Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Good morning, GHers!

I hope you’re UNDER THE INFLUENCE of a positive attitude, as I thought Tuesday’s episode showed the possibility of movement towards better things and better story in Port Charles. I guess Monday was just a bump in the road.

How happy I was to see a tweet from my beloved GH writer, Michele Val Jean, saying that her scripts would still be making it to our screens til about January, even though she has moved on to greener pastures at Bold and the Beautiful. And before you all start to think that was a dig at our beloved GH, I just meant greener pastures in the LITERAL sense, because Bold and the Beautiful actually films outdoors sometimes, and whenever I watch, I am almost blinded by the sight of grass on a soap! ūüôā

Well, Ms. Val Jean’s script graced out screens today, and there’s plenty to talk about, so let’s get over this HUMP of a day together, shall we?

Luke can be given credit for one thing when it comes to his fathering skills. (And probably only one) He admits he’s a lousy ass father any chance he gets, and I think that’s something. He told Lulu he had no intention of showing up to see her, since everyone else also thought it would be a mistake, and that had he known she was going to be there at Liz’s house, he would have never darkened the door. (Don’t worry, Luke, sometimes we feel the same!) He wasn’t there to bond, or catch up. And why would he? He knows that Lulu operates her life¬†UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE FEAR OF ABANDONMENT.¬†Luke was there to lay eyes upon his only biological grandson, Aiden. While Luke never begrudged Liz’s kids anything, I can understand why it would be a big deal, even to Luke, to meet his son’s first authentic progeny. However, just as Luke’s luck would have it, while there arguing with Lulu, because it seems to be her favorite pastime these days, an emergency calls Lulu away, and he is left alone to care for Aiden. By the way, how is this the first time that we are hearing that Cam has asthma? Did that strike anyone else as strange?

Anyway, at the very same time across the pond in Ireland, Lucky is (once again) dreaming when he should be looking out, and this time, not only does the message get longer, but poor Jake has to throw a rock at Lucky’s arm in order to get the idea across more clearly. If I believed in any of that stuff, I would have contacted the “Crossing Over” guy so he could tell Jake that instead of spelling things out with the rocks, he should have just thrown them all at “Daddy”. Anything to get Lucky running out of that cemetery, and all the way back home. Lucky finally got it – that Aiden is sick, and calls home to Liz, only to find that dear, old dad is there with Aiden instead. Oh, Lord. I didn’t see him do it, but I am almost ¬†sure that Lucky pulled out Siobhan’s rosary beads and started praying when he realized he would have to trust the life of his son to the man responsible for killing Jake. Lucky actually had to ask him if he had been drinking, and the worst part of it was that he had no choice but to believe whatever the answer was. Luke assured Lucky that he was only UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DEEP REGRET. It was a tough call, but I would have gone with Luke calling the ambulance. Let’s see if Lucky will end up regretting this decision, because if he does, Jake’s gonna leave a mot more than just that mark on his arm!

Meanwhile, Liz seemed more coherent at the hospital room. I knew her drug of choice would bring her right back to the land of the living… There’s nothing Liz loves more than being ¬†UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF MALE TESTOSTERONE. And there she was, with Steve, Matt, and Ethan, all standing around talking about her¬†“Mystery Man’. (Is it me, or have they tested just about every male over legal age with Liz in the past few months?) It seems that Liz is going to have to get herself together, as her real boys are about to need her full attention if Aiden really is sick. Let’s see if she does a better job of focusing on her kids this time around, as we all know where Liz’s focus was the last night one of them spent the night in the hospital.

There are times when Spinelli gets on my nerves with his thoughtless rambling, but I have to say that this time at least, Spin was¬†UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF TRUE FRIENDSHIP in setting up a sweet little welcome display that would serve as a reminder that their vows had deep and abiding meaning, and that the honeymoon doesn’t have to be over for his dearest friends. No one can fault him for being thoughtful. Spin seemed to notice that something was a little “off” with the Fair Samantha, and he tried to ease what he thought were fears that they were back in the real world, and the best was behind them. Awww. Spin tried to get her to talk about the memories they made in Hawaii, about the possibility of the “fertility necklace” having worked, but Sam basically shot him down each time. Spin even got points with me for telling Sam that he was getting ready to move out, so that she and Jason could have their much-needed privacy. Thanks, Spin!


Sadly, Sam said, “No Thanks!” or actually, she said, “No Way!” Did you hear that? It was the sound of my Morgan Residence Happy Bubble bursting. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the relationship they all share – it’s always reminded me of a real family unit – mom, dad, and in-need-of-constant-supervision kid. But Spin was right. Things have changed. Jason and Sam are now living a different and brand new existence as husband and wife, and that’s not something they’ve had the chance to do in their own home yet. Spin gets the idea that they may want to have the freedom to have a romantic moment anywhere, and anytime they’d like at the penthouse. And he’s right; they should. However, Mrs. Morgan is still¬†UNDER THE ALTERNATING INFLUENCES OF DENIAL AND DEVASTATION. When she is in denial mode, she seems to almost want to forget anything having to do with what led them to be in Hawaii, including, it appeared from her knock-down, drag-out fight with the wedding gifts, what happened after they as Mr. & Mrs. Morgan. In Sam telling Spin that he should stay at the penthouse with them, she is dealing with the normal she knew before their lives were turned upside down. They have been changed, and she can’t seem to deal with any more changes! I imagine Sam deals with a constant parade of “What Ifs” through her head, and then she realizes that it leads to nothing but the truth of it all. They went to Hawaii, they were trapped by Franco, and Jason did see Franco with Sam. And then she is dealing with the devastation side of it, which makes it hard to be around Jason. While Sam is dealing with the “attack” she doesn’t remember, she also has to look at Jason and wonder if when he looks at her, he is remembering the “attack” that he saw the beginning of, and then was left with his imaginings of how terrible it could be. It’s torture, and it breaks my heart each time. *wiping tears*

Jason on the other had, is completely¬†UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF SELF-BLAME AND FURY.¬†No matter how we look at this, Jason failed to the one thing he promised Sam he would do: protect her. Jason has made a life for himself by anticipating dangers, reacting to, and then eliminating them before they can hurt those he’s responsible for caring for. Once again with Franco, he failed to anticipate his next move, and therefore, was unable to react to the threat, or eliminate it. In Jason’s mind, he failed. Failed the love of his life, and to top it all off, he failed her on their honeymoon. How does one come back from that? Add to that the fact that Sam is having a hard time with physical connections right now, and Jason is completely at a loss. He’s not even sure if she can stand ¬†to have Jason touch her, and I’m sure that all he wants to do is pick her up, wrap her against him, and hold her until she can trust his love for her again. *sobbing* I will say it again – it breaks my heart! I love that Jason is reading that pamphlet, even though it is the probably the hardest thing he’s had to do. This is where you can see the love Jason has for Sam. So many men would leave the “process” of healing completely to the women they love, only because they just don’t even know where to begin. But here, Jason isn’t leaving it to Sam. He is getting himself informed. He is trying to make sure that his words or actions from here on out don’t hurt instead of help, and I am in love with Jason on a whole new level because of it.

You know, after my first major spine surgery, my husband would sit at my bedside, pouring over all of the information pamphlets and the directions I couldn’t even bear to try to concentrate on. When we got home, he knew what I needed before I could even think to ask. He also knew what to avoid, saving me from endless pain and tears. In those moments of being cared for so well, my husband didn’t have to say it. I felt more loved, honored, and cherished than if he had propped me up and repeated his vows to me. It was in those moments that he lived out his vows to me, and I will always remember those moments for as long as I live.

I am sure that it will take some time, and a few flubs along the way, but I am confident that Jason can make Sam feel as loved, honored, and cherished as she is in his heart. I am sure that they will both find opportunities to live out their vows to each other, operating¬†UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ABIDING LOVE.¬†And that kind of love has more healing power than the best medication or the best therapy. I know that Jason and Sam will get each other through this. It’s just another rung on the ladder of their marriage’s success.

Besides…We didn’t really think Jason and Sam would get to wear rings with the full force of¬†lifetime loves behind them, without a few challenges to prove their own love has the same capability to last a lifetime, did we? Every challenge, every stumbling stone will serve to make their love a fortress.

Of that I am sure.




5 responses

  1. I’m still really enjoying GH even with what has happened to Sam and Jason. I just see this as another obstacle they have to get thru. I would have loved to see that smile on Sam’s face last alot longer, but with Franco still out there, just knew something bad was going to happen. I’m still hoping that Franco didn’t actually do the deed, but even if he did, I’m certain that JaSam’s love for each other will bring them thru this. And just like in real life, they will not get over this in a few days time. I still want Sam to be pregnant and I hope she’s already pregnant with Jason’s child. I feel they deserve this happiness and I just hope to see it. I hope Sam see’s someone, a professional because I don’t think she should try to get thru this by herself or just with Jason.

    November 16, 2011 at 9:00 am

  2. *Tears* Jason just continues to break my heart, reading the rape pamphlet has made me fall in love with him all over again.. as he was listening to Sonny yammer on about things, you could see all Jason cared about was Sam. He is not only consumed with finding Franco but with helping Sam.. and that is LOVE, his love for Sam and her love for Jason is THE BEAUTY of GH.. he has never and I mean never loved anyone the way he loves our girl Sam and that is what makes him so damn sexy! *fans self*

    Sam.. it was nice to see her smile if only for a second, I was happy she came home and Spin was there for her. I have had a love hate relationship with Spin but yesterday I loved him. When she told Spin she didn’t want him to go my heart broke a little more.. I know Jason will be able to reach her and bring her back to him with his love, but I am not sure he can do that until he knows Franco has been dealt with.. What I do know is they will fight this battle together just as they always have. It will be their toughest battle yet as this has rocked them both to the core, they are both so broken over what did or didn’t happen.

    As for Liz.. well don’t even get me started.. I dislike her more everyday.


    November 16, 2011 at 1:32 pm

  3. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers!
    It Broke my Heart too witnessing Jasons Love for our Girl Sam as he read that Pamphlet. Jason was not only reading he looked as if he was studying it! To me that showed how much he Loves his wife! As Jason spoke with Sonny he looked a million miles away! SB and KM have really sold being “Broken to their Core”! I can hardly look at Sam she is so Sad! I too hope she gets some help and not try to handle this on her own! Until next time Jasammers,Hold On!

    November 16, 2011 at 7:21 pm

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for todays Blog!!
    Its heartbreaking to see both Jason and Sam in so much pain! Bravo to both Steve and Kelly for “bringing it” for our JaSam!!
    Looking forward to watching JaSam go thru all the ups and downs in this storyline. But more important.. Im looking forward to seeing them get thru this together!!

    November 17, 2011 at 12:42 am

  5. Fylicia'Marie

    Today is Thursday, November 17th. I just watched youtube clip of JaSam for today and all I could think of was what on earth are my JaSammers going through right now. Don’t fret, Angelique will find a way to give us a much needed spark of hope. Hard s/l, but we’ll get thru this together….one day at a time. Stellar performances from Stelly, heartbreaking, but Stellar.

    November 17, 2011 at 7:05 pm

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