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Some Things Never Change…

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Well, GHers, Monday finally came…and went by rather quickly!

How are you all feeling about it so far?

I have to say that I am really looking forward to tomorrow, and for this storyline to unfold. I cannot remember the last time I was this crazed about watching the time and counting down the hours and minutes to 3:00 p.m. I actually screamed, “NOOOOO” at the TV when I realized we had seen the last scene of Monday’s episode.

While watching, I realized that there really are so many changes taking place right before our very loyal eyes! I think I might laugh or at least chuckle at least a couple of times during every show! When was the last time that happened? And watching all of these characters interact? Incredible!

  • Having Monica, former chief of staff, offer unsolicited advice to the younger, less-experienced newly appointed chief of staff, Robin? Genius!

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  • Watching three doctors (Patrick, Steve, and Matt) actually chatting about things outside of work? That is so realistic!

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  • Having those same three professionals giggle like 6th graders when Epiphany got on the elevator? Hysterical!

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  • Robin and Patrick, husband and wife, actually having a couple’s night? That really happens, too! Why didn’t the last headwriter think of that? (For a minute, I thought I was in Genoa City!)

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(Excuse me while I wipe that dripping sarcasm off of my laptop.)

Yes, dear friends, things are a changin’ for sure on GH…and we should be very, very excited!

While things are certainly changing in the grander scheme, SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE.

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If we were to sit Maxie down and ask her what is driving her concern for Spinelli, she would come up with one of many rehearsed answers…none of which would be the truth. I am not saying that Maxie isn’t genuinely concerned about Spin, because she is. What I am saying is that Maxie is driven by the need to be back in the center of Spin’s world. Lulu did a good job of reminding Maxie of that, don’t you think? When Lulu’s “moonlight” became the guiding light of Spin’s alternate universe, you could literally see Maxie’s world get knocked off its axis. Spin only had eyes for Maxie, while Jackal P.I.’s eyes seem to look right through her. Maxie may not have wanted to be exclusive with Spin, but she seems to need to be his obsession …exclusively. Some things never change.

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Is it me, or does Lulu sometimes behave like the worst friend ever?  It’s one thing to have quit, even when it could have put Maxie’s job on the line, but to have the nerve to show up at Crimson, and then shut down Maxie’s pleas for help until she basically begged? I’d have called security on her. Then – to pour salt on the wound by asking Maxie (in a not-so-round-about-way) if she was supplying Lucky with drugs again? I’d have saved security the trip and thrown her down the elevator shaft. Where has Lulu been in this friendship? Is she keeping up with her half of the rent, sorting her mail, cleaning out the refrigerator at the apartment she shares with Maxie? Is she showing even a smidgen of understanding for Maxie’s situation the way Maxie did for Lulu when she was running all over town just to keep Lulu employed during the Spencer Crisis? It doesn’t look that way to me, but really, it never did. Some things never change.

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Back at the site of the crash Liz caused, there are some serious injuries. Carly thinks she broke her wrist and she’s bleeding, Jason is seriously hurt and unconscious, and worst of all – Siobhan, who had already lost consciousness from the head trauma and concussion, was thrown from the car and unresponsive. Liz flits from victim to victim, checking on everyone’s vitals, and begging for them to wake up or to lie down, reacting like a regular Florence Nightingale, a veritable angel in the night. *drip drip* Of course, all of that noble concern goes right out (one of) the (smashed) windows in a heartbeat when she remembers that she must get to Lucky, and now that Siobhan is down for the count, she may actually have a head start. It made my Lizzy senses prickle when Dante “showed a little faith in her”. Uh-oh. That’s how it starts. When Dante said to Liz, “Of course you wouldn’t…” in response to saying that she didn’t hurl Siobhan down the stairs purposely, I thought…Lulu  better keep one eye open at all times. One question? Was Dante the official officer taking the report from the accident scene? I would think that someone would want to follow-up with the fact that at least two people are fighting for their lives, and the driver of the car that caused the accident is able to walk away unhurt. I guess that’s just me. *shrugs* As if it wasn’t enough to have Dante worrying all over Liz when people around them are being strapped to gurneys and rushed to the ER, we see Steve emerge from Siobhan’s bedside, seemingly more concerned about what Peanut was doing in the same car with the victim. *sigh* Lizzie’s answer, “We were in a fight, she fell down a flight of stairs, and when she wakes up, she’s going to tell everyone I tried to kill her.” Nothing about how Siobhan may have been affected, or what she might have to deal with as a result of her injuries. Just how it will make Saint Elizabeth look. Damn. Some things never change.

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Carly may be hurt, but she’s hasn’t seen the last of the hurtin’, and I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for her. Carly found the strength to plead with Liz about Josslyn, and was completely lucid when Liz told her that Jason was seriously hurt. That didn’t stop Carly from clawing her way to her feet, and then to Jason’s door, where she took one look at his bleeding head, and still went on to beg him to “Wake up,” because they had to go get Josslyn. WWWHHHAAAAAATTT??? Some things never change!

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The one thing I enjoyed most about today’s crash site scenes was we were given one more reminder that Liz and Jason have taken…different roads. They are going in opposite directions. Moving towards the separate lives they’ve been living for years. I think no one else in Port Charles could have been responsible for hitting Jason. Why? Because there are some people who just don’t – or can’t – or won’t – see that Jason and Liz are done. Jake didn’t bring them together. Jake’s death didn’t bring them together. Their grief didn’t bring them together. Liz running to Jason didn’t bring them together. The fact Jason said they have a connection didn’t bring them together. Even if they share a dozen scenes per month – it’s not bringing them together. They have moved on and away from each other. I think that someone finally got the idea that they must write Jason and Liz in scenes together just to help people see that. You see, Jason and Liz shared this accident. They shared the crash site. Jason and Liz shared the same road, heading to different destinations; which describes their relationship perfectly. For a while, Jason and Liz shared the same road, but were headed to different places in life. We saw then and we see now that their shared road was a road to nowhere.  It led to nothing. I could care less about dream scenes or fantasies or any other scenes Jason and Liz will share. Those scenes will serve to show that Jason and Liz may share scenes – they share friends, acquaintances, and history, but they no longer share a life. It’s why nothing can get me down, and it’s why nothing should get you down either!

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As long as Jason and Sam are committed to one another and building their future together, I cannot even be bothered to wrinkle a brow over it. I am going to look forward to every scene Jason and Sam share, every scene Steve and Kelly rock. I am going to look forward to how this tragedy changes and moves our couple forward. Friends, I am going to enjoy every moment! I will enjoy our couple as long as we have them, just as I always have. Some things never change!

I cannot wait until Sam reacts to this phone call…

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Take a moment and let TPTB know which changes you are enjoying the most!


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Looking forward…never back!



6 responses

  1. Traveler

    Thanks for the great Blog!!
    Like you I was trying to stop the clock while watching GH. It is amazing how fast that hour flew by yesterday….
    This s/l has started off on the right road and Im looking forward to where it will take us, take them all, ESPECIALLY JaSam!! I cant wait…….

    August 9, 2011 at 8:34 am

    • Me either!
      I am LOVING GH more than I have in YEARS!

      August 9, 2011 at 8:47 pm

      • Traveler

        Okay.. so today the hour flew by again today!!! GH has been rocking!!

        August 9, 2011 at 10:42 pm

  2. Fylicia'Marie

    Spectacular write up, Angelique! You do a wonderful job of keeping us all on track and focused on what matters.
    Your mom is still being prayed for as she waits for surgery. Stay strong and God bless!

    August 9, 2011 at 11:46 am

  3. Sonia

    Thanks again for a great Blog

    August 10, 2011 at 7:50 pm

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