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Happy Hump Day, GHers!

I want to begin by just offering a very sincere “Thank You” to all of you who reached out while we were dealing with my husband’s hospitalization and subsequent diagnosis of gall stones. For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@IfNotMeThenSam), you’ll know that I was really, REALLY worried about my hubby. Having all of you calm me down and give me your medical advice was SUCH a blessing to me! He is still in pain, but at least he’s home and resting comfortably. That’s something to celebrate!

I am just so thankful for all of you and my Twitter peeps! Just don’t know what I’d do without all of you!

Let’s hope we never have to find out…

*BIG hugs*

So, we have a lot to talk about, huh? And a lot to celebrate…

Where to begin?

I guess I’ll begin where the show began. *sigh*

I want to care that Brenda is missing and that Sonny is losing his mind and worried sick, I really do. Instead I will just recap and give my commentary on what’s going on with Brenda and The Balkan. *wink* So Theo is demanding to know where his grandson is, and Brenda, who has nothing to back up her bravado with, is really talking a big, brave game. Worse than that, she’s probably going to end up costing the blithering Jules his life, and NOT By The (Self-Inflicted) Blade. I was thinking that it really is too bad that Sonny didn’t practice a little more patience with Spinelli over the years. Had he done so, he might have handled Jules more carefully, and he might be closer to finding his wife. Speaking of Sonny, he is really going to need to find Brenda soon, or he’s going to run out of things to throw. *rme* I will say that Daniel Benzali gets my attention, even in this longsuffering Brenda storyline. As I watched and listened to him talk to Brenda about “The big, bad, Sonny Corinthos clawing up the nearest wall,” I felt my eyebrow arch – more naturally than what Brenda did, and totally on its own. He really did own that scene – he reminded me so much of the powerhouse attorney he played on Murder One, and not just because his name on that show was  – wait for it: Theodore Hoffman! Although on Murder One, he was known as Teddy instead of Theo. Murder One was the show that introduced me to Mr. Benzali, and I thought he was AWESOME! For a moment today, I remembered that attorney he played, and how he got my attention each week on Murder One, and I thought again, “He is still awesome!” Also pretty damned awesome was Michele Val Jean’s script today, because I think we all got an immediate and clear mental picture of Sonny sitting in a mental ward “calling for his mommy.” Sonny is always just a few steps away from having a breakdown ever under normal circumstances, and I do believe that was Carly’s main motivation for trying to stop his wedding to Brenda. I think it’s great that the writers have stayed true to the real dynamic of Sonny’s relationship with Carly – and that is what we saw today. Carly does love Sonny, and I do believe she wants happiness for him – and although Brenda may not have been her first choice, just as Jax was not Sonny’s first choice for Carly, in the end Sonny and Carly want happiness for each other. It was nice to see onscreen, and nice to know that their relationship doesn’t have to be completely destroyed. That’s something to celebrate!

Sonny and Carly are going to have to work together, considering that Michael still has a long way to go on his road to wellness, and seems to be struggling with several things.Michael seems to be afraid of what alone time with Abby might actually turn into, and really who can blame him? Michael is still recovering from his rape, we all hope he is still seeing his therapist, and he is struggling to prove his manhood in more ways than one. It’s a lot to deal with for a normal teen-aged male. For Michael, it’s all the more complicated and scary. I like that Abby’s faith in Michael is unwavering, but I totally understand how even that might scare Michael. I really like that Abby keeps Michael out of Jason’s hair for at least a little while! That’s something to celebrate! This whole Mabby relationship is really sweet, and I hope they continue to take it slow because I really believe that’s part of their appeal. I guess we won’t have to worry as long as Carly is around.


One thing I am loving right now is that Liz Webber reminds us all that life always catches up…or should I say “Karma?” For years, I have watched Liz do her push and pull, “I-didn’t-want-you-’til-you-were-with-her” thing with a curled lip. In fact, it’s a miracle my lip didn’t stay curled, as we were all reminded that Liz has been part of the GH canvas for 13+ years! The thing that has always bugged me the most about Ms. Webber is her propensity for manipulating men – which is what she accused Brook Lynn of doing, and her penchant for playing the very “Damsel In Distress” she was accusing Siobhan of playing! This is why if Liz was a real person, we could not be friends in real life. Really. Liz  told Nikolas that she thought he was “settling” for Brook because he didn’t feel he deserved a real relationship. Ummm…does she not remember that every time Nik mentioned a real relationship to her (after boinking her freakin’ brains out), she made him sound and feel like a booty call who expected too much? My goodness – Nikolas tried for months to offer Liz and himself some respectability, to which she offered nothing but a snarl! How dare she now pretend that Nik can return to her loving, protective, and motherly bosom for some real love and support? I have to smack myself in the forehead sometimes just to make sure that I am not dreaming this crap! Listening to Liz describe how mean Brook Lynn “hurt her feelings” reminded me of another time Liz completely manipulated someone else’s man, and it made me wish I could pay Brook – to put her foot up Liz’s ass! Ugh! For a scary moment, I though Nikolas might actually buying her sad act, but then he made my day by letting her know that Brook is in his life, because he wants her to be! That’s something to celebrate! I cannot remember the last time Nikolas was this incredibly sexy! Wow! *breathless*

Nik seemed to be just as turned on by his putting Liz in her place as we all were, because when he went home to find Brook Lynn struggling with her “wanting him”, he seemed to forget all the reasons he’s listed for why they shouldn’t sleep together! I AM LOVING “NOOKIE”! I’ve said before that Nik is one passionate man, and Tyler Christopher is dark and sexy and totally rocks those scenes! I think his chemistry with the beautiful Adrianna Leon is just HOT on a whole new level! That was some pent-up passion, wasn’t it? Brook was not kidding when she said she really wanted it! I loved that she kinda threw Nik around. I think the roughness of it all may have completely knocked the sense back into Nik, and he may finally be able to put any “obligation” he might have been feeling for Liz behind him. That’s something to celebrate! At least that’s what I’m hoping. If not, I guess next time she’ll just have to slam him into that bookcase a little harder!


Not to be outdone, Lucky is also moving on with his life, and with someone who is not Liz. Siobhan doesn’t have much of a shot of staying in the U.S., and of course Lucky is worried about her safety back in Ireland, so he is trying to convince her to stay and fight. I must say, I felt really good for Lucky when Siobhan told Lucky she would stay and fight because she thought he was worth it. It’s more than I can say for the chick who got him to agree to play dad to both her illegitimate children! Lucky is an honorable guy. Laura would be extremely proud. Before Lucky can take that next step, he goes to GH so that Liz can hear it from him. Lucky still believes he owes her something as the mother of the fatherless children. He is a better person than me, I’ll tell you that. I really wouldn’t care what Liz thought. But Lucky does and goes to see her. When I heard Liz say, “Hey, you, the night is finally getting better”, I thought, “WOW! What a PLAYERRR!!!” I’m thinking she promptly changed her mind about how great the night was when she heard about Lucky marrying Siobhan. And Lucky? Well, he quickly realizes that he gave his fallen angel too much credit, as Liz immediately starts to lecture Lucky on just how many different ways this is wrong. *sigh* Liz actually had the nerve to point out to Lucky that marrying Siobhan just so she could stay in the country would be fraud. *spits drink* WHAAAAAAAATTT? Hello, Pot! Have you met Kettle? Liz IS a fraud! What gives her the right to have an opinion on the subject? Lucky should have turned and walked away right then and there, but I will admit, I’m kinda happy he didn’t. The one thing Liz did say that I appreciated was that she gave us another truthful nugget regarding her time with Jason. She told Lucky that “heightened reality” over protecting Siobhan from a dangerous criminal, something she’s been a part of (I guess when she was protecting someone she considers to be a “dangerous criminal”, and that “adrenaline experience” doesn’t mean you know someone. She also said that “takes a lot of time – boring, every-day, ordinary time!” Well, thank you, Liz, for continuing to dismantle this urban legend known as Liason. That’s something to celebrate! While Liz and Jason certainly had the BORING element nailed down like cheap furniture in a motel room, the only time they shared in over a year and a half could never be considered, EVERYDAY, or ORDINARY. Jason and Liz never shared normal everyday talk. They met secretly in a safehouse and barely had anything at all to talk about, except for the kid she dangled in front of his face since asking him to give him up on the day of his father’s funeral – and just days after telling  him he was the father! And ordinary? As in come on over for dinner, or let’s have some chinese and beer? Never! Thank you for clearing it up for all of us, Liz! You had nothing but an adrenaline rush with the local bad guy that lasted way longer than it should have. Somehow they each convinced themselves that boring must mean something. It didn’t. Lucky didn’t appreciate Liz’s little speech as much as I did, though. He called Liz out because he feels he “just can’t win.” And I’d have to agree with him. Lucky reminded Liz that they had the boring, the everyday, and the ordinary. And see where it got them! Lucky was just not having it this time. He wasn’t having the “concern”, he wasn’t having the guilt trip over the boys, and he wasn’t having any of her advice. He let her know, in no uncertain terms, that if marriage was the only way to keep Siobhan in the country, and in his life, he was gonna marry her. And all Liz could say was, “Thank you.” You’ve gotta love it.

I’m trying to keep up with the number of times Jason has found his way back to Sam’s side during this very long day. No matter what’s going on, he cannot seem to stay away. I guess when a couple is used to spending lots of EVERYDAY, ORDINARY time together, it’s nearly impossible to be apart. You know, I loved the look Jason gave Sam as he walked into her room. Even though they were in Sam’s BORING hospital room, his expression seemed to say, “I’m home.” It’s such a magnificent thing to watch. Hearing Jason tell Sam that he didn’t like the idea of her being there alone gave us a glimpse that Sam is on his mind all the time, and that is just so sweet! I loved that Sam immediately told Jason she was fine, and Jason answered with, “That’s what you always say,” before he leaned down and kissed her just as sweetly, even if it they both had their clothes on! I’m not sure if anyone else noticed that as much as Jason is existing in a heightened sense of reality right now with everything that’s going on with Brenda’s disappearance and Sonny being one dose away from a manic episode, Jason seems to swagger into Sam’s room. No adrenaline rush pushing him towards her, no anxious attempt to rescue her from her fear of the dark or lurking terrorists, just a calm, steady foot in front of the other until he is at her side. When did calm and steady get to be so sexy? Jason sits down and Sam just wants to know “What’s going on in the big, bad world?” And Jason proceeds to tell her the unexciting details of where they are in their search, which is basically nowhere. Sam thinks “That’s the worst”, but no, Jason wants her to know that the worst was “seeing her on that gurney.” They haven’t even started making out at this point. *GASP* Then Jason tells Sam that he doesn’t even want to think about it. He just wants to be there with her…in the boring hospital room, while she’s in her boring hospital gown, with nothing to drink except some boring apple juice over boring crushed ice from The ice machine down the corridor. Hmmm. Who knew boring could be so magical? Jason then reminds Sam that he made her an offer, and it’s still on the table. How does she want to celebrate when he gets her out of there? To which Sam says, “Why put off ’til tomorrow what they can do right now?” *pitter patter* went my heart, and the hearts of JaSam fans everywhere. There were literally visions of awkward positions and tangled medical tubing dancing in my head as the scene faded. There was talk of group “O” moments and who should take “top” spot.

I think everyone had elevated blood pressure and rapid breathing for the 2 minutes it took to get back to Jason and Sam, and we all held our collective breath as we saw Sam’s room sign and then…we saw them.

*Making use of Sam’s hospital bed* and *bringing romance to her hospital room* as *Jason improved his bedside manner* as they sat there together, in each other’s arms, Sam crying and Jason looking confused, not because the sex was earth shattering, or because the awkward positions were painful.

Nope. They weren’t experiencing “a heightened sense of reality” or “an adrenaline rush”. Sam was in tears and Jason was confused because they were watching what appeared to be Casablanca from Sam’s hospital bed. What a BORING, EVERYDAY, ORDINARY thing to do!


Thank you, writers, for not giving us what we expected, but what proves that Jason and Sam are the ones who’ve really got it together. For showing everyone that while we all know that Jason and Sam can and have done the Nirvana – Costume-Wearing Lovemaking Thing, and the Sam throwing Jason up against the desk thing, and even the Spine-tingling rescue thing, they still have the kind of relationship where they can enjoy the ORDINARY, EVERYDAY, and even BORING to everyone else stuff, and still count it among the best moments ever…all because they are sharing even the mundane with the Love Of Each Other’s Lives.

Thanks so much, Writers, for remembering the scene on the roof (9/25/06: where Jason told Sam about the first time he saw her crying over “Gone With The Wind”  and he asked her if she was alright, and “she said she was fine” (because she always says that). Sam thought he was sweet, but probably thought she was insane, and Jason admitted that he was thinking the whole time “Wow is she beautiful” and “that he probably didn’t understand her and probably never would, but he started to like her a lot right then.”

My friends, that kind if History is the stuff of Super Couples! When people remember Super Couples, the last thing they remember are how many love scenes they had. They remember their LOVE STORY. That is what we are getting. That is what our couple has. A LOVE STORY. That’s something to celebrate! 

We’ve had the hotness, and we know Jason and Sam been having it all along. I think the writers are making a conscious effort to show that Jason and Sam are so much more than beautiful people who have a wild and deeply satisfying sex life. I think they want to remind haters everyday that Jason and Sam are more than physical. And the fact that Jason offered Sam anything she wanted and she didn’t “take advantage” of the opportunity, or “manipulate” the situation, reminds us all that’s not who Sam is. It’s why Jason loves her most and best.

Are we celebrating that?

I sure hope so….

Much love,




March 7

2005: Sam can get Jason through anything!

March 8

2005: I love the way he holds on to Sam here!

2006: Aww, look at Jason being romantic on his own!

2010: If Michael getting laid will stop this from happening again, I’m all for it!

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7 responses

  1. samjase

    First of all…I had no idea you were dealing with an emergency health issue for your husband! I know how that feels…and I hope and pray he will be fine very quickly. My prayers are with him and you!

    Your comments in this blog are so AWESOME! Loved every single word.

    Jasam!!!!!!! OMG…Jasam! The nod to their history was a gift from the writers! The Gone With The Wind scene on the rooftop is one of my favorites. When I realized that was Sam’s “wish”…I swooned. Literally swooned. I was absolutely thrilled to watch them together in that bed watching a chick flick that obvisouly Jason had to provide for his Sammy. They are incredibly ADORABLE and bring me to smiles or tears all at the same time.

    Thank you for bringing the same emotions through your blog….ESPECIALLY while you’re concerned about your husband.

    Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery for your guy! There’s nothing more important.

    March 9, 2011 at 8:56 am

  2. Arianna

    O M G. I totally did not expect that because I didn’t even see all of that until I read your blog and then I went back to rewatch it!!! I even watched the LL2 stuff. You are totally right on all of it! I’ve heard the other side say that Jasam are all about sex and I’m proud the writers are tsking

    March 9, 2011 at 10:45 am

    • Arianna

      Oops hit send instead of backspace 😦 I meant the writers are Taking away the things people try to use against our couple! They really are a supercouple! Love them and love you Angelique!!!

      March 9, 2011 at 10:49 am

  3. JasamFan

    Very happy to hear your other half is home, praying the pain goes away soon and surgery won’t be needed.

    Hello Liz.. my name is Karma and I’m a “bitch”. Told you she was coming your way and yestrday she arrived, oh how I smiled when Nik and Lucky told her how it was. Now I was really hoping she would have been lurking in the hallway and watching Sam and Jason enjoying their movie together.

    How adorable were Sam and Jason, my first thought are they watching Gone With The Wind.. I guess they weren’t but what a great nod to their past, GH has given us a lot of that lately. It is scenes like those that make me forget sometimes they are a fictional couple. No one but Jasam can make watching a movie in a hospital bed so sweet and romantic. I’ve said it before and am saying it again… I just love the way Jason has been loving our girl Sam lately.. *Sigh* the beauty of GH!

    I Love You!

    March 9, 2011 at 12:50 pm

  4. luv4jasam

    Great blog as usual Angelique.

    Jasam were just so beautiful yesterday! I love the nod to their history in reference to Gone with the Wind scene and even subtly about Jasam’s Raindance scene when Jason said “I don’t get it. They staring at each other standing in the rain, getting wet”.

    General Hospital has an official twitter account in case you don’t know. @GeneralHospital. Let’s tweet them to show our appreciation and love for Jasam/Steve/Kelly!

    March 9, 2011 at 3:04 pm

  5. sarah

    Wow,here you were having a crisis with your husband, and you still managed your blog….you really are amazing. Thank you, and will keep your husband in prayer for his complete recovery. GH has been so good these past weeks, and their remembrance of Jasam history was great. Looking forward to more and more. Hang in there yourself, and thanks again as always.

    March 9, 2011 at 8:24 pm

  6. Sonia

    Happy to know your husband is doing fine

    Great post again Bella.. You are so on

    point with GH and the characters

    March 10, 2011 at 8:50 pm

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