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Happy Hump Day, GHers!

Before we get to the fictional turmoil of Port Charles, I would like to ask all of you to send up prayers and send good thoughts to the Texas residents who are dealing with those horrific fires. Nearly 1,000 homes had been lost last I checked, and so many families have been affected! Our very own Sarah and Becky need our support and prayers…let’s stick together on this!

We love you guys! And please, if there is anyone else who’s been affected, please let me know!

Our prayers are for all those affected!


 Perhaps life in Port Charles can serve as a distraction from all of terrible things happening in the real world. It could also serve as a reminder that tomorrow IS a new day in the real world, as in PC, they seem to go on for-just-about-ever!

Mr. Wolf has managed one other incredible feat – and that is to make “Search For Tomorrow” something soap viewers are all talking about again…as we are all searching for it in PC!

However, even if only in our viewing, let’s take this ONE DAY AT A TIME.


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Lucky has had the longest day anyone coming down from a really bad high can handle. Lucky’s day has been like Groundhog Day For Junkies. It just keeps going and going and going. As if finding out your wife is dead, finding out your ex may have been responsible, and knowing that she may have been murdered because of you isn’t enough, Lucky also got water thrown in his face, blame thrown at his feet, and accusations thrown at his conscience, courtesy of Siobhan’s sister. I’m surprised Lucky didn’t just ask Liz to trade him the bottle of hydrocodone for a bottle of Ambien just so that he could roll up into a ball on some empty hospital bed, and sleep off the rest of his day! It would be nothing short of a miracle if Lucky didn’t turn to pills after the day he’s had. Damn. Once again, I am wondering when Lucky will finally figure out that taking this assignment was the worst idea he’d had since deciding to ask Liz for her advice on it. One bad move just followed another, I guess.


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Liz has more traffic at her place these days than Kelly’s does, and she’s not even serving chili! May I just say that I had a sheer moment of panic when I saw Cameron zip past, and wasn’t sure if that was really him? I cannot believe how much he has grown over the summer, and his hair kinda reminded me of Zander Smith, who is Cam’s biological dad. It was nice to see that Liz took some time off from creeping around the hospital and everyone else’s guy to come home and spend some quality Hershey’s Syrup time with her own little man. I guess poor little Aiden will have to wait until he can drink out of a sippy cup before he gets the same kind of treatment. Not any sooner was Cam sent off to bed without a formal tucking-in that Liz got some attention of her own. Dante came by to question Liz about Siobhan’s death, which of course is important, but I just need to know: Is anyone ever going to question her about the accident that almost killed Sam’s fiance? I guess not since Dante deemed it an accident, as he could never think Liz capable of any wrongdoing. It seems that goes for Siobhan as well. While Dante told Liz it didn’t look good for her that so many things happened prior to Siobhan’s demise, he made it very clear that he doesn’t suspect her, well, of anything, really. (*whispers* That same attitude is what got Lucky into trouble in the first place!) I guess the one good thing I could say about Dante here is that he really did grant Lulu’s request to not be at the loft when she went to pack her things. I’m just not so sure how Lante fans will feel about that. *shrugs* Which brings me to think how M&M fans feel about the fact that Matt was at Liz’s house to check up on her. I think the only one who doesn’t see where this Liz and Matt thing is going is Maxie, because I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone else. Frankly, I like the idea. I think Lucky’s been through enough, and if Matt is already lying and covering for her, he should get the full experience. Don’t you?

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(Talk about steamy…) I wonder if Cam and Aiden miss Uncle Steve since it appears he’s been busy…getting busy. Hmmm. Garin Wolf sure is revisiting the roots of General Hospital, as Dr. Jeff Webber, Steve’s biological dad, also once got a whole lot of “action” at the hospital. I must say that you can always tell a Young and Restless-trained actor when it comes to one thing: love scenes. Y&R knows how to do loves scenes, and since Scott Reeves played the sexy, virile Ryan McNeil, he had plenty of opportunity for perfecting his onscreen prowess when it came to doing the deed. I think he does a great job of being in the moment, and of understanding that fans of his pairing deserve his absolute best. While I have never really been an Olivia fan, I can totally get behind a Stevia fan, just because they are watchable when together. Furthermore, Love In The Afternoon is exactly the reason I tune in for daily. Scott’s Steve delivers that…very well. I love that finally we are seeing a hint that Steve isn’t really as reformed and straight-as-an-arrow as he seemed to be trying to convince everyone of when he first came back to town. Last time Steven Lars Webber was in town, circa 2004-2005, he was involved in some shady dealings with some shady people. I’m glad we aren’t supposed to believe he’s been living a perfect life all these years. I must admit, I did have to chuckle when they had him remembering and it sounded an awful lot like what Scott’s real-life weekend with Port Chuck just sounded like! Did any of you hear yourselves among the screams and cheers?


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Alexis earned a place on my $%!# List back in 2006. I had temporarily taken downgraded her status on that list to “Probationary Removal” when she started showing Sam some genuine love and respect over the past couple of years. However, her behavior of late has gotten her dangerously close to being back on that list for good. has she even asked herself how Sam might be holding up while being “this close” to both having it all, and losing it all? Has Alexis even thought to bring Sam a change of clothes, or a pair of slippers, or a damned cup of hot coffee, while she’s been sitting vigil at her fiance’s side? Nope. However, she is all about hyperventilating and wringing her hands in desperate worry for Kristina. Of course she should be worried and wringing, but how about a small flicker of concern for Sam? Please, Alexis. You’re an attorney. You know what the word equity means. Why not demonstrate some equity when it comes to your daughters? I kinda loved it that Alexis was the last to know everything there was to know about Kristina. Anything that gets on her nerves that much makes me happy when she is getting on my nerves.


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Sam could really have used the support from her mother and sisters. Instead, Alexis is too busy avenging Jax’s disappearance, and Kristina was too busy whining about Ethan to stop and see what was right in front of both of them. Sam’s fear and desperation. Just like so many times in the past, Sam has had to find the courage and the comfort she needed in the arms of the man she loves.

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However, even when it came, it didn’t come easy. Jason was in pain and confused when he woke up. (Thanks, writers, for not giving us another patient waking up from having his brain explored without any symptoms at all) Of course, his pain and confusion caused Sam her own. Not only has Sam had to hear from his family how devastating it was to have Jason wake up and be lost to them; Sam also had Jason wake up lost to her once not that long ago.

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Sure, Sam was still able to give Jason the two things he has never gotten from anyone or anywhere else – acceptance and patience, but it came at a great cost to her, as he had no idea who she was, or if or why he loved her. Sam had to walk him through their past and their history, and it was as though she was walking alone, because his memory only came in drips and drabs until Robin’s experimental drug treatment. I imagine that as she faced Jason this time, she had to be nearly paralyzed with fear that she would have to do all of that all over again.

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Thankfully, though he gave her a brief moment of panic, Jason’s last memory was of Sam telling him she’d be waiting for him. That, my friends, IS LOVE. I smiled when Jason asked Sam, “Jason who?” I love it when Jason remembers his sense of humor.

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I was also thrilled that Jason’s most pressing concern wasn’t Anthony or Sonny as much as it was planning their wedding. Jason wanted Sam to know that whatever is important to her is important to him. There really is no greater way to start a marriage.

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The wedding talk, the honeymoon spots, all of that is cute and sweet, and it fills our need for what we think their big day should be. However, I will never forget that while Jason and Sam were apart, I would have given anything to have them find their way back to each other and have them say their vows to each other, even if they wore grass skirts and coconuts.

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I must admit that I am soooooo disappointed when I see that some fans are actually complaining and moaning about a released media pic that hasn’t told a story yet. It reminds me of circle time in preschool. Show the children a picture in a book, then ask them to tell you what they think the story is. When it’s all said and done, you’ll get as many different stories as there are students.

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I have a pretty brilliant idea, if I do say so myself. Why not sit back, and let the writers actually tell the story before reacting? It’s what they do, and lately they’ve been doing it so well as of late, that they’ve set Twitter afire, facebook on its ear, and fan sites aglow with JaSam Love.

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We just went through this with the Coma Dreams, remember? For weeks, people were assuming and speculating, dreading, and even refusing to watch. In the end, the writers did not disappoint.

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We have been told over and over, and by “official” sources, such as the headwriter and the two actors involved, that JaSam is the story right now. It’s the direction for the foreseeable future.  We’ve been told the wedding would be fun and romantic and original, and Steve himself said, “it would be very Jason and Sam.” Why then, would anyone then freak completely out when a few “untraditional” moments (because no one has watched the leaked wedding ceremony) are leaked via media pics?

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And in the end, how many ceremonies, dresses, leather jackets, or freakin’ fortune cookies there are WILL NOT MATTER. Trust me, the only thing that will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart, will be hearing Jason and Sam exchange “I Dos.”

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Everything else is just icing.

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Til then…Let’s take this ONE DAY AT A TIME.


Take a moment and let TPTB what you are looking forward to most about THEIR BIG DAY!


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Lots of Love,



3 responses

  1. Angelique, I just love you! YOU never disappoint either, ever! You touched on every single thing that yesterday’s episode showed. Start with Liz..send the kid upstairs,to bed, alone…what kind of mother.?…..oh, yeah, Liz! Of course! Ms.Perfect..nobody ever blames or suspects St.E for anything!!
    Steve Webber…off the wall, but after all he does have a decent bod….but the scene was out of order or context or something…
    JaSam were, as always, wonderful…it unfolded perfectly, and SB/KM played it to perfection. They are truly amazing, and the chemistry outstanding and palpable. I am so glad you feel as I do that the complaining and whining about that one picture is so stupid..yes, STUPID! We are getting everything we good time…I agree so much..enjoy the ride…every twist and turn. All will be well.
    One last thing..thank you for being concerned for us is really dicey down here, and in the country we are “unprotected” (no fire hydrants, etc). Our volunteer firefighters are stretched to the limit helping one another. Prayers always welcome. Rain would be such a blessing. Sorry for the length of this…Much love…and thanks again.

    September 7, 2011 at 10:32 am

    • I emailed you because I couldn’t get my comment to post on here today!

      September 7, 2011 at 10:49 pm

  2. Traveler

    Bravo!! Bravo!! Well Said!! Thanks for another wonderful blog!!
    I will contintue to take GH and especially our JaSam “One Day at a Time”. Im looking forward to whatever comes our way for the Wedding and everthing that leads up to it!! I love not knowing for sure how its all going to play out.. I have faith it will my make my JaSam Lovin Heart Happy..
    I did see the Media-Pic’s… I literally got all choked up and teary eyed just seeing Jason wearing a wedding ring (I’ve been waiting years for that). Just imagine the tears I will cry when they finally say their “I do’s”!!

    September 7, 2011 at 11:09 pm

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