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“Did I Hear You Correctly?”

All caps credited to I am always thankful for what they do!

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With all of the conversation that went on in Port Charles this past week, it was sometimes incredible to believe what was coming out of the mouths of some people. It kinda had everyone asking, “Did I Hear You Correctly?”

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Carly must either be the nicest ex-boss in town, or she’s looking for a little somethin’ somethin’ to distract her from…I don’t know, since it doesn’t seem that Carly is doing much of anything these days. Anyway, she lets herself into Shawn’s room, starts rifling through his stuff, and is caught completely by surprise by Shawn’s half naked “Can I help you find something?” Ummm, Shawn, perhaps you missed how quickly Carly processed that question in her mind, while her eyes took in every bare inch of you. That was a loaded question asked of Carly, if I ever heard one. We could just see Carly’s brain asking,“Did I Hear You Correctly?” Apparently, seeing Shawn only in his towel is enough to render Carly speechless, if only for a moment. (It sends others running to Kinkos, but that’s another story. 😉 )

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Good old Cuz Olivia just found out that Sonny is one marble away from having lost them all, and she jumps right into action. Did she call her son, Dante, the cop, and Sonny’s eldest son, who might be able to fight Sonny on his refusing medical help? No. Did she call Carly, her gal pal and boss, and mother of his boys? Nope. Did she call Diane, his attorney to perhaps mention that she should probably check in on Sonny? Uh uh. Instead, Olivia went to ol’ Connie Falconeri. You know, Kate. The one Sonny swore was his soul mate and then attempted to make his lawfully wedded wife a few years ago, before he found his other soul mate, and took his awfully wedded wife, Brenda. The same one he cut out of his life time and time again, the last time being when he told her off for keeping the secret about Dominic/Dante from him. Yeah, that Connie. Olivia had the thought that maybe Connie’s love could save him. Yet Kate, who refuses to answer to the name, Connie, turned and looked at Olivia like she was nuts. As if to say,  “Did I Hear You Correctly?” I was with Kate on this one. What Sonny needs here is a mental health facility, NOT another woman!

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Meanwhile, Sonny is across town summoning Shawn, so that not only could he pay him off, but get him out of town, and off his back as well. This way, Sonny thinks he can just keep acting crazy, and issuing death threats, and starting mob wars, without being watched over. Sonny will always be one of my core GH characters, and I hope he gets it together soon, so that everyone can stop lining up to tell him their truths, I really do. However, that doesn’t change the right here and right now. Sonny can be mean and cruel when he is angry – and when he’s like this – angry and unmedicated, he is brutal. Even more so when he is afraid, and right now, he is terrified, even if he won’t admit it. It’s the only thing that could explain why Sonny would be sitting in his chair in that office, almost taunting Shawn about his PTSD.  Ummm, Sonny? “Did I Hear You Correctly?” People who live in glass mob mansions should NOT throw stones! *shaking my head*

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As if the day Sonny was already having wasn’t bad enough, Sonny walks in to Kristina’s hospital room, where she is recovering from surgery for a head injury, that may have been caused by any number of traumas she’s suffered…just moments after Johnny walked in to check on her. Oh, Lord, that can’t be good, right? You know, I know sometimes he feeds Sonny’s paranoia, but John is a good fella. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If Sonny would just get himself under control, he might be able to see that in him. Any other Mob Prince would have taken advantage of Sonny’s obvious weakness long ago, especially with all of the bullying of John that Sonny has gotten away with. Not John. He really has been committed to keeping the peace, because when it comes down to it, John always thinks about what consequences his actions would have on Sonny’s kids. If only Sonny would try doing just that. Instead, he’s shooting off at the mouth, just in time for Kristina to wake up and hear him making threats against Johnny once more. *sigh* Sonny immediately tries to tell Kristina that Johnny’s leaving, but Kristina tells him she wants him to leave, and Johnny to stay. *ouch* You could just see Sonny’s pain as he seemed to ask her, “Did I Hear You Correctly?” Yes, Sonny, you did hear her correctly. This is what happens when you refuse to stop self-destructing. There is always collateral damage.

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It’s now (finally) a new morning in Port Charles, and our poor Sam is still in the hospital, keeping a careful watch over both her fiance and her sister. While she’s talking to Jason about their wedding, in comes Spinelli, referring to Maxie as Maximista. This is the sign everyone’s been waiting for! Signs that Jackal PI is no more, and their beloved friend is back! Both Jason and Sam want to know… “Did I Hear You Correctly?” because it’s almost too good to be true! Yet, true it is. Spin is back, and he’s got some “dire” news about Maxie and Liz. Neither Jason or Sam think anything is really going on at Luzetta’s because they don’t realize that Spin tipped off Anthony, and for the moment, Spin can’t remember how he figured out the truth. It also seems that he can’t remember how to get the missing $20 million back, either. The one thing he did remember was that the stunning diamond ring he found near the dumpster was the one Jason picked for his gorgeous Fair Samantha. After making Sam avert her gaze, he shows Jason the proof, allowing him a moment of relief. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief, but I’d have felt better if the ring was handed to Jason for safekeeping!

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Ring or no ring, the wedding is going to happen! “Did I Hear You Correctly?”  you might ask, since there are rumors of Franco stopping the wedding. Yes, you did hear me correctly. In case you don’t believe me…perhaps you’ll believe Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco, as they gave 16 satellite interviews to share their thoughts and musings about their characters’ upcoming nuptials.

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All of the interviews captured a little something different, but I kinda liked this interview the most. I could be wrong, so don’t quote me, but I thought it might have been one of the first ones they did on the 16-interview marathon, and they were just really into the questions, and I loved the teasing and laughter between them. It’s so clear to see why their chemistry onscreen is so extraordinary. Check it out!

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The thing I really want us all to pay attention to the most is that Steve and Kelly were both really happy and seemed genuinely excited with how their wedding was written. As much as we, the fans, all think we know them best – and can tell you the date and location of just about any random JaSam quote, I would think that Steve and Kelly might argue that they know Jason and Sam best. Steve and Kelly have been the ones to create the Jason and Sam we know, all of their idiosyncrasies, their chemistry, and all of those moments we all love so much. They created this Supercouple that brings us all together…for us.

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While we may all have a difference of opinion amongst ourselves about what should really happen, or how Jason and Sam really feel, Steve and Kelly are actually the ones to interpret the scripts into the characters that have been presented to them on paper. That’s not something I imagine they take lightly. Every time I heard one of them say, “This wedding is so us,” I smiled. They know that Jason and Sam are unlike any other couple. They’ve worked hard to keep them that way. When Steve says, “Jason and Sam love Chinese,” my heart felt a tug. It’s so beautiful that they have tried to honor all of the little things that make them JaSam!

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What I am saying here is that I think we need to take our cues from them. Steve and Kelly kept saying throughout the day, and in every article or interview, that they believe the fans are going to love how it all plays out for Jason and Sam. I really do believe that they mean that! If left to all of us, there would have been a million things we would have disagreed about anyway. Leaving it to Steve and Kelly and the writers was the best possible solution. How about we actually honor their commitment to our couple by showing a little loyalty to them, and some genuine appreciation their efforts? How about we take pride in the fact that NOTHING is going to happen during their Wedding Week that Steve and Kelly didn’t feel was true to their characters, and our favorite couple? How about we make a pact right here, and right now, that we will sit back and enjoy what Steve and Kelly are giving to us, as a gift? Let’s treat it as the special gift it is…no complaints, no wishing for exchanges, no wondering about returns. Let’s just cherish and treasure the gift…from them. Deal?

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I imagine that Steve and Kelly got together, went over their scripts, and discussed how they thought it should play out.

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 I think Steve may have looked over at Kelly and asked, “What do you think if we try this?”

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And on another point, maybe Kelly went to Steve and said, “What about if we do … ?”

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Perhaps then Steve and Kelly worked out the specifics, talked to their set people, including their director(s), and decided, “This is how Jason and Sam would react, or play it.” And then they did it to the best of their abilities, and THAT is what we will see onscreen.

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 What more could you ask for in a soap couple, than a pair of actors who’ve taken these characters on a long and winding road over the years, and are about to take them to the next level of their relationship, based on who they have shaped Jason and Sam to be?

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I cannot think of a single thing. (Well, maybe one thing)

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For that reason alone, I would have been happy with whatever next week brings, but it just so happens, that the more I think about Jason and Sam, and who they intrinsically are, the more I realize that I am genuinely delighted that they weren’t made to fit into the traditional soap wedding that every other couple gets. I am going to enjoy the fact that Jason and Sam have a love story that is INCOMPARABLE to any other couple’s, and therefore, their wedding couldn’t just be comparable, or even common. This wedding will be exclusively theirs, and from what they both said, they really do see it as a gift to us, their fans. Let’s be gracious recipients of that gift, shall we?

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I am honored…thanks, Steve and Kelly! And thanks, General Hospital for giving Jason and Sam the attention they deserve. 7 years was a long time to wait…

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Take a moment and let TPTB know what it is about Jason and Sam that will make this marriage The Love Of and For A Lifetime!  Stay positive! 


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Remember, “Love Is Conceivable”….



10 responses

  1. Hey Angelique, I was just curious on your thoughts of the fortune cookies and the sayings.

    Thanks for another great post!

    September 16, 2011 at 9:38 am

    • Hi, Brandy.
      Honestly, I think the fortune cookies are more about Franco…and his craziness.
      But of course, that’s just my opinion.

      September 18, 2011 at 12:37 am

  2. SO thankful for you, Angelique! I hope every fan reads your perspective and thoughts about the JaSam wedding we all are waiting for. There has been so much griping and complaining and speculation about what should be, should not be, what to wear, where the wedding is/is not, etc, etc. You know. And now Franco too. I just hate all that negativity, and feel it hurts not just JaSam but GH, and how important it is to ABC. We don’t have to be floormats, but let’s stay positive! Please keep telling us. I love your blog and the ideas you have, and your great writing style…hard to find these days. Keep well, you all.

    September 16, 2011 at 10:54 am

    • Hi, Sarah!
      I agree with you, Sarah. All negativity only works to hurt our couple, the show, and yes-even ABC.
      Staying positive is the way to go, and I think it’s more fun when we’re not complaining and griping all the time.
      So glad to hear that things have improved in Texas…I love hearing from you!

      September 18, 2011 at 12:39 am

  3. Trini

    Thanks Angelique for your faithfulness to Jasam

    September 16, 2011 at 11:18 am

    • Aww, thanks Trini!
      It’s my pleasure!

      September 18, 2011 at 12:39 am

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for the Blog!!!
    Im a very happy, grateful and thankful JaSam Fan!! Thanks to GH/Stelly/JaSam!!
    WooHoo – The Wedding Week starts on Monday!! So Excited!!!

    September 16, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    • Me too – I am all those things too!
      Never have I anticipated a Monday more than right now!

      September 18, 2011 at 12:40 am

  5. Really…Kinko’s really..LOL

    Awesome blog as always..and there were a lot of ladies in Kinklo’s that I I think are making there own copies……of Shawn..and I hope that he Doc Steve, Jason and Johnny all walk around with towels from now on!!

    JaSam Wedding Week…time to PARTY!!!

    September 16, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    • Amen…perhaps that’s a great idea for a campaign!
      Towels….assorted colors and sizes. *whistles innocently*

      September 18, 2011 at 12:41 am

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