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Occasionally I am surprised, but it doesn’t happen very often. Except for my Surprise 40th Birthday Party, I usually figure things out, can tell that people are keeping something, and know when something’s off. It’s just a sixth sense, I guess.

Not many of our friends in Port Charles have that sense, and if they do, they just haven’t honed it. People in PC still seem to be surprised by things that to me – are just “Not very surprising.”

For instance, Kristina barely waited ’til Michael had gotten past the threshold at Abby’s apartment (which by the way, is bigger than the apartment that both working girls Maxie and Lulu have to share expenses in order to be able to afford) before she runs off and does something that stings like the worst kind of betrayal: she goes to Carly and tells her that Michael is about to have sex with Abby. Wow. Nasty? Yes. Quite the betrayal? Yes. But not very surprising. As much as Kristina may love her siblings – all of them, she is still at her core – a judgemental, look-down-her-nose-at-those she-thinks-are beneath her, spoiled brat. Kristina really does think Abby is less than her, and it goes beyond concern for Michael. Let’s be honest. There aren’t many sisters who would find out their wealthy brother is dating a stripper, and not be concerned. But concern begins with finding out as much information as you can, and getting to know the person or the situation before alienating those you love. Kristina hasn’t done that, and I doubt she will. She doesn’t think she needs to. There are those who might judge Kristina just as harshly for the lies she told about Ethan last year, or for the way she dealt with the Keifer situation, or for the games she played with Johnny, which almost got them both killed. In fact there were people who did judge her that harshly. She nearly fell apart from the pressure and the constant conclusions people drew about her. I am so glad that Carly put Kristina in her place, and talked to her about boundaries. Someone needed to.

Speaking of Carly, I was so thrilled to hear that Carly has finally reached a level of understanding about Sam’s place in Jason’s life that I can live with. Yes, Carly was right when she said that Sam was the exception, because Sam, unlike any other woman in Jason’s’ life, whether her best friend (Courtney) or her worst enemy (Liz) has proven herself worthy of the love they share, and of being first in his unique life.  Thanks, Carly for finally getting it. What Carly isn’t getting so much is Jax’s stand on Josslyn. Sure, Jax can come off as pompous and arrogant, and even holier-than-everyone else, but when we stop to think about it – his reaction is not very surprising. In fact, I’d bet that if any of our husband’s ever walked into our homes with our baby daughter in tow, and there was some stranger with a bullet hole in his chest, freshly showered and walking around like he belonged there, we’d probably find ourselves in the same situation. What is Jax to do, especially after finding out that Shawn worked for The Balkan, and was planning to kidnap Brenda from her own wedding? How did Carly know that Shawn wouldn’t use her – or God forbid, Joss as collateral? She didn’t. Which proves that she wasn’t really making good decisions for herself or her children. While Jax may take way too much pleasure in being right and proving everyone else wrong for our sensibilities, it still doesn’t mean he’s wrong. Especially when it comes to Carly playing hostess to the visiting terrorist’s henchmen. Just something to consider.

Uncle Luke and Cousin Ethan are plotting to give Caroline some much-needed support in her battle against Jax, and are up to their ears in plotting when The Wives Inc. walk in and bust them. How can we not love Luke and Tracy? When Ethan asked why they (the wives) always assume the worst, Tracy answers: “Easy. Tree, Apple.” That’s not just funny, but so damned true! Sure it sounds a bit harsh on Tracy’s part to assume the worst, but really it’s not very surprising. Tracy knows exactly who she’s married to – Mr. Coyote. And Luke is happy to be married to Mrs. Coyote, even if she gives him a run for his money. I love the dynamic between Luke and Tracy, and I love that they bring much-needed lightness to our GH.

Michael and Abby had a tough time even sticking to a conversation that didn’t involve big, comfy beds, and rainshower shower heads that are big enough for two. A little awkward, maybe even a little funny, but not very surprising. Poor Michael slept through the age that we’d consider normal puberty and overstimulated hormones, and Abby is more than attracted to something she’s never had – someone who treats her with respect. Both of them have found that mutual trust can be quite the aphrodisiac, and are about to act on it. Too bad Sonny chooses that moment to call in the troops of people who love and adore The Queen – I mean Brenda. Put some ice on that, kids!

Sonny found himself facing a pretty dire prognosis when it cam to Brenda, and doesn’t handle it very well. He basically threatens Patrick, and accuses both him and Robin of not caring enough about keeping Brenda alive. Robin of course is morally offended – and Patrick is professionally challenged. It was all a bit of a tantrum on Sonny’s part, but come on-it was not very surprising. Sonny doesn’t handle not being in control well, even though when he is in control, he usually falls apart and needs rescuing. Sonny then launches his “Operation: Surround Brenda With People She Hardly Knows or Hardly Remembers” in order to bring her back from the edge. They even drag poor Edward out of his warm bed in the middle of the night again to help out. Why do this? Edward of course feels like a hypocrite when he cannot stand the thought of Brenda being Mrs. Corinthos, and begins to rant and rave. Not very surprising. The day will never come that Edward will support this union. I would think it might have been better to have the kids, who are all dependent upon Dad’s money, to come in and say to Brenda whatever he wanted them to say. No? In the end, they were all unnecessary, as it was, “Sonny’s love that brought her back.” I am, of course, quoting Robin, as that would never come out of my mouth.


I must say that I was grateful for something about those Sonny and Brenda scenes in the hospital. Sometimes you don’t really recognize the contrast between two “Supercouples” until you watch them play out onscreen – in almost identical situations. Back in High School, people got chosen for the annual school play by being paired up in groups, and then acting out the same scene in front of a panel of judges. They did it this way so that everyone was on an even playing field – and no one was given juicier material or more emotional dialogue or reactions to play out. Each group was judged on the same exact material. As I’ve watched over the past few days, from the moment Sonny found and rescued Brenda, to the hospital scenes, to the second she woke up, I felt like a judge on a panel. In almost the very same situations, I watched Sonny and Brenda deal with their life or death crisis, in much the same scenarios Jason and Sam faced just last week.

I have to say, Jason and Sam touched me on a much deeper level, and had my attention with every word, hand squeeze, and every single thing their eyes said. Jason and Sam kept us all captivated from start to finish of that emotional storyline. Amazing, but not very surprising.

Haven’t Sam and Jason had us captivated since day one? Weren’t we all waiting for their next interaction, even when it would probably be less than amicable? Jason and Sam have always had that spark, and that spark has always made even scenes at a dark, non-descript bus stop sizzle. That spark can turn a glance into a look of love, and a touch into the most romantic thing we see on an entire episode! And Jason and Sam have “IT” because Steve and Kelly have it. We’re lucky to be viewers during their time on GH! I hope we know that.

It’s because of that spark that scenes where Jason isn’t even with Sam, but talking about her, like with Dante, that make us believe Jason cannot stop thinking about how he almost lost the love of his life. The danger may be over, and her hearing may have been restored, but the fear of what could have ahppened is still enough to make him trigger happy!

It’s also that spark that even makes scenes between them that are less than a minute feel so intense! When Jason came in and started barking orders at Spinelli about tracking The Balkan, and Sam tried to get him to let it go, Jason looked at her, almost as if she didn’t get it. That moment of hesitation, I will have you know, made me listen a little more closely.

“Theo tried to kill you. I’m not gonna stop until he pays for that,” Jason explained.

I felt protected and cherished when Jason said those words to Sam. Can you imagine how Sam felt? The intensity and the fierceness behind Jason’s proclamation changed even my posture. All along, I’d been lounging as I watched, and in those few seconds between Jason and Sam, I sat up a little straighter, and my breathing changed.

Jason and Sam are intense.

Their love is more than an overused word. It’s action. 

It moves even us.

Of course they’re a Supercouple.

With all of that fire between them, it’s not very suprising…at all.




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5 responses

  1. JasamFan

    Thank you Carly.. today I loved you for the things you said about Sam.

    I really don’t know what to think about Kristina these days.

    Steve and Kelly are simply the best and yes we are so very lucky to be watching GH as these two bring Sam and Jason to life..

    I love being first.. because you said so.. still it makes me laugh and smile!


    March 15, 2011 at 2:48 am


    Carly…what can I say? You finally get it. Jason and Sam have what we all search for in this lifetime…UNCONDITIONAL LOVE…and yes..Sam is the “EXCEPTION”. Tell me about it!

    Jasam’s hospital scenes were A W E S O M E! No comparison to any other! They just SIZZLE!

    Can’t wait for the next chapter in the life of Jasam! They’re the VERY BEST … bar none!

    Angelique…are you sure you don’t have a long lost sister, cousin, aunt..whatever..because I think we share the same brain! I just am amazed at how we see things the same way! I just love reading your blog every day. Thank you!

    I hope your husband is doing okay as well as yourself. Health is everything!!!

    March 15, 2011 at 10:01 am

  3. samjase

    I loved, loved, loved your blog today!

    Jasam can’t be matched! They are simply the best pairing on daytime..period!

    I’ve never seen chemistry like Stelly has…and their scenes in the hospital last week and the week before blew me away!

    Thank you for this amazing Jasam Haven! It’s the greatest…just like you!

    March 15, 2011 at 8:38 pm

  4. samjase

    I just saw this on YOUTUBE…and I had to share immediately. Some wonderful Jasam fan put together the hearing loss s/l on one video, and it’s wonderful. ENJOY!!! I loved it so much!

    March 16, 2011 at 12:22 am

  5. samjase

    Try this one. So sorry!
    Jasam/hearing loss for Sam all on one video.

    March 16, 2011 at 12:59 am

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