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How The Grinch ALMOST Stole Christmas

There are only 4 Shopping Days ‘Til Christmas, GHers!

Not that we’d know it by the goings on in Port Charles.


I did check the credits to make sure that Dr. Seuss didn’t write today’s show, as I felt like it was the night that the Grinch made its way through Port Charles, stealing everyone’s gifts and happiness before he (hopefully) gives it all back on Christmas morning.

Thank goodness that like in Whoville, there is still time in Port Charles to save Christmas. I will be watching and hoping that the spirit of Christmas saves the day!

Maxie was trying with everything she had to bring some Holiday Cheer to Matt, who was acting an awful lot like a grinch! It bugs me so much that Matt is this bummed over Liz’s scheme to win back Lucky! He pounced on Dr. Ewan like a guard dog and accused him of  “sniffing around Elizabeth.” Ummm, who wants to tell Matt that the real sniffer here is MATT?!? He seemed to completely forget that Maxie, not Liz, is his girlfriend. That was enough to make Maxie realize that even though she was understanding How The Grinch ALMOST Stole Her Christmas, she wasn’t giving it up without a fight. GO MAXIE!

Lucky seems to have done what he does best once again: gotten played by Liz. It bothers me that people are angry because they think that Lucky is the one who played Liz, because that’s not what happened at all. Lucky was all about spending Christmas together, to give the boys some normalcy and happiness, and to help Elizabeth “get better” from her fake breakdown. Lucky had even told Liz he would spend the night when she asked him if he would stay with her, as if she had just been through some traumatic event. And Liz saw the tangled web she had made, and was proud of herself. Did you guys catch that self-satisfied smirk as Lucky went upstairs? Ugh. It made me see red – and I’m not talking about decorations! Until along came Maxie, armed with her web-snipping truth. What a shock it was to Liz to realize that Maxie knew exactly what she had pulled, and why! But unfortunately, it was an even bigger shock for Lucky to realize that he had been played for her fool once again. Seeing Lucky with those bags of Christmas presents, knowing that Liz has purposely and knowingly taken a risk that her kids wouldn’t have a Merry Christmas, made me want to strangle her with curling ribbon. Do you see How The Grinch ALMOST Stole Christmas? How far will this chick go to get who she wants for the month? Is the happiness of her children something that is completely worth trading? Until Lucky came to rescue her from Shady Brook, Liz was totally willing to stay there until he felt sorry enough. As a mom, I would have to be unconscious and near death before I let my kids go without the happiest memories on Christmas! I just do not understand. I know the poor boys are egging to be crushed again, but dammit, I am so freakin’ happy that Lucky finally called her out on faking her breakdown. When he asked Maxie to leave, I feared for a second that he didn’t believe her accusations. Thankfully, he did. I loved when Lucky asked Liz, “What the hell kind of love is this, that makes us lie?” That’s not a healthy love, that’s for sure. I know that Lucky and Liz have done this dance a thousand times, but I cannot blame Lucky for not staying. Would you have stayed?

I was really getting into the “Christmas in Bensonhurst” story surrounding Sonny and Kate. I thought my favorite thing about Sonny were his dimples, but today he reminded me that my real favorite thing about Sonny is the way he cam romance the pants off just about anyone when he puts his mind, and his lips, to it. Wow. Now don’t get me wrong. I hate when Sonny is roaming around town acting like a dog, I really do. This is not that kind of situation. While Kelly Sullivan may be new to the role, Kate is not new to Sonny, and the story behind their romantic history is just about as familiar as it gets. This is truly a romancing going on here. Sonny is trying to convince Kate that he’s worth taking a chance on again, and he almost had it in the proverbial bag until he got the call about the shooting. Sonny’s real world came crashing down on Kate once more, and in that moment, it didn’t matter if she was “Connie from the ‘hood”, or “Uptown Kate”, because in that moment, she was reminded that the violence that makes up Sonny’s world nearly took both Connie and Kate out…for good. Sonny’s jets were immediately cooled, and Kate’ engine was left running, and that’s How The Grinch ALMOST Stole Christmas in Bensonhurst. Let’s just hope that for Sonny’s sake, his relationship with Kate doesn’t become another ghost of Christmas Past.

There is no doubt about it. The Grinch Has Stolen Christmas from Michael. Abby’s death has probably ruined the thought of holiday trimmings and special memories for the guy who loved her so much. I guess the tragedy that Abby met with is more realistic than we realize. Just today,GH was preempted in my area when a plane carrying a NJ banker, his family, and their family dog to Georgia for the holidays had a freak accident and dropped out of the sky onto a NJ highway. Of all the planes in the sky today, they were on the wrong one at the wrong time. So it isn’t unheard of for Abby to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, even days before Christmas. That isn’t a consolation to Michael, or to Sam, or to anyone who cares about either one of them. Everyone hopes for the holidays to be a time of peace and joy…certainly not tragedy and death. If given the choice, I’m sure Michael would have opted for coal in his stocking for all of the Christmases he has left, rather than losing his first love. Unfortunately, we don’t get a choice in these situations.

I was downright merry when Jason finally walked into the room where Sam and Michael had been talking about how hard it is for Sam to turn to Jason, and put his arms around his wife. If i needed it, I can only imagine just how much Sam needed it. After experiencing Abby’s loss, and Michael’s reaction to it, I would bet that for the first time in a long time, Sam needed the contact with the man she loves more than anything. A loss like that makes you realize that no loss is greater than the loss of the person you love…permanently. I was so touched by the oh-so-freakin-maddeningly-brief moments that Jason and Sam had together…how long had it been? A week – our time? I love that they are always so worried about each other. I love that Sam admitted that she was more worried than she let on about Jason being in lockup. I love that Jason admitted that he knew. I love that Jason asked Sam how she was, and I love that he held her in his arms again. I half expected snowflakes to start falling, right there in that hospital room, because that scene of them in each other’s arms was about as magical as it gets! But…we all know How The Grinch ALMOST Stole Christmas again – not just from Jason and Sam, but from us as well. Carly called and told Jason he had to leave her son and get back right away. It made me want to hit Carly over the head with a stocking filled with coal. Just like that, Jason was off, leaving not just Michael, but Sam behind…with the one person he heard her say she can talk to about her “rape.” Jason cannot trust himself to try and help Sam through this right now. He knows he’s out of control just like Sam said, but he doesn’t know why, and he doesn’t know that to do about  it. I am hoping that like the infamous green guy in the movie, Jason’s heart grows two sizes and he finally has the bravery he needs to face this head on, even if that means doing the unthinkable and getting medical attention. I want our Sam to have something to smile about this Christmas, because she finally had the strength to believe that marriage wouldn’t destroy their love, and that belief should be rewarded.

Just as ours should be…don’t ‘cha think?

Stay positive, stay joyful – Christmas is coming! I just know it!



Well, #TeamPositive: Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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2 responses

  1. After yesterdays dreary montage and wretched song at the end of GH we sure did need your words today. All the tinsel and decorations and trees could not begin to cheer up the recent storylines. I was horrified when Jason turned and left Chicago right after getting there. How did Carly not reach Sonny first?? Did she try to? Hah! Doubt it. So, here we go again, have faith, have faith and have faith. Sam and Michael are playing this story so perfectly. Now it is Jason’s time to step up and help the wife he feels he failed. Smirky Liz just got her comeuppance. Thanks to Maxie, Lucky knows what a fool he has been. Now Jason has to wake up, have a moment of clarity, and get help…somewhere…Sonny, Monica, medically, and help the woman who is his whole world. It’s time. Let’s all cross our fingers it is soon. Thank you Angelique……you are the best.

    December 21, 2011 at 12:16 pm

  2. Traveler

    Thanks for another Wonderful Blog!! As usual its just what I needed to read/see!!
    I have to be honest.. Man oh Man.. I just Love to Hate on Liz these days!! Thats really nothing new for me… However, I love others are starting to realize she is anything but a Saint!! Looks like the Ginch may be steaing her Christmas.. Hehehe!!
    Im hopeful for a few Christmas Smiles, Hugs and maybe even a Kiss or two in the next few days for all those deserving in Port Charles!!
    Especially for our JaSam!! The Ginch (aka Franco in this case) has stolen enough from them! I have faith they will be blessed with some Christmas Magic!!

    December 22, 2011 at 1:20 am

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