, especially since she’s been celibate for almost … a year? Can it be? Wow. No wonder Carly’s putting out feelers all over town, trying with just about everyone she even thinks is available to her! I only wish that Carly had shown a little more self-respect for herself. I cannot stand to see a woman, much less a mother of three, throwing herself at a man, especially one all too pleased to turn her down.

I know that the conversation between Robin and Liz had some people fuming, and others scratching their heads, but I wasn’t really that surprised. Sure, it’s pretty outrageous, even contemptible, that robin would be asking another woman to take her place in her husband’s life – and even his bed, but all I could think as I watched and listened to Robin was,“I Know You So Well.” Of course Robin would try and manage who her husband ends up with! If you know Robin as well as I do, you’ll know that Robin is the classic Type A personality, the epitome of a control freak, and no longer garnering any sympathy from me. You see, Robin’s effort to control what Patrick does after “she’s gone”, isn’t really about Patrick and Emma at all! It can’t be! Robin just cannot deal with the risk that there’s a possibility that Patrick would choose someone who Robin wouldn’t approve of, or someone who would make her roll in her grave daily, such as Carly . Therefore, Robin would rather ask Liz, even though Liz has not only lied, but cheated, (nice try, Liz!) in every relationship she’s been in! It boggles my mind that Robin would ask Liz to step into Patrick and Emma’s lives with all of her baggage, and considering that Liz never has time for her own boys! What will happen to Patrick and Emma when Lucky comes back to town, or Nikolas, or next time there’s a blackout and Liz is back on the prowl? Robin truly disappointed me. She basically crapped all over trust she says she has in her husband, or she would trust him to amok the right decision for himself and Emma when and if the time comes.

I am sure that the one person who did not surprise anyone was Elizabeth Imogene Webber. Not even those fake crocodile tears were enough to throw me off of her well-traveled trail. Liz cried and was horrified at the realization that her friend would ask her to make a move on her husband in the event of her demise; I do believe that. I mean, sure, Liz was at a loss – but not for the reasons one would suspect. Robin may have bought that, but listen up, Saint Liz: “I Know You So Well.” Liz was simply thrown for a loop because she isn’t used to getting permission to go after a hurting, emotionally unavailable man. She doesn’t know what to do with that! Had Robin just left without a word, and left Patrick fumbling through being alone, as she did during her PPD in 2009, Liz would have been all over that! I was convinced back then that had Robin taken much longer pretending to be someone else while making out with random guys, Liz would’ve scooped up Patrick long enough to make Emma a brother or sister. It just makes me sick that Robin would want that kind of role model for the beautiful and innocent Emma! 😦

When Sonny Corinthos invites you over for dinner, ladies, make sure you’re wearing your sexy, matching underthings! Sonny, “I Know You So Well.” The only thing on the menu at Casa De Sonny is some lovin’ with a side of dimples! It didn’t take Sonny long at all to get the usually uptight Kate Howard to literally let her hair down, but what caught me a bit off guard was that it was Kate who put Sonny’s plans for the evening into motion! I have to say that their love scene was “muy caliente”, and I had to lower the thermostat immediately afterwards. 😉 While I think that Kate and Sonny are still riding that Coney Island-sized wave of nostalgia, and maybe even some pent-up passion, I am still not sure that they can make this “thing” between them work in the reality of Sonny’s World. Judging by Kate’s desperate phone call to yet another mystery person, I would venture that she would agree with me, even if she doesn’t want to face that just yet. And who would, when Sonny is coming at you like that – wearing nothin’ but those dimples?

You know what I love? When someone dares to challenge Stone Cold Jason Morgan. What I like even more is when it’s someone like Dr. Patrick Drake, whose biggest threat to Jason was a desire to “slap him”. (That still makes me chuckle!) The one thing I still have to give outgoing headwriter Garin Wolf credit for is the ability to use history to bring characters together that wouldn’t normally interact. Jason and Patrick challenging each other – on behalf of their wives, was a great example of that, and even more importantly – great story! Very few people get to challenge Jason and live to tell about it, but using Jason’s love for Sam, that’s exactly what Patrick did. In turn, Jason used all of that concern-laced advice that Patrick was doling out to turn the tables and give it right back to his doc. While both of these guys have different ways of going about it, they have equally real needs to take care of the women they love, and the minute the challenges were issued, I thought, “I Know You So Well.” I just knew that both Jason and Patrick would do whatever it was they were challenged to do for their respective wives. Jason staying and getting more tests to give Sam some peace of mind, and Patrick going to find Robin to talk to her to find out what is burdening her just proved how much both men were willing to fight their own egos for love. Nicely played, Mr. Wolf, nicely played.

Out in the waiting room, Sam played her cards carefully. She stayed close enough to Jason that she would be there should he need her, but far enough away while he underwent whatever tests were needed so that his focus wasn’t split. Monica was right; Sam knows Jason better than anyone. The minute Jason knew Sam was there, he wanted to go to her, to reassure her, to ease her worries.  A little bit of distance kept him from getting to her too quickly, and kept him where he needed to be, for all of our sakes. We all need for Jason to find out what the hell is wrong with him, but no one more than Sam. Our Fair Samantha has been dealing with so much, and now she is carrying around so much more, right along with that *positive* pee stick. (Excuse me while I squeal!) Jason’s struggle with rage and his other mysterious symptoms need to be dealt with so that Sam doesn’t have to carry about all of that worry, and the constant sense of dread she’s been lugging around since their return to PC, because the ramifications of that pee stick are heavy enough, dammit! Add to that everything well-meaning family and friends like Monica and Patrick are laying on her, and poor Sam is going to crumble from the weight! I actually had  to swallow the lump in my throat when Sam couldn’t even form a response to Monica’s question about whether or not she and Jason had thought about having a baby, and barely managed a shaky, “I can’t”… It was no wonder I breathed such a deep sigh of relief when Jason finally emerged, calling out to her, and immediately stopped to ask her if she was okay, in that voice dripping with concern the moment he lay those gorgeous blue eyes on his wife’s face. What Jason was really saying to his wife was, “I Know You So Well.”

And that is why I love him!

When it comes to the love you guys have for our General Hospital, and our JaSam, “I Know You So Well.”

I know you guys are doing your part to support and keep them both alive! And that’s why I love YOU!



As Always #TeamPositive: Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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8 responses

  1. Connie Hernandez

    And I love you too and the work that you do !!
    Thanks a million for providing us some positive thoughts in this not so positive world of Soaps we both love.
    More Power to GH.. More power to you
    Love always ,

    January 10, 2012 at 3:25 am

  2. Thanks Connie.we all love her..she is the best fan GH has or ever will have. All we fans can do is follow her shiny example, and tell GH how involved we are and why. Angelique: please send all your blogs to GH TPTB, and look at some of the older ones too……….they are gems, and need to be seen by someone who can do something to make our GH the best it can be. Thank you…..Love, Sarah

    January 10, 2012 at 12:26 pm

  3. Carol

    Thanks once again for the great post. You just know these characters so well and even reading, I can visualize how the interact. I just wanted to let you know, I have already did 2 mailings with quotes from your blog. I know it is going to make a difference. I just hope someone reads it that can hopefully make a difference for our couple.
    The power of JASAM!

    January 10, 2012 at 4:30 pm

  4. SamJasonsHeart

    If the campaign to send TPTB your blog had not just started I would swear they were already reading it after todays show. When Sam was looking in the nursery and the woman said her little girls name was Bella I had a huge grin on my face.. And thought maybe just maybe someone at GH has been reading your blog all along!

    Miss you tons and love you even more!

    January 10, 2012 at 6:11 pm

  5. Traveler

    Thanks for another Great Blog!!
    Im reading this a bit late today… It was after watching today’s GH.
    Im must say this…. After watching today’s show.. I Love…Love…Love… Love Sam!! She just broke my heart today at the Nursery!! *Tears*
    She deserves a JaSam Baby to hold in her arms after all these years. Im begging TPTB to give our JaSam (Along with us fans) the Baby we have waited for since 2004!!!
    And on a sidenote.. If they want to make that Baby a Girl and name her Anglelique “Messanger from God”… I could not think of a better name!!

    January 10, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    • Traveler

      **Correction** “Messenger from God”!!

      January 10, 2012 at 10:04 pm

      • alwaysaromantic

        Hi Jasammers, I too am a little late this evening!
        Loved the scenes with Monica and our Sam! Monicas feelings for her sons wife get more caring each time they are with each other! And Monica is So right Sam knows her husband! I thought the scenes with Jason and Patrick were great too! These 2 totally different men LOVE their wives and each knows that about the other! Sam “plate” is really full I am hoping she does not break from the pressure! It always amazes me just how strong she is!But we all need SOMEONE and for me that someone needs to be Jason!
        From todays show how interesting that Baby Girls name was Bella…..HMMM!
        OLTL is in its last week I am going to miss Lanview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        January 10, 2012 at 10:55 pm

  6. Sonia

    Great Post Angelique
    I know you so well LOL to just give us your wonderfull thought on GH

    January 10, 2012 at 11:51 pm

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