Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Good morning, GHers!

I’ve been thinking…

If ABC really understood exactly just how much viewers count on General Hospital, One Life To Live, or even All My Children, for God’s sake, for an hour of escapism, they would use that to get advertisers on board instead of those stupid and outdated Nielsen ratings! And ABC soaps would live on forever…

I can only hope you guys understand just how much I count on you to provide me with the added bonus of a couple more hours of escapism, because the time I take to discuss GH and all of our favorites with you has saved me, on more occasions than I can count, from real life and all of the things about it that give me anxiety!

So, as you read today’s post, know that you are actually performing a public service! 😉

Counting on people is something that never used to come naturally to me. In fact, there were times in my life where I would actually be really angry with myself if I caught myself counting on anyone for anything! To me, it was a weakness, and one I couldn’t afford!

It took a long time to turn that around, and it took a lot of patient, loving people who were willing to stick it out with me, while I slowly put down my suspicions and low expectations. Only the strong survived, believe you me!


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I imagine that’s the reason I have such a hard time writing Sonny off completely. Sonny’s that way, too. He always expects the worst in people, and as a result, usually ends up getting just that from them. What Sonny doesn’t get yet is that when we expect the worst of people, we are usually giving our worst to them, and rarely leave them with another option. Sonny finds it so hard to count on people, unless they are the women he’s sleeping with, and then he counts on them too much, and ends up disappointed and back at the end of the healing line all over again. (Such as with Brenda.) What a vicious cycle! I know that it seems so dysfunctional for Sonny to be leaning on Kate when Brenda’s scent can still be picked up, but this is what Sonny does. What I am not sure of is what Kate does in these situations. I can’t seem to make her out. I said before that when someone is as suspicious as Sonny, only the stong will survive, or even want to stick around. I got the distinct impression last time Kate tangled with Sonny that she wasn’t one of the strong who could survive. She seemed to fade out of his life the way my tan is starting to fade heading into October – wake up one day, and it’s just gone! Perhaps she learned something over the past couple of years that she thinks equips her for another round with Sonny, but if I were Sonny, I would have to see proof before taking another chance. I do believe that what Kate wants is to open up to Sonny, and say, “Count on me,” but maybe she can’t even count on herself to feel the same way tomorrow.

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Poor Dante (pay attention because I don’t usually feel much sympathy for him). He is drifting in and out of consciousness, fighting for his life, and the last time he was awake for more than a few seconds, he was begging Lulu for an answer to his proposal, and still didn’t get it. That’s really gotta suck. I wonder if Lulu has noticed that she is sending more mixed signals to Dante than an out-of-order traffic light. One minute she can’t be with him, and needs a break, and the very next she’s dressing up in a ridiculous outfit and scary hair, and crying black tears all over him. What’s it going to be, Lulu? If I were Olivia, and I knew that Lulu had broken my son’s heart by turning down his proposal, just hours before he was nearly shot to death, her ass would be sitting in the waiting room – and not even the one for family. How can Lulu really expect Dante to wake up and believe her when she says, “Count on me” to get you through it, when anything and everything that seems to hint at a rough patch has sent her running for the hills in the past? Beats me.

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You know, I need the number of Shawn’s psychiatrist because I need the meds he’s on. Being locked in that panic room with no ventilation for even five minutes would have sent me into a full-blown panic attack. Someone would have had to yank a bag of Vicodin out of that ventilation system just to put me down. Not Shawn. He was cool, calm, and condescending to Carly, which is quite impressive under those conditions. I love that not even under duress did Shawn allow Carly to railroad him – that is not an easy thing to avoid with her. His resistance is not just impressive to me, believe me. The message Shawn was sending Carly was you can “Count on me”, and in Jason’s absence, that’s exactly what Carly is searching for.  Someone might want to tell Shawn he may want to consider having a breakdown…

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Trust me, I am so glad that Jason is far away in Hawaii during this warehouse shooting incident, or he’d be pulled into it up to his ears. However, I do wish that someone up that chain of Mob command would get a glimpse of Michael breaking down, because then the endless conversation about him joining the family business would be over! For good. I mean, can you imagine Michael trying to say to Jason or Sonny, “Count on me” to take care of things, when he is crying at the first shooting he stumbled upon? What would have happened if Michael had witnessed the shooting? Or had to shoot back in his own defense? Too bad the only one seeing him this way is Abby. Chances are she’s not going to say a word about it to anyone. Too bad.

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Jason and Sam have finally arrived in Hawaii!

Let’s take a moment to absorb that.

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That scene where Jason scoops Sam up as if she was weightless, and carries her over the threshold to their honeymoon home was adorable! Hearing Jason say, “Welcome to Hawaii, Mrs. Morgan” was absolute perfection!

It made me think of Mr. Rourke on Fantasy Island!


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I guess when you arrive in Paradise in the middle of the night, without much sleep over the past several days and a lot of physical activity, *wink wink* it makes you a bit…reflective???

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I totally got that being in Hawaii, after another brain surgery and a near death experience, would take Sam right back to the nightmare she lived through back in 2005, when she thought she was spending her last moments with Jason. I really did. I even got that the past few days have been really, really emotional for Sam and Jason, and I guess that is what sent Sam on that gloomy “What If?” journey.

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However, I’ve gotta give it to Jason. He never forgets that all of this happiness must really scare the hell out of Sam, and he immediately reached out, took her on his lap, and reassured her. Kudos to Jason for trying to keep her in the moment.

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It didn’t take long for Sam to start wondering once again, and she worried that if Jason had woken up with all of his Quartermaine memories, and turned out to want to be a doctor, then he probably wouldn’t want a wife like her. *cue foreboding soundtrack* I am going to tell you that once again, Jason earned points with me for his response to Sam, “Would you rather be with a doctor?”

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That seemed to shock our girl right back to where she needed to be – on her honeymoon, enjoying the man she loves. THANK GOODNESS! Sam was able to get back to a place where she had to believe in what she has with Jason, as scary as all of this happiness is to her. I loved that Sam didn’t mind showing her vulnerability when she told Jason that she never let herself count on anyone, until him.

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I loved even more that Jason couldn’t hide his vulnerability if he tried, when he admitted to her that he counted on her, too.

So powerful!

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It’s important that Jason and Sam take this time, before Franco, to look each other in the eyes, and say, “Count on me.”

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They are going to need to count on each other to get through whatever comes next. They are going to have to count on each other to bring the other back from whatever hell Franco drives them to. They are going to have to count on each other to find their way back to each other, regardless of the twists and turns life (and the writers) have in store for them.

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Jason and Sam have found their way back to each other each time their love has been tested…or even misplaced. Not even losing any memory of her was enough to keep Jason from loving Sam. Not even Sam forgetting who she really was enabled her to forget why she loved Jason.

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 Their love has already demonstrated the characteristics of the Dragon and his Phoenix. Their love has already proven itself to be as strong and durable as the lugnut. Their love has already shown its capability to find their way back, just like that compass. Their love has been the thing that lies beneath, no matter what happens, just like the love that kept their wedding rings on the fingers of Lila and Alan for so many years.

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Whatever comes next, we have to count on their LOVE just as much as they are going to have to count on it. We also have to count on each other for reminders, for pep talks, and for smacks upside the head. 😉

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We were told by Mr. Wolf not to assume anything. The fact that there has seemingly been this much foreshadowing only makes me believe that I should not assume that which appears to be obvious.


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Instead, I will enjoy all of the sweet honeymoon scenes, like the one after their apparent lovemaking, where Jason puts his shirt back on, then walks up to, and kisses a lingerie-clad Sam, and tells her he loves her so much.


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I will enjoy the moments like today’s, where I hear Stone Cold wondering aloud why they were lucky enough to get a second chance, and that it is a gift.


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I am going to focus on the fact that Jason seems determined to keep his promises to his wife…like his promise that they would watch the sunrise in Hawaii.


I love kept promises!


Let’s stay in Paradise for the time being, friends.

Mr. & Mrs. Morgan can count on me…can they count on you?

Much love,



I hope that everyone took the time to thank the writers and TPTB for taking us along on this long anticipated Morgan Honeymoon!

I believe now, more than ever, our positivity and gratitude is needed as a guiding light for those making decisions for our soap.

Be honest, be gracious, be positive. Let’s enjoy each of JaSam’s moments as they are happening.

Let’s leave tomorrow’s worries for tomorrow…or next month. Let’s take in right now. We’ve waited too long to let is pass us by while we are focusing on something else…

And the only thing we need to know about Franco is that he’s an Oscar-nominated movie star who took the time to film with Steve & Kelly, and that the material was “intense”.

I really wish more of us appreciated James Franco for that. He’s not on Y&R!

Take a moment and let TPTB know that you are excited about Jason and Sam’s story, and confident that they will come together and overcome WHATEVER comes their way!

Please? With sugar on top?



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4 responses

  1. SamJasonsHeart

    Welcome to paradise Mr & Mrs Morgan.. now if only they were really here.. I would be stalking them like Franco!
    That’s all I got, I haven’t watched todays epi yet.

    Smack upside the head.. stll laughing.. oh how I love you! ❤

    October 4, 2011 at 5:16 am

  2. Carol

    JaSam Morgan can count on me. I know they are going to have big bumps in the road ahead, but I know their love will survive it all and bring them even closer. I just hate to see them go thru anymore pain right when they have found each other again.

    October 4, 2011 at 9:17 am

  3. alwaysaromantic

    Angelique you are always my”slap on my head”! I have never thought I could be so Happy with the Turn of Events these past weeks when it comes to our Jason and Sam. I am still giddy with joy! Now I need to release again! I realize that this a soap opera “the Good ,the bad and the Francos. And i understand its a privledge that James Franco wants to appear on GH. He has a connection to GH like so many of us have! But Jason and Sam just got married.They both are realizing how much they really mean to each other. It has not even been a month and here we go! Hawaii is there place it has been since the 1st time they went there. How many times and some of there greatest moments have they drawn back to Hawaii and its wonderful memories. Its those memories that I DO NOT want tarnished! Not by Franco or anyone else! Hawaii is just to special for them both. Your Blog today calmed down and I am hoping to just the s/l tell on its own. Thank goodness for YT anytime I need a jasam fix its right there with SO many choices. Your perspective is so appreciated,Thank You!

    October 4, 2011 at 8:16 pm

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for another wonderful Blog!!
    You and The Morgans can count on me!! Stelly does it all so great.. Love, Angst and everything in between. I have no doubt Stelly will rock our JaSam in whatever comes their way…

    October 4, 2011 at 11:17 pm

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