Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Good morning, GHers!

I would think that if there were ONE THING that all soap fans have in common, it would be to tune in to their favorite soap – completely expecting one thing and getting nothing of the sort!

Why, why, why??? 

That would be the ONE QUESTION I would want to ask the writers if I had the chance to sit down for an interview.

As in:

“Why do writers look for ways to keep our couples from doing all of the wonderful, meaningful things couples (especially couples with the advantage of set designers and romantic lighting) should be doing?”

Listen, I know that our couples can’t only be all about each other – that they need to have lives, and interests, and friends, and family, and yada, yada, yada. But  guess what? I’m thinking that the difference in the ratings between our beloved show and the top two shows could have something to do with the fact that on those shows, their big couples have all of those other things. They run mega-million dollar businesses, fashion houses, magazines, investigations, and even whole towns, and yet, they still find time for each other, and for romance, and for lots of LOVE SCENES, dammit!

You might be wondering why I am suddenly pondering HOW TO DRIVE A SOAP FAN CRAZY, unless you too watched Tuesday’s episode. Then it should be self-explanatory.  I don’t know about you, but I know I tuned in today to watch what happened after we left off on Christmas Eve in PC, and it turns out that once again, we completely missed Christmas in Port Charles! I guess I was wrong the other day…the GRINCH didn’t ALMOST steal Christmas – he robbed us blind!

In case you think we didn’t miss much, consider this:

  • How did Sonny end up spending the holiday after all of that Christmas prepping he did in Bensonhurst? I mean, he and Kate each did some shopping, they did some revisiting of the past, and even some discussing of the future. I would have THOUGHT that even if they couldn’t be together, Sonny would have done some reminiscing, some sulking, some walking around Greystone, where he might have put up a tree – just to show Kate he was listening. I don’t know – SOMETHING! Am I the only one?
  • And hey, what about Michael? The brokenhearted and holidays go together like peanut butter and jelly in Port Charles? Shouldn’t we have seen Michael in tears as he went through the date book Abby left him? I would have THOUGHT we’d see Michael have to face the holiday alone, so that maybe we could understand why he seems to go off the deep end. *shrugs*
  • While you may never hear me say that I missed seeing Liz on my screen, I would not have minded watching her have to deal with Cameron accusing her of being the reason that “Daddy left” “because she’s a liar!” just as her new sperm maker, Dr. Ewan, walked in. Now that we know that a few days have passed us by, we won’t get to see Liz get her ass handed to her. I would have THOUGHT that if we got the teaser, we would at least get to enjoy the payoff! 😦 Shucks!
  • Does anyone remember Shawn bringing in that “Tannenbaum” to Carly’s? The tree was all dressed up, and obviously had nowhere to go. I heard Carly thank Shawn for taking her to see Morgan at school! What happened to the idea of a place to stash all of Josslyn’s gifts? Did she even get any gifts? I would have THOUGHT we’d get to enjoy those precious moments! What is Christmas if we don’t get to watch the tearing open of wrapping paper by those who enjoy it most?
  • And speaking of excited little faces? How fun would it have been to watch Patrick and Robin spend one of the few moments they have left together as they watched Emma rip open her gifts to find that most-wanted doll of hers? One of the things that makes for  heart-wrenching stories that keep us tuned in to every single second is knowing that someone’s time is not long in our favorite fictional towns. I would have THOUGHT they would have given us some moments that would have us tearing up and sniffling while they still can. Too bad…
  • Dante and Lulu got married on Christmas Eve. That in itself should have made for a special First Christmas as husband and wife, no? I would have THOUGHT that Lante fans would have had plenty to enjoy – as TPTB never miss an opportunity to put them onscreen, but not even Lante got a Christmas. Go figure…
  • And what about our Mr. & Mrs. Morgan? I can barely stand to tell you just how disappointed I was to tune in and find that Sam was sitting in that cafe, post-Christmas! How can it be that the writers would tease us with Jason telling Sam that they would have to “make up” for their “very romantic” night from last year when Molly and Michael crashed their tree decorating party for two, and then not even let us see how they made up for it? *tears*I would have THOUGHT they would have at least let them keep their beautiful tradition of getting themselves a little Charlie Brown tree each year, but sadly, no. *sobs*

Perhaps there is a really large focus group out there that gave them the idea to completely skip Christmas, and instead of featuring the couples we all tune in to watch, and are so invested in, they should just switch everyone up and away from their soul mates! ???? You know, instead of having Robin and Patrick give their fans what they want more than anything, have Patrick sitting in a cafe with Sam, as they talk about the Christmas we didn’t even get to peek in on.

Or instead of finally having Jason and Sam connect in a tangible way, other than with their shared pain or anger about what happened with Franco, have Jason sitting around talking to Robin, trading blackmail terms.


Don’t get me wrong. I believe that most of the conversations that took place today were vital to current and future story lines, I really do. It’s just that they didn’t have to happen in the order that they did. Not after we got a glimpse of what Christmas could be like. Or a taste of how sweet a romantic holiday would be for all of the couples who are lucky enough to be in love.

Come on! Everyone wants to see how their favorites celebrate Christmas! Whether on Daytime or Primetime…tradition has always been to give the viewers what they want – memorable holiday episodes, as far back as I can remember. I just don’t understand the logic for breaking with tradition, especially now.

Do you think it’s possible that they don’t know that this is exactly HOW TO DRIVE A SOAP FAN CRAZY?

I say that even if that’s a possibility, there is only one thing we can do.

Enlighten them! Tell them! Inform them! Let them know that this may be the way to drive us crazy, but it’s not the way to get us tuning in and excited.

While GH has a team of writers on staff, there are only two people who can keep this form happening again. Two people who can avoid the pitfalls on HOW TO DRIVE A SOAP FAN CRAZY:

The new head-writer, Mr. Ron Carlivati, and the new executive producer, Mr. Frank Valentini. 

While our daily phone calls with heartfelt and passionate comments should be a habit, it’s time to step up our game. We need to take the time to become the head-writers of our hopes and dreams for General Hospital. We need to take an active role in producing the direction we would like to see our beloved soap take. Is that a guarantee that it will happen the way we want?


But with every honest, authentic, invested letter from a soap fan, the new sheriffs in town get a glimpse of who their audience really is, of what matters to them most, and I have to believe that will hold more weight than mass-produced postcards or random faxes. Every time we share a favorite GH memory – hell, even of a favorite holiday memory, they get a better feel for who they are writing and producing for.

This is not Llanview where everyone has slept with everyone else in a matter of a year. Nor do we ever want it to be. And to be honest, not for a hot second do I believe they want to change it into Llanview II, regardless of what the rumors say. I truly believe they want Port Charles to be more recognizable to us than it has been in ages, I sincerely do.

However, what are they going to build on? Whose voice will they be hearing most? Whose glimpses will they want to expand on? Whose shared memories will inspire them most to turn Port Charles back into the capital for LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON?

You and I may have something to say about that. Let’s be sure that this time, we’ll say it on paper…




Well, #TeamPositive: Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


GH Los Angeles: 323-671-4583

GH New York: 212-456-7777

Twitter: @GeneralHospital, @KellyMonaco1, @1SteveBurton

AND!!! The New Headwriter: @carlivatiron (Thanks to Darlene (Samjase) for lookin’ out!)

Facebook: General Hospital Feedback

Snail Mail: Ron Carlivati, Headwriter, General Hospital; Frank Valentini, Executive Producer, General Hospital; Kelly Monaco, or Steve Burton, c/o General Hospital, ABC-TV 4151 Prospect Avenue Hollywood, California 90027

(You can also use that address and General Hospital heading for any actor/actress, or for your favorite writer.)



4 responses

  1. Carol

    I was so disappointed in GH yesterday. I was hoping for a continuation of the sweet Jasam moment we did get on Friday.No Charlie Brown Christmas tree really sucked. I did write in yesterday to TPTB and let them know how much I loved my favorite couple on daytime and hoped for some good moments for them once again. I am all for a little angst because that makes it interesting, but enough is enough. Jason and Sam need to be talking to each other and not holding all this anger and pain inside.
    I was hoping for a special moment when Sam finds out she is pregnant and tells jason, just like in the dream she had when Jason was undergoing surgery. Now all we will get is an angry Jason and Sam is probably going to be scared to even tell him. Oh how I hate that darn Franco for spoiling the one moment I have been waiting for all these years or all the Jasam fans have wanted. I guess we will have to see how it goes, but it seems this GW likes to make the characters and the fans miserable every day. What the hell has happened to our “love in the afternoon”?

    December 28, 2011 at 8:30 am

  2. Traveler

    Thanks for the Blog!!
    *Sighs* Im trying to stay positive about GH. They are not making it easy these days. The show really needs “Balance”. *Sighs*
    I understand the concept of “Leaving them/us wanting for more”. What I find happening with me… Is once Im done watching Im just left flat. Again its all about “Balance”. I want to be excited about my show again!! I want feel the highs and lows of those in Port Charles. Right now, other than feeling flat Im a Soap Fan that is being driven crazy. And not in a good way.
    I will stand by my show (That I have watched my whole life).. And keep the faith things will start to pick up soon!!

    December 28, 2011 at 9:14 am

  3. Fylicia'Marie

    PERFECTLY written Angelique! And to your point, I watched Landview and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED watching the Christmas miracle that is Rex and Gigi! And, on the bright side, if RC had anything to do with that, we may just be in store for some New Year’s magic *fingers crossed*, sneak peek be damned!

    I’m not a social networker, but I’m a member of #Team Positive. 🙂

    December 28, 2011 at 11:11 am

  4. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,
    Angelique I feel everything you wrote and more! They messed with Jason and Sams Hawaiian getaway and literally destroyed the connection they had to that place! Now they take away Christmas! GH balance is gone although GW gave us our marriage and I am Thankful for that but it cost us! I was on another site just read a longtime blogger write that she is done! That was a hurtful thing to read but i understood where she was coming from! No! I will not walk away from GH but I am having to convince myself not to! Is this what the TPTB want for everyone just to give up so they can replace GH w/o a lot of confrontations from the Fans. I do not mean to sound so negative I just do not understand what GH/TPTB are doing! OLTL is the only other soap I watch and there time winding down is a painful thing to watch! Are TPTB setting GH up to fail?
    Jason and Sam are magic hands down! I NEVER wanted another whos the Daddy s/l not after ALL this time! Its a slap in the face! Jason talking to Robin was good but his priorties should be his wife not Franco,not Robin! But I rather see Robin then Liz so I guess be greatful for that!
    I am fed up but still Holding On!

    December 28, 2011 at 6:52 pm

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