Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


So, today is Protest ABC Across America Day…and I just want to take a moment to thank EVERY single person who took the time and initiative to be a part of it! I have called my local affiliate, as have my family members. I am also boycotting all things ABC except for our soaps. And I do mean EVERYTHING!

I know that lately some people have said that they don’t think anything we do will change the minds of Disney and ABC, but we just will never know unless we try everything! I say we fight until the last possible moment…it’s the ONLY thing we’ve got. And while I know many of us are bigger fans of General Hospital than we are of AMC or OLTL, I think that we MUST fight for EVERY SOAP – it sends the message that we won’t take any cancellation lying down!

ABC, Disney, and their advertisers still need to know that not only are we fighting to keep our soaps on the air, but that we will BLOCK anything to replace them! I plan to use my parental controls on my Cable box to BLOCK The Chew and The Revolution. More than that, they need to know that I cannot get behind any company that solves problems by pulling a product. What ever happened to the idea of FIXING something that’s broken? Why would I invest in anything else ABC/Disney have to offer? They’ve shown me that no matter how loyal I am to their programming (even decades long loyalty), it means NOTHING to them, so why even bother?

I cannot understand how when Mr. Frons was told to EVOLVE Daytime, it wasn’t taken to mean EVOLVE the soaps that people have supported all these years! Make them MORE of what we ask for – give us MORE of what we want! How did that get translated into pull the very programming that has been passed down from generation to generation, regardless of how viewers and even advertisers react?

I mean, Oprah’s talk-show, which was really unlike any other talk show EVER only lasted 25 years on the daytime lineup. Nothing compared to our soaps – and yet, they want to pull soaps and replace them with talk shows with hosts that would have been lucky to make an appearance on Oprah? How does this make sense? It literally makes me physically sick every time I think about it, and just the thought of another soap facing cancellation to make room for some other crapfest gives me palpitations!

This should affect advertisers the same way – because I would think advertisers want to target LOYAL consumers! Each time I contact an advertiser, I remind them how LOYAL I’ve been to not only my soaps, but to the brands they are selling. I let them know that I will always be a consumer of a company that takes into account the things that matter to me and my family, and SOAPS matter to us!

I’m not sure what The Next Step will be for ABC or Disney, but I am clear on what my next step will be if they go forward with these cancellations. Now they are clear on my NEXT STEP as well. And I will continue to call in, email, and write in until I am satisfied that they’ve heard me.

As for our favorite soap, GHers…it seems that The Next Step is a Hot Topic for our favorite Port Charlesians as well…

  • What will Liz’s Next Step be now that Lucky has told her that he and Siobhan are still getting married?
  • What will Maxie’s Next Step be now that she knows: a) That Aiden is Lucky’s, and b) That Liz still hasn’t told him the truth?
  • What will Brenda’s Next Step be now that Jax has reminded her of the reality for the children living in Sonny’s world?
  • What will Carly’s Next Step be now that her and Jax seem to have reached the point of no return?
  • What will Johnny’s Next Step be now that his crazy ass dad has moved in and taken over the placement and care of all his household plants?
  • What will Sonny’s Next Step be when he finds out that Anthony is no longer  under the Assisted Living Plan at Pentonville, and is now back in PC?
  • What will Luke’s Next Step be now that he has basically dug his own grave?
  • What will Jason’s Next Step be now that Michael has confessed to Brandon’s murder in order to save Abby?
  • And most important to me: What will Sam’s Next Step be after she learns what Jason’s Next Step is?

These are the things that matter to me! These are the reasons that I turn on my TV – whether I’m in a hospital bed, or on vacation. These are the questions that keep me tuned in to ABC and every advertisement run during my soaps.

I just think they should know that.

Don’t you?


One response

  1. I agree completely, and have just sent off two
    snail mails to ABC. I mentioned how insulting it is to be ignored by the network who arbitrarily cancels shows that have been part of our lives for years. Also that we are loyal and if they go, so do we, since we are loyal to sponsors too. Hope it helps, and more will follow…….
    Can’t wait for more Jasam……good to see you on here, friend……….thanks

    April 26, 2011 at 12:59 pm

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