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“This Is What Happens When You Fall Into A Trap”…

Good morning, GHers!

Part of getting through life is learning how to avoid falling into the same traps. A trap can be something you never saw coming, or it can be something you probably know will end badly, but you just can’t stop yourself. Either way, a trap is a trap, is a trap. And all over Port Charles, people were learning the hard way what happens when you fall into a trap.

Ethan is a perfect example of someone knowing full well that he’s headed for a trap; and a pretty dangerous one at that. Thing is, we don’t even know where the danger will untimely come from. Will it be Helena? The Lady In White? (whom I care absolutely NOTHING about) Liz’s bare-chested, barefooted nighttime lifeguard? One never knows and I guess that is the greatest danger when it comes to Wyndemere, and everyone knows it. Luke has warned him. Lucky has warned him. Liz has warned him. You get the picture. Everyone has warned him about chasing ghosts or darkness over at the Castle of Misfortune, and we can now add Alexis to that list. Does he listen? *shakes head* Ethan is drawn to Wyndemere like a moth to a flame. Chances he’ll get burned are pretty darned likely, but what can you so when someone won’t listen? No matter what the warning, Ethan sees it as a greater challenge to figure out the mystery. Hmmm… I just wonder who will finally be the one to be able to say to Ethan, “This is what happens when you fall into a trap.”

It seems every old neighborhood has their own version of a nosy, meddling, completely tactless Gladys Kravitz…even when that old neighborhood is in Bensonhurst, and that nosy, meddling, completely tactless neighbor is Mrs. Lucasey. Yeah, it’s always nice to go back and visit your “old stomping ground”, Kate, but you should also know that  “This is what happens when you fall into a trap.” Sonny and Kate had to know that going back would come with a price, and that price is always going to be a tough one for Sonny to take. No one in the old ‘hood is going to suddenly approve of Sonny just because he’s planting grass and replacing swing sets at the park. It took years and years for them to form these opinions of Sonny, and after we all heard from Dante what his motivation for taking Sonny down was, we should be able to understand why those opinions are so passionate. Add to that the fact that they’ve all heard the “gossip” and the news, like the fact that Kate was shot on her wedding day, and of course running into old neighbors would be less than pleasant. Sonny and Kate are just going to have to deal with knowing that sometimes you just can’t go home again. I did think there was a breakthrough moment in Mrs. Lucasey telling Kate that her mother was proud of her, and that she really never was upset about Connie leaving and changing her name to Kate. She wanted a better life for her daughter, and what mother doesn’t? Hopefully that bit of information will help Kate deal with her past a little better than this trip helped Sonny deal. (I must say that Kelly Sullivan did an incredible job of morphing back into Connie, and sounding like a real homegirl. The way she switches her accent is pretty damned awesome.)

How many of you are just dying to know exactly what the hell is going on with Robin? Uggghhh! The crying, the file folder, and now the going to Jason for help? What could be so awful that she would want to disappear and take away Patrick’s choice to stand by her, no matter what it is? I can only hope that the fact that Jason has made that same, exact God-awful mistake with Sam in the past will make him the perfect person for Robin to have turned to because if anyone can say  “This is what happens when you fall into a trap”, Jason can.

Sometimes Alexis gets on my last nerve. If she is so worried about her daughter, could someone please have her explain why it is that she hasn’t set eyes on her since her wedding? I mean does Sam even know Kristina is gone to Yale, or will she have to read about it in Floyd’s rag paper? There is no excuse for such neglect in my opinion. To add insult to injury Alexis was true to form when she couldn’t resist the temptation to tell rub it in Jason’s face that  “This is what happens when you fall into a trap” with Franco with that, “Why do you think I was so worried about her marrying you?” crap? I had involuntary flashbacks to 2006! I was screaming, “SHUT UP, ALEXIS! SHUT UP!”  (Then I panicked for a moment until I realized that my plumber finished up on Friday, because that would have really been awkward.) Thankfully, Jason was able to remind her that he does love Sam as if his life depended on it, and that he just needs to get out of there to protect the woman they both love.

It seems karma caught up with Alexis faster than I could have wished it. Garrett was slinking around the PCPD waiting for Alexis to see if he could creep her into another ONS. Ewwww! He tried just about everything – from threatening to write some kind of expose about her defending her mobster baby daddy and her enforcer son-in-law, to trying to remind her about the ONS they’d already shared. Double Ewww! So, how does the smart, clever Alexis get out of this awkward situation? She tells him she’s spoken for…by Mac Scorpio! Oh, Lord! Thank you for the cackle of laughter I finally got in amidst all of this darkness and depression in Port Charles! THAT was funny! And also, “This is what happens when you fall into a trap”, Alexis!

If there is one thing we must all give Garin Wolf credit for, it is the positive change we’ve seen in Michael over the past few weeks. Michael tugged a bit at my heartstrings when he told Jason that this time around he wants to be the one to help Jason…and Sam. Awww! I was thoroughly impressed with Michael talking Jason down, almost as if the roles really were reversed. Michael told Jason he was sounding more like him, and I think that was the moment where Jason heard something that got his attention, and not just his rage. Michael sounded a lot like Jason when he reminded him that with Franco, “This is what happens when you fall into a trap.” Well played, Mr. Wolf, well played. Michael was also instrumental in talking Sam down from whatever she was about to go do, and was able to give her a real sense of perspective, without even knowing it. How ingenious that almost everything Michael said to Sam made her believe that he knew more than he did, almost leading her to reveal more than she was ready to. (Kelly Monaco was absofreakinlutely amazing in her scenes, balancing those tears without letting them spill for Michael’s sake! I didn’t fare so well… *wipes tears*) I thought this was a clever twist in the story because Sam has already put up walls taller than her. She has shut down and pulled away from not only Jason, but everyone, thereby closing off her opportunities to be able to talk to someone who might actually be able to help her through this. With Michael talking to her, thinking this is about him, it gives Sam the opportunity to hear the things Michael might have said to her had he known, without having to break down and tell him first. I believe this is exactly what will eventually allow Sam to open up and start to move forward. That’s something I am soooo looking forward to. . .

I see that Jason is losing his mind while being locked up and away from Sam while there is an imminent danger out there named Franco. He is so worried about Sam that even the thought of her coming down to the station sounds risky. Jason knows that Sam isn’t going to be able to fight the images her imagination is conjuring up for long, and if she were to see anything that she thought would lead her to finding Franco and blowing his brains out herself, she’s going to go after it. That’s enough to scare the hell out of Jason. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only fear Jason had to deal with. Alexis was all over him, and as Sam’s mother, it had to be a torture for Jason to try to weigh the pros and cons of telling Alexis the truth she was asking for. On the one hand, maybe Sam would get the care and attention of someone who loves her, and perhaps it would help her. On the other hand, he would take away Sam’s choice to decide who knows about what happened, and that’s never going to be a choice Jason will make easily, even when he thinks it might be for her own good. I am glad he chose not to tell Alexis the whole truth. He told her just enough to get her to move her ass to get Jason released without telling her too much that she’ll be right back to trying to protect Sam from Jason, instead of the real danger. That was one trap Jason was not going to fall into again.

Whatever was on that DVD, it tortured Sam, and it tortured me, and I didn’t even see what was on it! Thankfully, she was able to keep it together long enough to realize that Franco’s main goal was to taunt Jason, and that’s probably  what kept Sam from completely falling apart. My heart breaks for Sam every time I watch her struggle to deal with what Franco (says he) did. When she tried to walk away and crumpled to the floor after watching the DVD, I myself felt desperation. How does one deal with a threat you not only never see coming, but cannot even remember after being attacked? How do you deal with someone telling you what he did to you, but your brain cannot connect with it? Sam is dealing with so many different emotions, all the while trying to keep herself from walking into a trap that would only drive Jason closer to the edge.

Sam is trying to hold herself together, and all the while Jason is falling apart because he can’t hold her together. So how will they get through this? I think I may have a clue. I think they will both deal the only way they know how, by doing what they can to help whomever they can, until they are able to help each other.

For Jason, it will be Robin who walks into the PCPD asking for help, and Jason will help the woman he once loved as much as he can, because as long as he’s caged, he can’t help the one woman he loves more than anything.

For Sam, it will be Michael, who may be about to find out that sometimes all the right choices won’t keep our loved ones safe, because Sam needs to fight for someone because she can’t fight for herself, or the love of her life, from an unseen enemy.

Whatever it takes to help them both deal with this desperate feeling of helplessness, I just hope that it serves to remind them that while they may be facing one of their greatest challenges as a couple, they are facing it together, even while not together.

That’s the beauty of Jason and Sam’s love, and that’s why, for me, they are consistently The Beauty of GH! 



Well, #TeamPositive: Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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4 responses

  1. Traveler

    Thanks for another Wonderful Blog!!
    Right now Im just taking GH day by day.. Not really sure what the future holds… But I plan to stick around and watch whatever happens…
    Im so ready to see those in Port Charles start to smile again!!
    As far as my all time favorite couple “The Morgans”.. I keep telling myself.. Its these hard times that make the good times even better.
    Im looking forward to Better Days all around in Port Charles and GH but Especially for our JaSam!!!!!!

    December 13, 2011 at 9:49 am

  2. Carol

    Thanks ever so much for your wonderful post. You always keep me sane when I am on the edge getting ready to jump. LOL! I am absolutely loving the Jason/Sam/Michael scenes we have been getting and I am so glad Michael was there for both Jason and Sam yesterday. No telling what might have happened.

    December 13, 2011 at 11:30 am

  3. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,Thanks for another great Blog Angelique!
    SB and KM both are doing a fantastic job with this s/l! They are really pulling you into their pain separate and together! I love when they refer to each other as My Husband or My Wife music to my ears! With them not trying to add to the others pain I think helping those around them will show them both something special!Even though what Franco has them thinking he did to Sam was horrific it could have been worse! Franco could have killed Sam! If Abby ends up being dead it will show Sam things could have been worse! With Robin turning to Jason with whatever is wrong with her it will show Jason as bad as things are they could have been far worse! Jason and Sam are married and they Love each other in a way that is so special words do not do it justice!They have been through the “storms” more than once and every time they come out to the other side they are stronger than ever!Franco is Insane so his choice of action is Insane! He really could have done something far worse! So as we all promised we will Hold on to our wonderful Jasam and know their Love will conquer Franco!

    December 13, 2011 at 7:44 pm

  4. Sonia

    Thanks Angelique

    December 15, 2011 at 8:21 pm

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