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Don’t Answer…

Happy Hump Day, GHers!

First, I just want to thank everyone who  has asked about my mom. She is feeling much better, she’s home, and even eating regular meals. She looks great – but of course, I am a little biased. 😉

Whenever I tell my mom that all of you are thinking of her, sending prayers, and asking after her, it boggles her mind. She still doesn’t fully understand how you all came to be so important to me, but she is thankful that I have all of you to keep me focused, and purpose driven.

So, once again, thank you all for being the fabulous friends I have yet to meet, but the friends who were closest when I needed you most!


What a day in Port Charles, huh?

My head hurts a little from all of the falling anvils, but General Hospital is certainly pulling out thi BIG brooms for SWEEPS! Tuesday’s episode felt all crackly with anticipation, didn’t it? It was one of those episodes where you looked at the time and thought, “It’s over, already?”

I love when that happens!

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To observe Robin and Patrick from afar these days, one would think that their marriage was probably sailing at its smoothest in ages! They seem to have gotten over their trust issues, they appear to be working out their working relationship, and parenting Emma sounds as though it is icing on the macaroni birthday cake! Yet, we should look a little closer. Patrick is afraid that everything between them is just too good to be true. He must realize that Port Charles is a soap town. 😉 Which must be the reason that suddenly blonde chicks – of all shades – seem to resemble Lisa from behind. Poor Patrick. He cannot seem to catch a break. Even when things are going his way, he can’t enjoy them. Luckily, Patrick has his brother, Matt, who puts down his grudge long enough to commiserate with his brother about his past indiscretions haunting him. Patrick finally gets the ugly truth about Lisa off his chest, when along comes Robin; as timely, and as know-it-all as ever, claiming to know exactly what they are talking about. Thankfully, Matt digs into his manly bag of tricks, and silently sends the message to Patrick: “Don’t Answer!” Instead, Matt covers perfectly for the preoccupied Dr. Drake, and sends Robin on her way completely satisfied with his answer. Which is why I don’t understand why Patrick can’t be a little nicer, and more supportive towards his younger brother. This is one bridge Patrick can’t afford to burn.

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Especially when it seems that Patrick’s worst nightmare has just been roused from her slumber! (How soapy, Mr. Wolf!) Of all the days that Patrick could have gone to stand by Lisa’s bedside and go all vitriolic on her, he chooses the ONE day Lisa can actually hear him! *falling anvil* If only the peeps in Port Charles knew that anytime someone utters the words, “Karma’s a bitch!”, it usually means that bitch is breathing down their very own neck! *sigh* Be that as it may, that Anthony is one connected mobster, isn’t he? I mean, not only is he always one step ahead of his heir apparent, John, but he also has access to some pharmaceutical “juice” that can drag people out of their comas? That is pretty impressive! Too bad that John almost got close enough to hear what his dad was actually up to, but as usual, he opened his big mouth a little too soon! When will John finally get that his father’s only answer to John’s questions is “Don’t Answer!” As much as John is still the object of my mob affection, I really do wish he would take a lesson from his dad on how to conduct business on the phone without an audience. He nearly gave Ronnie enough to list him as a bona fide suspect, all because he’s standing around yapping on the phone in public! I don’t like it when John acts as inexperienced as Michael! I want John to be his best at everything – not just looking good! 😉

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When my kids were babies, and first started walking, the first family member who witnessed their first attempts at walking was responsible for buying the baby his/her first shoes which MUST have these little silver bells on the laces, which jingled as they moved their little feet. It was a custom handed down so that the parents would always be aware of their child’s footsteps. It was Puerto Rican symbolism at its best, and I still have each of my children’s belled booties. 🙂 I am thinking that next time Sonny goes down to Puerto Rico, he has one of the shoemakers make Michael a custom pair – with the biggest freakin’ bells they can find! Cowbells perhaps! Either that, or he needs a pet microchip embedded in his ass, just so that Sonny can be aware of his son’s short-sighted, foolish footsteps BEFORE he ends up breaking the law! Really, can Michael get any dumber? It’s no wonder Sonny was basically shouting, “Don’t Answer!” to Michael! He didn’t want Michael digging himself deeper into this mess he created! Sonny was talking about how important it is for Michael to go to Argentina, but I can’t help but wonder if Michael may have turned out differently if he had just been sent to his room as a child more often! Sonny better go to church on Sunday, and thank the good Lord that Kate has decided to undo all she must have learned in therapy over the past three years. I just wish I could get a copy of the photo shoot at Sonny’s coffee warehouse! *shucks*

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 If I want shoes with jingle bells for Michael, I want cement shoes for his mother, so that she has to stay put in Port Charles, and away from The Honeymooning Morgans! Why must Carly be so freakin’ annoying? There is no reason for her to go to Hawaii! Shawn is absolutely right – she just wants to tell Jason herself. I wish Jason had had more time to warn Shawn about Carly’s antics – maybe then Shawn wouldn’t be bothering with Carly’s old and oh-so-tired “To Hell and Back” speech. When I heard Carly call out, “Heads Up!” to Shawn, I was screaming at the TV, “Don’t Answer!” I wanted Shawn to act like he hadn’t heard a thing, and keep walking right to security, where he reported Carly for making a terroristic threat…on our honeymoon! 

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Oh, Jason and Sam.

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They make every scene magical.

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As Hazel’s comment said, every line they said to each other was an instant classic! I can just hear the voiceovers on fantastic yet-to-be-made JaSam vids now, and for years to come!

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I was thankful to see Michele Val Jean’s name in the credits as the dialogue writer. As you all know, she’s my favorite, and for goo reason. She always seems to know how to make just the right thing come of their mouths!

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Their scenes have just been dripping in sweetness! Every time there is a reference to their theme song, “Just You and Me”, I smile like a fool. And Jason telling Sam that he’s not thinking about Carly, or Michael, or the business made me want to give him a lei myself! 😉

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I thought the talk about the fertility shell was interesting. Since the wedding, Jason is the one who keeps asking if they are going to talk about the baby references that keep popping up. At the reception after reading their fortunes, in Hawaii after they apparently had “life-changing” sex on the beach, and again after Sam told him the shell, which they seemed to keep finding, symbolized fertility.

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I find it interesting that Sam began to put the shells away, said something about being “shell shocked”, put the book back on the shelf, and probably would have been just fine changing the subject, but Jason insisted on tackling it. *applause*


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Sam tried to dismiss the conversation by telling Jason she thought they tabled it until a later date. Jason countered that there they were, at a later date. (Becky, is it appropriate for me to want to lei him again so soon?)

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I love that Jason isn’t pushing, but he’s not letting Sam push it aside either. I loved so much that his getting Sam to talk about having a baby led to some honest feelings on both sides. When Sam admitted to Jason that she feared that while he was grieving Jake he would leave her, and that she promised herself that she would love him enough to let him go, I was really proud of her. I know that was hard for her to even say out loud. Leave it to Jason to have the perfect response… “You know I could never leave you.” *tears* (I could lei his brains out!)

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All along, Jason has talked about wanting things they didn’t even know they wanted. I really feel that Jason wants to know for sure if having a baby is what Sam really wants, but he wants her to come to terms with wanting it. And that makes sense. Let’s remember that Jason was making sure that Sam was okay with waking up happily married, because he knows that for Sam, getting what she wants scares her.  

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Rather than answering Jason’s direct question about whether she’s any clearer on the issue, Sam turns the question on Jason. You know, unlike Sam, I didn’t take his silence as a negative, or even as him not really being sure. I think Jason is just being careful with his answers. It reminded me of the conversations he was having with Sam before he proposed. He wanted her to say that she wanted to take that next step with him, but she couldn’t really bring herself to do it. In the end, Jason forced the issue and proposed, but I don’t think Jason feels he can approach having a baby the same way. He wants this to be a decision they make together, which is why he agreed to stay in the moment. 

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I think Jason is giving Sam the time to process her feelings about it, and to get used to the fact that happiness isn’t always snatched away the minute you grasp it.

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Unfortunately, I am not sure that she will have the chance to get used to it this time around, as first Carly, and then Franco, are both real, live threats to their happiness.

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I loved the conversation they had after their intimate “practice” time. I loved that Jason loves being married. And I thought that though Sam thinks that a lot of things between them are the same, and nothing has really changed, Jason thinks “it has somehow.”

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Sam told Jason they should just soak up every moment, before reality comes knocking on their door. *anvil hurling from the sky*

Click to view full size image

To which Jason answered, “Nobody says we have to answer!”

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Which, of course, made me scream, “DON’T ANSWER! PLEASE, DON’T ANSWER!”


Click to view full size image

I know that so many of us are worried about what their reality will be…

Click to view full size image

And I know that until we really see it all play out, it’s hard to know how it will affect Jason and Sam. 


Click to view full size image

However, they went into this with their eyes wide open…

Click to view full size image

Completely prepared to take this life journey together as ONE…

Click to view full size image

Come hell or high water…

Click to view full size image

As long as they can turn to each other,

Click to view full size image

And hold on to those vows they exchanged,

Click to view full size image

They are going to be just fine!

Click to view full size image

I just want to remind you all that Mr. & Mrs. Morgan have never met a threat they couldn’t overcome together.

Click to view full size image

I refuse to believe that such a threat exists…no matter how it looks.

Believing with all my heart,



Take a moment and let TPTB know how thankful you are for the JaSam Honeymoon. Also let them know how Jason and Sam provide the perfect escape for you, and that truly, they are what Love In The Afternoon is all about!

Please? With sugar on top?



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7 responses

  1. SamJasonsHeart


    Yes.. it is appropriate! One should get leid in Hawaii as often as possible and as romantic and loving as Jason has been to our girl Sam he should get a lei anytime he wants!
    *gets mind out of gutter*

    Bravo on another fabulos post!

    I just love them more everyday. I thought I was excited when they finally got married.. but the honeymoon has exceeded all my expectations. Jason is so in love and that makes him so damn sexy. I am enjoying the honeymoon Jason and would love to give him a lei myself.. oops slipped up there *mind back in gutter*

    I am excited for what is to come I love Sam and Jason as they are now but I have to say.. Danger, angst, worry is another side that I love.. Steve and Kelly play those roles so well.. Stelly chemistry is off the charts when Jason is protecting Sam from danger. So I say bring it Franco, Carly and anyone else that wants to mess with Mrs. Morgan, you thought Jason was protective of Sam before I can’t wait to see how he reacts now that she is his wife!!

    We have some epic Jasam moments coming our way.. together they can survive anything and anyone.. they have proven that time and time again.. Love always wins!

    So happy to hear Mom is doing better!

    Love you babe!

    October 12, 2011 at 4:43 am

  2. Carol

    Glad your mom is doing well. Love, Love, Love every single second of Mr. & Mrs. Morgan. I can’t believe that I am finally getting to say that! We have waited so long to see these 2 married but I never thought I would see them so happy and peaceful like they are right now. I know it is going to be shortlived but like you say, JaSam can overcome any obstacle and whats coming up, will be no exception!

    October 12, 2011 at 6:43 am

  3. Traveler

    Another great blog, Thanks!!!
    Just when I think JaSam cant get any cuter… The Stelly Magic proves they can!! Im loving how relaxed and in love Jason is with his wife!! I feel like Jason.. Them being married has “changed some how”. I think its made them even better, and I didnt think they could get any better together. But they are!!
    *Sighs* We dont know for sure whats coming The Morgans way with Carly and Franco. *Sighs* But I choose to also believe that JaSam can get thru anything “together”!!

    October 12, 2011 at 7:23 am

  4. samjase

    Angelique..great news about your Mother! Hope every day gets better and better!
    Loved, loved your blog. Every single word! Thank you!
    There was another VERY important line from Jason yesterday regarding having a baby..Jason:..”it seems like too much to ask for from God”!
    If that doesn’t tell the naysayers that this man wants a child with Sam..I don’t know what will! HE & Sam are BOTH afraid to want it “all”…

    October 12, 2011 at 8:31 am

  5. jenn

    Most importantly – glad your mom is recovering nicely. Will keep all of you in my thoughts.

    Okay, I love the part about Mikey and the shoes. Cowbells seem best to me. What that little brat doesn’t seem to get is that if Sonny told ANY other employee to get on a plane to Argentina, and they refused… they either be fired or setting up their new home in the Pine Barrons. Yes, Mikey, you run the warehouse, but your dad OWNS it. And owns trumps manages every time. So listen to the boss and stop making a mess of things.

    As for our beloved couple… I think honeymoon Jason is awesome. He is so cute and funny and relaxed and sexy! Both times he told Sam to “come here” I just about died. And I think his patience with the baby talk is paying off. He got a big confidence booster yesterday. This is a two part battle, and like with the marriage talks, Jason now knows he’s going in/forward with one part already one. He had Sam’s heart long before he tried to convince her head that getting married was a good idea. And now, since he knows that the thought of having his child (STILL!) melts Sam’s heart (oh, MVJ – fabulous line!), all he has to do is convince that pretty little head of hers once again. Luckily, he’s really good at that.

    Frankly, it’s been almost 3 weeks since that wedding – did we ever imagine we’d get this much happy JaSam “down” time? I know I didn’t. I’ll happily take more of it, but I’ll also happily thank Mr. Wolf and look forward to what comes next!

    Love you!

    October 12, 2011 at 8:42 am

  6. Fylicia'Marie

    Thanx Angelique for another wonderful post! I am so happy your mother is doing better. It’s such a treat to have our soaps in the midst of reality banging at our doors. And I for one love not answering during soap time. As much as I like Shawn and love him calling Carly out on her crap, I really want him to get as far away from that viper as possible. Cue beauty brains from his past, PLEASE! I kept hearing the intro to “another one bites the dust”, she is going to ruin him. She can’t help it, that’s what she does (think Jax). Dear Mob Prince (love to watch you as I do), please get to the nearest PC clue factory and buy a clue, STAT (though since it seems that papa smurf is the only one in town with any, it’ll cost ya).

    October 12, 2011 at 11:51 am

  7. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers! Another Honeymoon Day we have had! Who would have thought we get to have their Marriage and Honeymoon for days and days. I LOVE Mr and Mrs Morgan!!! Wow we can finally say it and smile about it and be happy about it and for the Newlyweds! Their story has never been just about the physical part its been about so much more. I would have to do 2-3 pages to describe what I adore most about Jason and Sams relationship. The one thing the at the top of my long list is they are Friends in every sense of the word.I love that about them. They have looked out for each other even when they were apart and that hits home for me (lifes lessons)!
    Angelique Thanks for including me in your Blog today you will never know how much that meant to me!Hope your Mom and you too are doing better,one day at a time!
    I would Love if Mr and Mrs Morgan would stay right there in Hawaii until Christmas.But this a Soap and you must have DRAMA! So this is what I am doing! I keep re- watching their Wedding! I do think the reference to the Dragon and Phoenix means something!!!! I am not sure in what context but it was part of their Vows for a reason! Also the Red Wine and Honey! The way Jason and Sam got married was so “Special” and “Unique”. Even their Honeymoon has me smiling with every scene! This is such a great gift to ALL of us who had thought it would never happen.Not only did we finally see Sam and Jason get married look how Beautifully it was written!
    GH surprised me today I did not think they would show Jason/Sam and Patrick/Robin together. Since both couples are getting ready to deal with some Insane people!

    October 12, 2011 at 7:26 pm

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