Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Hola, GHers!

Port Charles sure could use some cheering up – especially before the holidays! Most of you know that I am a HUGE fan of FLASHBACKS, but I do wish all of the FLASHBACKS were a little more about romance and history, and a little less about doom and gloom.


I wish I could send in a group of carolers to make their way through PC. It just seems that anything would help lighten the dark and melancholy mood everyone is in!

Well, everyone except for Diane Miller, it seems, who was all smiles and giggles as she knocked back a few at Jake’s. I wish I could email Diane some FLASHBACKS in the form of some youtube vids of exactly who her new friend, and boss, really is. Garrett Floyd, current newspaper man, and former PC mayor, and extra-strange bedfellow of her closest friend, Alexis, is a professional worm, if no longer a politician. Did anyone else get the creeps as the former Mayor Floyd was all in the dancers’ Kool-Aid starting when Sam approached them? He then seemed very interested in what Sam was up to, as if he put together that Sam might be investigating the attacks. It may be something to file away for later. I just wonder why Diane would want to get involved  – either professionally or personally, with a creep like him. (I can’t think of anyone more deserving of an ass-kicking by Jason, more than him!)  I doubt the Port Charles Herald is making enough of a profit to keep Diane in Cartullo’s, and yet, she seems to be tickled pink to be working for, and with, him. I lost  a little bit of respect for Diane today… she should know better. Her former boss would be disgusted.

That is if he weren’t completely lost amidst a sea of heart wrenching FLASHBACKS that have driven Sonny’s every decision since he was old enough to make decisions for himself. I must say that Michele Val Jean’s script was so tragic, yet real for so many, that I had to wipe tears. Sonny finally admitted to that image of himself as a little boy all of the things he’s kept too deep inside to face and deal with, but not deep enough that he was able to overcome them. When Sonny shouted at his younger self that he was worthless for not being able to help or defend his mother, and that he didn’t want to see his sad, pathetic little face, my heart broke for Sonny. That is the crux of the problem for Sonny – he hates the boy he was more than anyone else because he blames that boy for not being able to stop the abuse from happening; not to himself, and more devastatingly, not to his mother. Oh, how I wished that when Kate showed up to pull Sonny back from the past and hold him, she was somehow able to put her arms around that little boy, and that Sonny could watch. Maybe then Sonny would have understood that he wasn’t worthless. That he was, in fact, lovable, and more importantly, LOVED by the only woman that mattered back then. His mother. *applause* Ms. Val Jean wrote just AMAZING stuff for Mr. Benard to deliver, and I felt as though another layer to Sonny’s complexity had been peeled back for us to understand him even better. Brilliant! I agree with Sonny’s younger self. Sonny does need him in order to be able to move forward. Burying that part of himself will not be the thing that helps him; it’s understanding that he was not to blame for what Deek did.

Maxie seems to be having a tough time being the Woman Behind The Man she loves at the moment, as she can’t track him down long enough to get behind him. Matt is still M.I.A. and Maxie is beginning to wonder if the worst is possible. To add to her worries, Mac is asking all the questions one would ask of a suspect, and Maxie’s strong suit has never been her ability to feign innocence. I have to wonder if both Mac and Maxie are having FLASHBACKS of how worried Mac was about Maxie’s relationship with Spinelli, because of what he did for a living. Here we are now, and what Matt does for a living has no bearing on what he may have done. Hopefully, there was a very important lesson to be learned here; for both ac and Maxie.

Lulu seems to be giving me FLASHBACKS of things that she said and did like… yesterday. I am so tired of this Lulu and Dante back and forth! She wants him, she doesn’t want him. She doesn’t want to marry him, then she wants to marry and cook for him. Even my son walked by and saw Lulu crying and asked, “What happened now?” And when I told him they broke up again, his answer was an incredulous, “AGAIN???” Great question, Matthew. Maxie asked the same, exact question. I too have seen this same scene play out one too many times. I don’t get why Lulu keeps going back and forth on this when obviously she knows she can’t handle his life. Does she think it’s ever going to be less painful to hurt the man she supposedly loves by walking out on their relationship. Ugh. Perhaps Lulu needs to get a look at Delores’ hair extensions…maybe she’ll be reminded that she’s not the only option Dante has. And Delores seems to understand his job a little better than Lulu, too.

Any sympathy I felt for Dante after watching Lulu hand back that ring she never even wanted to wear in the first place went right out the door, faster than the heat in my living room when the front door is open. Today, I had FLASHBACKS of all the reasons Dante has been on my shit list  for most of his time in PC. Are we supposed to ignore the fact that Dante never moves faster than when it comes to going after Sonny or Jason? And I’m sorry, shouldn’t Garrett Floyd have to go file an official complaint down at the station, since Dante didn’t actually witness Jason’s assault of the worm? And has Dante forgotten just how deadly Franco can be? Or that his one and only obsession is Jason? It made me want to call Lulu and ask her to take the ring back just so that she would throw it at him! What in the world was up with Dante pulling his gun on Jason like that? I agree with Michael! Is Dante out of his freakin’ mind?

Michael has been a good friend to Sam over the past couple of days episodes, and it’s been nice to watch. If there is one thing that’s been missing for far too long in PC, it’s friendship. The other thing that’s been missing is instinct, and Michael showed he did inherit some from Uncle Jason after all. Michael can see or feel that something is off with Sam, and he wants to step right in and help her. Seeing Sam’s reaction, and watching her struggle with her control, gives Michael FLASHBACKS of his own hellish experience. The thing is, Michael cannot even imagine that the nightmare haunting Sam is the very nightmare that’s been haunting him: Franco’s attack. I thought the dialogue today was chilling (Dear God, I am going to miss my beloved Michele Val Jean on GH!) When Michael asked Sam, “Do you think Jason would just stand by and do nothing if he thought someone might hurt you?”  I could feel the pain that question aroused in Sam, because that is exactly what Franco forced Jason to do, and whether it was his fault or not, Sam is the one who paid the price for Jason not being able to protect her.

Which brings me to Sam, and her anguish. Kelly Monaco never fails to take me on whatever ride she takes her character, even when I don’t want to go. Sam breaks my heart in such a way that I wish I could shut off my feelings while I watch her scenes, especially when the plumber is two rooms away, and I have to worry that he’ll think his bill is what made me cry and look all red and puffy. But Kelly has always had that kind of effect on me. I remember back in her early days, when Sam took the pregnancy test and burst into tears. I burst into tears right along with her, and honestly, I wasn’t as invested in Sam while she was with Sonny. Well, not until she dragged me along on her journey of growth with how much she made me feel each time she was onscreen. She’s been my favorite ever since, and she’s the reason the show always seems a little “empty” to me when she’s not on. Well, the show certainly didn’t seem empty today. Sam was full of conflicting emotions, and true to form, I felt each one right along with her. When Michael explained how he’d been trying to forget what Franco did to him, and Sam looked at Michael with tears pooling in her eyes and asked him, “Were you able…to forget that?”  I had tears running down my own cheeks before I could stop them! I think that what is so hard for Sam to reconcile is that while she feels the same pain as Michael, she cannot depend on FLASHBACKS to drive her anger or despair, and that’s why I think Sam is angry with herself. When she told Michael she wished she’d been more “aware”, what I heard was that Sam was blaming herself for being helpless to fight Franco off. Not so much because she was drugged, but because Sam is still telling herself that they were only still in Hawaii, and accessible to Franco because she didn’t want to leave. Oh, Writers! Please, please, please put my Fair Samantha out of her misery and let it be that Franco was just pulling another sick mind game with Jason like he did with Claudia’s body, and with the poor sap he threw off the roof at MOCA! PLEEEEEAAASSSEEE! I cannot bear to see Sam carrying all of this much longer. There’s only so much crying you can do before you get a headache!


Is it too much to ask that Jason at least gets the MOTHER of all headaches so that he’ll finally get his ass to the hospital to check out his brain? Then at least there will be a reason for all of these uncontrollable outbursts Jason is having. I mean, not that the constant Franco FLASHBACKS Jason is having isn’t reason enough for anyone to feel out of control, but still, there is definitely more to Jason’s symptoms than angry outbursts, such as those strange moments where he seems to be lost when looking into a mirror. I just want Jason and Sam to know exactly what they are dealing so that it’s one less thing Sam has to worry about. Listen, let me make it clear, I am NOT blaming Jason for not getting it taken care of sooner (mostly because I am exactly like Jason in that regard) In  his defense, Jason did show up at the hospital, and Patrick was still in surgery. And more than that, Jason is thinking he cannot be inaccessible to Sam for more than he absolutely needs to be. Jason knows something isn’t right with him, and that makes him afraid that his “checkup” will turn into something more complicated, and worse – something that would keep him in the hospital, and away from being able to protect Sam – again. His love for her is greater than his concern for himself. So, I am willing to support Jason’s order of priorities, as risky as they are, because the fact that Jason “loves Sam as if his life depended on it” is one of the reasons why we love him, and them, so much! The bright spot in Port Charles for me was hearing Jason scream at the invisible Franco, “Do you think I’ll stop loving her because of what you did?” Because obviously, Jason has not stopped loving Sam, not even a heartbeat.

It’s my light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

I think now, more than ever, it’s important for GH to employ FLASHBACKS, not just to remember story lines, but to remind us of what a huge part of our lives this soap and these fictional characters have been. FLASHBACKS of where we’ve been, and what we’ve learned along the way, are usually a tremendous part of where we end up heading. I hope that turns out to be true for those we love, and love to hate, in Port Charles. I am also hoping against all odds that it also turns out to be true for those taking over at the helm of the show. I am just praying that where GH has been in ratings and in quality in the past will teach the new team something that will have our beloved soap heading in the right direction, and that like Days of Our Lives did a couple of years back, GH saves itself and stays on the air.

A girl can dream.

She can also call, email, and write!




Well, #TeamPositive, (that’s for you, Karlene and Hazel!) Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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8 responses

  1. Carol

    Life is depressing enough most days without us having to watch our beloved soap characters suffer day in and day out. It is so very hard to be optimistic these days when it comes to GH. Everything is so up in the air with the new writing team coming on and what not.
    Of course I will never lose hope that something good will happen for GH and the fans.

    December 8, 2011 at 9:58 am

    • Something tells me that the one positive I can almost guarantee with the new writing team is a lot more humor and laughter.
      That is the ONE thing OLTL had over GH, and people need that, especially from their daily escape, which is what soaps used to be about.
      I am hoping that they will bring that to the table, but keep GH’s commitment to relationships (something I thought OLTL lacked). THen we
      would truly have the best show on daytime.
      *fingers and toes crossed*

      December 8, 2011 at 1:45 pm

  2. Traveler

    Thanks for another Great Blog… It brought tears to my eyes..
    Like you… Im ready to watch GH and Smile again!! JaSam are killing me with this storyline. But its not just them.. Most on the canvas right now are not happy…. My thought is.. That with the Holidays coming, we will see some happiness in Port Charles (Crosses Fingers). But darn it, thats 3 weeks away and I DONT want to wait that long!!!!
    Also like you.. I WISH they would show more flashbacks!!

    December 8, 2011 at 10:27 am

    • All the calls and emails I sent today begged for them to use more FLASHBACKS!
      I told them that’s how Bold and The Beautiful saves enough money to shoot outdoors and on location…
      they use flashbacks for everyone and everything. Sometimes half the episode is made up of flashbacks!
      I kid you not!

      December 8, 2011 at 1:42 pm

  3. samjase

    Angelique…you slay me! Crying while the plumber was in the next room? Hilarious! So funny!
    As for your love of Sam…that’s my girl too! Something about Kelly Monaco and her ability to pull me into every word and gesture she displays…I can’t imagine loving a character more..and that’s all Kelly.
    There’s a lot to get through before our Jasam start getting back to “Honeymoon Jasam”, and I’ll be there every inch of the way.

    December 8, 2011 at 11:21 am

    • Hi, Darlene!
      LOL! Glad I could provide a chuckle in the midst of all this angst!!!
      I’m with you on Kelly, and I, too, will be there every step of the way.
      JaSam Forever!

      December 8, 2011 at 1:40 pm

  4. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,
    Flashbacks………………….I am glad to see them but they need to use them better! They could do a whole week of Flashbacks with Jason and Sams Love Story with out a problem. Instead of focusing on what Franco did Jason and Sam need to remember what he did not do!
    Great Blog Angelique!

    December 8, 2011 at 10:21 pm

  5. Karlene

    I’m on #TeamPositive but it’s kinda hard w/ the way the show has been. I keep rewatching clips and having FLASHBACKS to when things were better and am just hoping that we get back there soon, especially b/c of my I Love You and Kisses update for the second half of the year!! It’s good for a while but then there isn’t much 😦
    My BFF, Jenny, and her Aunt used to watch Guiding Light and As the World Turns. They are now watching General Hospital for their escape. Her Aunt actually said that if they get rid of GH, it’s the end of the world as she knows it. The only storyline that Jenny is really paying attention to is Jason/Sam. You wonder why I love her so 😀
    I heard that JFP was scolded for always going over budget and now they have dramatically slashed the GH budget b/c of it. Thankfully, FV always knew how to keep underbudget on OLTL. The use of flashbacks would be an amazing way to keep the budget low. That’s probably why they’ve been using them w/ Franco. That and James Franco is probably the busiest man on the freaking planet. Here’s hoping to better days sooner rather than later!!
    JASAM Love Always,

    December 9, 2011 at 5:56 am

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