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That’s Gonna Leave A Mark…

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Happy Hump Day, GHers!

I’ll tell you what – if people aren’t watching General Hospital, it’s because they must be living under a rock! GH is on fire!

I certainly want to give Garin Wolf all of the props he deserves for turning our soap into something we hardly recognize – and that’s a good thing, but I also want to say that the dialogue writers are worthy of their own kudos! They have been writing stellar material, and everyday I am drawn in a little deeper. Today’s writer, Mary Sue Price, deserves a lot of credit. She made our favorite characters dig deep and find the stuff that not only got – but kept – our attention. *applause*

I hope that when you are making your daily calls, and sending your daily emails, you are not forgetting to mention the writing staff. Each script lately has been nothing short of brilliant!

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It is always a nice thing to see hospital scenes and actually see doctors discussing medical procedures, options, and scenarios. Dr. Matt Hunter is working hard to save Siobhan – or as he rightfully referred to her – Mrs. Spencer. I think Matt Hunter is an intelligent, perceptive doctor, with an extra sprinkling of common sense. I loved that he had Liz’s number right off the bat. When he asked Liz to contact her next of kin, Liz said she was sure Epiphany had her Ireland numbers. Matt stopped her in her tracks. “You know I mean Lucky.” Yes, Liz, all the wishing in the world isn’t going to make Siobhan magically “unmarried” to Lucky. I am wondering why none of the medical staff, who without a doubt have taken risk-management training, have told Liz that she needs to remove herself from the hospital, especially if she’s going to be asking every dr. “How is she?” as that only makes her sound as if she’s awaiting her demise. If you are willing to go back and rewatch Liz’s scenes, you’ll see her for the master manipulator she really is. To anyone who would listen, Liz was almost chanting, “I didn’t push her” and “It’s not my fault” …until Dante. This is where you see just how good Liz is at working her act. Dante made the mistake of letting Liz know that “he had a little faith in her”. I called it yesterday, didn’t I? To Liz, that was check mate. Now she will use his belief in her to her advantage. To Dante, she says, “If she dies, it’ll be my fault. “ Awww, immediately invoking Dante’s “Protector” switch. Of course, Dante will want to protect poor Liz from being wrongly accused. Can anyone say “Brenda, Part 2?” Why hasn’t Dante even taken Liz’s ass downtown to file an actual accident report? Does this chick ever face the music on ANYTHING she does? Ugggghhhhh. I have a feeling that all of this “friendly” support Dante is giving Liz is gonna leave a mark on his relationship with Lulu once she finds out.

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I often marveled at how Michael managed to keep Abby’s interest once his adult-sized trauma gave way to his kid-sized maturity. Amazingly enough, the writers have managed to make me forget that Chad Duell is now playing Michael. As I watched today, I could have sworn that I was watching Dylan Cash’s Michael. Does anyone remember when little Michael talked like a mini-mobster, and it made us want to smack him in the rear-end and send him to his room until he changed his attitude? I actually felt that way today as I watched Michael try to be Sonny…from buying Abby a dress to wanting to take her down to the casino to the off-white suit. Will this kid ever outgrow the “needing an ass-kicking stage”? I totally got where Abby was coming from – the writers actually made me believe that Abby meant it when she said she was only dancing to get herself through school and onto a better life. Abby wants to be found deserving of the “in” she was given at ELQ. Michael could care less. Michael is actually pissed that Abby is not impressed by his Daddy impression – it’s exactly how I thought Michael would evolve back when he was a red-headed brat. I will say this, though. I give the writers a lot of credit for giving Michael a point of view that helps us understand how he justifies wanting to be like Sonny. That dialogue about Jax being a corporate raider, and coming in and destroying families then walking away a billionaire? So smart. It gives Michael at least a bit of substance and reasoning for his choices. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to convince Abby. While she actually stayed after Michael’s “I’m sorry I got you off the pole” comment, I have a feeling that their fight is gonna leave a mark on their romance.

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It really is a shame that of all the incredible business savvy Jax is known for in the corporate world, none of it seems to translate to common sense. Dear God, could Jax be any more stupid? Where did he get the idea that kidnapping his daughter out of a town known for its mob connections, away from a mother known for her mob connections was a good idea? Jerry Jax would be mortified at how poorly Jax planned this out. Add to his poor planning and even worse execution, Jax decides to take Joss out in the middle of an upstate NY monsoon, just months after her organ transplant. No matter how his scheme turns out, this is gonna leave a mark on Jax’s connection with his daughter.

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Sonny, Sonny, Sonny. It may be time for you to take an extended vacation at Rose Lawn. Sonny needs to be under constant medical supervision. he obviously is still not taking his meds, and is so out-of-control manic, that he cannot even see past his relentless need to get revenge on Jax for leaving town with Brenda. Even Oliva realizes that Sonny didn’t even seem to be able to process the news that Carly and Jason were in a car wreck, and that Jason seems to be seriously injured. It’s time for those who care about Sonny to get some kind of legal, medical directive for these special occasions. Clearly, Sonny is not only a danger to himself, but to anyone he crosses paths with while in the throes of his mental illness. If someone doesn’t intervene soon, this is definitely gonna leave a mark on Sonny’s business, as no one is afraid of a mobster walking around with a stuffed animal in one hand, and his gun in the other.

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Carly is a piece of work, isn’t she? If I thought my husband was going to take off with my child, I would call the police, the fire department – homeland security! I wouldn’t care about whether or not he was going to be arrested, because nothing would matter more to me than making sure my daughter wasn’t taken from me – quite possibly never to be seen again. It boggles my mind that Carly could think of not wanting Jax to get arrested, but was going to drag Jason into the middle of a possible confrontation with him? Did it not matter to Carly that Jason could have been arrested for stopping Jax – by whatever means necessary? Her self-centeredness is truly in a class all its own! Even when Carly saw Sam waiting there with Monica, she seemed to be completely clueless about Sam’s reaction. Really, Carly? You’re actually confused about why Sam is upset? No matter what Sam said, Carly had, what she thought was an answer. Sam didn’t think so. I give Sam so much credit. She was under extreme duress  – worried sick about Jason, trying to digest that their future may have just been stolen from them, and trying to be strong while she sits with her fiance’s mother. If I were under half that amount of stress, I would have grabbed Carly by her broken wrist and dragged her ass to the parking lot, where I left her ass out in the rain. Yet Sam tried, she really tried to help Carly understand why she might be upset with her. Carly just didn’t want to hear it. Instead, she reached to her own weapon – which is to slice her opponent with words. Mission accomplished, Carly. Telling Sam that she didn’t know what it was like to lose a kid was so below the belt, even for her. I cannot remember a more deserved slap. That’s so gonna leave a mark, but not just on Carly’s cheek. I have a feeling that Carly’s Sam-or-me attitude when it comes to Jason is gonna leave an indelible mark on her friendship with Jason.

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I loved that for once, Sam didn’t have to face her fears about Jason alone. From the moment Sam came running into the ER to the moment Patrick finally emerged to share some dire news, Monica was there to support Sam, and to give Sam someone to support – someone to stay strong for, and hold herself together for. It was a noteworthy change of the usual way of things, and I loved it. Sam and Monica have a connection that goes beyond Jason. Sam gave Monica the understanding and support she needed during one of the lowest times in her life, and it was a completely selfless act, as she and Jason were not together. Ironically, it was at the very same time that Jason asked Liz to allow him to tell Monica about Jake in an effort to help her. Liz, in contrast, said no. I am hoping that Sam and Monica’s bond will only grow through this frightening time. While some people don’t understand that Sam’s acceptance of Jason doesn’t mean that she wants him to stay exactly the same, I totally get that Sam would want Jason to be the son and grandson his family needs. I believe that this will be an opportunity for The Quartermaines to witness for themselves that Sam’s love for Jason is unconditional, and it may just be his saving grace. That’s gonna leave a mark in Sam’s favor. And thank goodness – as Sam is more deserving of support than anyone else.

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It’s why she’ll always have mine!


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9 responses

  1. trini

    I agree with everything you say. Yeah SAM!!!!

    August 10, 2011 at 11:03 am

  2. Fylicia'Marie

    Was that the slap heard around the world or what! I had to rewind as I shouted Woo so loud, kids came running from every corner of the house and I missed the full affect. Yesterday and the day our blue eyed enforcer put caroline in her place have been some of the best dialogue written for JaSam in eons (outside of their GW-reign dialogue with each other). I am so reinvested between you and finally some great writing, that I’m going to follow in the writing/calling footsteps you’ve laid before us….and that’s saying something, because letter writing for me us reserved for the most important of causes(children, health, etc.). Onward and upward!

    August 10, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    • Awww….that’s great to hear!
      I love that!
      Thanks for sharing!

      August 10, 2011 at 10:05 pm

  3. samjase

    Awesome blog as usual. THANK YOU!


    I am so excited about GH right now, it’s like night and day!

    August 10, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    • She was PHENOMENAL!

      August 10, 2011 at 10:04 pm

  4. Sonia

    Yea Sam will be bringing Jason back home to his Family

    Carly is just disgusting, her dislike for Sam makes no sense

    I wont comment on lying Lizzy

    August 10, 2011 at 8:01 pm

  5. Traveler

    Another Great Blog and Another Great GH Day!!
    Love..Support..Love..Support our Sam more than ever. I didnt even think it was possible but she just gets better and better….
    And how Great were the Sam and Monica scenes!! I have ALWAYs loved the respect they have had for each other. Both Love Jason and share a special bond!!
    WooHoo – GH has been AWESOME lately!!! Only complaint I have… Is the time goes by too fast while watching… *Giggles*
    Not only am I one happy JaSam Fan.. Im once again one happy GH Fan!!! 🙂

    August 10, 2011 at 11:29 pm

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