Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

How Can One Refuse?

Good morning, GHers!

Forgive me for not answering all of the comments right away, we came back to reality on Sunday, and my mom had kidney surgery on Monday. Needless to say, it’s been a little crazy around here. But what else is new, right?


I did get caught up on GH however, and my immediate reaction was just a big WOW.

I am thankful that I gave myself  some time to process everything between the time I watch, and the time I blog, because I definitely needed some time. If I am honest, and to be fair, I guess I was in a pissy mood before I watched GH. Since I wasn’t on Twitter today, one of my wonderful tweet friends texted me the comments made by SID’s Richard, saying that GH needed to realize that JaSam wasn’t the only couple, and that they needed to spread the wealth.


I would love to know what channel he’s watching, because the only way he could’ve gotten too much of JaSam was to indulge in a Youtube marathon, as so many of us do. Add to that the fact that I was tired, and already on edge about just how little time JaSam got last week, and that I had to wait about 20 minutes between each of the JaSam scenes Monday, and I could barely remember anything else. Is Richard watching the same show we are? Because between Lulu and Dante, and Sonny and Kate, and all of the Spencers, who’ve gotten considerable amounts of time onscreen, I don’t know how anyone could think JaSam is hogging screen time!

Luckily, I spent some quality time with my kids on the waterfront, got the grumpies out of me, and then rewatched. My soap needs me to watch with one eye on the prize – and that has to be finding The Beauty of GH in every episode! Besides, the soap stars I love have asked us to keep our soaps alive – specifically, I am talking about General Hospital here. And really, How Can One Refuse any of them on such a noble cause?

So, I sat back, and found all of the moments that mean something to the past and future of our favorite fictional town, and found that there are still plenty of things that keep us watching.

When you’ve been watching soaps as long as I have, people like Luke Spencer, who is basically synonymous with General Hospital, should be important to the canvas. When you look at the success of other soaps who are ahead of GH in the ratings (Y&R and B&B), you’ll realize that their shows are anchored by their vets. The only way to keep longtime, fiercely loyal fans is to keep people around that they will recognize and care about! Luke is an important part of GH’s attempt to be better at that. Hearing luke talk to Lucky about the past, hearing them both talk about Laura, and her relationship with the both of them, is something that those longtime viewers can relate to. Lucky and Luke are the familiar faces that are carrying on that Spencer history in Port Charles, so even though, like many of you, I feel that I have heard this argument between them before, I am giving Garin Wolf  the chance to write their conflict, and its resolution, his way. Like Lucky, I thought Luke’s reaction to what he did to Jake, even if it was an accident, was piss poor. Lucky, more than anyone, deserved more. I am going to give it some time, and let Mr. Wolf’s vision undo some of that damage; not just for Lucky, but for all of us. I think Lucky, too, will come around to giving his father a chance to prove himself better than that loser who felt liberated after killing his son. It may not happen right away, it may not even happen the way Luke wants it to, but I think it will happen. Luke asked his son for another chance. And when all you’ve ever wanted is for your father to try, How Can One Refuse?

I would say that the same has to go for Lulu. For all of her talk about not needing her father, and being able to separate herself from the little girl who is still looking for her dad to be there for her, I think Lulu is in denial. She is still looking for her dad to be there, even though she is looking while expecting him not to be. If Lulu seems to be falling apart a the seams quietly, even though she should be at there happiest, it is because Dante has offered to give her the happiness she has always dreamed of. However, Lulu is looking for it, while expecting Dante to leave her – even if not by choice, like he almost did by getting shot. Why wouldn’t Lulu just be honest with Dante, rather than having him play this secret game with everyone? Well, before you can admit a truth about yourself to someone else, you must first admit it to yourself. And, as I said, Lulu is in denial. So instead, she whispers sweet nothing-truthfuls to Dante, and allows him to believe that she is as thrilled as he is. I guess when the man you love is fighting for his life, and his next breath, and you’ve made him beg more than once, it finally occurs to Lulu…How Can One Refuse?

Perhaps Sonny and Kate don’t recall what recovering from a gunshot wound is like. Sleeping, even after a gunshot wound, doesn’t mean you become deaf, people! Sonny and Kate were yapping away while the whole tie I was thinking, “I hope they don’t talk about anything truly awkward – like sex,” because I knew Dante was awake, and listening. He heard Sonny wonder about how things might have been different if he’d known about Dante, but he also heard Sonny wish he had known. He heard Sonny say that he wanted Dante, and to be a part of his life. That’s what every kid wants to know about their parents. Just ask Lulu and Lucky! This is the answer to Dante’s question about  why Sonny still gets to him. It’s more than the fact that Sonny is his father, because that’s just biology, really. Knowing that Sonny’s deepest desire and regret are almost identical – in his wanting to be a father to Dante, both then and now, affects Dante whether he wants it to or not. His father wants to be just that – and every single time Dante hears Sonny admit that, he has to think,How Can One Refuse?

I am thinking that Dr. Steve Webber would bet he’s having The Best Day Ever. It’s not every day that the chick you’re dating invites you to spend the evening with her…and her stripper pole. Wow. I must admit that I was laughing as much as Scott Reeves was during that scene. I just couldn’t believe it. I want to know who came up with this idea, and I want to know who trained Lisa LoCicero, because I don’t know how she got through it! But get through it she did, and in the end, Steve and Olivia were kinda sweet. I imagine that it may have been uncomfortable for the both of them, but come on – you just know that the only thing going through Mr. Reeves’ mind was, How Can One Refuse?


Shawn keeps threatening to leave town, but never does. Why do I have a feeling that Shawn is going to have opportunity to regret that? Already Shawn is showing his weakness to Carly. SHE is his weakness. Big mistake. Now she will begin railroading him into doing what she wants, and he won’t even see it until it’s too late. Where are all the backfiring cars or flashbacks when you need them? I need Shawn to be too paralyzed by his PTSD to get on a plane and help Carly ruin Jason and Sam’s honeymoon, dammit! Yet, I know that when Carly stopped him and said, “You can’t go”, what she really means is that he can’t go without her. And because he has already ben compromised, Shawn is thinking, How Can One Refuse? I wish he’d call me – I’d tell him exactly how one refuses Carly!

If there is one change that I am convinced has taken place in Jason Morgan, it is that he seems unable to refuse his bride anything! And I LOVE IT!

I am going to tell you that as frustrated as I get with the lack of honeymoon time we’ve seen as of late, I am thrilled with the moments we have gotten. Jason and Sam, via Steve and Kelly, make watching GH a joy! I find myself smiling through their entire scenes, and I sometimes get so caught up in watching them, and their expressions, that I have to go back and rewatch because I’ve missed something! Jason and Sam give us the opportunity to come out of the darkness of Port Charles (because honestly, it is EVER daytime there anymore?) that makes me worry about developing frown lines, and dive headfirst into the light, bright, sparkly Hawaiian honeymoon that makes us all smile!

Steve and Kelly really look to be enjoying each and every scene we’ve seen thus far. I imagine that they have to fight the urges to laugh, just like we do, and the best part about it is that sometimes, they fail miserably, and we get a Jason who knows how to laugh out loud, and a Sam who smiles all the way down to her toes! It’s been spectacular!

Which is why I want to see and enjoy so much more! I do understand that the incredibly talented, yet equally busy, James Franco only had a day to film everything, but I can think of a million other ways to have The Morgans spend their time alone than discussing Hawaiian shirts! 😉

That being said, I cannot deny the EPIC cuteness that is JaSam during those scenes! And not just Monday’s scenes – ALL of their honeymoon scenes have been just remarkable! From the playful “I’ll go with Option 4” scenes today, to the really sweet, “I’m impressed…and in love” scenes we got last week, and everything in between stuff like, “You’ve been dominoed!”, Jason and Sam have proven to me that the escapism of soaps is still alive and well. While watching them do just about nothing, but have so much fun doing it, I forget about everything else that’s worrying me, pressing me, or perplexing me during that glorious hour! That is exactly what soaps are about – an escape!

Jason has been attentive, indulgent, and completely romantic and dreamy! Even with the shirts, he was willing to do whatever Sam wanted, just to make her happy, even before he knew that she would give in and take it off of him. *thud* It’s as if since Sam became his wife, Jason looks at Sam, is reminded of how much he loves her, and thinks, How Can One Refuse?

Dear Garin Wolf and Writing Team, I love this Jason! Maybe even more than the new Mrs. Morgan! Whatever the changes are, can we keep this part of Mr. Morgan? Even after the honeymoon is over, can we keep the honeymoon Jason who longs to give his bride anything and everything just to make her smile? We are tuning in to see the romance, and the love, the laughter, and the meaningful moments between them.How Can One Refuse?

We all needed this time for JaSam. The fans who’ve waited years to finally have Jason and Sam focus on their relationship, instead of everyone else’s relationships, and everyone else’s kids! Jason needed this. This time to be whatever Sam wants and needs, because she has always been that for him. And Sam not only needed this, she is more deserving of this attention and happiness than anyone else I can think of in Port Charles! I want her to have it, and I don’t want anyone or anything to take it from her!

Not even Franco.

Still believing in JaSam’s Love,



Take a moment and let TPTB know that The Morgans are so sweet, and fun, and LIGHT! Let them know they are the highlight of the episode, the sunshine in your sky, and the reason you tune in! And then…let them know you want MORE Morgans!

Please? With sugar on top?



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6 responses

  1. Carol

    Thanks once again for showing me that even the few minutes we get of Jasam makes up for all the boring and uninteresting characters that seem to get most of the airtime. Like you, I am amazed at how gh viewers can say that JaSam hog the show. I am just loving this time they have together because we all know it wont last. Not only Franco but now Carly has to join them on their honeymoon.

    October 11, 2011 at 6:39 am

  2. samjase

    First…I hope all goes well with your mother, and that she will have a full and speedy recovery.
    Your blog is just a joy to read. Your insight, your humor, your opinions are so enjoyable. Thank you.
    Jasam! Wow! What a fantastic couple they are. Stelly…they bring the humor, romance, adventure and emotion to their characters in a way that is so believable..I sometimes think they don’t use a script.
    I am looking forward to the continuation of the DYNAMIC DUO of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan.

    October 11, 2011 at 8:59 am

  3. Christie

    I hope your Mom is doing well. I agree with your comment in regards to Richard’s from SID. Jasam had 6 minutes yesterday at the most while Dante and Lulu have been on a lot. Though in fairness during wedding week we got a lot of Jasam and not much of Dante and Lulu. I think what I would like to see is an equal balance of air time for all characters. Thank you for your blog!

    October 11, 2011 at 10:13 am

  4. SamJasonsHeart

    Aloha Bella

    How is your Mom feeling today.. are the pain meds keeping her comfortable?
    Have you finally managed to get some sleep? If not go to bed!

    Jasam Morgan.. I would love to see them on my screen at all times however I know that is not possible as other stories have to be told. So all I can say is I am happy to see them on my screen no matter how short their time is.. I can’t complain about anything when it comes to Jasam and their lack of screen time. They are finally Mr & Mrs Morgan and that is what is most important to me. My babies are married!!

    So when ever I am missing Mr & Mrs Morgan I will turn to YouTube and bask in the beauty of all that is JaSam.. the most amazing couple on daytime!

    I love you!

    October 11, 2011 at 1:45 pm

  5. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers! I will also agree Jason and Sam are Married and thats what we have waited for,for almost 8years! I have Loved every scene they have been in since they got married. It has shown a side to jason that has absolutely melts my heart. Whether the scenes have been long or short Steve and Kelly have made us believe in their Love! I too wish they would leave this Jason as his prominent self and to the other parts that make Jason/Jason make them secondary! I have wanted this for them both for so long especially for Sam.
    Honeymoon Jason……….Classic
    You’ve been Dominoed…….Classic
    I allready have what I want……..Classic
    Come here…………………..Classic
    I could never leave you………..Classic
    Every time I think about having your Baby my heart melts……..Classic
    I don’t know why we were lucky enough to find our way back to each other,but it was a Gift!!!…………………….Classic
    Jason and Sam and their relationship is just that Classic and they make my day every time!
    Angelique hope you and your family are doing ok! Thanks for your words and perspective!

    October 11, 2011 at 8:44 pm

  6. Traveler

    Thanks for the Great Blog!!
    Its like all my JaSam Dreams are coming true. I am enjoying every second of this Honeymoon!! I cant remember the last time anyone on GH even had a Honeymoon much less one as great as the Morgans have been getting!! For us JaSammers we can never get enough. But what we are getting has exceeded my expectations!! I will hold tight to these memories as Franco makes his way into the next JaSam S/L.

    Wishing you and your Mom well… xoxoxo

    October 11, 2011 at 11:05 pm

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