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“As Long As I’m With You”…

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Is there a better exclamation for what we got today, GHers?

If there is, share it with me, because every single time of the 22 times I have rewatched the JaSam scenes today, it’s the one word that comes to mind.

My friends, I know that he is still learning the finer points of continuity and balance, but we have to hand it to him – Garin Wolf certainly knows what a SOAP is, and if ANYONE can save ABC’s final gem, it is Mr. Wolf. Today’s episode was EVERYTHING a classic soap is made of.

Can you believe that there were some JaSam fans who were actually dreading these dreams? I know! So silly! I told you guys…I believe in our couple, and I refused to believe that these dreams would aim to destroy all of the rebuilding and reinforcing Jason and Sam have put into their relationship. Not “just like that”… 

Not again.

I truly believe that Mr. Wolf knows that we need to go back to that era of soaps with the formula that worked best. That era of the SOAP SUPERCOUPLE.  You know…that dynamic duo who was tested, tested some more, and tortured even, yet in the end, they were invincible! They always came out – if not on top – at least together. (Although “on top” is so good!)

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That SOAP SUPERCOUPLE for GH is Jason and Sam. Now, I am under no delusions that Jason and Sam are going to have some fairy-tale-happily-ever-after without any angst or heartache. However, they have proven over and over again, that they have IT. That “thing” that it takes to overcome and conquer both fears and foes! I call that “thing” Unconditional Love.

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Which is why, when put to the test, every relationship that Jason has been in, other than the one with Samantha McCall, has fallen short of what he needed in order to feel like he was being true to himself, or comfortable in his own skin. Or even like he was enough just as he was.

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I am going to give Garin Wolf credit for something else. It was GENIUS to have the women dream the dreams, instead of Jason. Whatever pairing or relationship people support, there is no reason now to lay all of that blame and hatred on Jason, or the pairing that actually works. (Maybe Steve and Kelly won’t get hate tweets either!) The women had to come to grips, not just with who Jason really was, but with how each of them tried to ignore, change, or turn a blind eye to the real him. Not only did Mr. Wolf do that brilliantly, and so true to what we could all see (if we are honest with ourselves), but he did it subtly – almost subliminally, as to not (purposely) alienate any of the fans of the respective relationships.

As a JaSam fan from their beginning, I can appreciate the gift those fans were each given. Back in 2007, when cheating, lies, and secrets weren’t enough to convince anyone that Jason and Sam’s love story was over, the writers chose to shred them to pieces in ways that made no sense, and crapped all over the previous three years of love, respect, and the foundation they’d built, not just as a couple, but for us as a fanbase. Mr. Wolf did not repeat that ugly GH history here. He gave each relationship the chance to look at things honestly, and to face the things about each person that made their relationships unworkable.

At the end of each dream, each woman allowed herself to accept a truth about their relationship with Jason that they hadn’t accepted, or perhaps allowed themselves to see before. The only reason they were able to accept, see, or even hear that truth this time around, is because they had to imagine themselves hearing it from Jason himself. Have I said that was GENIUS yet?


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Monica’s dream broke my heart from the moment it began to play out on Friday. Monica is different from the other women in that she is Jason’s mother, and with that title, should have come Unconditional Love…naturally. Yet, it hadn’t. Quartermaines aren’t really big on Unconditional Love, except for Lila and Emily. In fact, being a Quartermaine is enough to drive anyone to an addiction of some kind. If I were a Quartermaine, I’d be aiming to lose 400 pounds instead of 40. I would be snorting chocolate chips, drinking Hershey’s syrup out of a hidden flask, and I’d have a slew of revolving secret lovers named Nutella, Godiva, and Lindt, waiting for me each night. It’s the nature of the Quartermaine beast: PRESSURE TO LIVE UP TO STANDARDS THAT NO ONE CAN EVEN NAME, MUCH LESS MEET. It is that pressure that made Edward an incorrigible womanizer, Alan a pill-popping addict, Monica a bed-hopping alcoholic, Tracy a bitter power-hungry shrew, AJ an angry alcoholic, and Jason a mobster who never really wanted to remember the life he felt was mercifully erased from his memory. Monica seemed to have lost sight of that over the years, and was willing to lose Jason altogether rather than accepting him in whatever way he could handle being in her life until he felt it was safe. I think she sees the error of her ways now. Sees the loneliness it has brought her. She is not willing to keep trading relationship for making a point or teaching a lesson he is too old to learn the way she is teaching it. Monica saw that wishing for Jason to have been her Jason – their Jason Q., might have kept him around for a while, but ultimately, it might have led to losing him forever. Which is why Monica heard Jason say, “As long as I’m with you, pretending to be who you think you want me to be, I will be trying to live up to something that I can’t even understand, and it would cost us both much more than we are willing to pay.” Monica heard him loudly and clearly. I believe she is ready to let Jason be Jason. Whatever his last name, whatever he does for a living.

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Liz may have an eye for art (I’m trying to be gracious here), but she was blind as a bat to the truth about her relationship with Jason. Always was. I remember Liz and her first dealings with Jason. I remember what she thought she was looking for with Jason, and even then, I knew she was looking in the wrong place. Liz may have been intrigued or slightly excited by Jason’s danger, but she always, always tried to live a life with him that was different than who he was. Liz always tried to fit Jason’s big, scary lifestyle into her tiny little studio and life, as if the reality outside of her studio didn’t exist. Not his work. Not her husband. Not her kids, even. Think about this. Jason only ended up at that studio either because he was hurt, hiding, or hero-ing. (Another word I made up.) Whether 1999 or 2008, there was always one of those three reasons for his being there. Of course her dream would take place in a studio. *sigh* Everything that was said and done during their conversations today meant something…not just in the dream, but in their time together. When Jason asked her if she stopped taking the birth control, Liz made up an excuse. She tried to redirect his attention. Liz showed Jason a painting of the barn where they met a couple of times while sneaking around in 2007. Jason barely blinked, and came right out and said he thought she was trying to get pregnant, that way they’d be tied together forever. (Wasn’t that the reason for the mass wailing from the Jiz fans when they killed off Jake? That the writers were trying to sever “their tie?”) Liz’s response? “Would that be so bad?” Ummm, yes, Liz, that would be so bad. In fact, it was so bad when you actually did exactly that – especially when you knew you wanted a different Jason than the one that actually existed outside of your dreams! What I saw today was that even in Liz’s own dream, she had to come to the realization that the things she thought defined them  – like that barn she was memorializing, only defined how out of touch and out of sync they really were as a couple. How could a couple really sustain a relationship while meeting in a random barn somewhere? When Jason told her he guessed they just wanted different things, Liz asked Jason if it was so wrong to remember what they had. There it is, folks. She was memorializing their night together the way she did the barn. You can’t just create something to remember what you had, and then expect it to bind you together like some Love Super Glue. First, you must build a relationship on love, trust, acceptance. The love is the only thing that binds two people together. Jake couldn’t bind them together forever anymore than that painting did. Just like talking about Florence (Italy again!) and dancing on a roof (thief!) couldn’t create a future for them just because they enjoyed it once. Everything Liz said to Jason was “in rememberance”. That’s all they really have. Other than Jake, whom she also shared with Lucky, and manipulated Lucky with, she and Jason had nothing solid. Nothing tangible to build a longterm relationship on, other than friendship. A barn that he barely glanced at? A trip they never took? A life they never shared? They all lead up to a future they never could have had, because Liz wasn’t seeing Jason as he was. Even in her dream, Liz is trying for the one thing that forced Jason to try with everything he had to fit into her tiny little life: A child. Yet in the end, Liz finally saw what we saw all along. That dreamed-up, unrealistic, dishonest approach to a life together fell apart, as surely as Jason fell off those stairs. That life she “painted” in her head was never realistic. Jason always knew that even if Liz tried to live in his life, he would always feel that she was “giving everything up for her,” because let’s face it – she would make him feel that way every day. That possibility made Jason feel as paralyzed as he was in that wheelchair. He would rather put a bullet in his head than to live forced into a relationship that made him feel like that again. Been there, done that. With Courtney, and even for a hot second with Liz back in the day. That kind of existence kept him held down, boxed in, caged up. So, even though they created Jake that one night, Jason and Liz never planned a life together, nor did they plan Jake – at least not together. And then they realized that there really was no way to “adapt”, as Liz suggested in the dream. Which is why first we heard Liz admit, yet again, that she never really knew Jason. Then Liz heard Jason say, “As long as I’m with you…I feel boxed into your idea of what life whould be. Stuck. Forced to live a life that’s not mine. A life that’s not real, or realistic.” Perhaps now Liz will be ready to let Jason go, now that she realizes it’s not just his occupation that’s the problem.

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Carly has obviously had this dream before. I think Carly has always gone to that possible life with Jason any time her real life falls apart. It’s why she always asks him what he thinks their life might have been like if they had stayed together, or gotten married. Jason is her safe place, but Carly isn’t exactly a safe place for Jason. While he loves her, Jason has always known that anything more than the friendship they have would be a disaster; it would be painful and destructive. Jason was right. Carly doesn’t really want more than what they have. Not deep down. She just wants a do-over, and sometimes in life, unlike our dreams – we just don’t get a do-over. Which is why she heard Jason say, “As long as I’m with you, and you are trying to make this into something it isn’t, and can’t ever be, you are not safe. I am not safe. We just aren’t safe. This isn’t what either of us want or need. It has to be over – even in your head.” Hopefully, Carly will let that part of Jason go now, because it isn’t hers to have. That part of him she thought she wanted for herself belongs to Sam. His heart. (Right, Becky?)

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Even in her dreams, Sam knows there are risks to her relationship with Jason. but as we know, the risks to Jason and Sam’s relationship are not because they don’t accept each other. They’re not because they have unrealistic expectations, or because they want to change each other. Those risks aren’t because they lie or keep secrets. And they’re not because they depend on each other for anything other than love and support. In Sam’s dream, there was an outside risk to their life together in the form of a man with a gun. Isn’t that the story of their lives? 😉

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In Sam’s dream, Jason was who he had always been, and who she has always loved. In turn, Sam was who she’d been…looking for sunken treasure. Jason was willing to play her first-mate, while loving her just as much as ever. Things seemed to be pretty normal for Jason and Sam…

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Then danger came. As usual, Jason moved to protect her without flinching. He was, as always, cool as a cucumber. Yet, when there was a possible danger that something could be wrong with Sam, even after he’d gotten rid of the man with the gun, Jason wasn’t so cool. He had to know that she was okay, and he had to know right away, so he scooped her up and off to the doctor they went.

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I loved that the writers finally allowed Sam to dream big. She deserves it more than anyone, because she has always been satisfied with plain old real life with Jason. When Sam asked Jason to get her camera so that she could get his picture, I felt butterflies in my tummy.

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When Jason asked what was so special about that moment, and Sam said, “It’s the moment you find out you’re going to be a father” and snapped the picture, I screamed!

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When Jason’s eyes watered and he asked incredulously, “You’re pregnant?” and then exclaimed, “The operation worked! It worked!” I smiled like a fool, and fought my own tears.

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But as he struggled to listen to Sam, and hear her out as she nervously babbled, then gave up and pulled her into his arms, so he could rub his hand against her belly – and their baby,WEPT. (Like a freakin’ baby myself!)

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How precious were those moments? And when Sam snapped “their first family portrait?” My God! Pure MAGIC! I have waited for that very scene since November 8, 2004! I don’t even know how to thank Mr. Wolf for knowing his show and its viewers so well that he gave us the one thing we had stolen from us all these years. A JaSam baby, even if it’s only that Sam allowed herself to dream it!

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Jason and Sam planned for this very life Sam was dreaming about. It’s what they both want. No more uncertainty. No more confusion. Jason wants to marry Sam and raise their child together. Though we’ve only gotten a glimpse of that dream come true, I am holding out for the real thing.

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More than that, I am going to thank Mr. Wolf, ask him, and beg him, for that JaSam Baby!. I think he needs to know just how affected I was by even the possibility of that long-awaited miracle. I think he needs to know just how affected YOU were!

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Did anyone notice that in Sam’s dream,  Jason told Sam that they’d been in Hawaii for the past six months because they went there for their honeymoon, and never wanted to leave? I only mention it because in Liz’s dream, he told her that he’d be gone for six months. I don’t think that was random. I think it was comparing how Jason sees life with both women. One he never wants to leave, and the other he has to get away in order to be ab;e to deal. That was deep.

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It also wasn’t random that we saw Jason’s reaction to the possibility of having created a baby with Liz, and then we saw his reaction to knowing he had, in fact, created a baby with Sam. The contrast was truly a thing of beauty.

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Which is why when Sam asked Jason, “Are you sure this is what you want?”, we heard Jason say, “As long as I’m with you…I’m happy.”

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And his heart said…

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“And accepted, and loved, and enough.”

That may just have been the most perfect episode of GH I’ve seen in…hell, maybe ever! There was so much to love…and to remember!

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You know I have always encouraged you to join me in asking the writers for flashbacks because I think General Hospital has an INCREDIBLE history. Today, Jason’s dream took flashbacks to a whole new standard. I loved that Jason seemed to be remembering his past in reverse order, I think it was meant to assure us that his memories end with his time after the accident with A.J. Jason hasn’t lost a chunk of his time with Carly or Liz or Robin. He’ll still want Sam because he loves her. Period. And for those who were concerned that they were rewriting history and having him remember being Jason Quartermaine, I didn’t see anything that would make me think that.

I did, however, see something we need to see more of. Flashbacks are crucial to keeping us longtime viewers connected to our past, and they help new viewers understand our present, and to what leads our favorite characters to their futures.

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Please, please, make as many calls as you can. Send as many emails as you are able. Splurge on a few stamps and send the writing team, Kelly, and Steve your thanks and your praise for showing us that our loyalty was well placed in General Hospital.


Take a moment and let TPTB know that we want Sam’s dream for JaSam to come true!


GH Los Angeles: 323-671-4583

GH New York: 212-456-7777

Twitter: @GeneralHospital, @KellyMonaco1, @1SteveBurton

Facebook: General Hospital Feedback

Snail Mail: Garin Wolf, Headwriter, General Hospital, c/o ABC-TV 4151 Prospect Avenue Hollywood, California 90027

(You can also use that address and General Hospital heading for any actor/actress, or for your favorite writer.)

And PLEASE, remember those hashtags (#) when tweeting! #JaSam


Off to watch yet again… *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*



14 responses

  1. Angie,

    My favorite post ever and so beautifuly said.. “eeeeeeeee” is right

    Yes babe you are right.. Sam has been Jasons heart since he first laid eyes on her.. I believe through it all the good, bad and the ugly she was always his heart! My faith in these two has never waivered.

    Like you this epi was the best GH in well.. forever

    I love GW for telling the middle and the end of Jiz.. at least that is what I saw play out on my screen.. They wanted the story told.. and tell it he did.. as he stated “be careful what you wish for” I think this may have been what he was talking about. *twirl*

    My Jasam heart is over flowing with love for these two.. Steve and Kelly are simply amazing together.

    When Jason put his hand on Sams belly.. be still my heart.. I seem to fall more in love with them everyday still don’t know how that is possible as I didn’t think I could love them anymore than I already do.. That my friend is what makes JaSam such an amazing couple and is pure Stelly magic! Love in the afternoon.. GH is back and better than ever!

    *twirl*eeeeee*twirl* sigh*twirl* Sam Jasons Heart.. I love my screen name.. hehe

    Love you bunches!

    August 30, 2011 at 3:25 am

  2. Courtney

    Hi Angie,

    This was a beautiful post and you took the words right out my mouth. I loved the way GW did Jason dream. I’ve loved Jasam from the very begging and I’m praising GW for bring JaSam back, also bring GH back to what I loved about the show in the first place.

    August 30, 2011 at 4:07 am

  3. Carol

    Best GH and best post ever! Now everyone else knows what we know…Jason and Sam are destined and she is the only woman for him. Now if that baby dream can come true…LOL!
    Hope you are feeling okay.

    August 30, 2011 at 7:29 am

  4. Eeeeeeeeeeeee!! OMG!! Could you get out my head! This Blog and recap was PERFECT!
    It was everything I was feeling. It was how I saw it the 27 soon to be 28 times I’ve watched it and I think I want to give MR Wolf the Biggest HUG ever!!!!

    I love that the JaSam fans dont have to argue or prove our point or our side anymore. Liz dreamed her own dreams. This was from her perspective and in it she was in a Casual relationship. No commitment or promises. He did not want to Marry her, have children with her or plan a Future with her. He had a need to dream his own dreams and even those didn’t include her as a “Permanent Lock”

    In order to have Jason she was going to have to Lie, Manipulate, Steal {he wasnt willingly giving up those swimmers} and accept that he was never going to be 100% hers.

    And I especially loved that she knows in her dream: He was NOT walking away from his child and having that child think “He wasn’ important or wanted!”

    As I said in my Thank you’s they include Becky..My sword is down. My fight is over. Did we win as Laura says #HellYEAH we have a Ring, Love and a Wedding. We have Jason pushing to be Sam’s Husband and the father of THIER child. I don’t have to tell you that Jason/Liz were not a couple..she told you in her dream. I don’t have to say he didn’t love her in a romantic way…she told you in her dreams. And I don’t have to argue that he wanted a family with her Again…see her own memories and dreams.

    He only wanted that with Sam. Even Carly was getting Jason by default and it was costing her Sonny’s sanity and Michael’s Love and Respect. And she now “HOPEFULLY” knows that you have your place in Jason’s life and heart. You are his Best Friend. BUT Sam is the person he wants to Build a Life, Family, Partnership and Future with. You can come along for this Great ride…Just Knock or Call FIRST!!!!

    I can’t wait til our Wedding and even Francophenia or Jackal crazy can spoil it for us!

    August 30, 2011 at 7:36 am

  5. samjase

    EVERYTHING you said…W O use your catch word!
    Even Sam’s dream was reflective of what JASON told Sam HE wanted before surgery..marriage, a child, Hawaii. That’s Sam..all about Jason. Her asking him at the end..”are you sure this is what YOU want”? made me melt. GARIN W. is (as you said) a genius. What an episode! OMG..I’ve watched it until I can recite the dialogue myself.
    THANK YOU for your blog and talent! We love you..hope you’re well.

    August 30, 2011 at 9:07 am

  6. Connie Hernandez

    Hi Angelique ! I haven’t come down from Jasam heaven since that SUPER EPISODE aired yesterday. Like I mentioned on tweeter, if I am in JASAM HEAVEN now, where would I be on Sept 23 ??? Is higher than heaven even possible =>
    Again the best blogger of all, I thank you for doing what you do. Keep inspiring us for supporting this GH/JASAM thing that BIND so many of us together!!!
    All the best to you! Good luck Good Health GOD BLESS!!
    CONNIE (einnoc115)

    August 30, 2011 at 10:00 am

    • Awww, thanks for the support, Connie!
      I agree – I am in JaSam heaven as well. I was whistling while I made breakfast, did the dishes, and watered the garden.
      I am just in the best mood…thanks to that FANTASTIC episode!
      Thanks for the kind words!

      August 30, 2011 at 1:37 pm


    Hi Angie,

    LOOOOOOVE your post. I am falling in love with Jasam all over again. They are sooooooo amazing. Stelly are rocking and GW is making an awesome job. Can’t wait for whats more to come ahead. Continue your amazing blog love every word.

    August 30, 2011 at 11:56 am

    • Thanks, Claudia!
      I fall in love all over again everytime they do something like yesterday!
      It was so simple…yet so deep!
      JaSam Rocks!

      August 30, 2011 at 1:33 pm

  8. Nell

    You are brilliant! Your analysis of yesterdays episode….the “Best Episode Ever” I must say….was on point. WOW!

    August 30, 2011 at 3:19 pm

  9. Karlene

    Would you please get out of my brain b/c everything you said in the bestest blog post EVER was exactly what I was thinking!!!! I believe I can start singing now “Ding dong, the witch is dead, the wicked witch known as Jiz is dead” 😀 I don’t think that I will be able to come off this high ever and will be even higher when Sept 23 finally rolls around!!! Glad you were able to survive Irene!! Was thinking about you and the whole East Coast
    JASAM Love Always,
    Karlene (scooter5117 on twitter)

    August 30, 2011 at 4:13 pm

  10. Traveler

    After I watched the Dreams/Fantasy’s!! I kept saying to myself… “Best GH Episode EVER”!! Im still on JaSam Cloud 9!! I think I will be there for a long time to come. Ohhhhhh how lucky are us JaSam Fans, really lucky!! However… I think we are smart too…. We KNOW a SuperCouple when we see it and that is WHY we are JaSam/Stelly fans for life!!
    To be fair…. I even enjoyed the Liarson scenes. Dont get me wrong, I am NOT falling to the dark side.. lol I was just happy to see once again… GH showing us how wrong they are for eachother…..
    As much as I loved all the JaSam… As usual they were so perfect in Reality and in Dream/Fantasy….
    I have to admit… My favorite part was Jason’s last words in ALL the Dream/Fantasy’s.. Just a few words that spoke so much TRUTH!!
    And how Great were the flashbacks.. I love when GH reminds/shows us the REAL History of our favorite soap…….

    Bravo… For Another wonderful Blog!!!
    Bravo… To Garin Wolf for another wonderful Episode..
    Bravo… To GH for giving me such a wonderful Soap to get lost in….
    Bravo… To Stelly for making me fall in love with JaSam more and more everyday!!

    August 30, 2011 at 7:39 pm

  11. SamFan

    Thank you. I loved this post. It was wonderful. After reading this post, I have to go back and watch that GREAT episode again.

    August 30, 2011 at 9:05 pm

  12. Fylicia'Marie

    Perfection. Perfect show and perfect post. I had a different spin on Sam’s dream, though. I think she and Jason dreamt it together. She spoke to him first. The other dreams he was the initiator of the explanation of why it didn’t work. In Sam’s dream, she saw him immediately and in true Sam form asked Jason about his wants and needs. And he answered her explanation of will this work. The dream if a life with Sam, a baby and the ever present element of danger…they share that like no dream anyone else has had our could have.

    August 31, 2011 at 9:03 am

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