Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


GHers, Port Charles seemed a little different to me today?

Am I the only one?


Regardless, life was still happening in PC – and its residents were embarking upon adventures all over the place.

When Maxie and Matt took off from the hospital, they had no idea that all roads would lead to spending an afternoon of “adult entertainment”, but there they were – stuck in Johnny’s penthouse while he and Lisa engaged in an interesting game of Black(mail) Ops. I wonder what that was like. Anyway, Maxie and Matt managed to stay out of sight and under John and Lisa’s radars until they took off to shower together. I was actually impressed that they managed it. Really I was. Our M&M’s then headed back to the hospital where they shared what they’d found out with¬†Patrick and Robin. I have to say that a lot of our lighter moments definitely came within those scenes. I mean how funny was Maxie describing the Lisa/John hookup as a “hit it and quit it?” If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear the funny and feisty Miss Storms came up with that on her own. Either way, it was cute and true to character, and it garnered a chuckle from most – so great job, writers!

As anxious as the Drs. Scorpio were¬†to get in to John’s apartment to search for themselves, John caused a bit of a delay when he decided he wanted Lisa to stay for a glass of wine after their shower a deux. I know I may be in the minority here, but I love the John and Lisa dynamic! When it comes to these two, I believe all roads lead to riveting! I love how they are both just normal¬†enough to be considered functioning, but they are just positively entertaining! They not only get my attention, but keep it, because I am¬†just trying to figure out what the draw truly is for each of them. I know that it seems that for Lisa it’s all about the fact that she’s trying to appease her blackmailer, but I think there’s more to that now. I genuinely think that she doesn’t know what to do with genuine caring, and so she can’t appreciate it yet. But she likes it. I know that Steve Webber may have cared as well, but Lisa could never make it work with a nice guy. John may not be¬†a bad guy, but he’s a good guy. And while he may be a good guy, he’s certainly not a nice guy. Lisa’s drawn to both sides, even if she won’t ever admit it. For John, I know he’s lonely, but it’s more than that for him, too. John sees this smart, little bit loony¬†chick, who kinda turns him on while kinda turning his stomach at some of the things she’d do. That seems familiar to him because his sister Claudia was someone he loved, even while he hated who she was sometimes. He’s drawn to those both sides of Lisa as well. Sure he’s lonely, but more than that – he sees Lisa is lost and will probably end up doing something that she can’t come back from. He wants to save her from that. That’s just a story bursting with twists, turns, and possibilities! What’s not to love! Our GH Writers are on fire! I am totally sucked into this John and Lisa¬† pairing, and can’t wait to see what happens next!

So Robin and Patrick decide…to break in themselves to search for the syringe! (I know I was scratching my head, were you?) I don’t know, but if my uncle were the chief of police, I would go to him and ask him to find a reason to search the place of the Mob Prince, but hey – that’s just me. Robin and Patrick finally manage to get inside and search the place, but I’m not sure that when Robin said, “My parents are spies, I know what I’m doing,” that she really did. They seemed to be tripping over one another and searching in some kind of random pattern, and the only thing they were able to accomplish was getting caught! For Robin and Patrick, all roads lead to more trouble when it comes to Lisa. I will say that I thought their scenes were cute, and all of the excitement over being in this high-pressure and rather dangerous situation probably led to a bit of a thrill for both of them. And if that manages to spice things up for them, I’d bet none of their fans will complain.

Kristina is one Davis Girl in need of three others. She needs someone to tell her to¬† dial it down a notch…or two. While I am a firm believer in fate and being with the person you were meant to be with, there is a fine line between crushing and stalking. For Kristina right now, all roads lead to Ethan. The problem with that is that for Ethan at the moment all roads lead to making a buck. Whether by stealing someone’s good silverware, or by staying married to Maya, Ethan is all bout him right now. When Maya walked in and Ethan shared with her Kristina’s proclamation that she would marry him someday, I realized that Ethan isn’t even near the place yet where he realizes Kristina is dead serious. Even Maya’s reaction to it was a clear indication that Ethan has even convinced her that Kristina’s crush is just a childish passing thing. What a short memory these two have! Where the hell is Sam when we need her? She needs to issue the same warning she issued him after that poker lesson almost a¬†year ago to the day. I have a feeling that Ethan would be a lot more careful¬†with a warning from Sam this time around.

When you work for The Balkan, all roads lead to¬† a dead end. LITERALLY. Shawn learned this lesson, and just made it out of there with his life, and our poor friend Jules became a victim of The Blade in a far more tragic way than just his fingers. Poor guy. He was a double victim – both of Theo’s obsession with Brenda, and of trying to do whatever it took to help Brenda. Too bad ne never had a chance to talk to Dante – or even Lulu, who could have warned him of the dangers of being smitten with the Super Model. *rme*

Unfortunately for Suzanne Stanwyck, all roads lead to her as the one connection to The Balkan everyone missed the first time. I am glad the writers took the time to answer¬†so many of the questions¬†many of us had, but I’ve gotta say…let’s follow this road to Brenda and the bat cave and let’s get this over with! For way too long, all roads in Port Charles¬†have led to Brenda and The Balkan, and most of us are ready to get off this choo-choo! I will be thrilled when this is all behind us! As for Suzanne, she better hope her hubby is half as sentimental about her as he is about their son. It might be the only thing that can save her.

All roads lead to some kind of conclusion in this nightmare with The Balkan. By next week, we should see most of our favorites moving on from this dark cloud that’s been hanging over them.

However, right behind the dark cloud comes The Storm.

My goodness, but emotions are rolling all over the place like thunder, and people’s feelings are lighting up the web like lightning. The promo for next week has everyone taking sides on what’s coming even before it plays out. I get it. Even the thought of a child being killed in an accident is horrifying and makes people sensitive.

I just want to make sure that we all remember one thing. It may sound silly to even point it out, but my friends, this is a soap. A fictional story that plays out on our screens for an hour everyday – meant to distract us from our daily lives. The little boys who play Jake are going to be at spending more time at home, and they will be loved and cared for, just as the little girls who are no longer playing Emma will be. I know no one wants to think about anyone losing their jobs in this economy, but whether they are killed off or aged, or sent off to boarding school, it’s the same for every actor who is no longer needed on set. I just want to make sure we realize that.

The other thing is that many of us are concerned about how this will affect Jason and Sam, and their future. I’ve read so many of your emails and DM’s and I’ve really thought about it. When I think¬† about what the other side is saying about it – which this week is that Jake is being killed off for the possibility of a JaSam baby, I stop and think again. Just a few weeks ago, before the rumors of this storyline broke out, the other side was upset that Jason and Sam could have a baby while Jason had never been a father to Jake. Months before that, they were upset that Jason had chosen Sam over his son. Months before that, they were outraged that Jason was even speaking to Sam. Months before that….

You get the picture, don’t you?

And you know what?

We could trace this stupid battle all the way back to the Summer of 2006 when the writers started this, and we’d find one campaign after another where people are bitching about what Jason and Sam “got”. We aren’t going to put an end to that, even if we could miraculously “Save Jake”, right along with the other fanbase. Next week it will be something else. They are never going to accept that Jason and Sam are the couple the writers are writing for, and that they are in love, and that they have always loved each other.

Who the hell cares?

Am I enjoying Jason and Sam less just because they are ranting and rambling on like Shady Brook escapees?


Did I enjoy their reunion in Mexico less, or any of their love scenes, because the other side was blacking out GH?


Will I ever let the rants and ramblings of a group of people who cannot separate reality from fiction ruin anything that I enjoy onscreen on my favorite SOAP?

You know the answer.

I don’t care if they cry ’til the cows come home. Nothing our couple does or “gets” is ever going to be okay with them, so why let it affect us?

None of us wrote the¬†terribly sad¬†story of Jake’s accident, just¬†like we didn’t write the devastating¬†story of Sam’s baby’s death days before she was to be born! Those things are beyond our control. All we can do is support our couple, surround them with love and happy thoughts, and enjoy whatever good things come their way.

We’ve earned it, dammit!

Let’s not waste a moment worrying about negative reactions from negative people. It’s all they know. What have I always said?

“Whatever You Put Out There Always Comes Back To You.”

I believe Liz calls it “KARMA.”

It’s the law of nature.

Stay positive, JaSammers.

Then sit back and enjoy whatever comes our way, no matter what they say.

Looking forward…




March 11

2005:¬†¬†¬† and Part 2:¬†That’s LOVE!


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Our couple is counting on US!



2 responses

  1. Brandi

    Very well said *clapping*
    I also agree its just a soap so why people get so worked up over this Jake baing killed has my mind boggled

    March 11, 2011 at 6:43 am

  2. samjase

    What’s that old saying..”sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me”!

    The fact that the “critics” think that Jake was the “link” between Liason…says it all to me. If a child is what binds them, then what did they have really? Liz helped Jason the NOP when he was falling apart. A child was born…NO REGRETS…for the child. Now Jason will feel the regret of not knowing his son…which is exactly what Sam tried to tell him right off the bat.

    Bravo for your pep talk Angelique. I’m very realistic and expected this backlash. It’s what Steve B. predicted as well. I can tell you this though…I don’t think ANYONE is happy when a child dies on a soap..but, it’s a character…not a real person. That’s all I have to say. The actors will all rock this s/l.

    March 11, 2011 at 1:08 pm

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