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Hola, GHers!

I don’t know about you, but I am not dealing with this Wintober all that well! I was still hoping to get in some tanning out in my yard before Thanksgiving, and now my lounger is covered in snow, and the hubs is reminding me that he wanted to bring it in a month ago. I have a hard time with change, I need my seasons to transition normally!

If I had to list one thing I saw as The Beauty of GH on Monday’s (JaSam-less) episode, it would be that it appears that holidays are back on GH! Woo too! Finally, it seemed that everyone was aware that it was Halloween in Port Charles, and almost everyone was in the holiday spirit.

Now as to whether they were Tricked or Treated, that’s something different altogether!

I must admit, that when I first saw Kate Howard in the Desperately Seeking the 80’s get-up, I thought for sure Sonny was about to get tricked. Yet it seems that more and more Kate seems to be the only one who can treat Sonny to a stroll down a very selective memory lane. I guess the trick was on me.

Sonny inviting Dante to Kristina’s going away party was a nice moment. However, listening to Lulu try and tell Sonny about himself ? Not so much. Really, who does Lulu think she is? I kinda felt treated when Sonny called her out on her fears, and the fact that she hasn’t been honest with Dante about them. In the end, isn’t Dante really the one being tricked…thinking Lulu is just as happy as he is?

I loved that we were treated to some Kristina scenes, but I must admit that losing one of our beloved Davis Girls feels like one of the cruelest tricks of all! I CANNOT  imagine anyone else being Kristina, and I am genuinely going to mourn the loss of Lexi Ainsworth in that role. I do wish her all the very best though…and I think she’s going to land solidly on her feet.

If Kristina taking off for Yale means that we’ll have to endure much more of these scenes of Ethan talking to himself, the painting, and the ghosts over at Wyndemere, then we are totally getting tricked! If we are being treated to some gothic romance story, then I wish it would be sooner, rather than later, because it really concerns me that Ethan is THAT good at carving a pumpkin!


Robin’s mind seems to be playing tricks on her. First, she dreams of Lisa behind a jack o’ lantern costume, then she and Emma are both spooked by a creepy looking clown at the hospital, only to come back home to open up the door to her worst nightmare. Has she been tricked, or treated? One can only venture a guess.

Now that we were all able to observe that the pediatric-friendly, scary clown seems to perk up at the sight of Steve Webber, even with his shirt ON, it leads me to believe that we were kinda being tricked into thinking it might be Lisa stalking the halls at General Hospital. Now I am leaning towards the probability that we just got our first glimpses of Steve’s mysterious friend from Memphis. Will her arrival be a treat for Steve, or a cruel trick for his relationship with Olivia? Time will tell, I guess.

When I was a kid, I always thought it would be bad luck to be born on Halloween. Perhaps it’s because I had a great-aunt who was, and truly should have had a broom as her mode of transportation, instead of the ugly Gremlin she did drive. Maxie Jones had the distinction of being born on Halloween, and both Matt and Maxie think Matt is going to surprise her with the perfect evening at the MetroCourt (where he grovels and gives her whatever she wants), but it seems the trick is on Maxie. Matt’s mind is firmly on Elizabeth. I guess it’s a good thing there is a jackal in disguise, who never forgets any of the important dates in his Maximista’s life. The question is: will Maxie feel tricked? Or treated on her birthday? We’ll soon find out.

I must admit I felt a bit tricked when there was no JaSam, especially after that new GH Promo!

But, I know that we are about to get treated to a storyline that will allow both Steve and Kelly to give us their best… I’ve always thought they play intensity, especially off of each other so well, and if this Franco storyline isn’t the very definition of intensity, then what is?

Let’s get ready for the twists and turns, but don’t let go! No matter what!

*biting nails*



3 responses

  1. Traveler

    Thanks for the Blog!!
    I was also glad to see GH have a Halloween Episode. Could have been better with some JaSam.
    The Promo has me anxiously awaitng this Franco/JaSam S/L.

    November 1, 2011 at 9:39 am

  2. Love the promo.. Steve and Kelly will be amazing they do this type of s/l so well.. Excited to see it play out. Protective Jason is so hot when he is all worried about our girl Sam. It is going to be good!!


    November 1, 2011 at 11:52 am

  3. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers!
    My heart Broke when I saw that promo!! I was a little “teary eyed” and it was just a promo! Even though I wanted Jason and Sam to a little more Peace and Happiness just the two of them,I’m hoping this is a good s/l that will show case them both but especially Sam. I am holdong on Ladies and I wont’t Let Go!
    Once again i enjoyed the scenes with Alexis and Sonny! I was pleasantly surprised with Kate in costume. It reminded me of Sam playing a hooker at the PCPD when she got Sonnys gun that shot Dante!
    Remember “Shut The Front Door” Classic!

    November 1, 2011 at 6:34 pm

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