Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

“On Your Mark, Get Set…”

They’ve been setting the scene for days…lining everyone up to be part of this big story about to break some hearts, and really the only thing left to do is to yell…


My advice? Fasten your seat belts. I have a feeling the next couple of days are going to hit hard.

We have seen Carly come up with some hare-brained schemes before, but I’ve gotta say this might have been the most stupid. If I were Carly I might have  taken the time to ask myself just how successful Uncle Luke has actually been as a “practicing jewel thief.” It’s not like he’s living the life of someone who might have “jewel money” to throw around. I mean Luke goes from freeloading at the Quartermaine mansion to begging that he be allowed to freeload at the Metro Court. Sound succesful? And last time Luke was involved with Interpol, he ended up in prison. Perhaps is Carly actually sat down and thought for a moment, she might actually see that if she behaved like a responsible adult and mother, Jax wouldn’t be trying to fight her for custody. These two are certainly on their marks, and getting set to “GO”… find out what’s truly important when it comes to our children. Custody and visitation seem so menial when you are even wondering if your baby is going to live to see the next weekend, no matter whose weekend it is.

Apparently Brenda’s HMO is as sucky as the rest of America’s. They barely checked her vitals again, and now suddenly she is being released. Wow. You know, I think it was very telling that Sonny told Brenda about Theo substituting Sam for her, and Brenda just nodded. She didn’t even ask if Sam survived. And unless the toxins erased her memory, has Brenda forgotten that she sent Jules to go to Sonny, and promised that he would be kept safe? Has she asked about him? It appears that not even this experience has taught Brenda to think of anyone but herself. *sigh* I am really so ready for Brenda to “GO.”

I wonder if Sonny remembers that while he plans to spoil the already spoiled Brenda, his kids could use just a little bit of his attention – mainly Michael, who is teetering between stupidity and danger. I am really trying to understand Michael here, I am. He knows what prison is life. He knows what it cost everyone he cares about for him to be sent to Pentonville – especially Jason and Sam. He knows that his brother Dante has taken on the responsibility of keeping him in line. He knows how Carly and his siblings were affected by his going away. He knows how Abby feels about him, and how he feels about her. So what does he do? He gets it in that cramped little brain on his once more that he’s going to be part of the “family business.” If Michael were my kid – or my brother, or my nephew, or hell, even real, I would slap him upside the head – and hard! He is such an idiot sometimes! No matter who has tried to talk him out of this dumb idea, or to steer him in the right direction, Michael is determined to “GO” down the wrong path, maybe even all the way back to prison.

The only thing missing from Johnny’s game with Lisa and Robin was for him to actually call out, “On your mark, get set, go!” I think I might actually be offended on their behalf that he would be playing with their lives this way if John wasn’t having so much fun. And who could blame him? When you manage to turn two grown-ass, very intelligent doctors into idiots who’ll pay your game like high-schoolers, you’ve gotta chuckle. It’s too bad that John, Lisa, and Robin might have reason to regret taking any part in this game. It seems they are about to “GO” get themselves tangled up in a situation that is no game.

Liz is sweatin’ that paternity test she sent in on Aiden, huh? I think the thought of it is taking up her every waking hour. That could be a problem when you’re a mother of three rambunctious boys. You know, for all of the accusations that Liz is throwing around these days about her baby daddies neglecting their children, one might think she’s setting herself up for being caught with a hand full of rocks while standing in front of a couple of glass houses. Earlier, Liz was threatening Nikolas with losing his visitation with Aiden until Brook Lynn is out of the castle, and now she is accusing Lucky of drop-kicking his family because he is going to marry Siobhan. Hmmm. When I think back to 2006, the year Jake was conceived, I wonder how many of those visits to Jason’s PH could have been better spent with Cameron at the park, or feeding ducks on the pier, or just spending some mommy time with him. I ask myself how comforted Cam might have felt the night of the infamous blackout if his mommy had been there at Gramm’s, holding him and letting him know they were both safe, instead of looking to be in Jason’s bed herself. Did she ever stop to ask how impressionable her boys were every time she paraded them in front of Jason, or did she wonder if they’s start to question if he was their new daddy, the way she thinks they will around Siobhan? Or what about the times she couldn’t stop being “so caught up” in her sexcapades with Nikolas, that she didn’t care about how many hours they were spending away from home, or from her? And before she gambled with Jason’s $5 million, and lost it all, leaving her children with basically nothing for the future, did she take the time to think about how they’d be affected by her choices? I don’t think so either, but that doesn’t stop Liz from tearing into Lucky and laying the guilt trip to end all guilt trips on him. I am really thankful that Lulu was there to speak for all of us, who for years have watched with growing frustration as Liz manipulates every man, every situation, and every sweet deal to suit herself! Lulu said it best when she asked Liz if “she was thinking about Cam and Jake when she was screwing Lucky’s brother every chance she got?” For me, getting called out like that would be enough to shut me up and make me put my stones down; but since I don’t believe that Liz will really hear and apply what Lulu said to her, I don’t think Liz will be affected by them. Unfortunately for Liz, life has a funny way of making us see our own imperfection in the very reflection of the glass house we tend to attack. How will Liz feel when “being so caught up” in that paternity test she’s been waiting for becomes the thing that allows more harm than Lucky, Nikolas, or even Jason’s lives ever have…or ever will. Liz picked her mark, and she’s been set each time she has the opportunity to go at it with Nik or Lucky. I bet she never could have imagined where her life is about to “GO” next.

It goes without saying that I love Sam. You all know that I relate to her on so many levels – tough on the outside, but really just protecting her heart on the inside. Willing to endure just about anything, but not willing to let anything or anyone hurt those she loves. Sam has been the character I most identify with in all of my years of soap watching. And now we can add another reason to that list. Sam thinks resting is boring. She thinks recovery is for the weak.

Just the other night after my husband and the kids had all gone to bed, I went downstairs and decided that resting is boring, especially when I feel okay (for the most part). So, I pulled out the step stool, took down my winter curtains, and proceeded to put up spring curtains. (Spring will be here in a couple of days) At the time, I was tweeting with my BFF, Ro (it was about midnight), and I explained that in the morning if my hubby noticed, I would tell him my daughter helped me. It’s not like he’s going to ask her. And if my daughter asked, I’d tell her my husband helped me while she was on the phone, or the computer, or asleep….and that answer would work, and none would be the wiser.

Now, if my husband had seen me up on that ladder, he would have given Liz a run for her money in laying a guilt trip on me. I would have heard about how scarred for life my children would be if they cam down in the morning to find me unconscious (or worse) if my leg got a spasm and I took a fall. (I’m sure you’ll all remember that I did just fall down the stairs after a similar experience) I would have heard how I could have gotten dizzy from the meds and lost my balance and smashed through the front window and frozen to death before he found me bleeding on the front porch. (To be fair, I did just “iron my hand” after getting dizzy and losing my footing while ironing my son’s uniform on Monday morning, and my fingers are now red and shiny, like plastic) So, certainly my husband would have valid points. However, I, like Sam, have a favorite phrase. It’s “I’m Fine!” In fact, like Sam, “that’s what I always say”. Unfortunately, like Sam, I’m not “always fine,” and the consequences of my “superwoman” mentality are way too often cause for regret.

When Sam said she was fine and hurried out of the penthouse to get to work, without even taking anything for her headache, I got a sinking feeling. That’s saying something, considering I would have done the same thing. But when I saw her stop outside the door, and touch her head briefly, and let out that little murmur, hinting that she might not be as “fine” as she led Spinelli to believe, it made my stomach flip-flop.

We all know what’s coming. There is no place I would rather Sam be than on that couch, sipping a tall glass of Spin’s homeopathic concoction when it happens.

Sam has dealt with enough when it comes to blame. She has dealt with knowing that her actions one drunken night led to Jason’s one drunken night, which led to Jake’s existence. Let’s face it – that’s how it went down, no matter how others spin it. As if that weren’t enough, the secret of Jake’s existence was the one thing that chipped away at the trust Sam and Jason had built over the three years they’d shared everything together, and left them and their relationship in shambles.

It took Sam putting her life on the line to rescue Jake before she and Jason could start to rebuild that trust, brick by brick. Now they are solid again. More solid than ever. I just don’t want Sam in a position where anyone else can lay blame at her feet for anything connected to Jake, not even for a minute. Is that too much to ask after all Sam has endured?

I know she thinks she is “fine” and on her mark. I know she thinks she is “set” for doing what she does best. But as I watch her “GO”, I really wish she and I had a little less in common.

Here we “GO”.

Brace yourselves for the impact this storyline will have on all of Port Charles…and on each of us.

*pass the tissues, please*



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March 17


2006: Part 1: Part 2: Best Sonny Moment of The Year: “What Kind of Creepy, Freaky Crap is this?” I almost couldn’t stop laughing!



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3 responses

  1. samjase

    Amazing blog from an amazing person! Thank you!

    The upcoming s/l will be heartbreaking for all involved. Naturally, my inclination to think “inside the box” regarding Sam and what she will feel as the woman Jason loves will be say the least. She’s bound to feel helpless to help Jason…but, she’ll try..oh boy will she try!

    I’m struck by the similarities of what Jason and Sam will have in common when the nightmare comes to life. Jason and Sam will have both lost a child they barely knew..and in Sam’s case..never even saw. Both of their children saved the life of another child..a child that was important to them. In Sam’s case, her sister..unknown at the time. In Jason’s case, his son will save the life of his goddaughter. Ironic and sad. This is just another tie that binds Jasam together. Sam will be able to soothe Jason…but, only time will heal. Even with the passing of time, however, this is a loss that one never can get past.

    Naturally, as a huge Jasam fan and a HUGE Sam fan, I can’t help but re-live the SOS. It was so hard to watch. Now that Jasam have re-built their love for one another and are finally rid of Jason’s “house guest”, they are faced with the unthinkable. Will they get through it?????? Of course, they will. Together they can get through anything. This is JASAM we’re talking about.

    March 17, 2011 at 8:08 am

  2. Sonia

    Thanks for another wonderful post
    Yea Sam is tough and the lady on the go..
    I am like you do not want Sam near this
    fiasco.. But i will be crying with Sam when
    she think she hit Jake

    March 17, 2011 at 7:50 pm

  3. JasamFan

    Hey Bella.. where are you.. are you ok? Don’t tell me you hurt yourself changing out curtains!

    Love you!

    March 18, 2011 at 7:23 pm

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