Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


I can’t imagine that there would be many of us who actually enjoyed losing something, just as I imagine that finding the things we once thought lost is one of Life’s better experiences.

Wednesday’s GH was centered mostly around the Lost and the Found, and the fact that it’s not always as simple as that.

Robin and Patrick just found their way back to each other. They searched for a long time, and took quite a few wrong turns, dead ends, and bumpy side streets to get to where they are today, but they did it…they finally found their way. If I could give any advice to these two right now, it would be not to take their eyes off each other for a good, long while. The worst is when you find something you’ve ben looking for, only to lose sight of it again. When Patrick was gazing into his wife’s eyes and discussing their future, I wished really hard he would just keep gazing, and not get distracted. However, John Zacchara sans Lisa proved to be too much to ignore. Patrick just couldn’t resist making a remark about Lisa, and of course, John jumped all over that. Unfortunately, Lisa is just someone who demands all kinds of attention, because one never really knows what her next move will be. However, Patrick once lost Robin because he couldn’t avoid paying attention to Lisa, and after all they’ve been through, his attention remains on Lisa, albeit for different reasons. Not the best way to enjoy what you’ve recently found.

Kristina seems to have lost any common sense she had left in that Yale prepped and primed brain of hers. Kristina knows about the “rumors” surrounding Lisa and the Scorpios, and yet thought nothing of allowing Lisa to stand in the doorway to their house when they weren’t home. As judgmental as Kristina can be, she finds that having a kindred spirit when it comes to ruining someone else’s life is just grand. No judgments for Lisa, only understanding and a pep talk. *sigh* The one thing Kristina did that will disqualify her from any future sympathy from me was lie to Patrick. Had she told Patrick the truth – that the earring wasn’t hers, or even the truth that Lisa showed up randomly at the door, it would have warned Patrick that Lisa is by no means done messing with his family. Then maybe instead of throwing around  paranoid and obsessive sounding accusations, Patrick could actually get help from the police. Part of the problem here is that Kristina lost any sense of right and wrong a long time ago. We can only hope that whatever she runs into on her road to another lesson learned will help her find it.

Michael seems to have lost his memory, as he cannot remember just how bad he is at this “mob thing.” Whenever Michael decides to do things his way, and against the sound advice of anyone with even half a brain, we end up with a crisis on our hands – and even worse, one that requires police intervention. I have to say that if I were Jason, the next thing Michael would find is my foot up his ass! Where is Jason’s “little bitch” speech when we really need it? Michael is so naive that he seems to really believe that what he and Abby did gave him magical mobical powers. I bet he even checked his chest for some hair! Jason needs to just push Michael’s grown butt into a chair while he lays down the law. Instead, Jason is letting this punk run him ragged while he’s still trying to deal with losing his son. I have lost all respect for Michael after this week. He’s going to have to work really hard at gaining some of it back.

Believe it or not – the person I blame the most for Michael’s stint on Bitch Row is his big brother/protector/court appointed guardian, Dante the patron saint of hypocrites. When Michael came storming into the apartment he supposedly shares with Dante to tell him the scary news about Brandon being out on bail, Dante told him he should have knocked! Dude! Michael lives there with YOU, and you are supposed to be aware of his every move. Instead, Dante watched as Michael stormed back out, and his biggest concern was Lulu and her family drama! Shouldn’t Dante have advised Michael and Abby to stay put, and made sure he didn’t let them out of their site until he could contact their father to provide some guards or protection of some sort, since the police refused? Now Dante is running all over town looking to lay this on Jason, as if Jason hasn’t just spent the past few months helping Dante. Oh! If I had Carly’s number, I would so call her and let her know she needs to find a new way to make Dante suffer!

Speaking of Sonny, (the common denominator of all these dysfunctional offspring) I have seen him looking braver staring down the barrel of a gun aimed at his head than he did when he found out little Lucian was moving in! I think Sonny lost more than his bearings when he realized that he may have to take in another toddler, and Jason no longer lives across the hall. Port Charles cannot handle another Corinthos-raised nightmare on the loose, so we better hope that either the DNA shows he’s not Brenda’s son, or that she finds another house in the woods (or back in Italy) to live in with her son. And for those who think he’s too little to suffer any ill effects of Stepdaddy Sonny’s influence, you better go back and watch Mini Me Mobster Michael when he was about six! It ain’t pretty!

Brenda has found the son she thought she lost years ago. I have found things I’d thought were long gone, but never something as significant. as what Brenda has found. I imagine that having that little boy back in her life after accepting that devastating loss will make Brenda reassess all of the major life choices she just made for her future. Accepting Sonny and what he does may not look the same now that she has a young son who has just lost the only parents he’d ever known to violence at the hands of an organized crime boss. And while just hours earlier, her only major concern was sending out “thank you cards” for gifts she plans to give away, I’m thinking her marriage is about to get thrown aside just like those gifts, as she becomes all about her son. We’ll see where this most extreme case of Lost and Found takes Sonny and Brenda, but I’m guessing either way, they have yet to find their last loss.

I guess we must all stop and give thanks that Brenda is now Sonny’s problem, because I am totally understating here when I say that Jason and Sam have more than enough to deal with! Perhaps the biggest issue for Jason is that he has yet to have any time to find himself amidst all of this loss. He’s lost Jake permanently. He’s feeling that he’s losing Michael again. And he’s losing every possible opportunity to find out how he really feels about any of it because he can barely take a breath without someone needing him. All Jason knows for sure is that whenever he gets that chance, the ONE thing he will find is Sam, ready and waiting to listen, to hold him together, and to help him find his way again.

This isn’t easy for Sam. She has already lost so much in her life, and she has lost so much because of her life with Jason. I know that it is tearing her apart to even imagine finding herself facing the possibility that Jason will be lost to her again because of protecting Michael. I could sense her frustration, and what little patience she has left slipping as she tries to find a way to keep Jason from losing all perspective in this situation. I know that Sam is struggling to help Jason see that he cannot keep picking up the messes Michael leaves behind, because Jason seems to have lost all ability to see that he’s not really helping Michael at all. Jason has lost sight of the fact that it’s not really love when we don’t allow those we love to find their own way – even when they seem to be the most lost. I know Sam doesn’t want to pick this battle with Jason right now, because in everything Jason says and does, we can all see and hear his desperation over the thought of losing both of the children he gave up in order to give them each a shot at a better life.

I don’t have the strength or the resolve that Sam has. Losing Jason and the love they share once seemed to give Sam a superpower that I cannot understand, but truly and deeply admire. Once Sam found Jason again, and that piece of her that seemed lost to her forever, she decided to hang on, come hell or high water. That kind of love will prove to be the one thing that helps Jason find his way back from all the loss, and it will be the one thing that will make him believe that no matter what we lose, happiness and hope can be found again, if we only dare to look.

Jason once did the same for Sam after she’d lost the thing she held most dear – her own baby. It’s only fair that they revisit Life’s Lost and Found together.


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April 7

2005: I know this doesn’t sound very empowered of me, but I LOVE jealous, possessive Jason! Jason: “Just go back to the flirting part for a second!” LOL! (By the way, remind TPTB just how little it takes to make us believe Jason and Sam are on the island!)

2006: *tears*

2010: I love how supportive Jason was here of Sam, and her family! I LOVE THIS JASON TOO!

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3 responses

  1. JasamFan

    So today I read the blog before I watched GH. Busy day, however it is now downtime.. so I am going to catch up on the happenings in PC. I missed yesterdays show also.. gotta love the invention of the DVR. Time for a GH marathon!

    How are you feeling these days.. let me know when everything is back to normal and you can eat whatever you want. I have something I want to send you.. but first I must know that you will be able to enjoy it along with the rest of the family!

    I Love You!

    April 7, 2011 at 2:27 am

  2. JaSamFan1972

    As much as it pains me to say (not really), but Kristina has not had common sense since she saw Diego “killed” – poor thing…that could explain her ignorance. She just isn’t right after seeing someone shot and “killed” before her very eyes, then AFTER to find him alive, must have sent her sense out to lunch for good.
    I love GH, but I don’t trust it in the hands of the future generation of Kristina’s and Michael’s – Karen, Jason, Keesha, Brenda, Jagger and even Robin were interesting multi-faceted characters…Kristina and Michael, hmmm…not so much. One thing I think needs to happen is that nu-Michael needs to be replaced by old-nu-Michael to play rage scenes, this guy just doesn’t cut it. He was GREAT for the Carter storyline (don’t know that I could have believed Drew was raped by Carter), but now that they are going for a rage, mobical (LOVE THAT) type behavior, it’s best to get the guy who was convincing at it.

    April 7, 2011 at 1:32 pm

  3. Sonia

    Thanks for your daily GH MEDICINE. It just
    help in reading your daily post

    April 10, 2011 at 12:54 pm

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