Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


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TGIF, GHers!

It’s another hot one here in my neck of the woods…hope wherever you are, you are staying cool! *whew*

Well, the changes at General Hospital didn’t just stop with the writing staff! Things are a changin’, and so are the people all over Port Charles!

Another thing that is changing is the atmosphere. What we are seeing on our screens is something completely different that what was on our screens just a short time ago. Gone are the days of all doom and gloom, and no one is happier about it that I am!

Thursday gave us another extraordinary day of stories, and I really take my hat off to how Garin Wolf has led the charge to balance things out by about 110%.

I mean while there is marked improvement and a lighter feel to our favorite soap, by no means has Garin Wolf’s writing team turned into a bunch of Pollyannas who are about to make everything come up roses in Port Charles.

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Michael is one argument for that. Without a word being spoken, and without having to hear Michael go on incessantly about being ready to join his father’s organization, we were all reminded during his scenes that while he feels completely out of his element in his office over at ELQ, he is totally in his groove sitting in his dad’s Don Corinthos chair. While most of us were tired of Michael’s back and forth, and his constant running to Jason, it was very sudden that Michael just decided to turn his back on Sonny’s family business and go to work at his real family business at ELQ. I think that like so many other storylines, GW wants to flesh them out and bring them to a conclusion his way. You won’t hear a complaint from me – I actually like it when things go through a natural process that make sense! Another thing that finally made sense with Michael is that FINALLY after almost a year, he is actually reacting like a rape victim! Trauma is almost a guarantee when someone has been what Michael went though, and yet many of might have thought it was all just a bad dream for all of the follow-up that storyline had. That second where Michael reacted to Abby grabbing him from behind got my attention in such a way that Michael and Abby rarely do these days. Outstanding!

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I have a question…when was the last time you saw Tracy go slummin’ just because she couldn’t handle the kind of pressure she actually puts on everyone else? I can’t remember a time myself, but it was oh so nice to see! Hey, Tracy is a real person, and it’s nice to see her change into one every once in a while. It’s also fun to know that even a Dragon Lady persona needs to hide from other Dragon Ladies once in a while! And of course, seeing Coleman was an added bonus! We need more of that kind of real, wouldn’t you agree?

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Another person reminding us that GW hasn’t gone all soft on the mob influence in PC is Papa Z., but Anthony Zaccharra has certainly changed! Anthony is the kind of crime figure who would not be okay with being forgotten, and I love that GW has capitalized on that. Of course Anthony would have to make his presence not just known, but felt in his “neighborhood.” You know what else? I love that Anthony is “courting” Tracy Quartermaine for an “in” at ELQ, because that is just how someone like him would play this. The very idea that he has set his eyes on a legit company to hide behind opens up the door to stories and people Anthony could never have been a part of, and now the Quartermaines can become a presence again themselves! This is the stuff that should have all of us not just tuning in, but getting others to tune in – or even back in!

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If one character has seen their fair share of change, it’s my favorite Dark Prince…Nikolas Cassadine. I think Nikolas has always struggled with a dual personality, and thanks to the writing…we finally got to hear those painful confessions from Nikolas himself. I thought his dialogue today was so revealing, and so damned believable. I could totally understand every one of the “dark” feelings Nikolas struggled with. “It’s All About Lucky.”  Wow! That was a remarkable statement, and one we’re not likely to forget! And THAT is what makes good soap! Just a couple of weeks ago, we watched as Nikolas tearfully and seemingly earnestly hand Aiden over to Lucky. Listening to him talk to Lulu, we realize the Nikolas we last saw in Port Charles has really changed. Hearing Nikolas say he resents how he and everyone else have always had to concern themselves first with whether or not Lucky would be okay, struck a chord with me, and I’m sure it did with most longtime viewers. Everything Nikolas said was true of their history, so while Emily may have polished his tarnished Cassadine soul with her goodness and purity, and made him want to be noble and benevolent, it’s only natural that without her in his life, that soul would be as tarnished as ever. It was such a smart twist to have Nikolas warn Helena to “be careful what she wished for”, and that kiss he gave her at the end made me think of the kiss of Judas. No matter what happens in the immediate future, we will all be waiting for Nikolas to materialize at any moment. That’s definitely something to anticipate! Bravo!

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I will admit that the Lulu and Dante Adventure had grown so tedious to me that I did things like check the weather channel, CNN, or even C-Span seemed more exciting. However, having Luke actually “surface” made my pain and suffering a little lesser. Anytime I can watch Helena tease or even threaten Luke (even a silent, fake one) in that deliciously wicked way of hers, I’ll take it. Nothing changes Helena’s demeanor like sparring with Luke! Just rewatch that little spanking she gave him when she told him he was naughty! That’s classic GH! It’s how I know that Garin Wolf is not just the headwriter over at GH – he is really a fan of the show and its incredible history. At least I was reminded that there really was a reason for all of this Lulu and Dante galavanting all over the world stuff – and that was to try and catch up with her dad. Even though all she caught up with was his shadow (unbeknownst to her), at least it gave this storyline some reason! Thanks, Writers!

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So much has changed about Spinelli because of his being shot. He can no longer dominate cyberspace, and he can no longer hide millions of illegally gained dollars, and he can’t even remember where he put the ones he did hide! Yes, Spinelli has probably changed the most of anyone in Port Charles, and the most dramatically. No longer can he quote the right poet at the right moment, or make everyone around him feel at ease because he can list their best qualities in 3 seconds flat. I miss Spinelli. But not more than his Maximista. Maxie misses the person who changed her the most before he went and changed. Who wouldn’t? Maxie didn’t even have many qualities for their to be a top few until she let Spin’s heart of gold influence and challenge her. I think that even though Maxie and Spin haven’t been together for about a year now, she feels lost knowing that he’s not “there” for her the way she came to depend on. I am loving that Maxie tried so hard to jog Spin’s memory by getting them stuck in the same sewer tunnel he once got them stuck in. And I love that the once – and since – jaded Maxie, believes that if anything can bring Spin back, it’s the love he had for her. The love they shared. How’s that for romance?

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One of my favorite changes on GH has been the change in Jason Morgan since he allowed himself to find happiness again with the love of his life.

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Being with the one person who loves him unconditionally has changed Jason Morgan not just in ways that can’t be seen, but in ways that can.

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Now Jason’s got a spring in his step, a real smile on his face, and even an occasional chuckle on his (oh-so-kissable) lips.

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Jason has gone from barely talking to babbling on and on about love and promises and what the future can hold. Where once Jason stored away all  of his emotions in a box of pain, he now makes it a point not just to tell Sam how he feels, but to show her.

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And  that’s not all! There was a time that the very thought of a conversation with Alexis would have sent Jason out into the dangerous underworld of the mob, because that would have been less scary. Now Jason sat down and became part of the conversation. And not just any conversation, folks, but The Conversation… about who him and Sam are, about symbols, and love. CAN YOU BELIEVE?

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Just watching Jason having fun with teasing Alexis was nothing less than miraculous, and watching Jason look on at Sam with stars in his eyes as she described The Proposal…seen here:

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to watching it change when Alexis asked Sam to give her a moment with her fiance…seen here:

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Who’s writing all of this good stuff anyway? 😉 I can’t stop smiling!

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I mean I was watching General Hospital, and I was laughing out loud! Who would’ve thunk it?

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From the awkward hug, to the hyperventilating, to the hysterical dialogue (Horse tranquilizer!) to the adorable way Sam said, “Welcome to having a mother-in-law”, the scenes with JaSam and Alexis were PURE GOLD!

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So were the moments when the newly engaged couple was alone again, and Jason reminded us just how much he really has changed.

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I guess LOVE will do that to you!

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It certainly did it for Jason!

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And it’s certainly done it for all of us as viewers!


Which is why I have such a hard time understanding the Negative Nellys and the Debbie Downers wasting their time to come here and post fatalistic garbage. When you love your soap, and when you love the genre and want to see it survive, and maybe even thrive again, you LOVE what is happening on our screens! You stop talking about boycotting and wishing for low ratings and throw your support behind it!

I get on here every chance I get and talk about The Beauty of GH – wherever it comes from! Every day I challenge myself to “focus on the things that keep us watching”, whether my favorite couple is on or not. I do my best to keep my soap around, just like so many of the fabulous fans who communicate positive thoughts and love for GH through Twitter, facebook, calling in, or emailing.

If you can’t do that, then I would think that the very best thing you could do is to stop bluffing. Stop talking about not watching as you have been for the past two years, and actually move on! Instead of polluting every possible line of communication with your pessimism, why not take up knitting or scrapbooking or watching Dr. Phil? Soaps don’t need your negativity, and reading the same HATE and tired threats day in and day out is getting old. Besides how do you boycott something you claim you haven’t watched in YEARS? According to your every post, they lost your viewership years ago, so they can’t miss what they haven’t had!

For the rest of us, take time to contact TPTB and thank them for the CHANGES!

Love In The Afternoon was a concept that had been lost on our favorite soap over the past few years. I remember how often we would wait weeks and weeks to catch a glimpse of some Lovin’, and when we did, it often went by in a blur. Watching couples who are in love, and act that way on my screen during GH every day is something that I am still trying to get used to! I am LOVING IT so much, I’m almost afraid to wake up from this DREAMY new version of my soap!

But just almost!

I believe these changes are just what we needed!



Let them know what you think:


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Snail Mail: Garin Wolf, Headwriter, General Hospital, c/o ABC-TV 4151 Prospect Avenue Hollywood, California 90027

(You can also use that address and General Hospital heading for any actor/actress, or for your favorite writer.)

And PLEASE, remember those hashtags (#) when tweeting! #JaSam


 Much Love,



16 responses

  1. Aloha my love.. how are you feeling these days?

    Family flew back to Texas last night and I have had some time to catch up on GH and your blog.

    Loved the Alexis, Sam and Jason scenes.. they were priceless. Now this is the GH I fell in love with. I am so excited for what is to come for all our residents in Port Charles. I am of course the most excited about Sam and Jason finally getting all that they have ever wanted.. a life together. I feel the winds of change blowing our way!

    Love, romance, action, adventure, comedy!

    I love you bunches!

    July 29, 2011 at 3:05 am

    • Awww…are you suffering from empty nest syndrome?
      I saw that you enjoyed your time together, and I was smiling for you!
      I think those winds you are feeling are the FAMOUS TRADEWINDS!
      Adore you!

      August 1, 2011 at 10:47 pm

  2. Carol

    Just saying that I watched the entire episode of GH today without ff thru any of it and that is something I havent done in a very long time. Love, Love, Love GW.

    July 29, 2011 at 6:19 am

    • Awww! Comments like yours get me excited about the future of our GH!
      Thanks for sharing that with me – and well – all of us!
      I appreciate it!

      August 1, 2011 at 10:44 pm

  3. samjase

    I am so excited about GH now…it’s like it has been re-born! The episode flies by and I don’t want to miss a thing. Of course, when Jasam are on…I am riveted to the screen. I can’t miss one word or gesture…especially now with all the new dialogue and interaction.
    Thank you, Angelique, for your uplifting blogs and spirit. You must know how much you are loved by all of us! LONG LIVE GH!!! Jasam has me completely addicted!!!

    July 29, 2011 at 10:13 am

    • I love that, Darlene!
      I agree – it totally has my attention these days!
      Thank YOU Darlene, for the kind words, and it is certainly nice to be reminded of the love!
      And yes – long live GH, and our JaSam Addictions!

      August 1, 2011 at 10:43 pm

  4. brenda

    Thank you for another insightful and much needed blog. I also love the changes we are seeing on GH. I can’t wait to see where the writers will take the fans. Of course, my favorites are Jason and Sam, but I’m loving the re-telling of GH history, and the growth in relationships (as promised by GW). Thanks again,

    July 29, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    • You’re very welcome, Brenda!
      And thanks for taking the time to come by and read!
      I also love the history and the growth…I’m glad he has kept those promises!
      GH Forever!

      August 1, 2011 at 10:40 pm

  5. SamFan

    Thank you another great post. I’m glad that you brought up the change in Jason. I thought it was just me who noticed his change. He seems happy and in love, and he is not afraid to show it. I love it.

    July 29, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    • I love it too!
      And thanks so much for the kind words!

      August 1, 2011 at 10:38 pm

  6. SamFan

    Also, I used to be one of those Debbie Downers who was disappointed with the limited time Jasam was on, or wanted them on every day. But with Garwin, we see more of Jasam. No they are not on everyday, but they are on 2-3 times a week averaging 8 – 12 minutes per episode. I’m super excited about that. I rather see them 2-3 times a week, than 5 times a week for 2 minutes each. I like with Garwin is doing.

    July 29, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    • I think that as long as there is overall BALANCE ont he show, more viewers will tune in and stay.
      And as long as viewers increase, our JaSam will have a story to tell, and that’s what I want!
      I’m glad you are liking what’s going on with our favorite soap! So am I!

      August 1, 2011 at 10:37 pm

  7. Nina

    First I would like to say I am sending my prayers to your mom and your family… for the changes on GH I am loving it; before the changes I would only watch Gh to see if Jasam was on if not then I would change it, and now since the new writing has started I have been watching faithfully and looking forward to the next day and your right Jason has changed so much since he got back with Sam he seems more Happier and more willing to speak about his feeling of love towards Sam with anybody and I love that. and I can’t wait to see more Q’s around and I am hoping that the changes will bring the Q’s to Jasam Wedding. looking forward to more adventure,Love,mystery and reunions on the new GH

    July 31, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    • I love hearing that! I think this is the time for soap fans to tune in – and not just for one couple, but for the love of our soaps!
      I loved reading your message, and I agree with you on everything! It wouldn’t be the perfect wedding without the Q’s!
      I’m looking forward to all of that, too!
      Thanks for sharing your positivy with me!
      LOVE IT!

      August 1, 2011 at 10:30 pm

  8. Nina

    by the way love your Jasam blog ❤

    July 31, 2011 at 2:11 pm

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