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“Just You And Me”…

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Happy Hump Day, GHers!

How are you all doing? Happy and Hopeful, is my hope! JaSam Wedding Week is underway! How can we possibly be anything else?


Have you noticed that everyone else in Port Charles took their cue from our beautiful JaSam on Tuesday? How? It seems that everyone decided to have some “Just You and Me” time as well. Different people and different situations, yes, but definitely some one-on-one time was had between lots of people in PC!

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Carly is probably one lonely chick these days. She’s gone from having a FULL HOUSE, to it being just her and Josslyn. Now I know Carly always wanted a baby girl, but come on – we also know that Carly can only thrive on male attention. Which is why she was totally lovin’ that “Just You and Me” time with Shawn! Carly is one of those women who needs to feel needed – and she’ll take the sexual need whenever she can! I am not 100% sure where this relationship with Shawn is going, but I get the feeling  it’s gonna get going pretty quickly!

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Too bad that when Sonny needs someone to reel him in the most, Carly does NOT want to feel needed by Sonny! Sonny’s reckless rampage continues, and there is no one to shoot him in the ass with a tranquilizer dart! Those who are around him either fail to see just how much he needs that dart, or don’t get to see him at his “best”? Just when you think Sonny cannot possibly find anyone else to threaten or terrorize, he shows us just how imaginative that crazy little brain of his can be! Sonny kinda forced Dr. Matt Hunter into some “Just You and Me” time because suddenly, Sonny is under the impression that spinal cord injury surgery is an exact science, and wants to hold Matt personally responsible for what he thinks is wrong with Kristina. Oh, Sonny. You are going to be solely responsible for getting the GH staff to remove themselves from Kristina’s health care plan’s HMO. Luckily for Matt, Big Brother Patrick was around for the save. Patrick has had it *up to here* with Sonny and his craziness, and got in his face! One would think it might prompt Patrick to get Sonny under some kind of supervision – whether it’s medical, or of the law enforcement kind, but I guess we’ll have to keep hoping.

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Ah, well, we are finally seeing something that we may have failed to see the first time Kate and Sonny were an item. She obviously has some homeopathic affect on Sonny, and all she has to do is paint him in an”airbrushed” light for Kristina, and suddenly, he is calmer, more reasonable, and even rather poetic. Hmmm. Kate scheduled some “Just You and Me” time with her could’ve-been stepdaughter, and after a Crimson bag full of goodies, and a few well-timed words about Sonny, Kristina was willing to not only let Sonny visit, but tell her his own bedtime story, involving a moon, God’s existence, and the power of love. Wow. Kate was also able to inspire Sonny to find Matt and apologize. Now maybe Kate can could drop some italian bread crumbs as she leads Sonny to the Pysch Ward, where she can also get him to commit himself for treatment. Oh well, one can dream, no?

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I wish I had Maxie’s number. If I did, I would have called her during her argument with Liz to warn her that Liz might already be setting her sights on Matt. There really was no need to egg her on. You see, poor Siobhan is dead and gone. That, in and of itself, has removed the “Forever Love” appeal of being with Lucky that Liz was throwing in the poor girl’s face during her last days on earth. Already, Lucky seemed less attractive to Liz. She never, ever really wants a man who is available to her. Add to that the fact that Maxie challenged her ability to snag Matt, and Liz’s competitive juices are flowing. It’s the equivalent of a killer-instinct in Liz. If unavailable men are attractive to Liz, men who are already involved with other women are just plain irresistible! Most of you know that the one thing about Liz that has always driven me the most mad, has been her perpetual artifice around men. While Matt examined Maxie and Spin, and then went to tend to Liz’s boob-boo *puke*, Liz put on her aura of innocence. Yet, the minute she caught a glimpse of Maxie’s irritation with Matt’s attention of Liz, up went her eyebrows, and out came her smirk at Maxie, sending the silent message: “Wait here, while you man and I share a little “Just You and Me” time.” I have never had the experience of having to deal with a Liz type personally, but I have known a few. It has been a total Divine Intervention that I’ve never had to deal with one, because that moment right there would have turned me into a Carly/Sonny hybrid, and I would have mopped the entire hospital floor with Liz. I just cannot stand her, or her fake holy madonna persona, and I cannot help but lose a little respect for every man who fails to see this side of her. What a great time for Lucky to finally find his equilibrium – while aiming for the bad guy. Damn.

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My Johnny crush picked up steam during Tuesday’s show as he was in Hot Mobster Mode! John borrowed Jason’s all black uniform and took to the streets like an outlaw superhero picking up his dad’s mess under the cloak of darkness. I loved that John decided to have some serious “Just You and Me” time with his father’s croanies, and not only did he talk…but he took some definitive action! John is cleaning up the streets of Port Charles all by himself! Love it! That slimy JT and that even slimier Trujillo had it coming! John showed them he doesn’t play games, OR issue empty threats. How sexy was that? And if that wasn’t enough, he then met up with Papa Z for some special “Just You and Me” time of their own.  It was kinda cool to see Anthony caught off-guard and left guessing for once, and when he asked John is he could have his steak back, and John shoved the bread and water in front of him, and told him to get used to it? That was AWESOME! I dare Sonny to try slapping Johnny around when he’s like this!

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Of course, the original reference to “Just You and Me” was made by Jason, and then Sam, in a very sweet, and very much appreciated by this fan, nod to their beautiful and romantic history, and theme song.

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Jason and Sam were all kinds of adorable, weren’t they?

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From Jason trying to tell Sam that he wasn’t leaving the hospital, while she, in classic Sam form, rambled on and on, to watching his vulnerability as he confessed that he was practicing his walk down the aisle, they made my heart smile!

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May I just say that I have watched lots of people on lots of soaps try and pull off that both-people-talking-at-the-same-time-while-making-total-sense thing, and really, no one does it well as Steve and Kelly, because I really tried to hear them both! What each of them was trying to say mattered to me!

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That’s not the only thing they do so well, either, folks. Jason and Sam have the ability to make me as a view feel like I truly am sharing in their “Just You and Me” time. Those moments in the hospital room, where Jason and Sam laughed, but shared their concerns about the wedding felt intimate and real. It was amazingly sweet that Jason knows what Sam’s looks mean, and vice versa.

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Was I the only one who got teary hearing Jason talk about what happened after Sonny and Brenda’s wedding, and hearing him sound as though the heart he keeps under all of that hard muscle is surprisingly still fragile after he almost lost his Fair Samantha? I love to see Jason struggle with the amount of emotion that Sam inspires in him, even if it makes me struggle to not cry.

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And Sam reassuring him that everything would be okay before they kissed just makes me want to shout from the rooftops…and the comment lines, and the radio waves, that I just love Jason and Sam’s magic so freakin’ much! (We’ll come back to that in a moment!)

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It was clear to me today that no matter what comes at Jason and Sam before their wedding, they are committed to handling it together, to overcoming it together, and to sharing the rest of their lives together! Is there a better way to start their lives together?

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When Spin and Maxie came in and told them that they’d lost the engagement ring again, I got the feeling that Jason and Sam were more upset about the tedium of dealing with Maxie’s excuses than the loss of the “material thing” itself. Which reminds me of the first time Jason proposed, and apologized to Sam for not having a ring. Back then, she said a ring didn’t matter.

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She said she had him, and she had his love, and that was enough for her.

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After all of these years, after all they’ve faced, been through, and overcome, I believe Sam still feels the same way, if not stronger.

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She has Jason. She has his love. She’ll soon have his last name, and a future with him. A ring is just one symbol of their love. The greatest symbols of their love have been its endurance, strength, and its long memory.

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Surely another symbol of their great love is our commitment to supporting them.

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Rather than being upset about the so-not-surprising email campaign the “other side” launched on Garf’s radio show, why not decide to be pro-active? Early this (Wednesday) morning, Kelly will call into his show. Why not send in your own questions for Kelly? We don’t all need to send in the same question, as if there is only one thing we could possibly ask, as they did. We can ask her dozens of positive things, such as:

“How satisfying is it to finally be able to give the multitude of JaSam fans the Love Story they’ve been waiting for?”

“What was your absolute favorite part of the wedding ceremony JaSam shared?”

And so many more possibilities! Think! Ask away! Send in your questions bright and early to Garf at:

You can also call in at 10:10 am (CST) while Kelly is on the show at 713-212-5950…

Or, go to his facebook link and leave your positive comments and total support for Kelly and JaSam here:

We cannot get upset about him reading comments from the other side if we’re not providing some of our own, my friends! PLEASE, for the love of JaSam, BE POSITIVE and SUPPORTIVE!

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Just remember what Jason said to Sam: “All that really matters is just you and me.”

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Let’s focus, let’s get involved for our couple, and let’s keep our eyes on the prize!

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Most importantly, let’s refuse to drag the clouds into our JaSam Happy Place!

It’s JaSam Wedding Week! Let’s celebrate…and as Sam said to Jason, “Whatever happens, let’s tune everybody else out.”



Much JaSam Love,



Take a moment and let TPTB know that instead of trying to get people to BLACKOUT GH, you do everything you can to get people to tune in and enjoy JaSam, and LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON!


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  1. SamJasonsHeart

    Wonderful blog as always and with nothing to add as you said it all and so beautifuly.. all I have is..
    EEEEEEEEE.. We are one day closer.. so excited.. that is all!

    Love you!

    September 21, 2011 at 2:31 am

  2. Carol

    Loved the blog and everyone needs to send a question to Kelly!

    September 21, 2011 at 8:18 am

  3. Alex

    I sent an email. I also sent a wedding card. Love your blog.

    September 21, 2011 at 9:30 am

    • Hi, Alex!
      Thanks! That makes me smile!
      And thanks for reading!

      September 21, 2011 at 10:32 pm

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for another great blog!!
    Im just loving GH and ESPECIALLY our JaSam these days!! Steve and Kelly are totally bringing it for our JaSam!!

    September 21, 2011 at 7:21 pm

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