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Good morning, GHers!

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to give a very grateful shout-out to our friend, Darlene, (samjase) for giving #TeamPositive a much needed shot in the arm! Darlene shared the very exciting news in our comments section that Carly Phillips, romance writer extraordinary, and NY Times best-selling author, is a very devoted and loyal Daytime Fan! She loves General Hospital, as she loved All My Children and One Life To Live as well, and deserves our loyalty in return for hers. You see, she’s not only a Daytime Fan and a GH fan, she is a Jason and Sam fan as well! Check out her very exciting interview, where she refers to so many of the reasons we love Mr. & Mrs. Morgan!

What I loved most? She too, uses the term “in all soap history,” when referring to JaSam’s unique and incredible love story. Isn’t that the very sentiment shared by so many of us?

I know one thing for sure, my love for reading romance has just expanded to include contemporary romance! Barnes and Noble is on my list of places to go, as I must pick up some Carly Phillips reads for when everyone goes back to school and I am back to being solo! How could I not want to read her stuff when she so obviously “gets” real romance??? Jason and Sam are the genuine article.

Now if only she’d want to take a stab at writing for her favorite soap…. Imagine the story lines we’d get then!


I am hoping that each of you will not only take the time to read the article, and share it with TPTB, and Kelly and Steve, via whatever avenue you choose…Twitter, email, phone calls, snail mail, etc., but that you will also take the time to check out Carly Phillips’s books as well! I know she made my day with that article! How about we make her day with a SOAP BOOST in sales? It’s all about passing on the excitement!

On to Port Charles…

One would think that with women as the target audience, we would get a little more in the way of women’s points of view, and a little less of men who need to man up. Right? That hasn’t been the case lately, and it kinda drives me nuts!

Take Steve. When he was trying to get Doc Maggie to join the ranks at GH, you’d think she was his worst nightmare. Even after her arrival, Steve seemed to be acting as though she was some burden that he’d be dragging around against his will. Which is why it threw me off a bit to see Steve so willing to join the fake stargazing “trend” by sharing a gurney with Maggie, especially so out in the open. I sensed a bit less tension between Steve and Maggie as they talked about  different times, before their shared mystery experience aged Steve, and I wonder what it was that changed even their relationship so drastically. However, I bet Olivia is even more curious as she walked off the elevator to see Maggie lying in her man’s arms. Something tells me that Steve is gonna get a Bensonhurst education on how to behave Like A Man who already has a woman!

I doubt that one of Robin’s symptoms of her failed HIV medication protocol is memory loss. Yet, she is acting as though she forgot that she and Jason made a deal about doing the right thing for their significant others. She seems to have also forgotten that she was basically harassing Jason about “being a man of his word.” Robin now knows from Patrick that Jason did go to the  hospital, and even stuck around for some tests relating to his missed follow-ups, and still, she has not said a work to Patrick about her truth. Patrick is a doctor. He’s familiar with her disease, and he knew what the risks were. He married Robin anyway, and has loved her well since. Secrets nearly destroyed them before. I cannot believe that Robin would allow secrets to cost her even a minute with her husband and daughter, especially when it appears her disease will cost her a future together. I want Robin to be a woman of her word, and tell Patrick the truth. She owes him the opportunity to take it Like A Man, who always knew this day could come, and never let it stop him from taking his first  chance on love with her.

I get that Michael is furious with Carly for her lies regarding Jax’s fake death, but if there is one thing Michael has known and loved Jason for his whole life, it’s being Carly’s friend-no matter what. How then could Michael expect Jason to learn of Carly’s secret, and then rat her out by sharing it with whomever he chose? Besides, if Michael would only take the time to hear Jason out, he would realize that Jason found out from Carly while in Hawaii, right before Franco blew up Jason and Sam’s honeymoon. Surely, Michael couldn’t expect Jason to have Jax on the brain when he and Sam are both consumed by Franco’s attack! Seeing Michael prepare to self-destruct just reminds me that he is still as out of control as when he was five and would run away, or seven and try to run his father’s sordid love life like a mini-mobster. I say let Michael join the Zaccharas, and when the consequences of that choice are breathing down his neck…let him handle those too. Like a man.

It really is no wonder that Carly, Alexis, and Olivia have all had to ream Sonny out when it comes to his parenting skills. Sonny acts as though he has Parenting A.D.D. Whenever Sonny’s kids are in need of a stable, wise influence, Sonny either loses it, or loses himself in a relationship. It made me roll my eyes a bit when Kate’s advice to Sonny was to be consistent with Michael, because if there is one thing we know about Sonny as a dad, it’s that he’s consistent ONLY at being INconsistent. Sonny knows that Michael is torn up, lashing out, and fighting back anyone who wants to help him stay on track right now. All he can focus on, as usual, is taking his place in the family business. Meaning that Sonny’s only business right now is staying close to Michael, whether he wants Sonny there or not. Sonny should be lurking in the shadows, trailing him by half a step, and staying within hearing distance, the way Jason has done so often for Michael. Had Sonny done that, he would know that as he is at the Metro Court cozying up to Kate and making plans for dinner tomorrow, John Zacchara is about to give Michael everything he wants. Sonny needs to stop acting like a boy in love, and start acting Like A Man who will be there for his son.

Jason Morgan is a man in turmoil. He’s struggling with some unknown brain condition causing him uncontrollable bouts of rage. His honeymoon was hijacked by a maniac, and his wife was seemingly raped. Said maniac continues to taunt and torture Jason, all the while remaining out of his reach, and to top it all off, Jason’s obsession may have been the reason Jason ran his nephew off the road. As if all of that wasn’t already more than one person should have to handle, Michael has now unceremoniously shoved Jason out of his life. It’s enough to drive a man right over the edge, and perhaps it all would have if Jason didn’t have the anchor that he has in his wife, Sam. She has carried her own burden of pain, so that it didn’t make Jason’s burden heavier. She has stayed put when everything we know about Sam tells us she probably wanted to run far away from the pain of what she was told happened, but can’t remember. Everything Sam has fought so hard to do, from standing by his side even when he seems impenetrable, to reaching out to hold onto him when the last thing she wanted was physical contact, has kept Jason from falling off that edge, and has kept him within the reach of her all-powerful love. Now all Jason needs to do is start living Like A Man who has the love of a Phoenix. He needs to actually believe that she can turn bad luck into good, and that she truly does harvest luck, success, and prosperity, and together they can and will attain all three in their marriage.

The lovely Samantha Morgan has had her own lot of pain, preoccupations and worries, now confounded by the realization that her period is late and she may be pregnant. However, she once again has done the one thing that makes her different than any soap heroine I’ve ever known. She resists the urge to collapse from the pressure, takes a deep breath, she pulls herself up to her full height of whatever her stilettos allow her to be in that moment, and she takes flight to save her Dragon, even if right now, it’s only from himself. There is no lying back down on that bed for our Sleeping Beauty, awaiting a prince to come and save her from her nightmares. No, our favorite fictional character hears the cry of her lover in need, drops her pee stick still in the bag, and takes off to ride to his rescue…just Like A Man would have done if this was still 1981 Daytime.

It’s the reason I love them so much. It’s the reason we are all so invested in this Love Story that only exists on our screens for a tiny part of an hour. It’s the reason that every single one of us should be making sure that those in charge of the mighty pens over at GH know exactly what Jason and Sam’s draw really is. What their Magic makes happen in our days so that for an hour a day, we are poised and ready to catch even three minutes of what they bring to our afternoons. If ever there was a way to have an impact on our couple, it would be to let TPTB know just how huge an impact their love story has had on us…right now, not after they’re taken in new and unknown directions.

I am a firm believer that there is a time for everything, even in the art of being a soap watcher. There is a time to watch and wait, and there is a time to watch out and act. It is time for watching out for our favorite couple, and it is time to act on their behalf… NOW.

Let’s be proactive in our fight to keep the strongest, most in love couple “in all soap history” going strong. Remind GH that alone they bring happiness to us as viewers, but together, they bring Double Happiness. 


Much love,



As Always #TeamPositive: Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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12 responses

  1. samjase

    What an AWESOME blog! Holy cow girl. You just blow me away! Our Jasam…our wonderful, GORGEOUS Jasam..has officially captured the heart of a Best Selling Romance author. Can’t get better than that! I have e-mailed, called and written letters to express my adoration for Jasam and C. Phillips’ welcome endorsement! Carly Phillips has gained a number of new tweeting Jasam buddies since her interview. LOVE IT!

    January 5, 2012 at 11:19 am

    • Holy Cow! You are just too kind!
      Ms. Phillips deserves every single follower – I’ll have to add myself to that list!
      Long Live GH is right…amd YES, with our JaSam progeny on board!

      January 6, 2012 at 7:37 am

  2. dawn

    Wonderful edition today; I have been feeling that Sam may be the strongest character on the GH canvas because of her down to earth understanding of everyone around her. Sam is never quick to judge and crucify the people around her. Carly, Sonny, and Jason are permanent fixtures and loyal almost to a fault-to each other- but Sam is honest, reliable, true to all of her promises and quietly stronger than the lot of them. Jason is the perfect accompaniment to Sam, because he admires her, listens to her advice and loves her just as she is…anyway, that is how I see it. She is written as an awesomely empowered woman and I enjoy watching her everyday.

    January 5, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    • samjase

      Jason is a LUCKY, LUCKY man to have Sam as his life partner. I completely agree that she has more strength than most characters on GH…and a TON of common sense.

      January 5, 2012 at 12:35 pm

      • AMEN!
        *bows head*

        January 6, 2012 at 7:34 am

    • Thanks for the kind compliment, and for reading and commenting!
      I agree with everything you said! 😉

      January 6, 2012 at 7:35 am

  3. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers, Angelique you literally Blow me away! This was one of your best,not that they all are not great but THIS ONE was exceptional! The way you describe Jasons Anchor is shear Poetic Justice. KM/Sam is what most women are she is Strong and Loving! Jason is a “Better Man” because of her! I have always felt aligned with Samantha McCall Morgan!I Love to see them together they so COMPLETE each other. We now have a Author who sees what we see how great is this! Hopefully the TPTB have heard and read this article because she described them to a tee! They are the “greatest Love Story” ever on Daytime maybe on television period! I have never been clear on which Genius at GH brought these 2 together but it was and is Genuis!Their Chemistry just jumps off the screen!Is there anyway to send an email to Cary Phillips just to say “welcome to our Jasam Loving Group”! If the new writers do there homework they have to see what we see! If they focus on the days leading up to their marriage and their actual Marriage
    they will let Jason (Dragon) and Sam(Phoenix) have there MOMENTS OF SHEAR HAPPINESS! Even though Jason and Sam are going through Hell, the last few days we saw a little “light at the end of this Franco Tunnel”.
    Also Angelique I am with on this too let Michael step out into this life he wants so bad. After EVERYTHING Jason has given him he is as selfish as his Mother and Father. Who do you know would get themselves sent to Prison because his nephew/son was their! Did Carly or Sonny even come close to sacrificing all that Jason and Sam have for this kid! Calling yourself an adult and actually being one is 2 different concepts regardless of age! Michael can be a Jason wanna be from now until forever that mold was one a one time thing and the same goes for his Anchor his wife! Great Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    January 5, 2012 at 7:41 pm

  4. SamJasonsHeart

    Hi Beautiful.. I am so far behind on GH.. the only parts I have watched are the Jasam clips.. Thanks Steph for posting them up on fb!


    January 6, 2012 at 1:14 am

    • Hi Gorgeous! I am praying that you are settled and comfy soon!
      Wish you were close enough to come over and watch it with me!

      January 6, 2012 at 7:30 am

  5. You all are amazing! I was blown away the other morning when I woke up to find over 50 …yes 50 (more by the end of the week) Twitter Followers who all mentioned JaSam in the Twitter bios. I’m honored to be one of you!!! Thank you for giving me your loyalty … I’m so grateful. I subscribed to this blog so I can keep up! Thanks again. Long Live #GH (it’s all I have left after next week) and #JaSam. 🙂
    Carly (website) = sign up for my newsletter there!

    January 6, 2012 at 9:07 pm

  6. Lara

    Great blog as always! We all love our Jasam so much!!! Just hoping that the new writers are going to keep them together!!

    January 8, 2012 at 9:18 pm

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