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Good morning, GHers!

Man, oh man…do our PC favorite work hard at complicating their lives! Complications like the ones they have don’t just happen – they take expertise.

Lucky posed a good question to Liz when he asked, “Do we work to complicate everything?”

It may sound a bit senseless to even think it, but I do believe he may be onto something there.


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For instance, I was really happy that Patrick and Robin were able to rid themselves of Lisa, and that they were able to get over the betrayal. I was happy that Robin was finally able to forgive Patrick, and that they were able to get into therapy and work on their marriage. All of that took work. They committed to do it, and they stuck with it, and their family is together, Emma seems to have a stable home (although it’s with invisible parents), and things were looking up. That is until Robin apparently decided to work on something else in addition to being the most annoying GH COS ever: making their still tenuous marriage more complicated. I mean, can someone please explain to me what the heck was up with Robin? I’ll tell you what. I have had enough surgeries to know that if my surgeon (the one who actually performed the surgery) didn’t come in to see me, monitor me, and make sure that everything was to his satisfaction…there would definitely be a problem. In fact, no other doctor – regardless of position – was even allowed to make a decision about my follow-up care without my surgeon’s approval. Where the hell does Robin get off on telling Patrick that she is going to handle Jason’s care? Did Robin forget that it was her weird, but mostly inappropriate, journal-reading attachment to Stone that set off a train wreck within her marriage not that long ago? Does Robin think it is okay for her to be this close – or this obsessive – about her former lover’s case? I am also sure that those die-hard Jason & Robin fans out there were throwing a party this afternoon, because Robin was acting as though her name were Sam. Someone needs to tell her to stop working to complicate everything!

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My vote would be for Maxie to take on that responsibility, since she usually has no problem calling Cousin Robin out on her crap, but Maxie needs someone to give her the same advice first! I get that Maxie is completely consumed with what is obviously very wrong with Spinelli, I really do. And I am even happy that someone can dedicate their time to trying to figure out what is really going with him beneath this Jackal, PI persona. In fact, I am kinda psyched that it’s Maxie, as I really liked Spixie together. However, Matt is her boyfriend, according even to Maxie, if not by the looks of it. He has been patient, (which is completely out of character for him), he has been understanding, and he has even been extremely tolerant. I think that now he is just getting tired of it, and really – who can blame him? Maxie completely and utterly ignored Matt as he tried to get her to spend some time with him, and she blew him off when he tried to get her to see it might be bothering him. I wish that Maxie would realize that this may be as simple as telling Matt that she isn’t ready to be in a grown-up relationship with actual expectations at the moment. She seems to be acting as though her relationship with Matt is a non-wedding, the way Spin was her non-husband. I am beginning to think that Maxie believes that as long as she adds that “non” in front of the important words, she can take the importance right out of it – even though these are relationships which involve other people with real, not “non” feelings. Maxie needs to come clean instead of working to complicate everything.

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Perhaps Maxie might have snapped out of it if she had noticed that Nurse Liz-Drops-Charts-Almost-As-Often-As-Her-Panties was assessing the damages to Matt and Maxie’s relationship with greater interest than insurance adjusters after Hurricane Irene. Is there any private conversation Liz does not stop cold to listen in to, just so that she can get all the details? Man, oh, man. How does that chick ever get anything done at that nurse’s station? Liz has Matt in her crosshairs, of that I am positive. All it takes to get Liz to aim her eyebrow attention at a man is that he shine her halo in one of the following ways: a) help her, b) rescue her, c) tell her it’s not her fault (no matter what the “it” happens to be, d) defend her, even when she’s wrong, or e) tell her how fortunate and blessed other people are to have her angelic presence in their lives. Damn. Another one bites the dust. Matt has done them all, as has Lucky, Nikolas, Jason, Ric, and Zander. Do you see a pattern here? All of those men, except for Ric, who was feeding her birth control pills in the middle of his psychotic episode, have become a baby daddy, or at least a presumed baby daddy. I think Liz is smarter than I ever wanted to give her credit for. Liz is never satisfied with having just one man at her beck and call. She always wants to have a couple of them lined up, like neat little duckies in a row. Just (according to GH time) a couple of days ago, Liz was pledging her troth to her soulmate, Lucky, whose pheromones were calling out to her and were able to lead her to him in the abandoned church where they once said their vows. *fighting nausea* She was barely over Lucky’s “draw”, before seeing Jason holding onto Sam for dear life before surgery set off another instinct in her of wanting what isn’t hers, and she was dreaming not only of booty-call sex, but of trying to trick some of his swimmers into making “a reminder that would tie them together forever”.  Now her eyebrow radar is totally honing in on Matt. I’m thinking seeing Matt and Maxie struggle to get it together made her decide that he was instantly more interesting, and better looking, and more of a general turn-on. Then along came Lucky, who in Liz’s orbit is, I’m sorry – doomed to be unlucky. All Lucky had to do was act all cool and aloof, and pretend to walk away to sulk or cry, or whatever he was going to do, and she was pouncing. Liz wanted Lucky to know that she may have handled his last bout with addiction all wrong (or all right now that we see what her fantasy with Jason was all about), but if only they could erase all of that…Oh, Lord. If Lucky knows what’s good for him, he’ll take an undercover assignment and go where this chick can’t find him for a while. She is working OVERTIME to complicate everything. In other words, she’s approaching her mating season. Look out.


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Poor Lucky. He doesn’t even have anyone he can talk to. His brother took off (because of Liz), his father took off because he killed Jake, his mother took off because she’s either in Paris getting well, or in Genoa City losing what’s left of her mind. (I can’t decide). And his Aunt Bobbie, who used to be a great listener, must be taking all of the same conferences Monica took, because I don’t even think they page her at the hospital anymore. The only family Lucky has left is Lulu. Like I said, poor Lucky. Lulu has become a virtuoso in the fine art…of drama. Dear God. Can this chick possibly dial it down a notch, and I don’t know – get a freakin’ job, hobby, or a LIFE? I mean, what the hell was all that about with not believing Lucky OR Dante about Lucky being drugged? Lulu even went as far as to talk about Lucky in the third person – right in front of him! If Lucky hadn’t had a pill yet, she sure was driving him to take one the minute he had the chance. As if that didn’t complicate her relationships enough, she then turned on Dante and handed him his own ass because he failed to tell her confidential police information regarding an undercover officer in the middle of an undercover case. When is Lulu finally gonna get that asking Dante to do that is not only illegal, but DANGEROUS? I’ll tell you what. Lulu needs to go to an Al-Anon meeting, and soon. She’s not just working to complicate everything, she’s working to end up all alone!

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Every time I think that Michael has matured a single iota, he goes right back to acting like Dylan Cash’s Michael – the one who needs nothing short of an ass-kicking! Every time I see Michael sitting at Sonny’s desk, I wanna pull him out from behind it by his ear, and check if he’s wearing clean underwear. Michael is a kid. I don’t care what his birth certificate says. His brain sends us all messages that he is a child. When I heard Michael trying to get Kristina to “rally” behind their dad, I wished that Kristina would take that bigger-than-her purse and knock Michael over his hard head with it. Michael’s incessant need to be seen as a man always, always makes me see him as more of a kid than before. When will he realize that the only thing he is doing with this “filling in for Jason” crap is working to complicate everything!

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Since we haven’t seen Alexis at the office she shares with Diane since Theo Hoffman disappeared, are we to assume that Alexis is no longer employed there…or anywhere else, and has therefore lost her medical insurance? I can only jump to that conclusion because being the mother of a nineteen-year-old myself, I can tell you that if Karina were getting dizzy and bumping into walls all over town, we’d be at the emergency room running tests. And on the way…she would be googling and WedMD-ing all of her symptoms. Why hasn’t Kristina said a word to Alexis, or to anyone else? I mean, I get that Alexis is having a hard time noticing her daughters lately, as she walked into Jason’s hospital room, where her daughter, Sam was obviously scared to death about possibly losing the love of her life and new fiance, but still. Kristina should have said something! By keeping quiet and hiding her symptoms, all she’s doing is working to complicate everything!

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Speaking of Alexis, I guess one of the reasons Jax loved her so is because she is a much better friend than she is a mother. She is just broken about Jax’s plane going down, even though she is convinced that Jax is alive. Hmmm. Anyway, her devotion to Jax is the one reason Carly might have thought twice about going over to enlist Alexis’ help. I have to say, as much as I am a little pissed at Alexis at the moment, I applauded her for ripping Carly a new one on the topic of Sonny. Over the years, Alexis has tried to reason with Sonny on many an issue concerning Kristina’s safety or well-being. Carly has rolled her eyes, made snide comments to or about Alexis, taken Sonny’s side, or just plain let Alexis have it. Talk about role reversal. This time around, Alexis wanted Carly to know that she was keeping score all those years. Alexis wanted to know when it became an issue of Sonny “going too far”? Was it only when it didn’t benefit Carly? Ummmm! YES! I am so glad that someone finally called Carly out on her hypocritical games. Sonny goes from being a wonderful father trapped inside a wounded little boy, to a raging lunatic monster who swallowed up the little boy. Carly has taken Morgan and Michael away and given them back more times than I can count. And Alexis is right – it always comes down to backseat Limo sex, and then they are on the same side again. Well, not this time, Carly. Your going over to get Alexis to join your team only did one thing. Show us that once again, you are working to complicate everything. Maybe Carly should stop running her mouth, and go home and spend some time with (still recovering from a kidney transplant & now fighting a cold) Joss, or pick up Morgan from camp. When does school start in Port Charles, anyway?

Sometimes I wish people would just stop for a minute. Take a breather. Sit and actually have a thought or two before they wreck their marriage…or someone else’s. Before they burned a bridge that they would need desperately. Before they wrote someone off and ended up alone. Before they jumped to defend someone whose behavior is indefensible. Hurt someone deeply with careless words. Instead, people all too often spend their time and energy working to complicate everything.

At least in Port Charles, it’s entertaining. Hopefully, in real life, it’s avoidable.

Have a great first day of September!

I’m celebrating today. I know it’s corny, but we celebrate every anniversary, not just our wedding anniversary! On this day many, many years ago, my hubby asked me to be his exclusively…it was a good move.



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8 responses

  1. Carol

    Loved Alexis yesterday ripping into Carly but she sure isnt being much of a mom to Sam. Mikey and Kristina need to grow their spoiled selves up! Same old Liz always being protected by someone and made to feel like she is an angel sent from heaven.

    Happy Proposal Anniversary!

    September 1, 2011 at 7:34 am

    • Thanks, Carol!
      I agree…on everything!
      you and me… *like this*

      September 1, 2011 at 11:17 pm

  2. trini

    I think Robin is helping Jason and Sam with a security issue and she is stressed out about it and didn’t communicate to hubby very well. I don’t thnk she has lost her mind, just her peace of mind. 🙂

    Happy anniversary. Thanks for posting, GH has become an everyday much watch TV.

    September 1, 2011 at 8:10 am

    • You were right on the money, huh?
      That didn’t even cross my mind!
      You are so perfect for a job at McCall & Jackal!
      Thanks…we had a great time celebrating!

      September 1, 2011 at 11:16 pm

  3. Traveler

    Happy Anniversary to agreeing to be exclusively his!!
    Thanks for another great blog…. Hope we get some JaSam soon…..

    September 1, 2011 at 8:26 am

    • Thanks, my dear friend!
      I hope we get some JaSam soon too!
      Not liking this im”balance”…

      September 1, 2011 at 11:15 pm

  4. Fylicia'Marie

    Great post, Angelique! I agree and I feel bad for being so delighted that Carly was ripped a new one, but only a little bad. It’s been a long time coming. She has always been so dismissive of the place that other women have in the lives of “her” men: Sonny, Michael, Jason and Jax. I’m so glad that Alexis reminded Carly that her place in Jax’s life would not ever have cost him his. I don’t like that Skye is sitting on the knowledge that Jax is actually alive; HOWEVER, I’m willing to overlook if for no other reason than Carly deserves to squirm a bit. I can’t comment on Liz without requiring the forgiveness of my Lord, so I’ll have to leave that alone. Lulu is no better than Michael, a child trying to play grown up. It’s unfortunate that they’ve taken away Lulu’s actual peers (Maxie isn’t one of them, she was defaulted when all of the real kids were killed off or left the show, ala Dillon, Georgie, Lucas, Diego, et al, and even they were a smidge older). She us quite annoying.

    I also don’t think Jason was in the hospital room. We only saw his arm. Maybe SB had a vacation day, but it seemed mighty odd that we didn’t actually see him.

    Who knows, GH is absolutely amazing these days as is your insight. Hope all is well with your health.

    September 1, 2011 at 10:17 am

    • OMG…I spit out my iced water when I read the “would require the forgiveness of my Lord” part! You are too funny!
      Thanks for the comments and the laughs…
      You guys were right – Jason wasn’t there!
      You guys are good!

      September 1, 2011 at 11:14 pm

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