Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

“It Could Always Be Worse”…

Good morning, GHers.

I tell you there is nothing that makes you appreciate your circumstances more than getting a reality check, compliments of seeing just how other people are living. Before I even turned on today’s GH, I watched Bold and The Beautiful, and just like they did with the homeless story that Kelly was involved in with other daytime stars, B&B turned out another great show, using their newest community outreach project, which is dealing with people who age out of the foster care system and the challenges and struggles they face. They even spoke to real people, and will do it again tomorrow. I was proud of CBS for TRULY “revolutionizing” daytime by calling attention to and shining the spotlight on real-life issues, instead of canceling a soap and putting on a show named The Revolution to try and do the same.

It made me cry, but more importantly, it made me think. It made me think of just how really wonderful my life is. And I needed the reality check. You guys know that I was told I can’t return to work, so at 40, I am in the process of having to retire much earlier than I ever planned. It’s been tough, and with my anxiety issues, it’s been almost more than I could handle. My mind has been a bit scattered. I lost my phone. I am afraid of going to pick up my mail for fear of what’s coming. I don’t want to get out of bed, and when I do, I wonder what the hell I got out of bed for. So I stay in bed ’til right before GH, since it’ll then almost be time for the kids to come home, and then I get up, shower, get dressed, and paste on my best smile.

Life changes are hard, yes. But dammit, life could really be so much harder! I felt ashamed that I am complaining about the fact that I actually had a job that offered me a retirement – even at the age of 40! I felt bad that I didn’t want to get out of bed, when I actually have a bed, in my own house, and my children don’t have to worry about any of those things! And when I was done crying, and smacking some sense into my own damned, hard head, I took a deep breath, and thought to myself that we must always remember that it could always be worse.

Of course, it could also always be better, but that’s not the perspective that will remind us to be grateful. Nice try, Nanc! 😉

I am hoping that with everything going on in Port Charles, someone is taking the time to watch Bold and The Beautiful, so they can be reminded of the same thing. Or…I have a feeling, life itself will step in and remind them.

How about that Liz, huh? Finally, the world sees what I’ve known about that trick all along! I know that not everyone can peg people right away, but I am hoping that now everyone can see who Liz Webber really is. I don’t really know why some are so surprised and outraged. This is exactly what Liz has done all along. The only difference is that this time she went as far as Shadybrook to manipulate her current sucker. In the past, she’s only gone as far as Wyndemere with Aiden in tow, or the Penthouse crying about losing Jake, or Lucky’s apartment on his wedding night with Jake’s birthday gift. Hell, I thought she was getting lazy, since last time she only needed to go as far as her freakin’ IV tubing would allow when she reached out in tears to manipulate Jason about the son she never let him see while alive. What really angers me about her latest “Oh, Woe Is Me” scheme is that once again, Liz puts herself and her needs before her children’s. Has she stopped to think about all the turmoil those boys have been through just this past year? First, they lose their brother Jake. Then their mother basically rids their father of his wife before needing help from the town psychopath. Then their dad goes off to honor his dead wife’s memory. Then their mother nearly drowns, then nearly dies from pneumonia (those damned writers love to torment me!), is away from them while it really does “Take A Village” to raise Liz’s boys. Then poor Cam has another brother ripped away to go to the hospital with some strange condition, and I wonder if he even had anyone to reassure him that everything would be okay! So what does his mother do? Does she rush home at the first opportunity to hold him, and tell him she and Aiden are okay? NO! She checks her ass into Shadybrook…just to get Lucky’s attention! Could she be any more selfish? When I saw her stop crying the second Lucky left, and realized that her crocodile tears were only for his benefit, I heard myself cursing under my breath. Someone needs to remind Liz that in spite of the fact that Lucky finally got smart, and no longer wants her slutty behind, “It Could Always Be Worse.” Unfortunately, I think instead, she will try and prove to herself that the sex could always be better…withthe new man wearing Jason’s blue shirt.

Oh, Patrick. Sometimes, you remind me of the self-proclaimed god you were when you first came to town. Watching you follow Maggie around, hounding her about needing help with Robin’s Christmas gift, as if the world would stop turning if he got the wrong thing, certainly did just that. Patrick, even if you got her a present she absolutely hated, you need to know that  “It Could Always Be Worse.” I wish Patrick would remember just how strangely his wife has been behaving. Then maybe when he heard Maggie say that she’d caught Robin crying, he might actually get a clue that she needs him, before she turns back into the self-proclaimed know-it-all we know her to be, and writes the end of your family story solo.

Well, perhaps it;s too late for Patrick to save Robin from herself after all. It seems she has done a lot of thinking, but she just hasn’t done any thinking about her husband or Emma, or how they would feel if she were to suddenly disappear. She has done some thinking about how convenient it is to have a mobster for an ex, and I can’t say I really blame her. I have often fantasized about all I could get done if I had a mobster in my life. 😉 I will say that people seem to be torn on this issue. My mother says she would so totally disappear if she could, rather than put her family through the pan of watching her die. I have had some back and forth on that myself in the past few years. Yet, others still think Robin is being cruel and unfair to Patrick for even discussing this with Jason. I wasn’t n=bothered by her turning to Jason at all. Other than when she first returned to Port Charles, Robin has never had a problem understanding that their life and love are in the past. She has always respected the boundaries of their relationship, and she respects Sam and her place in Jason’s life. I didn’t think  for one second that her going to Jason was inappropriate, and most of those who did were trying to bait Jason and Sam fans. I totally did get that telling Patrick would be like giving up her options, as Patrick would totally go into SuperDoc mode, and make it his life’s mission to save his wife, and his life’s regret it he lost her. It’s a tough situation to be in, but I was thankful that Jason reminded her that “It Could Always Be Worse.” At least Robin had a chance to have the family she always wanted. Jason just wants her to honor that, and their right to know the truth. I was proud of my brain-damaged Jason.

Perhaps Jason will be able to gain a little bit of perspective himself from his conversation with Robin. What has happened to him and his new bride is absolutely horrid. It has been the most difficult thing to deal with, especially on the heels of their romantic and perfect wedding, and their intimate and sweet honeymoon, before Franco. Jason and Sam are walking around carrying all of that pain and anger, and I imagine that if I don’t want to get out of bed, Jason and Sam wish they could hide from their reality forever. Yet, I am hoping that while Jason sat there listening to his friend Robin talk about how there is no hope for her life, it prompted him to realize that “It Could Always Be Worse.” Yes, his wife has been destroyed, and so has his life as he knew it before Franco’s attack on their honeymoon, but there is hope! There is hope that he can help Sam through this. There is hope that their love will triumph over the pain. There is hope that somehow, someway, this will leave them stronger than they’ve ever been. There is hope that they can still spend the rest of their lives together, loving each other, realizing those dreams they barely dared to dream – like living their lives as Mr. & Mrs. Morgan, or having a baby. 😉 There is hope that as lost as Sam feels to Jason right now, he will not be facing the sense of loss that Robin’s husband will be facing. As I listened to Jason’s conversation with Robin, I realized that Jason also let us know that there is hope for us as well. Jason, formerly known as Stone Cold, admonished Robin on how when you get married, you stay through anything! Jason Morgan – sharing hope! Can you believe it? Only true and abiding love can cause hope to spring up in a heart as black and white as Jason’s. It was such a beautiful moment to witness as a Jason and Sam fan. I hope you didn’t let it pass you by without hearing the promise that there is hope for our couple, even now, when it’s hard to see.

Michael has provided a much-needed distraction for our Fair Samantha, has he not? It’s done my aching heart good to watch Sam come alive again as she jumped into action to help Michael as he struggled with thoughts of what might have happened to Abby in Chicago following their dropped call, and news of a construction accident. I am not sure what’s happened to Abby in reality, but I do know this. Both Michael and Sam are in for a reality check.  You see, Michael sent Abby away from Port Charles to keep her away from the danger of a sick man with a fetish for beating exotic dancers. How much of a reality check would it be to have to face that while that situation she was in was bad, “It Could Always Be Worse.” I doubt Michael would ever get over the thought that his rouse to send Abby out of PC may have ultimately put her on death’s very path.

As for Sam, she would benefit greatly from a reality check herself – even if it’s the rudest life has to offer. Abby is her friend, and though Sam is living through her own personal nightmare, I bet it would be hard even for her to come face to face with the reality that “It Could Always Be Worse,” especially when it’s not hard to imagine that being raped can often feel like a fate worse than death. Now Sam will have the opportunity to weigh that theory for herself. Would having lost her life, and leaving Jason’s life in the shambles that Michael’s life will become be something that she would really see as better than the hand she was dealt. It’s something only Sam can really contemplate and decide for herself. I am hoping that a situation like that would only serve to show her that her life did not end, and she still has to live it. Only she can decide the quality that life will have from here on out.

No matter what happens, it’s always a good lesson for all of us to keep within reach. “It Could Always Be Worse.”

Take a moment to list the ways how it’s already better…you’ll feel better.





8 responses

  1. Trini

    Thanks for the reality check. I’ve spent the past two weeks in a pout. The truth is I am blessed and highly favored. Its time I started behaving from that truth. Thanks Angelique. Truth can come from some many sources.

    On another note: GH ROCKS

    December 14, 2011 at 5:07 am

  2. Dawn

    I too completely loved the scenes between Robin and Jason because they were so telling of Jasons mindset right now. The usage of the flashbacks is very powerful and adds depth to the character and the storyline.

    Great post today!

    December 14, 2011 at 8:01 am

  3. You are so going to make it, Angelique. You already have made the first steps toward the next chapter of your story. Your family is there for you. Let them help. They love you, and so do all of us, your family of GH friends that you have given strength and perspective to all these years.
    You have a gift for writing, for cutting to the chase, for seeing the good in the darkest story. So there is no doubt you will apply that skill now to your own story, and come out strong, just as you see for Sam and Jason. Hope this does not sound like preaching, it isn’t. Just a bit of encouragement for the next phase of the future. Be strong, be blessed.
    Much love to you.
    PS- love your take on FW….she is such a phoney witch…

    December 14, 2011 at 11:22 am

  4. Fylicia'Marie

    Reality? Check! Thanx Angelique. LOVE Robin and Jason scenes, it pays homage to the fact that they are really the only healthy exes on GH. Robin is so more engaging now than she’s been in a long time. Great performance by Kimberly. You hang in there and never lose sight of your reality. Check!

    December 14, 2011 at 7:11 pm

  5. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers, Positively Heart Felt Blog Angelique!
    Sam and Michael, its nice to see Michael trying to be there for the 2 most important people in his life Sam and Jason!They have been there for him no matter what or who including his parents! I enjoyed Sam swooping into action without a 2nd thought to Franco!
    Jason and Robin, great scenes!!!!!!!!!!!! I was am very proud how it was written! No undertones just friendship! How beautiful was that! After all this time they are still connected in a good way! Its a shame that they give a great scene like this as Robin(KMc) is leaving GH! Can you imagine the “shear emotion” if Robin dies!? Jason was loosing it just talking about the possibility! Even though Robins Character could get on my nerves! I have always liked the fact that her and Jason were still friends with no undertones! Robin was determined to go to Jason and Sams wedding with her husbandThere are not many times a rewatch anyones scenes on GH but our Jasam but I did yesterday! Jason Morgan spoke from his heart no where near being Stone Cold! The reason he was able to do that with such ease is because of the Love he has found with Sam! People did you hear what he said about marriage?! How you are in it for the long haul or something like that! Yesterday was a good day for GH great scenes,great support and great friendship! I would write another page about Liz but why bother!
    Angelique we all have a hard time seeing our Blessings! And some time we do have to slap ourselves to get out of our own way! But sometime all we can do is take Baby Steps and God will do the rest if we let him!
    I love coming here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    December 14, 2011 at 9:23 pm

  6. Traveler

    You are so RIGHT… It could always be worse. I have to remind myself that all the time!! In Port Charles and especially in Real Life!!
    Thanks for the Reminder and for Another Wonderful Blog!!

    December 15, 2011 at 1:36 am

  7. Traveler

    You are so RIGHT… It could always be worse. I have to remind myself that all the time!! In Port Charles and especially in Real Life!!
    Thanks for the Reminder and for Another Wonderful Blog!!

    December 15, 2011 at 1:38 am

  8. Sonia

    Great Post
    Patrick should stay far from strange women..
    Liz is such a nasty person, I really hope the writers
    are finally showing that there is nothing good about her.
    Cannot wait for Jason and Sam pain to be over

    December 15, 2011 at 8:39 pm

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