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Someone, SLAP Some Sense Into…

Hey there, GHers!

Have you ever wanted to SLAP some sense into someone?

I know I have, and more often than not, I find that the persons I want to slap some sense into are on General Hospital.

Amazingly, the one person I want to slap the most is the person who actually did the slapping today! Go figure!

I have to tell you that the SLAP Liz delivered to Maxie caught me completely off guard! Apparently, there was some spoiler or rumor about it, according to my niece, but I just didn’t see it coming. I guess I always underestimate Liz’s ability to dish out to everyone else the very thing she needs most! Liz slapped Maxie for telling Lucky the truth about her fake breakdown, but how often have we not watched Liz completely rag to Matt, or Spinelli, or anyone who’ll listen  about all of Maxie’s dirty deeds, as far back as six years ago? In fact, there is very little that Liz is so good at than her holier-than-thou running commentaries on everyone else’s failures. When the situation has called for Liz to make herself look good, she has felt free as a bird to rag on Carly, Courtney, Sam, Rebecca, Brooklyn, and Siobhan, yet she attacks Maxie for actually telling the truth about her? Talk about being completely out of touch with reality, and I’m not talking about a mental issue here. Oh how I wish Maxie had slapped her back – and into next week! While Liz’s failure to recognize her hypocrisy makes me crazy, the thing about her that makes me craziest is how she flips from playing hard-ass to immediately playing martyr as her audience changes. Did you not see her rolling her head around at Maxie like some snotty teen, and being all bitchy with her “Prove it”, only to slap on that sad, little victim face when she turned to Matt, and asked, “You told her?” Ugh. Could she be any more of a fake? And where was all that hard-ass stuff when she got back home to find Lucky gone, and then proceeded to whimper to Ethan? God forbid she take a moment to check on Cam and make sure he was okay! Nope! Once again, it was all abut her as she took off to go back and kiss the ass she had just kicked all over the hospital. Oh, please Dr. Keenan, let your out-patient treatment of Liz Webber consist of what she needs most: SLAP some sense into her. (And hurry before you’re sleeping with her, too.)

I don’t ever think it’s a good idea for a parent to leave their child, especially one as confused and traumatized as Cam, right before Christmas. However, I have thought about this and I just don’t see any other way. Staying would only have hurt Cam more, because obviously Liz’s idea of what it means to be a family is a lot different than Lucky’s, and she seems to be projecting her idea on her boys more than is healthy. I actually thought that Lucky’s explanation to Cam was quite age-appropriate and may have helped to soften the blow, but until Lucky understands that he and Liz just cannot work while they are both still so good at hurting each other, those kids are only going to be hurt over and over. When I heard Lucky explaining to Ethan the pattern he and Liz have gotten into with not being able to let each other go, I wondered how many more times they will do the very same thing before they get it. I give Ethan props for trying to SLAP some sense into Lucky, but I’m not sure it did any good. (May I just say that in that scene at the airport where Jonathan Jackson’s wife and children made a cameo appearance was great! His wife {Lisa Vultaggio, ex-Hannah} and their other two children are absolutely GORGEOUS! No wonder the poor guy wants more time with them!)

Neither am I sure that Lucky’s attempt to return the favor for his brother did any better. Ethan’s obsession with that fool running around Wyndemere in a nightgown  made about as much sense to Lucky as it does to me: NONE. I appreciate that Lucky was trying to help Ethan see the foolishness in playing games on Helena’s turf, but to be completely honest, I really wish someone would SLAP some sense into whomever came up with this ridiculous storyline!

Is it me, or was Dante’s pre-wedding getaway idea for him and his bride-to-be a bit … somber? I get the beautiful thought behind Dante wanting to share the depth and the meaning of the 9-11 memorial site with Lulu, and I might even get the fact that Dante would rather know that she’s going to run now rather than later. The issue that I have with this whole thing is that I am not sure that Lulu is being very realistic at the moment. It may have been an emotional, even inspirational, experience to have gone to the sites where so may heroes lost their lives in the line of duty, but I am not sure that it helped Lulu grasp what it really means for her relationship with Dante, and the danger to that relationship that his job poses. Here’s an idea… if Dante is this unsure about Lulu’s ability to truly cope with his career as a detective, why not wait until the next major holiday before getting married? Why not give it some time?  Is there anyone who can SLAP some sense into Dante?

One of the treasures of GH has always been the relationship between Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan. Maybe it’s the genuine friendship between the two in real life, but when they are in scenes selling us the love between the two old friends, I am buying! I have missed the way that life in Port Charles seems to have taken these two out of each other’s orbits lately, especially since everything they talked about today was so true. Sonny needs Jason in his life in order to keep the balance, and while I know Sonny can be completely selfish sometimes, I still think it’s in Jason’s best interests to keep Sonny close. To be fair, Jason could have riding Sonny’s ass as of late, and it wouldn’t have done him a stick of good, as Jason can barely keep tabs on himself or who he is with each passing outburst. I really do want to give credit to the dialogue writers for today. We can never go wrong when we are discussing the significant backstories of our show, especially the one explaining how Jason Quartermaine came to be Jason Morgan, Mob Enforcer for the Corinthos Organization. Brilliant stuff today! What was also brilliant was how Sonny accused Jason of falling apart, and Jason reminded Sonny that it was a simple reversal of roles, as Sonny has always been the one to fall apart, while Jason has always been the one to try and keep things together. Thank you, Jason, for being the one to SLAP some sense into Sonny. It needed to be said. Now if only Sonny could finally SLAP some sense into Jason, and get him to have a doctor try to figure out this confusion and rage Jason is struggling with. I really don’t know how much longer I can stand to see Jason falling apart and putting himself back together haphazardly. He needs help, and he needs it now. While I know Sam wouldn’t want Sonny to know about what Franco did, I may have heard myself whispering to Jason, “Tell Sonny!” if only so that someone can finally understand the trauma Jason experienced so soon after brain surgery. I am convinced there is a connection.

Hopefully, someone was able to SLAP some sense into the writing team over at GH, and tomorrow we will actually see some genuine Holiday Cheer, instead of just holiday decorations as a background to the continued sadness and pain that has defended upon Port Charles. I am so looking forward to a couple of Christmas Miracles…

Friends, I would just like to remind you all that the most effective way to SLAP some sense into the new powers-that-be over at our favorite soap is to put your most passionate and heartfelt reasons for the characters, couples, and stories you love on paper, and to send it in to them, along with a warm welcome to Port Charles. You know that I am a strong believer that threats and negativity only hurt the very cause we are fighting so fervently for. Our positivity hasn’t let us down yet… why mess with a good thing? I will, however, tell you that now is the time to be religious about your positive support! There are campaigns of all kinds going on. Let’s make sure ours is strongest, and most delightful!


Hoping the excitement of Christmas – in Port Charles, and in real life, is what drives you today!



Well, #TeamPositive: Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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4 responses

  1. Fylicia'Marie

    Great post. Can other people in the Spencer fam besides Ethan get a heads up on family comings and long-term goings?? Love Ethan that I do, geez, when did he become the Spencer family secretary? I think C.A. might be getting canceled, so let’s get some Mayan going and give him something better to do than creep around the castle that Helena built.
    Breaking heart for Mikey, loving mobical friendship, offering my slapping hand for Liz and also wishing for some Christmas cheer!

    December 22, 2011 at 5:11 pm

  2. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,
    Jason and Sonny scenes were Classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept saying to myself Jason Please tell Sonny! If only to release a little bit! Sam may get upset but I think she would realize why he needed to “VENT”!
    Lucky should have made time to tell hi sister he was leaving! That made no sense at all! I like Ethan but who elected him to be the Spencer Patriach?! I know Lucky needs to get his head on straight Liz has that effect on people…………………Nicholas! I cannot wrap my arms around Lucky leaving his sons especially since his sons mother uses them as trophies! Lucky leaving just does not make sense for his character! That is one of the thing GW seem to be trying to do give GH some balance!
    I guess Jason is resisting medical treatment 1 Franco he wants, needs to make him pay 2 he may be afraid to KNOW whats wrong and 3 he is afraid that if its serious Franco may go after Sam again!
    Hopefully Jason and Sam make some positive head way tomorrow!

    December 22, 2011 at 8:52 pm

  3. Traveler

    Thanks for another Wonderful Blog!!
    Sorry.. Im late reading it. But I would NEVER miss it..

    Wanted to wish you and all the JaSammers a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! xoxo

    December 24, 2011 at 12:40 am

  4. samjase

    Angelique…just wanted to say that you are a GIFT to all of us Jasam fans. We love and appreciate your insight, humor and ability to “ground” us when we are feeling uneasy. You are a treasure! May your holiday season be filled with love, laughter and GOOD HEALTH for you and your loved ones. Enjoy the love you so obviously have surrounding you. It’s the most important thing of all!
    Next year at this time…we will be watching videos of our beautiful Jasam and their beautiful baby/babies!

    December 25, 2011 at 1:54 pm

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