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There are times in life, GHers, when the right words can make things happen. They can heal, they can reassure, they can hurt, and they can make people question everything. The right words are like the right weapon…without them, sometimes you’ve got nothing. On the other hand, sometimes you’ve got all the right words, and words are just not enough.

Click to view full size imageOur favorite Port Charles peeps have learned the importance of being armed with the right words, but even they need help once in a while.

When I think of Liz Webber and words, the immediate word association in my brain goes as follows: lies, manipulations, and dishonesty. Funny how our brains work, right? I can’t really blame my brain – any time that we’ve observed Ms. Webber in the past year or so, those “words” have been things we have all associated with her. From cheating on her fiance to lying about how sick Baby Ethan really was just to break up Nik’s plans with Brook Lynn, I just don’t know if Liz has any words left in her adult vocabulary that have anything to do with truth. It’s no wonder Lucky seems to be truly over his first love. Liz, however, is not over this new preoccupation of hers that Aiden is really Lucky’s son. Do you think Liz comes right out and asks Lucky if he thinks there’s a possibility that Helena messed with the results? No. I just don’t know if truthfulness is even naturally in her anymore. She tries to bait him with the Monica comment and his picture, but doesn’t tell him what she’s really up to. Oh well, sometimes words, or lack thereof, can make us take the hard way on something. I guess Liz has chosen.

Nikolas has had his fair share of dishonest words in his word bank, but deep down, he knows that kind of behavior is less than princely. And Nik is nothing if not entirely aware of how a Prince should behave. Since his dalliance with his sister-in-law who’d been and was to be again, Nik has tried to do better. I believe that when Nikolas hired Brook, he started out doing a nice thing for her. Fairly quickly, he realized that their arrangement could totally work for him, but still took steps to make sure that Brook’s interests were protected. Lately though, I think that Nik is struggling with what would be considered proper and princely whenever he is around Brook and ends up with a royally raging libido. Poor guy. Nik is a very passionate person. I imagine that it’s been tough to keep all of that passion pent-up for months. So, the poor guy has taken to riding. Horses. At all hours. This puzzles Brook, and she wants to know what she’s done to make Nikolas act weird. What happens next made me smile. Nikolas and Brook Lynn actually decided to play a word game. Nik says something, then Brook says something that sounds a lot like what he said, and then vice versa. Such as…Brook: “If you had come to my room, I wouldn’t have turned you away.” Nikolas (chuckling): “I was actually waiting outside your door for a good ten minutes.” I am totally loving Nik and Brook! Really! I loved that Brook was the one to make that first move and take that weight off of Nik’s shoulders, even if only ’til he lay her down and wrestled them back. Nik deserves to be wanted! I also loved that Nik tries to use words to keep himself from making a mistake that might hurt Brook, because he’s right – last time he took what he wanted it did ruin three lives. Truer words were never spoken. However, I must point out that I think the one difference is that with Nik and Liz there really were very few words. Had they talked a little more before…acting, things may have turned out very differently. Still, Nik has to work out this jumble of guilt and desire, and soon. Sometimes words can buy you some time, but they won’t buy you happiness. And both Nik and Brook deserve some.

Patrick is really one of the most glib men you’ll ever meet. From the moment he introduced himself as “Salvation” back in 2005, I knew he was the type to talk his way out of just about any situation, and just about into any woman’s pants. I was right. And now I am tickled pink that Patrick is using that gift with the words to make inroads with his wife. Finally! Patrick is using the right words at the right time, and they are totally working their magic on Robin! The night before when he told Robin that she didn’t have to forgive him, it of course, made Robin want to! Wow. That was smooth. Patrick picks up with a morning just bursting with the right words, and is about to clear some more area in the space between him and the Mrs. when Patrick’s match meets him at the nurse’s station for a showdown of words. Sometimes the winning words are those words that actually make it out of their holster first.

We’ve gotta give it to Terrell, when he told Lisa to watch and observe, he wasn’t kidding! He approached the situation with stealth and just the right words. You heard Robin! He had her at “AIDS Wing.” It was just that easy! Which is really kind of unfortunate, because while Patrick has loved Robin through her HIV, all Terrell had to do was use his words as bait to get Robin right where he wanted her. Let this be a lesson to you, ladies and gentlemen. Words are powerful and words are miracle workers, but words can just be words sometimes. People worthy of us should be able to back up their words – even the best of them – with some substance! Robin listened like my kids listening to a Disney Vacation itinerary as Terrell talked about millions of dollars in grant money for a cause she is passionate abut, not realizing that their passions are not the same. It was a major score for Dr. Jackson as Robin exclaimed that she didn’t care  if they had to move in together for the next month just to get this grant proposal written. And then as if to ice his celebration cake she asked, “Have I told you lately how much you rock?” She probably hasn’t, but I think she may have told Patrick just how much Terrell rocks – one too many times. Sometimes the same exact words can affect people in wildly different ways.

Shawn Butler would not rub ME as the warm and fuzzy, friendly type if I were a 12-year-old, but Molly seems to disagree. I can only come to the conclusion that since their first meeting, Shawn used the right words; said the right things. Molly is a bit of a word lover. She likes to use them, she likes to hear them, and she figures things out based on finding the right words. Shawn has been able to appeal to that side of Molly. Even as she walks in on someone trying to murder her new “big guy” friend, Shawn is able to say just the right words to placate Molly, and keep her from setting off the panic alarms at GH. Huh. I am wondering if Shawn’s gift with the gab is going to be that effective with the other “big guy” in town – Jason. Sometimes words can save your ass, but sometimes there just aren’t enough words in the English language. 

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Sam is alive. She survived an inconceivable accident without any major injuries and without any broken bones. She did not, however, escape unscathed. Sam has lost the ability to hear. While that may seem like a small price to pay, how many of us can really imagine dealing with what Sam is dealing with right now. How many of us could endure seeing but not hearing the sound of a little sister going on and on about her book selections? And how many of us would wait an entire lifetime to have a mother, and then not be able to hear her tell you that she loved you while you slept? This is what our Fair Samantha is dealing with, and she is doing it with the strength and grace that makes her our favorite heroine. Sam isn’t sitting in that bed despondent and staring out into space as she considers her lot in life. The original hard-luck kid keeps her bruised chin up, and tries to enjoy the fact that she can see the love she is surrounded with, and that she is still alive to enjoy it. THIS IS WHY I LOVE SAM MCCALL! It really is no wonder that Molly and Kristina seem so resilient; they get so many of their cues from Big Sis Sam! One day, Sam is going to be a great mother to a little girl, who will grow up strong and brave and totally capable of saving her Prince’s ass! But first, she has to tackle this latest hurdle. Sam may make it look easy, but this has got to be one of the hardest fears to face. Thankfully, sometimes words are just superfluous. When you’re able to see how much your family loves you, words can wait.

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After one of my back surgeries, I contracted an infection so serious that I needed to be on an IV cocktail of crazy strong antibiotics in order to literally save my life. For 34 days, I was at home, hooked up to an IV with a PIIC line to my heart. The good news was that the meds eradicated the killer infection and saved my life. The bad news was that the meds were so strong, they also eradicated the hearing in my right ear, and I went almost completely deaf in that ear. When I first noticed it, I would turn my head while I was sleeping and muffle my good ear. I couldn’t hear the AC, or the birds chirping, or the pool pump outside my bedroom window: all things I heard every night. I really couldn’t hear anything, and it was the scariest feeling. It took weeks and lots of tears to get used to it. The only way I could get any sleep was when my husband was next to me, and I could count on him to hear any danger, or any of our kids calling out to us. I needed him in order to feel safe.

When I saw Sam wake up in the strong arms of the man she loves, my heart melted. It was the only way she could actually get any rest – by being able to trust that Jason would be there to protect her. Jason has been incredibly in tune to Sam’s needs, to her fears, and to her heart. He seems to sense what she needs even before she realizes it. I got teary when upon waking up Jason’s first question to Sam was, “Can you hear?” It made me believe that Jason still says his bedtime prayers. It made me happy to think that Stone Cold can still wake up feeling hopeful that maybe one of his prayers was answered. There’s something unbelievably romantic about that. Jason is going to carry the guilt about what happened to Sam this time around at least until her hearing is restored. Sam knows it, and that’s why she wants to keep him close, and share sweet kisses. Never far from her mind is what happened last time Jason felt this much guilt. Sam is going to chase those monsters away because those aren’t the kind that come at night when Jason is watching over her. So they continue to take care of each other and protect one another in perfect silence. That, my friends is just BEAUTIFUL! Jason has found different ways to tell Sam that he loves her, but what touches my JaSam-loving heart the most is that he has also found ways to show her. Watching Jason fumble with that whiteboard was adorable. Watching him gesture and speak slowly to Sam warmed my heart, especially when he told her that she was amazing. Even though Sam couldn’t hear the emotion behind his words, she could see the emotion and love in his eyes. Jason has just been everything she needs right now. Most importantly, Jason realized that even though he could communicate words without sound to Sam and make her understand them, sometimes words just aren’t enough.

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Sometimes, you just have to show someone how much you love them.

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Jason did that in every possible way. Now I, like Sam, am more in love with Jason Morgan than ever before!

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I hope my words were enough to explain why.





March 2

2005: For every single time that Jason has been Sam’s rock, Sam has been Jason’s three times over. I don’t know how Jason would imagine a life without her. She keeps him sane. I LOVE SAM!

2006: Most of this clip is Courtney’s memorial service, but I included it because this is where Sam starts the search for who she really is, and where she really came from (Alexis).

March 3

2005: Look  at Sam acting like a … P.I.! What a concept!

2006: Jason is definitely there for Sam during this time. Gotta love him!


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3 responses

  1. samjase


    Because “words aren’t enough”!

    What a FABULOUS blog!!!! My Jasam heart is overflowing with love! Corny…’s just the truth!

    Can’t wait for today’s episode. It’s been a while since I have been this excited about GH.

    I’m kind of hoping for a marriage proposal in SIGN LANGUAGE. Oh yeah…I want that BADLY..unless the first words Sam hears are

    THAT’S IT. I love you and your blog and JASAM. Our couple is so adorable right’s like OMG with each and every word and gesture.

    March 3, 2011 at 10:56 am

  2. JasamFan

    I fell in love with Jason Morgan a long time ago. But when he signed ILY to Sam he stole my heart just as he has Sam’s. What a beautiful moment in Jasams history. *Thud and sigh*

    I hope with everyone scraping we managed to get all of you off the floor..hehe

    Love you

    March 3, 2011 at 1:57 pm

  3. mariam

    Sam is unbelievably strong in any situation and that is the reason I love her character too. Her sisters and mom are lucky to have her. She is the perfect image off stregth and resilience in a woman, and her sisters learn from her everyday. She prepares the sheilded davis girls for the real world. It helps that she would kill for them. I am just glad they love her back.

    And jasam using sign language…sight!

    March 4, 2011 at 2:38 pm

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