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Good morning, GHers!

I woke up with the mother of a head cold that my hubby and kids passed around this week, so my brain’s feeling a little “slow” …but I’ll try to make sense. Promise!

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Is it me, or is there a distinct sense of excitement in the air? We are just two weeks away from Port Charles’ Wedding Of The Year…and the thought of Jason and Sam finally being husband and wife makes me love a month that usually only means the end of summer to me!

Now I am wishing away and counting down the days, hours, and minutes of September in order to get to  THE BIG DAY I’ve been waiting 7 LONG Years For, just like YOU!

Only Jason and Sam can make me wish away the last days of tanning and sandals…they are totally worth it!

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There’s a lot going on in Port Charles as our poor Sam tries to plan for her big day. And her engagement ring is not the only thing that’s “Not Lost…Just Misplaced.”

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Oh, Maxie, Maxie, Maxie. I’m not really sure that a diamond engagement ring can be termed, “Not lost…just misplaced,” but if that’s what you need to tell yourself in order to keep yourself from dealing with the truth…whatever. I just wonder if Maxie is going to be in denial about what else she is in danger of losing…or misplacing. Like Matt. I can see how this is so easy to do…both she and Matt think they have an ideal situation going. They each have busy, demanding careers which require lots of cancellations and rescheduling, so dating someone who understands that, and does it themselves, means a lot less explaining and guilt. I get it. The problem here is that Maxie is right – but only for now. As things stand, Matt is not lost…just misplaced. You see, any situation that places Matt with Liz, while she wants a life with Lucky, and dreams of sex with Jason, is a situation that leads her to believe she needs more options. Maxie talked about retracing her steps to find the ring. If she intends to truly make her relationship with Matt work, she’d better do the same…before Liz realizes just how long it’s been since she “turned to a friend for comfort.”

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Carly seems to be trying to “fix” everything that is possibly wrong in Shawns’ life…his living situation, his job situation…she is just all over him – literally – like white rice on… Oh, I think I got that saying all wrong. Must be the cough meds. 😉 Seriously, it’s a fine line Carly is walking, and she could very easily go from meddling to being kinda stalkerish in a heartbeat, so I’m glad Shawn saw what the real problem was, and called Carly out on it. Her men are all unavialable to her. Jax because Sonny made him disappear (as far as she knows), Sonny, because his paranoia chased him off, and Jason because he’s been recovering from surgery. Carly’s lost without them, or at least without being able to manage them. Her “concern”, better known as sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, is not lost…just misplaced…and in the meantime, poor Shawn is the lucky target of all that “concern.” I like that Shawn doesn’t just let Carly bully (whine and pout) him into getting her way. He set some clear boundaries today, and let her know she wasn’t going to decide where he slept, or where he worked. I guess when he does sleep with her, it’ll be on his terms. I like it! Go Shawn! Finally, Carly made her way to GH to see Jason, and it wasn’t very long before she was telling him about her Jake’s fantasy. (Didn’t see that coming…*drips with sarcasm*)  It really got on my nerves when Carly realized Jason and Sam were still going through with the wedding, and quipped that Sam didn’t let something like brain surgery stand in her way. (Muzzle, anyone?) I am so glad that Jason cleared that up for Carly right then and right there by telling her, “It wasn’t Sam who pushed it, I want to keep the date.” (Did you guys hear that on the other side?) Am I the only one who wanted to shove Carly out of Jason’s room when she “didn’t let something like brain surgery” get in the way of her getting Jason all upset over Michael? What a selfish bitch she can be at times! One thing that isn’t just misplaced, but LOST – is her ability to put Jason’s needs above her own. Boundaries, Jason. STAT.

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It seems that Alexis had an epiphany. I realized that perhaps her love and concern for all of her girls is not lost…just misplaced at times. Perhaps Alexis can’t split her focus as well as some of us can, and she had just overlooked and neglected Sam by mistake. (I’m really trying here) Whatever the reason, I was thrilled to see her giving Sam at least some support when she needed it most. I cannot imagine trying to get through the planning of the most important day of your life, when your little sister is dealing with a health crisis of her own.

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So many emotions for Sam to deal with, and she can only deal privately! In true Sam form, Sam is trying to show that she is strong as a rock! And while I agree that she is, she still needed a hug from her mom, and she needed to feel supported. However, what she did NOT need to hear anymore -even in jest, was that she should think of postponing the wedding. Every time someone suggested it, my chest contracted. I have waited much too long for this. It cannot be postponed for any reason, so the weather, national security, and the economy better all cooperate that week!

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Davis Girls scenes make me smile and think fuzzy-wuzzy thoughts. Every time Sam is shown love and support from her sisters, I am happy for her. I am gratified for the little girl who only had a father who used her and abused her, and a brother who could only depend on her for help, instead of giving it to her, because now she is surrounded by women who give her a strength she never knew. I love that Sam has sisters who tease her and poke fun at her, because Sam hasn’t had a lot to giggle about. I love that they can fuss over her, and fight over who gets to help her most, because Sam is usually the one helping and fussing over everyone else. I grew up in a family of women. Strong, smart women, who helped change what I thought the broken me was destined to become. I see Molly, Kristina, and yes – sometimes even Alexis, giving that to Sam, and I love how that’s changed her. Sam went through life thinking she didn’t belong anywhere. That she was lost. Now she knows she was not lost…just misplaced.

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If Jason Morgan is cake-tasting, and floral sampling, it’s because of the fact that a wedding is finally more than just a formal ceremony to him. Jason has finally grasped that marriage to Sam is a statement about the believing in a future together, no matter what. To Jason, September 23rd is about telling the world that with Sam, he’s always felt like he was where he belonged. That day is a reminder that the amazing love he and Sam shared all these years was not ever really lost…just misplaced!

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Exchanging their vows will be about finally making sure that everything is just as it should be!

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Take a moment and let TPTB know just how EXCITED you are about September 23, and why! Stay positive! 


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Love Is Conceivable…



2 responses

  1. Traveler

    Today was a Beautiful Blog!! The Sam/Jason/JaSam parts brought tears to my eyes a few times.
    I can remember thinking/saying all the time a few years back. All Sam wanted was to be loved and accepted. I am so glad she wasnt lost just misplaced. She has a family (Jason and the Davis Girls) and she BELONGS and is no longer lost….
    I always knew JaSam’s love was never lost just misplaced. Im just so thankful they found it again and are holding on tight this time!!
    Thanks for another amazing blog!!!

    WooHoo – Sept 23rd is two weeks from today!!!!

    September 9, 2011 at 7:33 am

  2. Hahaha I wrote this on my FB wall, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT YOU WRITE WHAT I’M THINKING IN SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WAY AND THAT YOU LOVE JASAM AS MUCH AS I DO!!!!! Everytime I read one of your posts, whether about JaSam or not, I think “Damn great minds think alike!” I love your posts and your straight forward honesty! Thank you so much and I hope you feel better! ❤

    September 9, 2011 at 11:40 am

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