Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching



First and foremost, I would like to thank Becky, (@SamJasonsHeart) for staying up with me all night, texting back and forth, while watching and rewatching those JaSam scenes, while we waited for the screen caps to post. Since it’s now 8:00 a.m. here and 2:00 a.m. in Hawaii, and there are still no screen caps, we gave it up and I decided to post without the caps. I’m so sorry.

What we did find out is that we might have had a career in sportscasting. We analyzed every move, angle, slide…well, you get the idea. 



Before we get into The Morgans, let me ask?


I haven’t posted this week, as I made a really stupid choice during an appointment on Monday,because I am still trying to prove to myself that I am not disabled. During an evaluation, I tried to prove that I could do just about anything they asked. The end result was that I was in tears by the time I left, and by the time I got home, I could barely move without screaming out in pain. It was a mission (a very loud one) to just get out of the car and up my front steps! Needless to say, my hubby was not very happy with me, it took everything I had to not cry in front of my kids and scare them, and I always feel like crap when my movement is restricted as much as it’s been this week – it was hard even to sit up. I end up feeling a little down as well…isolating and just wanting to cry.It wasn’t a good week at all.


Because they have the power to heal!

I kid you not. I hadn’t felt as good or as positive as I felt today after GH, since before my appointment on Monday! I even thought for a moment that the pain was gone – that just goes to show the power of endorphins! 😉

I am not sure how long each of you have individually been fans of our favorite pairing, but I suspect that this is, hands down, the most exciting time for us as fans.


They got married…on their terms, in the way they wanted – just the two of them, and surrounded by over 100 years, and three Lifetimes Of Love. 

First, Mr & Mrs. Ye’s fifty years were impressed upon them and probably served as the catalyst  for how “right” it felt to be married right then and there.

Then, Jason placed Lila’s ring on Sam’s finger, with the full force of the 50+ years of true and abiding love that Lila and Edward shared behind it.

Lastly, Sam placed Alan’s wedding ring on Jason’s finger, and while their relationship was certainly flawed, Alan and Monica shared many highs and lows throughout their lives, but love was the one constant, and it kept them together, until death did they part.

Add to that the fact that they stood together, not just as Jason and Sam, but as the Dragon and his Phoenix, with all of the beautiful, significant symbolism behind them, and perfect doesn’t seem to do it all justice.

As icing on the wedding cake, Jason and Sam actually showed up at the church, shared a celebratory reception with their loved ones, and danced the night away in each others’ arms, while everyone, including us, basked in the sparkly glow of their incredible connection. *sigh*

I feel as though Jason and Sam have nowhere to go but … Love. 

And wouldn’t that be something? If we finally had a couple, who not only married, but actually made it work…because of LOVE?

In real life, Marriage takes commitment and love, yes. Those are givens. But marriage also takes effort, and diligence, and patience. It takes forgiveness, and it takes asking for forgiveness. It’s not as easy as saying, “I Do”, and consummating the vows (though I am so thankful we got to watch Jason and Sam consummate theirs!) 😉

But dammit, Marriage is also an accomplishment. When asked about my greatest accomplishments someday, I hope my children will always know that I considered my marriage one of my greatest, along with raising three amazing kids. Every year that we get to celebrate another year of wedded bliss, I feel as though I deserve a curtain call out of the dugout, or a victory lap around the track. Marriage, made a priority, is a success story!

I want that for The Morgans! More than I’ve ever wanted it for any couple, on any soap, ever! Jason and Sam have the magic and the draw to pull it off, and never be boring!

More than that, unlike other couples, Jason and Sam got married for all of the right reasons, and with all of the right expectations: which were to love and care for one another, and to spend the rest of their lives making one another happy. Those are the most noble reasons for marriage! Why not reward them (and us) with success for their efforts!

I do believe we are well on our way, I truly do. Can you imagine the conversation when those in Port Charles get wind of the new Morgan Residence?

“DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS? Jason actually bought the old box cars site, and listen to this – he actually helped build Sam a house! Can you believe it? Can you even imagine it?”J

Friends, I don’t know if you realize just how huge that was!

When Jason told Sam that it was the first place that felt like home, and we had to wait almost half the show to find out exactly what he meant, I was waiting with baited breath! What did that mean? Didn’t you want to know what made Jason even think to get him and Sam a place to call their own, without Spinelli…or Carly…a place Liz won’t come knocking…and without the foot traffic of Grand Central Station that the penthouse gets?

And before any of the haters try and convince you that the boxcar was a place he shared with Robin, and that Liz knew of, let me just say, “AND?” Jason didn’t fix up the boxcar! What he was connected to was the feeling the place gave him…

My heart melted at the thought of Jason seeing the land connected to something that meant something to him bare, of having the idea to build something for him and Sam on it, of him getting his people to do the legwork to purchase it, of hiring the architects, and the builders, and of Jason sneaking away to actually put some work into it himself! All for him and his wife to have a Love Nest for their honeymoon! *tears*

And when Jason finally explained to Sam how it felt there – to not feel trapped, (remember the coma dreams?) but open space and sky, I thought, “Garin Wolf is a freakin’ genius!” You see, Jason doesn’t really have a lot of history to share with Sam. I found it completely ineffable that the writers were not only having Jason share such a deeply meaningful part of his history with Sam, but those writers were also linking that part of his past to his future with Sam, and giving them both something that will someday be part of their own history together.

Jason told Sam that even before there were walls and a bed, he could always sleep there. When Sam suggested that it was because he felt at peace, and safe, Jason agreed, and said, “That’s how I finally feel with you!” God I love metaphors! Especially when they involve Love.

That comparison Jason made between how he felt in that boxcar and how he (finally) feels that way with Sam, was positively sublime, and a perfect ending to their Reception Night. (at least the spoken part of it anyway)


What happened next was just…

Are there even words to describe it?

Let’s take another look, and maybe I can find a few… 

I am not even Catholic, and I had to cross myself.

What, dear Lord, could possibly have been a batter surprise than that?

You see, I will admit, that I was more than pleasantly surprised when Jason and Sam appeared on my screen on Thursday. Perhaps ecstatic would be a better word. I wasn’t expecting them. In fact, I was lying down, comfy enough to sneak in a pain-med induced nap while I supported my favorite soap, even if my favorite couple wasn’t on, because in this day and age, that’s how we must all roll.

However, I must, if I’d like to stay honest, admit that my frustration level was peaking when it seemed as though the rest of their scenes were lost amidst yards and yards of teal fabric, a whole lot of teased hair, and Helena holding a knife to Ethan’s throat. With every segment that went by without our JaSam, the tension in my shoulders kept building. And with every commercial break, my vocabulary needed divine forgiveness. It was not a pretty sight.

Then along came that scene of Jason explaining the house, and what it meant, and what it meant to him to give it to Sam, and suddenly, I was actually sitting up. I literally had to throw off my comfy throw, and within minutes, had to actually turn on the a/c!

That scene was more than HOT, people!

That scene was like a slow dance. It was like sweet torture. It was a sight to behold, and behold, and behold again. (I’ve watched at least 40 times since then)

More than that, that love scene was fueled by the overwhelming force of Jason’s love for his wife. Not a drunken haze. Not a rebound romp driven by pain and jealousy. Not just lust. It was Love, pure and simple…and pretty damned sexy.

There were so many things to love about that love scene, other than the obvious, which was the absolute beauty of both Steve and Kelly.

I loved the way Jason took the lead and danced Sam around the room, backing her into furniture, and absolutely needing to touch her. Whoa! *using my new JaSam Chinese fan to cool off*

The way Jason and Sam kissed reminded me of so many fabulous moments over the years, like the “What will our children be like?” kiss, the desk kiss, and the Mexico kiss. It felt like one giant kiss, made up of a bunch of our favorite kisses from all these years, and topped off with a new hotness that can only come from knowing you truly belong to one another.

I was also momentarily kept from being swallowed up by the hotness, and was reminded of the emotion of it all when Sam took a moment and walked away, because the Sam we know still struggles with the idea that perfect happiness can really be hers. She needed a second to take it all in and process it. It was authentic Sam, and I applaud the writers for that. I’ve known that scary feeling of thinking I am “too happy”, and so I actually got choked up as I watched her try to tamp it down. Epic. 

I also loved that Jason didn’t crowd her. Jason has always been so in tune with what Sam needs from him, and even though we could all tell how hard it was (pardon the pun), he kept his feet planted where they were until Sam let him know she was ready for more. (Weren’t we all ready for more?)

Oh Lord…there were so many outstanding moments in that scene: Like the way Jason looks at Sam from head to toe as she removes her shirt. And the way he had to take a steadying breath when it came off. The way he licked his lips when Sam turned to face him… I could barely take it all in.

The way Sam looks at him, and the way he closes his eyes before taking off his own shirt….so hot. *fans quickly*

And what about the way Sam stares at him after, as if to say, “Come get me, because I’m not sure I can move, and I don’t think my legs can hold me up much longer.” (or maybe that’s just what I would be thinking if those blue eyes were staring back at me in that state of mutual undress) And just like he always does, Jason swoops in just when Sam needs him most, and sweeps her very literally, and very sexily, off her feet!

I am not sure about you, but it made me downright giddy that Jason had a hand in making sure that there was a bed, and big, plumpy pillows, (and a strategically placed mirror) at the little house off the country road, where he “hoped to spend their wedding night.” That goes beyond romance, and Jason reminds me once again, that when it comes to Sam, he always goes beyond.

When they were on their bed (oh, how I love the sound of that) I loved the way he was standing behind her, kissing her. It was sexy and new, and it felt so genuinely passionate, I almost averted my eyes. 😉

And when Sam turned to face him, and her hands skimmed the waist of his jeans? I think I got goosebumps!

Those were the absolute hottest three seconds on daytime television, because it was at that moment I forgot how to breathe. Yes. Forgot. As in couldn’t take a breath. 

I loved the way she kissed the spot over his heart, because we know she can feel it with hers (so beautiful!) And the way he held her and closed his eyes, as she kept on kissing him? Sweet heavens. There was a moment where Jason was unsteady on his feet,and swayed backward a step, and that was my undoing. It was proof positive that they were completely in the moment, and totally into each other. The way he took her down made me think of out-of-body experiences, and made me grateful on their behalf that there didn’t seem to be any neighbors nearby.

Could you imagine the gossip if there were? “DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS…THEIR FIRST NIGHT HERE?”


Most of all, those scenes made me wish that General Hospital was two hours long, because I wanted so much more!


They put the HONEY in Honeymoon!



11 responses

  1. SamJasonsHeart

    Aloha Babe..

    How much fun was tonight.. I enjoyed every second of our hours of texting.. we will have to do it again. I wish the caps had come up but after watching it so many times that I lost count.. I could see every move, touch, look and breathless scene as I read your blog.

    Oh how we analyzed every detail.. there is not one single second it that amazingly hot love scene that we don’t know intimately. We may have missed our calling.. maybe your beloved sports team will let us call a game 🙂

    Love every single word you wrote tonight.. as for what I thought about the beauty that graced our screen today.. well *grin*

    The love between Sam and Jason is epic, their story is epic and the scenes were epic.. they left me breathless!
    I am sure everyone has now heard about The Morgans.. never thought I could love Sam and Jason more than I do.. I am so in love with The Morgans! No other wedding or honeymoon can ever compare to theirs!!

    I Love You More!

    September 30, 2011 at 7:52 am

  2. Trini

    Not disabled but differently abled and thank God… a more perfect blog. I can’t add anything. Except Cheers to Steve and Kelly for bringing us MR AND MRS MORGAN

    September 30, 2011 at 8:14 am

  3. Thank you for the fabulous blogpost. I´m so happy you got to forget about your pain for a minute or two. 🙂 JaSam always delivers. 😉

    Wow, wow, wow! Yesterdays JaSam scenes were INCREDIBLE! I think I was most blown away by the ending. Jason burying his head in Sam’s neck kissing here there, while they held hands, bodies entwined and the lyrics of the song. So much love I couldn´t even breath! Stelly chemistry was off the charts filming this. Wowza!!!

    September 30, 2011 at 8:47 am

  4. samjase


    DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OFF TO HAWAII!!! ALOHA!

    September 30, 2011 at 10:29 am

  5. SamFan

    Awesome post. you are so observant.

    September 30, 2011 at 11:11 am

  6. Mirror??? There was a mirror??? Will have to look again….all I could see were our beautiful couple, and it felt almost intrusive to watch. Kelly and Steve were sensational.
    So is Mr. Wolf for his attention to history and detail. I hope, as SB has mentioned, that they go on together, ala “the notebook”, for a lifetime of love. Thanks…and please, feel better dear friend.

    September 30, 2011 at 12:10 pm

  7. Hey Angelique, I have screencaps done… I did them yesterday as soon as the JaSam scenes went up. I figured gh-caps would be late as usual getting them up so I do my own now! Do you have FaceBook?

    I LOVE this post! I sat staring at the tv with my jaw on the floor at the beauty of my babies yesterday and rewatching their scenes! They are pure sexiness and Jason licking his lips and Steve checking himself because Sam/Kelly is so hot made it even hotter!!!! Thanks for another great post!

    September 30, 2011 at 1:51 pm

  8. Traveler

    Welcome back.. I have missed you this week!! Sorry to hear you were not up to your normal self…
    Did I hear about the Morgans you ask!! Not only did I hear about the Morgans, I have watched and gloried in every second of them!!
    These past few months I cant even count the times I’ve said.. “Stelly/JaSam just cant get any better”!! But boy was I wrong. Day after Day, Scene after Scene, They just get better and better!!!
    I am over the moon in love with GH/Stelly/JaSam!! Just when I didnt think I could love them more.. The Morgans prove that there is so much more to love!!

    September 30, 2011 at 3:43 pm

  9. Alex

    Loving this week. It was great! I’ve forwarded the scene from yesterday to everyone that I knew who would enjoy it and they sure did. 😉 That was so HAWT!! Love your blog. Trying not to let the Haters bring my down from the stars. They get me so irritated sometimes.

    September 30, 2011 at 4:16 pm

  10. alwaysaromantic

    Angelique I missed you! I am glad you and your family are ok! I had been looking for our
    “Lady of Words” to share in ALL of this JOY! I wish I could fine my own words to express how GH has turned the Corner in such a magnificent way! I cannot stop smiling! When Spinelli and Alexis gave their TOAST i was totally shocked! I expected Spinelli to be Gracious BUT Alexis, not in a million years! And just when I thought Jason and Sam could not COMPLETELY TAKE MY BREATH AWAY again in the same week no less!They made me almost stop breathing! The details you wrote today I feel you I did the same thing! If I tallied how many times I watched that seen yesterday most people would think it strange. But guess what I could care less!It was a wonderful scene to watch!
    I knew something was going to take place because of the date. 9/29/09 was the “non wedding,Maxie and Spinelli and I am sure we all remember that Love Scene with Jason and Sam. That was a great scene also totally unexpected but yesterday……..WOW! When I called the GH comment line I could barely speak but I do recall saying Thank You over and over again to everyone especially the GH writers. Thank You to all Jasammers for hanging there boy did it pay off! Thank You Angelique for Starting this Blog your insight always makes my day! It trully is the Beauty of GH!

    September 30, 2011 at 8:51 pm

  11. stephanie Hernandez

    Wow…its how I felt watching them!!

    October 1, 2011 at 12:01 pm

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