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Who Can You Trust?

Hola, GHers!

I think we can all agree on one thing. It’s not easy to find people one can trust. However, when you live in Port Charles, finding people one can trust gets even harder.

I don’t really think Carly ever had enough reason to trust Jax; not with her heart, and certainly not with her children. Jax loves his hatred for Sonny more than he loves Carly. She knew that. It has been a constant source of grief  between them all along, yet Carly kept making the choice to trust him again and again. Even after the Claudia nightmare and the Jerry nightmare, she chose to let him back into her life, her bed, and her heart. And even worse, she made the choice to put him in a position of trust for her children. Dear God,  she convinced Morgan that Jax was more worthy of their trust than his own biological father, and when Morgan did, Jax proved what a grave error that was. I find it appalling that Jax would even entertain the idea to call Morgan as a witness in this case. Sure, Jax is right that Morgan knows how dangerous Sonny’s life, and his mother’s involvement in that life can be, but t hat’s not the point. I think it’s cruel that he would put Morgan in a position to have an effect on whether or not Carly gets custody of Josslyn. Could you imagine the guilt Morgan would be forced to carry around if Carly lost custody? He would ALWAYS, always wonder if it was because of something he said. My goodness, even in a marriage, sometimes you have to ask, “Who can you trust?”

Michael and Abby started their new jobs at ELQ, and already we see that they may only have each other when it comes to having someone they can trust at the office. Edward didn’t even wait a day to completely ignore Michael’s request to be allowed to start at the bottom, which I guess is a good thing. At least Michael won’t be under any false pretense. It seems that Edward isn’t the only manipulator Michael has to look out for, though I am sure that he is, by far, the best. Did you all see the look on Ascher’s face when Edward asked him to get Michael and Abby coffee? I doubt he and Michael will be lunch buddies any time soon, but at least Michael got himself an earful on Ascher as well. Yet, even with your eyes wide open, it’s a rough first day at work when you walk away asking, “Who can you trust?”

I know that there are many Sonny and Brenda fans out there. I used to be a die-hard one myself. It’s just that the depth of Jason and Sam’s Love Story has kind of ruined me for any other couple. You see, Jason’s and Sam’s unconditional love for each other, and their acceptance of who the other is leaves a big, fat hole in the heart of other couples who don’t have that. Technically, Brenda never really accepted Sonny’s life. She was never happy with not knowing every detail, or with not being the center of attention. And once upon a time, long ago, I guess I was okay with that. I still rooted for Brenda and Sonny to get it together and stay together. This time around, I just never felt it when it came to them. I feel, more than see or hear Brenda’s judgment of Sonny, and though she was all teary and emotional when she told Jax she was still in love with Sonny, one cannot ignore the fact that her love for Sonny is not really unconditional at all. And how can it be? I’m not sure that Brenda was ever really clear on who Sonny was, and now that he’s been a husband and a father, she doesn’t even seem to get him. She can’t understand his loyalty to the mother of his children, even though she and Jax spend afternoons together in secret, whispering and talking about Sonny. I do truly believe that Sonny is fighting like hell to keep his dream of Brenda alive, but I’m not really sure that Sonny believes he actually will. Having their passionate interlude interrupted by a subpoena might have been enough of a downer for Sonny on its own, but hearing that Brenda had prior knowledge of it-from Jax, may be more than he can deal with. Even when you marry the “Love Of Your Life,” you may find that even though it breaks your heart, you have to ask, “Who can you trust?”

I would think that the three remaining Four Musketeers know each other pretty damned well. Lucky, Liz, and Nikolas have known each other longer than they haven’t. They were the best of friends during the worst of times, and the worst of friends during the best of bedtimes for half of the group. Still, they have managed to keep their changing relationships in tact, no matter how fragile. I can only imagine how hard it is for the three of them to find themselves in this impossible situation facing them now. Two brothers, who certainly have come a long way, are desperately trying to avoid undoing all of that progress with the choices they make next. I love that the writing team at GH reminded the viewers of how Lucky had been conditioned to hate Nikolas, and to never trust him, and vice versa. How nice it would have been to see some flashbacks of those early scenes, especially since it’s JJ’s Lucky. I have always said that GH doesn’t make enough use of its history. Over at Y&R, they show flashbacks for just about EVERYONE that don’t just pull your heartstrings, they rip them out of your chest and tie you up in front of the TV until you are in tears! Maybe that’s one of the things we can all ask for when making our  daily calls to the hotlines! I digress…getting back to the 3 remaining Musketeers. It really is so sad that they find themselves here once again, because of a lie…told by PC’s most professional liar. And hey! I’m not even talking about the lies that started the illicit relationship Liz and Nik shared. Just imagine how different things would have been if Liz had shown Nik the paternity test results when she first had the inclination. Sure Nik might have been just as upset and in denial, but I think it would have had different results. I have to say that I cheered Nikolas when he asked Lucky why he was still willing to believe anything Liz said to him! What a great moment! I have been asking the same question of just about anyone who falls for her whining and croc tears for years! Nikolas made a tremendously strong argument for why it’s kind of ridiculous for Lucky to believe her by default. I know Lucky wanted to believe that he made a good argument as well, but the doubts will always be there, even if he won’t acknowledge them. It was a beautiful Moment In Four Musketeer History when Lucky ran to Liz, and Nik ran to Emily…or at least as close as he could get to her, at the Quartermaine Crypt. Nikolas’ tears and desperate wish that Emily could be there to guide him through this was heart wrenching! My God, Tyler’s departure is such a mistake! What an underused talent! If only they had given him material like this to work with over the past couple of years instead of random and too few scenes. I can only hope that someone over at GH gets their head on straight and brings Tyler back. Pronto. I thought it was deeply telling that though Lucky and Liz were convinced that Nikolas had taken off with Aiden, and that Nik was nearly convinced he should, Nik was there waiting with Aiden when Lucky and Liz got back. It just goes to show that you may know someone forever, but the time will come that you may still have to ask,  “Who can you trust?”

I trust that the best is yet to come for our favorite soap…what about you?




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  1. Traveler

    Thanks for the Wonderful Blog!!
    I trust that good things are coming our way on GH… *Crosses fingers*

    June 30, 2011 at 8:22 am

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