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Happy Hump Day, GHers!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you get about as far in Outrunning The Past as you do after an hour on the treadmill. You can tire yourself out, but you don’t move an inch past your machine. Our friends in Port Charles worked up quite the figurative sweat on Tuesday’s show in trying to outrun their pasts, but they didn’t get very far.

Patrick deals with something that’s killing him every single day of his life. Guilt. Whenever he looks at Robin or Emma, he is reminded that he betrayed the trust of those he loves the most. That’s gotta hurt. Worse than that, after he’s done feeling sorry for himself, he has to muster the energy and the courage to get up and go to work, where he must face the woman he did it with. Yeah, for Patrick Drake, there just is no outrunning the past. The worst part however, has got to be that now his bedwarmer ONS has basically made it her mission to trash Robin’s career. Steve Webber may not do much at that hospital, but you can surely count on him to come around the corner whenever there is a conversation taking place that he shouldn’t hear. It really does look bad that all of this drama is taking place in plain sight and within hearing distance from patients, Steve is right about that, but it wouldn’t be happening if Patrick had just kept it in his pants.

Lisa thought she could bring her ex-lover to town, tease him with thoughts and talk of hot “remember-when-sex”, and he would not only do whatever she asked, but would be deaf, dumb, and blind while he did it. I have to give it to Khary Payton, who plays Terrell. As I went back and rewatched the scenes, I had to chuckle aloud. He genuinely had a “WTF?” look on his face as Robin and Patrick listed all of Lisa’s sins. This was way more than he bargained for – that’s for sure! Whatever Lisa thought she could keep from Terrell, or whitewash whenever he tripped upon something she hoped he wouldn’t, she obviously forgot that no matter how fast you are, there’s just no outrunning the past. I have a feeling that Terrell is going to start to piece this thing together from a different angle – not Lisa’s, and then her game is going to take on a whole new set of rules. Also not hers. Look out, Lisa.

Nikolas and Brook seem to be enjoying that really fun stage where you’re still on a high from having finally given in to the “off limits” kind of intimacy, and you just can’t wait ’til the next time, but you’re not sure when it will be. I love Nikolas this way. It must be the Adonis in his greek blood or something, but I would be happy if Nik’s story for the foreseeable future was to pounce the way he’s been doing lately. (Warning: I cracked my molar while eating caramel popcorn, so it could be the drugs talking) I really do enjoy him and Brook together, too. I think Brook has just enough street sense to keep him on his toes, and I think Nik makes her want to be a better person. Whatever it is that works between them, I wish it wasn’t in danger just because Nikolas, like the rest of us, was faced with a screeching reminder that there’s no outrunning the past. If Nikolas ever needed to be reminded of what a huge mistake he made in taking his brother’s wife, that was it. Can you say “downer”?

I have to say that Liz Webber has a talent I often wish I had. You see, when it comes to the ways I have screwed up in my life, I never let myself forget. I can be really hard on myself, and often carry things far too long. Liz seems to be able to erase from her memory, and at will, anything but the good and the noble things she’s done. Wow. When Liz came in the room and saw Nikolas (whom, by the way is living the life of a single man because Liz wished it so) about to do to Brook what he used to do to her, she morphed into some snarking prude, who sounded more like his mother than his ex-lover. “Nikolas, have you lost your mind?” she asked him. My God, she didn’t even show the restraint Lucky demonstrated when he walked in and found her – his fiance at the time, in a very similar “position” with his brother! Where does Liz get off? (Pardon the pun) Why is she showing up whenever she wants, unannounced, and all up in Nikolas’ personal life? And really, Liz? “If Aiden were home with me, he’d be surrounded by family and playing with his brothers.” Did we not just hear her tell Sam that she works as may double shifts as she can? Aiden is either surrounded by dangerous hospital daycare germs all day, or he is watching Gramm fall asleep while she reads to them. Come on, Liz! Is Nik supposed to play dumb and pretend that he doesn’t know just what a “hands-on” mother you’ve been to poor Cam and Jake? Waking them in the middle of the night so you could drop them off at Gramm’s while you stalked Nik? And she’s worried about Aiden seeing Nik and Brook? What was that chubby baby going to do? Walk from the nursery by himself so he could watch? I didn’t see Liz worried about Spencer ever walking in on her and Nik when she was the one engaging in adult activities in Spencer’s home, and Spencer really could walk around the house by himself! I am so glad that Brook Lynn let Liz know that her jig is up, at least where she is concerned! If only every woman that’s ever dealt with Liz had done the same…oh, the trouble it could have saved us all! The most outrageous thing Liz did was threatening to not allow Aiden back to his father’s house while Brook is living there! I have had it *up to here* with Liz using those boys as pawns with every man she’s ever been with! Truly, I have. Not even Lucky stooped to this level with Liz, and he had every right to. Liz’s life is one big chess board, and she just moves those kids around and positions them wherever she needs them to be. It makes me sick! I wish Nik had reminded her that she can’t even afford an attorney with which to fight his visitation agreement, so she better get her butt back on that launch back to the mainland before he called the police. Then, he should call Carolyn Hennessey and order one of those “Ass To The Curb” t-shirts and send it to Liz! Whatever he does, I just hope he doesn’t let Liz chase Brook away, especially since Liz immediately went to check on Aiden’s paternity results to see if she can play “daddy roulette” once again. It worked with Lucky and Jason – a couple of times. Back and forth she went – whenever one daddy showed more potential. I guess there is no outrunning the past for anyone, even Liz. She simply rewrites her past as needed.

Abby Haver came on the scene in Port Charles as a favor to Sam. She ended up helping Michael in ways that not even those who love him most could. It seems that Abby is really great at doing a friend a favor, and for that, Sam, Jason, Sonny, and even Carly are grateful. Michael is a completely different person since Abby came into his life, and thanks to Michael, Abby seems to have begun turning her life around as well. It’s just too bad that outrunning the past isn’t always as easy as it sounds. When Abby left Vaughan’s and her stripping career behind, she also left a pretty hefty debt behind in the form of some money she owes Johnny. While Johnny has been very gracious every time we’ve seen  them interact, and hasn’t been shaking her down or anything, he is still a living reminder to Abby that your past life has far-reaching consequences sometimes. This is one situation we all need to keep our eyes on.

John himself has been a pretty busy guy, so maybe that’s why he hasn’t had time to bother with Abby or send her little payment reminders in the mail. Between sleeping with the syringe-wielding Dr. Niles, finding new places to hide the one thing she wants more than a hot shower for 2, and keeping up with his correspondence better than a debutante, it seems that Johnny has also had time to get on Jason’s hit list. We all know that John has always been a bit of a danger junkie, but surely John realizes that the line between danger and dead blurs really, really quickly when you’re dealing with Stone Cold Jason Morgan. Everything John is involved in right now can directly put him in the line of Jason’s fire. Abby is Michael’s girl – certainly Jason would not want to hear that John is approaching Abby about anything. And Robin is one of Jason’s oldest friends, and a former girlfriend. I’d think Jason would be a little ticked off to find out that Johnny is helping Lisa screw with Robin’s marriage and life. As if all of that wasn’t bad enough for John, his “connection” to The Balkan was outed by Mr. Trujillo himself. The last thing John wanted Jason to know is that he was working for the guy who tried to kill the woman Jason loves. Yeah, John is about to find out that outrunning the past, no matter how recent that past may be, is a hard thing to do when our favorite hitman’s got a target on your back.

If there is one thing that I find sexier and more irresistible than Jason pointing his big, scary gun at the people he believes may have helped The Balkan almost kill Sam (and trust me, I find that sooooo freakin’ sexy), it’s his ability to go from Stone Cold to gentle caregiver in 5 seconds flat – and then back again. I adore how Jason takes cares of Sam. I love knowing that he was there for “what happened last night” – right at her side when she had a headache. I love that he let her know in no uncertain terms that she wasn’t going anywhere that might put her at risk, and I love that he seems to be obsessed with needing revenge for what was done to his boo. It melts my Mafia-loving heart! Jason is truly at his sexiest when he reminds us all of how much he loves Sam.

I think Jason needs a t-shirt of his own. One that says, “Theo Tried To Kill Sam, and He’s Going To Pay.” This way, he can stick to his “silent” persona, and not have to repeat himself over and over.


Sam seemed concerned about Jason being out there in revenge mode, because she knows that more than the need for revenge, Jason is dealing with his own guilt. His life, his business, his involvement with Sonny have all played a part in hurting Sam. The only way he can think to deal with that is to deal with those behind hurting her.

Jason has made so many decisions based on that fear – of having those he loves hurt by the violence surrounding him. It’s why he gave up being a father to Jake from the moment Liz scared him into it, even though it tore his heart out. Now those years of Jake’s life are gone, and he can never get them back.  That decision cost him time with his son, and while that decision has always hurt Jason, he has been able to live with it believing that Jake is safer because of it.

What happens when that sacrifice turns out to be for nothing? That sometimes bad things happen even outside of a dangerous lifestyle, and far away from his business? How will Jason deal with knowing that the time lost can never even be made up?

For Jason, there will be no outrunning the past. It’s always going to be there, with its bad decisions, and the consequences it left behind.

Just like for the rest of us.

All we can do is take a look back at the past once in a while, and try to learn from it.

And hope that someone will be there to hold your hand as you deal with the present, and try to look forward to the future.

The way Sam will for Jason.

The way Jason once did for Sam.

Keep the faith…and share it with TPTB every chance you get.




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  1. trini

    Jason – stone cold mob hitman. Sexy? YES. Jason caring for Sam? O M Gosh, Drop my panties HAWT!!! Jason pissed off that you hurt his girlfriend? PRICELESS!

    March 16, 2011 at 6:26 am

  2. JasamFan

    Nothing says SEXY like Jason weilding a gun and protecting Sam.

    Going to watch yesterdays GH now, all I had a chance to watch were Jasam scenes on YT. Now to catch up with what is going on in the rest of PC!


    March 16, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    • I sure did! Thanks for sharing! I’ll post the link as well!
      Good “looking out!”

      March 16, 2011 at 10:36 pm

  3. Sonia

    Thanks for posting

    Love it there is no way to out run the
    pass it catching up

    March 16, 2011 at 8:56 pm

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