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To Have Loved and Lost…

Well, GHers, have you come down from your #JaSam High?

I have decided that Jersey’s Heat Wave has nothing to do with a weather pattern. It’s all brought on by the JaSam Lovin’ we’ve been getting. (Sorry to my favorite weather guy, Sam Champion!) Once again, I’m trying to type as quietly as possible, as to not wake my hubby and alert him to the fact that I had to turn off the a/c in order to use the laptop. The block around the corner from us actually lost power for most of the afternoon because of overused grids, and I literally prayed that my home would be spared, at least during GH. I kid you not – I was willing to sweat my butt off the rest of the afternoon, as long as I didn’t miss a moment of my JaSam.

Truly, the situation is dire. The advice has been to have unplugged everything except for your refrigerator, unless you are using it. I hear that other parts of  the country are dealing with this as well, so until the JaSam Hotness Wave is over, please unplug – at least until GH is over!


Did you guys notice that the new headwriter, Garin Wolf, was today’s script writer?

Hello, Previews Of What Lies Ahead, I guess!

I thought today’s show was really, really outstanding. ON ALL LEVELS.

It was good soap all around, and I had to run (or the closest I can get to a run) between commercials to for fear that I would miss something. Of course, there were some parts of today’s show that ranked higher for me than others, but we’ll talk about all of that in a sec…

I thought it was interesting that I saw something in today’s writing that I haven’t seen very often lately. That was a deep sense of connection between all of the storylines and characters. I love when that happens, and we are reminded that these are all people whose lives intertwine and sometimes, so can their stories! I love it!

Carly and Jax has the closest thing you can have to a knock-down, drag-out fight without actual physical violence. Their emotions were running so high, and their feelings are so raw, that they could barely contain themselves. I have to say that Laura and Ingo both did a great job of showing that passion was never lacking in the CarJax relationship – but passion can fuel more than love, and that’s what happened during their confrontation about Josslyn’s custody battle, and what Sonny did to Jax. You know that a story is a good one when you find yourself switching sides, and that’s what I found myself doing. During their fight, I found myself understanding what caused both Jax and Carly to do the things they did. Sure, Jax has been an ass over the past few weeks, and he wouldn’t compromise with Carly, but he was also right on a lot of things. Carly really didn’t act as though she wanted a real marriage with Jax. She confided in Sonny and Jason on more things more times than I can count. And while Jax did keep things from Carly on more than one occasion, Carly had a responsibility to confront Jax about their issues and then try to work them out. Of course, Jax covered for Jerry. He covered up for Claudia, and while the reasons may have made sense to him, he still lied to Carly over and over, and it nearly cost Carly’s and Joss’ life in the end. More than that, as much as I do believe that Jax does love Michael, the way he treated Michael because he was Sonny’s son was always less than ideal in my book. Again, neither one of them can really walk away from this disaster of a relationship feeling blameless, but I am sure each of them walked away feeling less blameless than the other. I guess that’s always been the thing with Jax and Carly. Each of them is equally bull-headed and each of them always thinks they are right. I wonder if after all the shouting and mud-slinging settles down, Carly and Jax will be able to look back and agree that It Was Better To Have Loved And Lost Than Never To Have Loved…(or have created Josslyn) At All.

On another floor, in the same hotel, Sonny and Brenda – the collateral damage of Jax and Carly’s Custody Battle, are also self-destructing. Unlike Carly and Jax, I really just don’t understand what is happening with Sony and Brenda, I really don’t. Brenda knew exactly who Sonny was. He’s been the same person since she met him. I don’t understand what magical thing took place that made Brenda think that a life together with Sonny was going to be anything other than what it turned out to be! It makes me angry thought that Brenda’s stupid decision didn’t just affect her, or even her and Sonny. Brenda came to town and put a strain on Jason and Sam’s relationship. She took over Jason’s penthouse and his time, and put him Lucky, and Dante all in danger while she was sitting on huge and dangerous secret. However, the thing that angers me most about Brenda is that her stupid decision to leap blindly into this marriage with Sonny when she herself knew that it would end badly affected the kids the most. It drives me nuts that Brenda made Sonny’s brood believe that they would be this amazing and instant family, when the truth is that I don’t think she has even had the kids over for cookies since the wedding! It’s July! Now, without even a word to them, she is about to head out of town and out of their lives, as if they never really mattered at all. I hate that. Molly and Morgan, and even Kristina and Michael, deserve more than that. And what about Dante? The man who was willing to nearly destroy his relationship with the woman he loves in order to help Brenda keep her secret? Did he go from being the guy she once loved to the guy not even worth a good-bye or thank you? Listen, I don’t even want her to say “See you later!” to Jason – she can just stay the hell away, but her selfishness and self-centeredness never ceases to amaze me! I can only hope that when she told Sonny that this time, she wouldn’t be back, she really means it. I will say that Mr. Wolf struck a nerve with me when Brenda accused that Sonny has always walked away from her when she needed him most, but that this time she would be the one to walk away. As a Sonny and Brenda fan of the past, that means something to me. So, thanks, Mr. Wolf for not letting Brenda just disappear the way Kate and Claire did. Sonny told Carly that he has loved and lost Brenda more times than he can count. I wonder if we could ask Sonny and Brenda, if they would say that It Was Better To Have Loved And Lost Yet Again, Than To Never Have Loved…(and finally married) At All.

I loved that GH reminded me today of why I cannot stand Liz Webber – no matter what man she’s seeking to destroy. If you are a  Liz fan, you will never see this the way that I see it, and that’s okay. I am not trying to convert you.  I just have to say that Liz gets on – no, Liz JUMPS all over my last nerve. If there is anyone out there who really believes that Liz was being gracious in inviting Siobhan over to their Family Dinner Night, you should just skip to the next paragraph. You see, I haven’t seen Liz do anything in the past few years unless it involved manipulation. And when it comes to the men in her life? It involves specialized manipulation. Liz invited Siobhan over – not to play nice, or to make amends. She invited Siobhan over in the hopes that Siobhan would see the connection that she and Lucky have because of the boys. Liz was hoping to give Siobhan the impression that no matter what she and Lucky share – it cannot compare to the pull of two little boys on his heartstrings. Oh, Liz, you are not fooling me. And it appears she wasn’t fooling Siobhan either. I think the one thing that counted against her, is that Siobhan doesn’t pussyfoot around. In any other situation, that’s a great thing, but when you’re dealing with someone who is gifted in being able to turn things around and make herself the victim the way Liz is, you have to avoid playing into that trap. When Liz spat, “If I wanted to kill you during surgery, you’d be dead,” I seethed. Liz would not have said that in front of Lucky. Her halo would crack – because let’s face it, that thing has taken one hell of a beating over the past couple of years. However, Siobhan backing herself into the corner that left Lucky there with Liz gave her more opportunity than I would ever give Liz! I was so thankful that Lucky seems to have grown at least a layer of tougher skin, and when Liz basically dismissed Siobhan from his life, his home, his bed, Lucky let her know that it wasn’t going to be that easy! I loved that she nearly broke her neck looking back at Lucky in disbelief! Liz told Lucky over and over again that they were over. That she didn’t love him “that way” anymore. For months, she played his butt for a fool while sleeping with his brother. She told Robin that Nikolas was the best lover she’d ever had. The only reason that Lucky is so appealing to her is because he is involved with someone else, and he’s not falling all over her tired routine, at least at the moment. This is what Liz does. Every single time. The minute she gets him, she’ll remember that…eh, she didn’t really want him. I wonder if we were to sit Lucky down and ask him, would he think It Was Better To Have Loved and Lost, Than Never To Have Loved…(and been played for a fool over and over again)…At All? And what would Siobhan’s answer be, as she stands to lose more than just her heart?

I know two people who would think that It Was Better To Have Loved And Lost, But It Was EVEN BETTER To Have Loved, Lost, And Found Each Other Again!

Jason Morgan and Sam McCall.

Or should I say, “The Future Mr. & Mrs. Morgan?”

Click to view full size image

What an amazing thing to see the roles reversed and to see Jason being the one wearing his heart on his sleeve…being unsure…asking Sam whether she would meet him On The Rooftop…or not? (How cute when he asked that!)

Click to view full size image

I love that Sam seems to be the nervous one when it comes to the possibility of taking the next step, or even talking about it. I love that Jason has finally gotten a clue and realized that nothing is going to chase Sam’s doubts away more effectively to prove to her that this is not a whim, or a fleeting thought. Jason is determined to make Sam his wife, and he knows that if he’s going to have a chance at being successful, he’s gotta make sure that when he asks her, she can’t run…answer the door, the phone, or laugh it off.

Click to view full size image

Setting up a romantic dinner on the roof will show Sam that it’s “Just You And Me”, and they are going to have to face the million dollar question once and for all. And they’re going to have to face it together.

 Click to view full size image

I Love Jason Morgan!

Click to view full size image

Click to view full size image

I love that he wasn’t willing to tell Sam anything unless she showed up! And I love that he gave her just enough incentive to show up! THAT KISS WAS SMOKIN’ HOT!

Click to view full size image

No wonder Sam seemed a little dazed! 😉

Click to view full size image

It shows that Jason wants Sam to take the steps towards happiness and their future for herself. Jason knows her heart, but he also knows that Sam needs to do this…on her own. Beautiful stuff!

Click to view full size image

I love that he asked for help. I love that he was willing to listen to Maxie. But more than anything, I love that he didn’t let anyone tell him which ring should find its way to Sam finger. When he saw it, he knew. Which proves that he really believed what he said to Molly…”When you find love, you’ll know it.”

Click to view full size image

Jason knows Sam is the one for him. He knows that he loves her, and that she loves him. More than that, Jason knows that the miracle of finding their way back to each other can’t be wasted.

Click to view full size image

Unlike the money he just dished out for the ring that Maxie sent sailing off the penthouse terrace!

Click to view full size image

I’m not worried. I get where Jason was coming from. In the greater scheme of their Love for each other, Sam wouldn’t really care about the ring. Nothing will stop his from The Proposal! He knows his woman, and for that I am proud!

Click to view full size image

I just need to interject some love here for Steve and Kelly as well! Their scenes today were magical! What a great job they do of convincing us all not just of Jason and Sam’s love for each other, but also their vulnerabilities, and their struggle to overcome the fears of their past. They also do an amazing job of showing us how much fun they have when they work together! *applause*

Click to view full size image

It’s not every pairing that can convey all that through the screen…

See you all ON THE ROOFTOP!

Much Love,



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6 responses

  1. Jlive

    Have been following your blog for awhile now. It is always a bright spot for me when I check in. I find I agree with you at every turn. JaSam is more beautiful to watch then ever and trust me I have watched and rewatched them many many times. Thank you for putting into words, so beautifully, what so many JaSam fans are thinking/feeling.

    July 21, 2011 at 4:17 am

    • Hi! Welcome to Bella Mafia!
      I love knowing you’re out there!

      July 21, 2011 at 11:22 pm

  2. Traveler

    Thanks for another Wonderful Blog.
    I think yesterdays GH was Great!! All of it. In fact… Enough so, that I text my friends to let them know what a Great GH Episode it was. Not to mention.. I didnt stop talking about the show to my husband and son all evening long.
    Now.. I did not know until I read this blog that GW was the Script Writer for this episode. Hip Hip Hooray, I feel wonderful episodes coming our way….
    Yesterday was just another example of why Im such a Huge Stelly/JaSam Fan. Steve and Kelly really do bring on the JaSam Magic ❤
    Looking forward to our Rooftop Date with the future Mr & Mrs Morgan!!

    July 21, 2011 at 5:19 am

  3. samjase


    July 21, 2011 at 1:00 pm

  4. alwaysaromantic

    As always I love your Blog! I cannot stop smiling! No other couple has ever had this effect on me and no other couple ever will! I am so i happy I could do a Happy Dance! I think I will! Glad you are doing better! See you ALL on the Roof Top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    July 21, 2011 at 7:40 pm

  5. Sonia

    Thanks for your wondeful post.. Your writing just tell how you love GH and
    love to watch Jason and Sam.. I love how you see what Lying Liz is all about
    cannot belive people are clamouring for LL2 to be back, so disgusting

    July 24, 2011 at 6:31 pm

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