Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


How are you doing after the roller coaster ride of change over at our favorite soap, GHers?

I have to be honest and tell you that I had a very busy weekend, with lots of company, and STILL every time I had a moment to myself – whether I was pouring coffee, slicing birthday cake (Happy Birthday to my sister, godmother, and niece!), or even cleaning up, I found my mind drifting back to my beloved General Hospital and what the further holds for my favorite hangout – Port Charles. How could it not? I don’t even know what I will do during my 3:00 hour, and don’t even get me started on how I will survive without all of you to talk to everyday! ;(

My friends, OLD HABITS DIE HARD…and you are definitely my favorite habit!

But…I finally decided that I can’t focus on thoughts of the end. We all have to focus on how this all started…finding The Beauty of GH daily, and still finding a way to “Focus on the things that keep us watching” every single day it’s on.

I would have to say that on this JaSam-less day, the things that kept me watching, and quite interested, if I do say so myself, were the scenes between Mac and Alexis. I was just telling my Karina that there was a time long ago when Mac was the hot, blue-eyed guy, and he kept me watching. It’s been kind of tough over the years to watch Mac get relegated to the “awful PC cops” pile, and his dialogue reduced to a few hollow threats against PC’s finest mobsters, and a couple of concerned dad or uncle scenes with Maxie and Robin annually. It was nice to see Mac tease us all with the possibility that perhaps he could have been the Lisa Niles’ murderer, if only because I got to see him acting again. While I may have grown bored with the extremely sporadic Mac/Alexis scenes we’ve gotten over the past couple of years, I have always thought that having Mac and Alexis together could work if the freakin’ writers would actually commit to writing them! The way I see it, I would rather see Nancy and John on more together, than to not have them on while not putting them together. And I have always said that Robin, Maxie and Georgie turned out to be better people because of the dad role Mac played in their lives. Kristina and Molly could both use some reigning in, and Alexis could use some letting loose, if you catch my drift. Yet, as I said, OLD HABITS DIE HARD. Not only were the writers teasing us again, Alexis was back to self-sabatoging her chances with anyone halfway decent. I did think Mac’s dialogue was refreshingly fun today, and I think he should really pursue Alexis as if he meant it, instead of half-assed. Does anyone have Molly’s number? Maybe she’ll help me!

Every time I watch a Lucky scene these days, I wonder how many more Jonathan Jackson has left. *sniffle* That thought makes me sad. Especially when I watch his scenes with Luke, and think back to the magic these two actors have created over the years. Their scenes on Monday were no different. They both drive themselves to real emotion in every scene, and I always catch myself thinking that they imagine their upcoming real good-byes in order to get to that place of emotion. Luke may be a dead beat, and he may be a crappy dad, but I’ll tell you what. He was right on the money when it came to Liz…AGAIN. May I just say that I am just disgusted with Liz. It wasn’t that long ago that Liz was telling Jason that she couldn’t blame Luke for the accident that killed Jake because Luke had been her father-in-law twice, and had been good to her, and hadn’t judged her when he found out about her banging his son’s brother. In other words, when it was convenient for her. Now it seems that what works best for her is Lucky worrying about Liz falling apart, and so it seems that Liz is now not only blaming Luke, but she will lay her nervous breakdown at his feet as well. While I will always scratch my head in wonder over how Luke faced absolutely no punishment for what happened with Jake, I am irked by the fact that Liz flip-flops on where she stands almost as much as she flip-flops between the men who tickle her...fancy. When Liz accused Luke of not taking an interest in her boys because they were not Lucky’s actual sons, I wondered why that would be such a shock to her. If my son married some chick who kept sleeping around and having babies with other men, all while she kept reeling him in as her kids’ “dad”, I’d slap my son upside the head, yes. But trust me, I would not be playing grandma to her bastards either. In fact, I think it’s disrespectful for Liz to have expected that of Luke. He wasn’t obligated to her one-night-stand babies, any more than Lucky was. I am sorry, but it’s enough that Lucky has always played dad to her boys only whenever it was convenient to Liz. When she was tired of Lucky and hot for Jason after their ONS, she didn’t want Lucky in their lives. Yet, the minute Lucky showed signs of moving on, she would manipulate his daddy strings like a puppet. She did the same thing with Jason, as well as with Nikolas. Even worse, she played with her kids’ feelings as well. When she was “in love” with Jason, she would parade Cameron and Jake in front of him, and encourage them to embrace him, as if Lucky could be replaced in their lives. It made me sick! I am so grateful that Luke was there to keep Lucky from running to coddle her after her screeching fit in the hallway, and that he reminded Lucky that OLD HABITS DIE HARD. Lucky has given up enough to rescue Liz over the years. It’s time to allow her to rescue her damned self.

I really wish Luke just wouldn’t be so damned predictable. It was as if Lucky had written the script for what Luke would do next based on his life as Luke’s son, and considering that life was filled with more than its fair share of disappointment, I am almost sure Lucky expected Luke to run. OLD HABITS DIE HARD. Why can’t Luke for once, when his son obviously needs him most, do the exact opposite of what’s expected and stay – and fight to move forward with Lucky? Why? And Ethan! It’s no wonder he is over at Wyndemere chasing what he thought was a freakin’ ghost! His father has been little more than a ghost since they found each other! I wish someone would shoot Luke in the foot or the leg, just so that he would be forced to stay put long enough to put in an honest day’s work at being the parent his kids need, dammit!

Take Lulu. She may be unemployed, but she has seemingly made a career for herself out of arguing with her fiancé. *sigh* I was tired of this argument when they first had it, and that was months ago! I wonder if hearing Dante say that if she wants to be with him, she has to accept him – and his job…or NOT… had any more impact on Lulu, than it has had on the Jiz fans. Jeez. When will people get it? Loving someone means that you aren’t trying to make them into someone other than they were when you fell in love with them. If someone changed who they were after you were in love and had built a life together, that would mean all bets were off, and it would be grounds for ending a relationship because it would be based on “Fraud”. That is not the case here. (Neither was it the case in the other “situation” I mentioned) Lulu knew exactly who Dante was when she fell for him. In fact, thanks to her, everyone else found out exactly who Dante was – an undercover cop. No assignment Dante had, or could ever have, could be more risky than when he infiltrated Sonny’s organization to get enough information to put him away. Yet that didn’t stop Lulu from falling for him, or from defending him and stabbing her closest friends and family in the back. But…OLD HABITS DIE HARD and Lulu has made quite the habit of turning her relationships into shouting matches. Let him go, Lulu. Go be miserable on your own. Just please pick up the ring and return it to him, as it’s going to take him years to pay that rock off on a cop’s salary. Besides, if the rumors are true, some other chick may be interested in shouting, “Dante, Dante!” soon enough. Hint (Not for those who are spoiler free):

Robin and Patrick make me so sad now. *sniff, sniff* From what Robin was trying to say to Patrick, before he totally jumped to conclusions, I take it that Robin was so caught up in the Lisa thing, and the COS thing at the hospital, that she may have neglected her medical care. The thought of that breaks my heart, and not just because Robin is famous for being a neurotic control freak, and I cannot imagine such a thing. But also because I cannot bear the thought of Robin leaving Emma and Patrick and the life she always dreamed of because of something she did – or didn’t do. I truly wanted Patrick and Robin to finally get it together and make their marriage work, in spite of all the mistakes they’ve made. They have definitely had their share of angst over the years; I think they’ve earned some happy cruising. However, who could blame the lovely Kimberly for pursuing her professional goals, especially at this point in the game? I wish her nothing but the best, and I wish the writers would find a way to accommodate her departure without breaking thousands of hearts. I also have a wish for the characters of Patrick and Robin, and that is that they would take the time to really listen to each other, instead of trying to be the one to take control of the situation. Maybe then Robin would hear the Patrick is terrified that she committed murder, and then maybe Patrick would hear that Robin is terrified that she is going to lose him and Emma and everything she ever wanted. But who am I kidding? We’re talking about the Doctors Drake – and for these two egotistical control freaks, OLD HABITS DIE HARD.

I will admit that even for me, OLD HABITS DIE HARD.  It’s nearly impossible for me to think about General Hospital without thinking of the couple that took my love for my old friend, GH, to a whole new level. And when I think about all of the changes that lie ahead of us, I can’t help but think that nothing is more important than letting the new team know just how committed we have been to the daytime genre, and especially to our GH. We need to be more positive than ever in letting them know what  – or who, has kept us tuning in, even when the going got rough. NO OTHER COUPLE HAS HAD TO OVERCOME MORE, OR DEAL WITH MORE ANGST THAN JASON AND SAM.

Really – take the time to let the new team know which stories have touched you, and pulled you in and kept you invested. Let them know what you enjoy, and what you are looking forward to most during their time at GH, and for however much time GH has left. This is not the time to complain, or to make threats. (Though I know that’s not us anyway). This is the time to share your favorite moments in GH history, and in the history of your favorite families, friendships, and of course, LOVE STORIES. Let  them know that you are still a firm believer in SUPERCOUPLES, and in the premise that LOVE TRULY CAN CONQUER ALL. I don’t know how much history the new team will have a chance to get acquainted with before they are calling the shots, and writing the stories, but letting them know what it is about that history that has made the biggest impact on you as a viewer has got to count for something.

Make your love for GH count for something…



Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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2 responses

  1. Traveler

    Thanks for another Great Blog!! I really enjoyed it along with yesterday’s GH… However, I really missed Jasam not being on.
    Im keeping the faith about GH and Especially about The Morgans!!
    I believe in the Stelly Magic!!

    December 6, 2011 at 9:39 am

  2. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,
    Great Blog! I too enjoy Alexis and Mac! Mac is a very special man! I just wish Alexis(GH Writers) would give him a chance!I am Holding On I will not let go! Jason and Sam are “Simply the Best” hands down!

    December 6, 2011 at 9:04 pm

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