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Good morning, GHers!

Being hauled over the railing of a boat isn’t the only way to go OVERBOARD, and the residents of Port Charles seem to be experts in doing just that.

Take Sonny and Kate for instance. They’ve got nothing to do with that Party Boat, yet these two are taking turns at going OVERBOARD when it comes to trying to re-establish their relationship , whatever that turns out to be. One minute, Sonny is getting all possessive about Kate making out with Coleman, whom, by the way, was getting a lot more action than lip action from Kate over the past couple of years, without a care in the world from Sonny. The next minute Sonny is the one planting a big, wet one on Kate, and then he walks out on her. Ummmm???? Was he trying to make a point? Because I think he went a little OVERBOARD. As not to be outdone, Kate then follows Sonny across town, walks into his office and proceeds to plant a big, wet one on Sonny. If Kate was trying to prove that anything boys can do, girls can do better, I think she, too, went a bit OVERBOARD. Obviously, Sonny and Kate each have “closet” issues they still need to deal with before they move this relationship anywhere – whether that be forward, backward, or just upward to Sonny’s bedroom. Sonny is still avoiding the fact that he has to face his past once and for all, and leave that closet he still seems to send himself to when he is frustrated or angry with himself. He needs to figuratively walk out of that closet, literally throw away that key he’s memorializing, and honestly decide he’s not going to go back there – even in his mind. Until that happens, Sonny’s demons are always going to be knocking him around. Kate, on the other hand, is the one doing the locking in the closet. Since the first time we saw Kate ominously open up that armoire with a key, and look inside it as if she were looking at a ghost, I knew it was her wedding dress, with a hole blown through the heart, and her own blood staining it forever. Where do these two think they are going, until they deal with the ghosts in their respective closets? All the kissing in the world isn’t going to help Sonny and Kate move forward until they deal with what’s behind them.

It seems that finally, thankfully, Lisa Niles has gone OVERBOARD. Whether on her own, or with help she didn’t want, she’s no longer on the boat. It seems that there is about to be some major investigating going on in the search to find out what happened to Lisa. Funny thing is, everyone on the boat seems to have had motive, opportunity, and a possible cloud of suspicion over their heads. Any one of the boat’s passengers has had enough of a history with Lisa, that it would be easy to believe that any one of them could have quite simply gone OVERBOARD in their quest to stop her.

Well, except for the other missing passenger…Liz. I still don’t think Steve looked appropriately concerned over the fact that his younger sister was once on the same boat as he was, with the same psychotic maniac as he was, and she and said psycho have both disappeared. Let me just tell you that when I was in high school, my best friend and I decided to cut school and take the train into a nearby town, where the objects of our affection lived, because our town was too small to walk down the street with any boys without someone alerting one, or both, of our mothers within minutes. So, we hatched our plan, and everything was just great, until my own little sister, four years younger than me, crossed her arms, gave me her best brat smirk, and let me know that either she was going on our adventure with us…or we weren’t going. We had no choice. We had to take her. Once on the train, it was important for us to keep moving from car to car, as we had no money, and had to avoid the conductor collecting fares. (Don’t judge me – I have already confessed to a less than perfect, soap-inspired adolescence) As we were walking from one car to the other at a stop, a group of people were exiting the train, and somehow my little nuisance got caught up with them and exited the train. The next thing I knew, I was pressed up against the glass of the closed train doors, watching my 11-year-old sister all alone on the platform of an inner city, and the train I was still on was moving – away from her. In slow-motion, I imagined that my little sister would: a) lose her mind and burst into hysterical tears, thus alerting the police, who would then alert my mother, who held a government job; b) try to figure it out on her own, and end up tortured and killed by some intoxicated gang member as initiation; or c) end up kidnapped by some crazy woman who could never have children of her own. Each of the scenarios I imagined all ended the same way: I would be dead – either by my own guilty hand, or by my mother’s – around my throat. So, I did the only thing I could, I found and pulled the emergency brake. You know, the one the makes the train jolt forward so badly that people break out in mass hysteria, and the wheels stop so abruptly that there’s smoke, an ear-piercing screech, and all train personnel running through the train looking for the emergency. It didn’t matter. Even when everyone pointed at my best friend and me, and the train workers were screaming and threatening to have us arrested if we didn’t get off their train, I didn’t care. All I cared about was getting to my sister, and saving her from being lost to me forever. Of course, two seconds after I put my arms around  her and kissed her chubby little face, I wanted to kill her myself, but that’s not the point. The point is that watching Steve stand calmly behind Olivia, as the police interrogated everyone, and a dead captain was found, and hearing the extent  of his concern be, “My sister’s unaccounted for” is just wrong. Steve has gone totally OVERBOARD in his devotion and concern for a woman who is not his little sister! I don’t care where those crazy Webber do-gooder parents have been, Steve should be terrified that he’d be dead if anything happened to his sister on his watch. I just don’t get it!

And as luck would have it, Liz, who really did get tossed OVERBOARD, is found on the shore of Spoon Island by Spinelli. Oh, how I hoped and yelled at my TV for Spin to mistake her for a slimy piece of seaweed and keep walking, but no such luck. Damn that Spinelli. Of all times for him to truly become a hero.

Someone else who picked the wrong time to be a hero is Johnny. He knows that his sociopath father totally went OVERBOARD by unleashing Lisa on an unsuspecting Port Charles, but there he was, still helping his dad, even though he deserves nothing less than to be fish food in the Harbor. In my opinion, Johnny has once again gone completely OVERBOARD in his loyalty to his father. I am just hoping that it doesn’t come back to bite him in the ass.

There’s no question that Carly is the reigning queen of going OVERBOARD when it comes to getting Jason’s attention. Her mission was certainly accomplished when she took Joss and Shawn, and went barreling into Jason and Sam’s honeymoon. Now that Jason has confirmed, or at least he thinks he has confirmed, Franco’s far-off whereabouts, he is sending Carly & Co. back home. That explains why Carly decided to share her “Jax is alive” secret with Jason. It just bought her a little more time. I thought it showed once more how selfish Carly is when she asked him to keep the secret from Sam. I am glad, however, that Jason never agreed to that. 😉 I am also glad that Jason asked Carly all the right questions, such as what would that mean for her marriage. I am hoping that Carly takes the time to answer those questions before she goes OVERBOARD with Shawn, and leaves him stranded out at sea.

As the honeymooners are left to their privacy once again, Franco is planning to go totally OVERBOARD in his attempts to become a meaningful part of Jason’s life. If you’ve read the article with Garin Wolf talking about JaSam and Franco, you’ll see that he talks about Jason and Sam’s love, and it makes me hopeful. He says, “Jason and Sam’s only real flaw in the game is to let down their guards for love. And in the end, it’s their only weapon in the fight that follows.”

He also acknowledges in the article that he knows JaSam fans have heard about the next story arc, and aren’t thrilled about it, but he says “we have to trust the story to come.”

That sounds like a challenge to me, and if anything, I would bet my ass that JaSam fans are definitely up to the challenge! I say that NOW is the time to remind TPTB just how deep our love and devotion for Jason and Sam go, and that we will “take the ride” and support our soap, because of JaSam! Let them know that we just cannot get enough of Jason and Sam’s Love Story, and that we know they will come out of this stronger and more in love!

Show them that we know who Jason and Sam are…all while reminding them that we are the ones watching and supporting, not boycotting or wishing them cancelled, even during the tough stuff.

Friends, this story is about to shift into high gear for Sweeps. Our two favorites will be a central storyline, and that is what we have to focus on. Whatever is to come, we must remember that Jason and Sam are crucial to each other’s happiness. They need each other in order for their lives to feel complete, and make sense. Jason and Sam may be more grounded than any other couple, but the ground is about to be pulled out from under them. We need to trust that they will turn to each other in order to steady themselves and their life together, even if it seems like rough sailing at first.

Just know that both would go OVERBOARD for each other, and in the end, I think that’s the one thing that will save them. If you experience any doubts in the coming weeks, promise me you’ll go back and listen to the description of The Dragon and The Phoenix the night of their wedding once more.

When I do, I remain hopeful, even in the face of Franco’s threat.

I believe their Love truly is for all eternity, and that means beyond Franco’s reach.

Much love,



Take a moment and let TPTB know that you think Jason and Sam’s LOVE STORY is EPIC, and that their LOVE is INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE RESPECTFUL! 😉

You may also want to ask if we are EVER going to get another LOVE SCENE on this HONEYMOON!



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3 responses

  1. Carol

    Once again you have made me not freak out with what is coming for jason and sam. I agree that their love is strong enough to get them thru anything. I was a little pissed when carly told jason yesterday, “not to tell Sam” because Jason didnt immediately tell her that no way would he keep anything from Sam. Isnt that would destroyed them the first time? Luckily he did not say he would keep her secret, but I want to see Jason tell Sam as soon as they are together.
    I may be one of the few, but I am really looking forward to whats coming for Jasam because whatever it is, I know Stelly will knock it out of the park!

    October 27, 2011 at 8:20 am

  2. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers!
    I will hold on to Jason and Sams Love for each other no matter what! I may do something I never do and go and buy ABC Soaps magazine.The one thing that has me hyped about this s/l is Stelly will bring it! So Jasammers lets Promise to Hold On as Tight as we can! Like we always do! And I know Angelique will be here to hold our hands as she always does!
    By the way is it bothering anyone else that Jason did not mention the trinkets(cameras) he found! I came to conclusion that he is still in Honeymoon Jason Mode!

    October 27, 2011 at 8:17 pm

  3. Traveler

    This Jasam fan is totally up for the challenge!! Love always wins out in the end!! And I know the Morgan’s will get thru this “together”!! Im ready to watch Steve and Kelly bring our JaSam thru a roller coaster of emotions… Im buckeled up and ready to take this ride with them and my fellow JaSammers!!
    Sitenote: You always make me “Giggle” when you talk about Liz. (Where is that Laughing Devil Face Smilie when you need it)…..
    OMG – Your story about your sister and train experience made me actually Laugh Out Loud (Several times)!!
    Thanks for another Great Blog my friend!! xoxo

    October 27, 2011 at 10:50 pm

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