Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Hey there, GHers!

I couldn’t watch GH today, but I caught up on Youtube, and I’ve gotta admit; I am feeling a little bit suspicious like Kate.

After sitting through the show, I had the same thought: “Are They Just Trying To Yank My Chain?”

I mean how else could I explain the stuff onscreen?

I mean…

What the heck was going on between Sonny and Luke? I have watched this show long enough that to know Sonny and Luke have had plenty more to be pissed with each other over than Sonny lending out his warehouse for the intervention staged by Luke’s kids. Does anyone else remember when Luke helped Faith Roscoe escape prison, and she ended up using the opportunity to kidnap all three of Sonny’s children? Sonny was going to have Luke fitted with cement shoes! Yet, their friendship won out. And not that long ago, Luke killed Sonny’s best friend’s son. Ran him over, and left him on the road like road kill. Am I supposed to believe that Luke is really at Sonny’s trying to pick a fight over the intervention? Talking down to him, jumping on his heavily-medicated nerves, and throwing his long line of failed relationships in his face? Come on! Are they just trying to yank my chain? 

You know, in trying to be fair, I actually spent some time trying to remember some quality time that Auntie Lulu has spent with Cameron or Aiden recently – while they were awake. *scratches head* I came up empty. But okay, even if I got past that, why do I feel as though I keep listening to the same argument between Lulu and Dante over and over and over again? Lulu nags, Dante begs, and round and round they go. Lulu won’t wear the ring, Dante won’t stop asking, and it’s the same conversation by a different script writer yet again. Are they just trying to yank my chain? Stop the madness! Lulu needs to decide whether or not she wants to marry Dante and be a cop’s wife, and Dante needs to decide if he really wants to be a cop…full-time, and not just when he needs to prove his father, or mother, innocent, or only when Lulu feels he can be a cop. *rolling my eyes*

If only Lucky weren’t falling asleep at all the wrong times, he may have already heard that the trip to Ireland was apparently part of Siobhan’s last revenge on her husband for treating her so poorly, because she wanted him to go all the way to Ireland so that she and “Jake” could tell him to go all the way back home, and fast. Are they just trying to yank my chain? You mean to tell me that I have to keep my own eyes open during this sleep-inducing, poorly lit storyline, and Lucky didn’t even get to see or hear the messages from beyond while awake? He could’ve stayed home and dreamed this shit!

Patrick and Robin seem to have a problem, and it’s not one I see a solution for anywhere on the horizon. Patrick and Robin are just plain awful at trying to appear innocent when they are both struggling with guilt. Not only are they talking out loud about the fact that Robin may have not only been the last one to see Lisa alive, but the one that may have murdered her, they have even managed to convince Uncle Mac that Robin is a suspect. Might I add that Robin is just about the worst suspect ever? Who else decided to recall the possible murder weapon at the exact moment they are being questioned? Ugh. Are they just trying to yank my chain? Robin is a freakin’ Scorpio for cryin’ out loud! Why is she so awful at this?

Maybe Steve could offer Robin a lesson or two on keeping a poker face…and a secret. For months, Olivia has been trying to get Steve to open up about his life back in Memphis. She’s employed sex, barbecue ribs, and a stripper pole, all to no avail. Whenever the subject came up, Steve either shut down, or took her down. Either way, his secret remained safe. That was until Maggie showed up, and basically blew Steve’s secret right out of the water. Of course Olivia figured it all out, and just wanted confirmation that Steve and Maggie were more than co-workers. I guess the question is…how much more? Are they just trying to yank my chain?  Because two years ago, almost to the date, we had another blond doctor show up out of the blue, and she was way more to a doctor on staff, too. Couldn’t they at least have found an actress with red hair now that Siobhan is gone? I can’t keep up with all of the blondes in Port Charles!

Did kissing Carly prove to make Jax’s incredible penchant for being involved with all of Sonny’s women contagious? Why is John suddenly trying to kick it to Kate? I know John has a thing for cougars, (Olivia, Skye, Carly) but can he stick to one at a time, and one not presently in a relationship with Sonny? Just seeing John with Carly seemed to get Sonny all hot and bothered, couldn’t that be enough for John? Was there really a need to put Kate on his radar? Are they just trying to yank my chain? I mean, why bother? Add to that that I have a very strange feeling about Kate, and the secret she’s keeping, and I just need John to stay way from her.

I have to be honest. after the weeks of tweets, talk, and dozens of taunting comments I received from the idiots who still just don’t get that I will never allow their nastiness to be published on my site, I really was dreading the Liz and Jason scenes. I thought for sure that they would make me want to scream or curse like a sailor. I thought for sure that I would see them and think Are they just trying to yank my chain?

But…nothing. Nada. Not only were the scenes very obviously (and poorly) contrived, they didn’t even provoke enough of a reaction out of me to take to Twitter. I watched Liz cling, and ask Jason not to leave her, and tell him she had no one else, and talk about Jake as if he were still alive, and make Matt jealous, making him realize that she may be more than someone with whom to make Maxie jealous. Then I realized that my mind had wandered to whether or not I had put fabric softener in at the beginning of the cycle, and had to rewind, just so that I could have an opinion about the scenes. The things I do for you, my friends, but so bored was I that I didn’t even catch it the first time. 😉 Here’s my opinion. You’ll find it really hasn’t changed. First, Jason was at the hospital for a check-up, not to see Liz. Jason reacted to Liz calling out for Jake when Monica told him, and even though Liz never treated him as Jake’s dad unless it was to her advantage, Jason does respect the fact that she was Jake’s mother. He went to check on Jake’s mother, because that is who he is. Second, Jason was trying to help keep her calm during her hysteria, but it was very clear to me that’s all it was for him. I know that Liz made it sound as though he was her lifeline, but just weeks ago, it was Lucky, and in a few, it’ll be the mystery doc. When Jason left the room, he left it resolutely. There were no teary eyes, or looks backward, or even another word. He’d done what he meant to do, which was help Jake’s mother when she needed it. End of (random) story.

I thought the bigger story was in what happened after Jason left the room. During his conversation with Monica, she could tell that something is weighing heavily on him. She offered her help, and a listening ear, and while Jason showed his appreciation for her concern with a hug, he is still worried sick over his wife, Sam. He is also obsessed with finding Franco so that he could give Sam the one thing they both seem to think will help them: Making Franco pay.

While Jason stood in the hallway after Monica left, he didn’t even glance towards that chick’s room again. Instead, he pulled out that pamphlet he had grabbed on Surviving Sexual Abuse and Rape, and it was clear to see that his heart is breaking for the woman he loves – the woman he married. For those who don’t understand why Jason wasn’t back at the penthouse, we cannot forget that Sam was adamant about needing to be alone. While in Hawaii, Sam was focused on holding in all of the conflicting feelings she was having since finding out about what Franco had done, for fear that if she couldn’t hold those feelings in, she would fall apart herself. She was desperate for some time alone to cry, scream, throw things, and just allow herself to feel all of those scary feelings. One of the things we love most about Sam is that she prides herself on being a survivor, on being brave and strong. It’s not easy for someone like that to allow herself to break down. Trust me, or ask my therapist. And if we think it’s hard even for Sam to break down, imagine how much harder it would be for her to break down in front of Jason. I love that Jason is respecting what Sam said she needed, even if he has to fight himself to do it. Yes, he was there to hold her together when she fell apart in the shower, but we all saw how quickly Sam shut that part of herself down and went right into “coping”. Jason felt her pulling away the minute they got home. It was hard for her to be held, and Jason knows that if he crowds her, she may run. He knows that because isn’t that exactly his own M.O.?

I think that we need to reaffirm our promise as JaSammers. We need to trust the story, and watch it play out. We need to trust the love that Jason and Sam have for one another, and the way they know each other better than anyone else. Let’s not be so hard on Jason for being a little lost on these unchartered waters. No one could have expected this, and therefore, no one could know exactly what to do, or how to react. He is focusing on the things that can bring Sam even the slightest bit of comfort, because he is listening to her…he’s getting himself checked out, which is the only reason he was at the hospital, and turning the world upside down in his search for Franco. As brave as Jason is himself, he is afraid to go back home too soon, and find that Sam isn’t ready to have him nearby. That would break his heart all over again.

Sadly, chances are, that no matter how long he waits, that may still be the case. We heard Sam say on Friday that Jason “saw” what Franco did, what she “let him do”. Sam is blaming herself as much as Jason blames himself, and that blame is going to be a hurdle for them both, and until they can each get over it, and on the same side, it will keep them apart. For those who got upset by Sam blaming herself, know that most victims blame themselves in some way. We don’t have to like it, but it’s a very normal reaction. Trust me when I tell you that oohing Jason says or does right now is going to erase that for Sam. It’s all part of a very difficult and emotional process.

I plan to be there as they get through this process together, even when it’s hard. That’s because I am a JaSammer, and it take a whole not more than angst to take me down.

But I’m just preaching to the choir, right?





Nor can I stress how important it is for us to not create “buzz” about nothing…such as Jiz. Don’t give them any attention they can’t command themselves, peeps! PLEASE! 

Take a moment and let TPTB know exactly how you felt about Steve and Kelly’s performances, and why Jason and Sam are the one couple who can make it through this!

Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE RESPECTFUL! 😉



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4 responses

  1. I really have no comment on the goings on around PC and across the pond. I was so bored with it all I had to FF.. sorry.. but I just couldn’t watch!

    What I do care about are The Morgans.. Love everything you had to say about them and the Jiz scene.. Spot on about it all.

    The Morgans are going to get back what Franco tried to take away from them, now I know it will be a long road back but together they can and have gotten through it all together… that is who they are.. The Phoenix and The Dragon!

    Love you!

    November 15, 2011 at 3:27 am

    • Love you too, my love!
      And trust me…I feel you!

      November 15, 2011 at 11:19 pm

  2. Traveler

    Thanks… This was another Great Blog from start to finish!!
    Preach it!! It sounds great to this JaSammer!!
    JaSam Angst…. Pfft!! Not only do I plan to be there thru this whole process.. I play to enjoy every second of the highs and lows. JaSam may have been knocked down.. But I have faith they wont stay there!!

    Sidenote: Thanks for not letting certain “Idiots” spew their garbage here. They can go back to their Road to Nowhere and be miserable together. (he,he,he,he.he)……

    November 15, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    • Amen and Hallelujah!

      November 15, 2011 at 11:18 pm

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