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So, how is 2012 treating you all, my beloved GHers?

I hope it’s gotten off to a FABULOUS start for all of you…or at least to a better start than it has for those in Port Charles!

I am sure that we’ve all sung the lyrics, or at least hummed the tune of the classic New Year’s anthem, “Auld Lang Syne” at least once in our lives.  It seems that Port Charles seems to have forgotten the song exists, or that the end of a year, and the start of a new one should bring about change, or at least the hope of change.

My son recently asked me what the title of the song means, and as I told him that it’s a Scottish translation for “Times Gone By”, it made me think of our favorite Times Gone By in Port Charles.

I would think that if we were all to learn something significant from Times Gone By, our times ahead would be a little easier, or at least a bit less difficult. Yet, it seems that our favorite fictional characters seem determined to repeat the same old mistakes, and replay the similar bad plays that kept them finding themselves on the winning side of Life. It truly makes me scratch my head in wonder.

I know that Dr. Keenan is the new resident therapist in town, but I find myself questioning his methods, at least when they pertain to our resident hot mess, Liz Webber. Not only did Dr. Keenan make a couple of strange home visits, and bring his brand new patient a very personal gift on Christmas Eve, he is now asking her to share a hospital gurney as they “stargaze.” (Note to self: Ask my own favorite therapist, Gladys, if she’s ever heard of a colleague sharing his “therapy couch” with a patient…especially one known for bed hopping. I highly doubt it.) Not that I would begrudge Liz the mental health help she so desperately needs for the sake of her boys, but I just wonder if this line of therapy isn’t only going to push Liz a little further down the twisted path she’s chosen. In Times Gone By, Liz has always derailed her own journey of self-improvement because she seems unable, or perhaps unwilling, to give Life a try without riding the coattails of her latest male conquest. Considering that Dr. Keenan was called away, and Liz immediately replaced him on her gurney with Matt, I would venture that Liz may need to revisit her past with the help of Dr. McRipped if she really hopes to learn anything helpful for her future.

Matt obviously has never heard the adage that the person you kiss on New Year’s Eve is the person you spend the New Year with; or if he did, he obviously doesn’t plan to spend it with Maxie. Matt seemed very purposeful in his decision to cozy up to Liz on that gurney to discover imaginary celestial constellations. In Times Gone By, Matt seemed to have a much clearer picture of who Liz really was. The term “sinister geppetto” comes to mind. It seems that not even having seen the truth about Elizabeth is enough to make Matt want more than to have his strings pulled. Silly puppet.

The party at the Metro Court makes me feel nervous about the financial situation at our favorite soap. In Times Gone By, there would at least be balloons and champagne bottles popping to make the NYE party seem a bit more festive. This year, the only things popping were the facades surrounding Port Charles society. It’s no wonder people were cranky at the party.

While I get Michael’s funk, and his need to lash out at someone after Abby’s death, I cannot seem to wrap my brain around the fact that Carly ever thought it was a good idea to ask Michael to party just days after scattering his girlfriend’s ashes. Carly was barely able to keep from running out of Michael’s apartment. Why in the world would she think it was a good idea to nag him about bringing all of that despondency to her big party? I would think that if Carly was really worried about her son being alone with his sorrow on NYE, she would have left the Metro Court party in Olivia’s very capable hands, as that is what she was hired to do, and Carly would have spent the night being there for Michael. In Times Gone By, Michael has acted out on many a NYE because his parents were out self-medicating with their flames of the moment, while he was left to worry about their future as a family. One would think that Carly might have thought of that before setting him up to act out once again – this time publicly.

While I do not, by any stretch of the imagination, consider Sonny to be as blameless as he, or his “fan club” consider him to be, I did get why he was so incredibly pissed off at Carly. And while I do understand that Carly may have kept the secret about Jax being alive to save him from Sonny, what she did was more than unfair – it was cruel. Carly allowed Morgan and Michael to believe that their father had murdered Jax, when she knew that Jax was alive. Sure, Sonny’s intentions may have been to kill Jax, but the truth was that he didn’t, and at the very least, his sons should have been relieved of the burden of thinking that their father had left their baby sister without her father. Perhaps I would be a little less Team Sonny if I had seen Carly even appear to struggle with her decision, but all Carly has struggled with lately is her attraction to her bodyguard. Not cool. Sonny does enough on his own to be judged harshly for, it’s not fair that Carly should pile on the charges…or the guilt that comes with them. In Times Gone By, Sonny has looked to Carly to help him beat charges. What a shame that this time, Carly was the one fabricating them.

I know that Jason slammed into Michael with his bike, but I think the accident was a giant metaphor courtesy of the writers to show us that Michael really was completely sideswiped by finding out that Jason covered up his mother’s treachery, even at the expense of her children’s peace of mind. I know that very little could hurt Jason as much as having Michael cut him out of his life, but Jason should know by now that to Michael, few things are as deplorable as being treated like the ignorant little boy he once was. In Times Gone By, Michael has made it clear to every adult in his life that he stopped being a child much sooner than any of them realized, and that he didn’t want to protected from the harsh truths that come with Mob Life. I guess they weren’t really listening.

In Times Gone By, Samantha Morgan, whom by the way, looked absolutely GORGEOUS, would have been brought to tears of joy at the possibility that she might actually be pregnant. Now it only brings her to fight the urge to cry out in frustration and fear that her “rapist” might be the father. (Just so you know, it also brings me to declare that “WTD” story lines have been done one hundred thousand times too many!) While thoughts of a possible life growing inside her seemed to completely consume Sam, it was the news that she came “this close” to losing the Love of Her Life once more that got Sam to abandon her prized pharmacy bag, and sent her rushing to GH to be by his side. Priorities.

It seems that priorities seemed to be on Jason’s mind as well, as he declared to his beautiful wife that he “was done” chasing Franco. Jason said that what happened that night with Michael scared the hell out of him, and made him realize that things had to be different. In Times Gone By, his pursuit of Franco kept him from pursuing all of the wonderful things that their lives as Mr. & Mrs. Morgan should be. Yet, Jason wants this New Year to bring about change, or at least the hope of change. Thank goodness someone does. Jason looked into the worried eyes of his Fair Samantha and told her that from there on out, “their lives have to be about them.” 

“Just You and Me”, he declared. “Not Franco.”

“Starting Now.”

As she prepares to take the pregnancy test still sitting, abandoned on the chair.

As soapy as that sounds, dear friends, I am not worried. I believe that for The Morgans, Love will win out. 

What am I basing that on?

“Auld Land Syne”.

Once more, for old times’ sake… “Auld Lang Syne” Credit: aproditebeauty 

Much Love,



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9 responses

  1. Fylicia'Marie

    Thanx for the timely post. I am endeavoring to remain #TeamPositive, and I will; however a weekend filled with The Morgans circa 2004-2005, courtesy of youtube, had me missing another song that gets me out of any funk every single time. You know it, you find yourself singing or humming it out of nowhere. When the first few chords start, you break out into an unstoppable grin. Your heart flutters just a bit, you tilt your head to the side and blush a little because you’ve seen and heard this song grow into a treasured classic. And, I miss that. I miss that feeling of excitement for what’s to play out immediately following: “Do I need to be invisible to just survive….” Ahh, feels good, doesn’t it? Here’s to 2012, hoping it brings us the excitement of Auld Land Syne, cuz baby, it’s just you and me…:-)

    January 4, 2012 at 3:01 am

    • Traveler

      Reading this REALLY made me Smile!!

      January 4, 2012 at 9:53 pm

      • Writing it made me smile! 😉

        January 6, 2012 at 7:38 am

  2. Carol

    As much as I hate the way Michael has been acting lately, thank goodness something knocked some sense into Jason and maybe he will start to pay attention to what his wife is going thru. All Sam ever wanted was to have a child with Jason and now she is even afraid to tell him there is a possibility that she could be carrying his child because Franco as always put a wrench in that! I know it is Jason’s and even if it isnt, we know Jason can and will love any baby that Sam has. I know their love will get them thru this and make them stronger than ever.
    Sam looked gorgeous yesterday!
    We need to continue to write and call GH hotline to let them know how much we love JaSam.

    January 4, 2012 at 7:41 am

  3. samjase

    Every time I read your blog..I say..”oh this is my favorite one by Angelique”! This one is no excepttion! You are really “something”!

    FYI…Carly Phillips, best selling romance novelist, was interviewed by USA TODAY on her latest novel is an ABC SOAPS ENTHUSIAST. She was asked..”who is your favorite daytime couple”.
    ANSWER: “That’s easy’..SHE SAYS…”JASON AND SAM”!!


    January 4, 2012 at 11:10 am

    • Fylicia'Marie

      Soooo incredibly cool. Haven’t read romance novels since I was in high school (LONG ago), but I might have to start checking them out again since our love in the afternoon seems all but gone. She will be at the top of my list when I do. So neat how are couple touches so many people; professional romantics at that!

      January 4, 2012 at 5:22 pm

  4. alwaysaromantic

    Happy New Year Jasammers!
    Sam absolutely looked gorgeous today!On a whole I enjoyed todays show! Mostly because of the dialouge between our favorite couple! It was nice to see them together in a good way! They sure have been in their Bedroom a lot!!!! So we can add a Romance Author to our Team!
    Holding on!!!!!!!!!!!

    January 4, 2012 at 6:58 pm

  5. Traveler

    Another Great Blog!! Thank you!! Thank you!!
    Like you… I have faith in The Morgans… ‘Love will Win out” for them!! Im in total agreement…. “Times Gone By” have proven again and again why Jason and Sam are my ALL TIME FAVORITE TV Couple Ever!!

    January 4, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    • You’re welcome, and thank YOU for reading!
      I have faith, too! Holding on tightly!

      January 6, 2012 at 7:38 am

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