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TGIF, Friends!

Thanks for all the messages of concern, good wishes, and prayers!

You will surely never really know how much each means to me!

The surgery itself went well – no complications (which for me is always a reason to celebrate), and the only thing to complain about is the pain, but I’ve always said I’d rather deal with physical pain than emotional pain a million times over, so I’ll take it!

I was pretty out of it the first 24 hours after surgery, but after watching Rookie Blue with my family, I felt a little more “up”, so I checked out yesterday’s GH, and found that I just had to blog about it. So, it may take me all night, with all the breaks and stuff, but my thoughts are all over the place, and it would be cruel to even ask Karina to try and keep up with me.

It should tell us all something that whenever I see the previews for Combat Hospital, my brain automatically registers General Hospital.

I originally thought that it was about my loyalty to my favorite soap, but after watching today’s episode, and after thinking about the episode I caught up on from the day before, and really just the past few weeks, I realized it had nothing to do with my loyalty for GH. Rather, it has to do more with the fact that lately, Port Charles, my favorite fictional town, has felt like a war-ravaged combat zone, kinda like the surroundings of ABC’s new primetime show, Combat Hospital, which are set in the middle of a war zone in Afghanistan.

Now, let me just reiterate that I have always meant for Bella Mafia: The Beauty of GH to be a positive outlet in support of our favorite and longest running soap. That has not changed. The next few things I have to say are being said because I love GH so much, and want to see it stay on the air for many years to come, and NEVER become a casualty of war.

As I watched today on this JaSam-less day, the connections my brain was making really did smack me in the face. General Hospital can really go by the name Combat Hospital, and no one would be able to argue about the name change. Think about this: just about everyone in Port Charles is caught up in some kind of COMBAT.

Don’t believe me?

Click to view full size image

  • Carly and Jax are in mortal combat over custody of their daughter. Gone are the warm, fuzzy family moments that poor Morgan had come to depend upon. Gone are the attempts both Carly and Jax made to keep their family together. Gone is the only normal looking family unit in Port Charles, where a dad, mom, and kids all lived under the same roof. Gone even are the romantic moments Jax and Carly were pretty good at. Whether you are a fan of the pairing or not, many people were. What do those fans have to tune into? Their favorite couple tearing each other to shreds, and scheming behind each other’s backs to destroy their baby girl’s other parent? Jax and Carly working with their exes to take each down and make each other look awful and unfit in court? I feel for CarJax fans. Their pairing is in a combat zone.

Click to view full size image

  • Speaking of those exes Carly and Jax are using and misusing, Sonny and Brenda were once a bona fide GH Supercouple. Just the talk of Brenda coming back to PC got their fans excited over the possibilities. Then Brenda actually arrived in Port Charles only to become part of a combat zone in several different areas. First there was the fact that she was trespassing on our JaSam turf. Then there was the fact that Claire Walsh got kicked so far to the curb that we haven’t even seen a hair on her head since. Then Brenda became an issue for Maxie and Spinelli, and ultimately the near total destruction of Lulu and Dante, and that was before she helped tear Jax and Carly apart. And I’m not even going to get into The Balkan stuff! All of that time, Brenda could have been making better use of her time being part of bringing back what so many fans wanted: The Sonny and Brenda Love Story – and if they really wanted to have some angst – why not go back to the trusted Sonny/Brenda/Jax Triangle, and make it into a Quadrangle by adding Carly? As I watched yesterday’s episode, and thought back to what has been the Sonny and Brenda storyline over the past few weeks, I have to ask: What have S&B fans had to look forward to each day? Fighting, bickering, arguing, undercover tactical maneuvers? Their couple has also been in a combat zone.

Click to view full size image


  • I remember when we got so much Dante and Lulu b.k.a. Lante, that I literally gained ten pounds because I had to leave the room every time they were onscreen making out, and would end up with a snack of some sort. They may not have been my favorite couple, but hey! They certainly had a fanbase! Now Lulu and Dante are fighting during nearly every conversation they have while Lulu’s putting herself and Dante in danger at a whorehouse, and has now gotten her dad’s favorite “paid companion” murdered. There has been no Lante Lovin’ in the past few weeks either. What are their fans giving up an hour a day for? Lante is in its own combat zone.

Click to view full size image

  • Poor Scrubs fans. Not only did they live through the long Lisa Debacle, they now have to watch General Hospital become Combat Hospital in the truest sense of the word, as know-it-all Robin has become “The Savior” Patrick’s boss. Have they even had enough make-up sex to move forward to their next war? I don’t think so! So do Scrubs fans keep watching and hoping that Patrick and Robin remember that their marriage is still pretty fragile, and that they should probably get through their recommended therapy sessions before they add stress to their marriage in some other form? I mean, let’s face it: this is definitely going to be a combat zone!

Click to view full size image

  • Do you all remember how excited people were for Lucky when he had Siobhan tripping all over herself for him? LuSh amassed a pretty big fanbase pretty quickly because people were just tired of seeing Lucky treated like dirt by…the patron saint of falsehoods, Liz Webber. Now it seems that Lucky has dragged Siobhan through one heck of a combat zone. Not only did he “drop a house on her”, he stuck up for Liz and made Siobhan feel guilty for having suspicions about how Liz wouldn’t hurt a fly, and then he yelled at her while she was supposed to be home recovering, and while she still has that giant bandage around her aching little head. That’s only a honeymoon if the theme is COMBAT! Sheesh!

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  • And really, have all couples traded lovemaking for “fighting it out”? Because I cannot remember the last time I watched a real love scene! (And NO, Mabby do NOT count!) We’ve gotta get with the SOAP program! Lots of beautiful people showing lots of beautiful skin! 😉

Why am I even asking all of these questions? To be negative?

You should know better.

I am asking because I am trying to get everyone to understand why ratings have been looking like relics of a combat zone lately. At present, GH is trying to make it through the very last of the Guza Papers, while trying to sprinkle some goodness here and there where they can, such as Monica’s surprise early appearance, and Tracy’s rare ELQ appearance. It’s why GH is shouting from the rooftops and just about every soap mag, (except the one, of course) that there will FINALLY be some JaSam romance this summer, and plenty of characters who’ll “come back”, following the conclusion of Guza’s daytime version of his Combat Hospital era, which will kick off a new era within the next couple of weeks.

Click to view full size image

I know there are those who are trying to lay the failing ratings at the feet of one couple (ours), but honestly, that one couple (ours) may be the only thing holding us over to the start of the new Romance Era being touted by Mr. Garin Wolf. They are the only source of romance on GH, and the only happiness I get out of GH lately, unless I get a chuckle out of Anthony Z. or Johnny, or even Helena bashing my favorite bashable character.

So, once again, ignore the haters. Though I would love to ask them if they are aware of what great big number (NOT)  their big, announced, organized EVERYONE WATCH THE JIZ SCENE DAY brought in.  It’s laughable considering they were ALL WATCHING THAT DAY, and they believe they have the power to singlehandedly turn the ratings around!


No one couple or actor can flip the ratings on a show that has gone so dark and sad on its own, though it may keep some of us around. It takes a lot more than that. It’s going to take writing that provides a daily dose of escapism and Love In The Afternoon, and a complete pullout of our troops (characters) from this combat zone. I want to tune in and find myself laughing and smiling, along with crying and wanting to throw something. Balance.

Click to view full size image

Then we can all celebrate better ratings and a soap we are all proud of.

Click to view full size image

I am asking all of you to hang in there, and keep calling, writing in, tweeting, and supporting the show and the couple we all love so much. The end of this Combat Hospital era is coming.

Click to view full size image

However, what follows it is as much up to you as it is to the new headwriter. Are you using every opportunity you have to make your positive voice be heard?

Click to view full size image

Are you encouraging your friends to tune in with you? If each of us got just one person hooked on our faves, GH would be back on top of the ratings race.

Click to view full size image

I have to believe that things are going to get better. I choose to believe that Mr. Wolf will turn the combat zone back into a Love Fest. I’m thrilled and proud that our couple is leading the charge, aren’t you?

Click to view full size image

Well, the only way TPTB will know is if you tell them.

Please do:

GH Los Angeles: 323-671-4583

GH New York: 212-456-7777

Twitter: @GeneralHospital, @KellyMonaco1, @1SteveBurton

Facebook: General Hospital Feedback

Snail Mail: Garin Wolf, Headwriter, General Hospital, c/o ABC-TV 4151 Prospect Avenue Hollywood, California 90027

(You can also use that address and General Hospital heading for any actor/actress, or for your favorite writer.)

Let them know that you are hanging on and supporting them even now, but most importantly, you are looking forward with excitement to The Summer Lovin’ you’ve been reading and hearing about!

These dark days of Combat Hospital are about to be over and done with…help keep it that way by asking for what you want to see more of!


Love you all…



14 responses

  1. JaSamFan1972

    Yay – so glad you made it through surgery. God is Good (All the Time) – Great insight and I must admit, it was a bit nice to read some items that needed to be said, even if not 100% of the earth-is-love variety. Sometimes, it’s good to point out the negative, especially in hopes of realizing the positive.

    Great post as always and again, really glad you’re out of surgery and back at that keyboard! 😉

    July 15, 2011 at 1:55 am

  2. aproditebeauty

    So glad to hear that everything went fine still praying for your pain to lessen and go away! I loved this as always but your words are so true and I am very glad that JaSam is leading the charge change is coming to Port Charles it’s about time and I’m so looking forward to your future words of wisdom! Take care my partner in crime.

    July 15, 2011 at 7:26 am

  3. L.

    Couldn’t agree with you more…
    And I’m one of those LuSh fans you mentioned, I love Siobhan and Lucky together, I HATE what they’re doing to them and I really HATE how Lucky is treating S. !
    Liz always gets away with everything and she never learns from her mistakes, she keeps lying, manipulating, cheating, eavesdropping… GRRRR! I hate it that lucky is gonna go back to her! Liz doesn’t deserve him! Plus they could have kept Jax and given them a relationship… that would have been interesting!

    July 15, 2011 at 7:38 am

  4. samjase





    July 15, 2011 at 8:32 am

  5. Carol

    I am so glad you are doing well and ever so greatful to see the new blog. I dont ususally een bother to watch GH when JaSam arent on but I did scan thru it yesterday. You are so right. Nothing good except for our upcoming JaSam scenes.

    July 15, 2011 at 8:48 am

  6. samjase


    July 15, 2011 at 9:37 am

    • I love those pics too!
      You’re very welcome!

      July 16, 2011 at 9:00 am

  7. Happy that your surgery went well!

    Oooh, so many JaSam kiss-pix. I love it!!! 🙂

    True, what this show needs is balance. And continuity. Get back to the times when we all could call GH an escape of our own life. I hope that GW can find the way back.

    July 15, 2011 at 10:59 am

  8. Deborah

    The sad thing to me is the people who would rather see the show off the air if they don’t get the couple they want. Why else would you call for a boycott on certain days? It amazes me that anybody would watch 5 hours a week to see only 2 people, one storyline. If you don’t get “your couple” there is NO OTHER reason to watch? The Qs are coming back, we have a new HW, there are reasons to watch! Why not be supportive, wait to see what’s coming, instead of trying to tear things down and continue to be negative.

    July 15, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    • I don’t get it, and I never have!
      I want GH to be on the air for many years to come, and I really don’t have any tolerance for people who’d rather see it go off the air, and for people to lose their jobs, all because their pairing isn’t THE pairing.
      We’ll just have to work harder at being positive to make up for the HATERS!

      July 16, 2011 at 9:00 am

  9. SamFan

    Glad you are feeling better. Hope the surgery is a success.

    I’d like to say I like the disfunction in most of the couples you mentioned. Jax and Carly is very entertaining to me. Jax is an @ss, but I love to hate him right now. Wish he was staying to do more damage to Carly and Sonny. Never really liked Lush, but I like the triangle that will develop with Liz. I do hope Shibon comes out on top, but I doubt it. I can do with out Lante, was never a fan. And love Robin and Patrick. I’m enjoying GH right now. When Lante is not on, I can watch an entire episode of GH.

    July 15, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    • I like the dysfunction, too! I just think that when everyone is at their worst, it leaves very little to look forward to.
      I’m hoping we will get some balance, and soon!
      I LOVE MY GH!

      July 16, 2011 at 8:57 am

  10. Sonia

    Thanks Angelique

    Happy to see you are doing good in your recovery. Love your post

    July 19, 2011 at 8:33 pm

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