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The Things You Hear When You Least Expect Them…

I’m sorry for the delay in posting, but my helper is at work and school during the week, and I still can’t handle any position for too long.

What a day in Port Charles, huh?

The things you hear when you least expect them…

I have to say that of all the things we all heard while watching on Monday, the thing that shocked me most was Lucky telling Siobhan the one secret which could cost the most if told to the wrong person, or persons. Lucky telling Siobhan that Cameron and Jake are not his biologically is one thing, but telling her that Jason is Jake’s father was quite another! I really did try to understand where Lucky was coming from, I did. I just don’t. I know that Lucky has fallen for Siobhan, and she seems to have convinced him that she is a good person with good intentions, but she has yet to convince me. She has flipped on Lucky one to many times to trust with the PIN to his ATM card, much less with a secret, that if revealed could put Jake in grave danger. The things you hear when you least expect them…

Dante has had a rough couple of days, huh? His big secret came out in front of all his younger siblings, his father, and his mother. His big secret shocked his girlfriend out of her stilettos, and hurt her more than he could deal with. He seemed to have lost her trust forever, butt not even that was what blew Dante away. Upon returning to the wedding from hell, he watched the car Brenda was supposedly in blow sky high, and really couldn’t even react as someone with feelings for Brenda, but as a son first, and a cop second. Imagine his relief when they all realized it wasn’t Brenda, but Sam in that car. Then, along comes Lulu, who is ready to forgive and forget, and remind him that she loves him. That really blew me away. I did not expect Lulu to get over that depth of betrayal so quickly. Really, I just didn’t. Maybe it was the tux? *shrugs* The things you hear when you least expect them…

The situation between Mr. & Mrs. Balkan grows more convoluted by the day. One moment it seems that they are working against each other, and then the next they seem to be on the same side. Theo seemed surprised to hear that Suzanne was issuing a threat, as was I, considering that The Balkan doesn’t seem to be the type to think twice before ridding himself of a nagging wide. Yet, Suzanne turned it around and made herself sound like she shared the same goals as her hubby. Then she gets to the hospital and realizes her dear hubby has lied to her again, and he switched Brenda and Sam. Then we heard her make a phone call and say, “They don’t know about him but…I need you to make preparations and to be ready to move at a moment’s notice.” Hmmm. That certainly sounded like Suzanne may be hiding more than we, or her hubby originally thought. The things you hear when you least expect them…

Carly is usually a pretty good soldier in whatever war Jason and Sonny find themselves fighting. She usually comes out swinging at anyone who ever even thought of hurting one of her big loves. It does surprise me that Carly has formed such an attachment to Shawn, considering the fact that Jason accused him of leading him into an ambush. Usually, Carly would be unable to get past that, even if Jason could. However, this time, we see Carly coming to Shawn’s defense – even against Sonny. Even more surprising was listening to Carly give Shawn a pep talk about why he deserves to live. What the heck is going on? I know that Carly saw the softer side on Shawn when he came to town and helped Molly through a tough time. She also saw the honorable side of Shawn when he refused to be comp’d at the Metro Court for just doing the right thing. Maybe all of that good and honorable stuff has Carly feeling a little off. Whatever it is, nothing prepared me for hearing Carly tell Sonny that she wasn’t going to let him hurt Shawn. The things you hear when you least expect them…

When we left Jason on Friday afternoon, he was frozen with fear. The emergency workers had just pulled a body, and Jason had tried to keep Sonny from looking at the woman he loved in that condition. We were tortured all weekend with how many hours we would have to wait before we could pick up where we left off. Finally, the time came and before we could let the tears well up in our eyes, Jason was bursting past the tape towards Sam, and a paramedic said, “She’s alive.”

Jason was not tortured with the thought of having lost Sam forever for more than a few minutes, as many viewers who remain spoiler-free were all weekend, but people, he was still tortured. Just the thought that Sam could have come that close to being fatally wounded, even if she was alive, is still a lot of guilt to deal with. I thought Jason reacted as we normally would expect in that situation. He was told Sam was alive, but he knows she is unconscious and hurt because of what she’s been though. He needs to get her help. Right away. Jason has never been one to panic first and think later. Jason absorbs shock as well as the bomb-proofing materials that went into that limo. He takes it all in, places all the feelings where they belong, then lets it all out in controlled, careful waves. Had Sam not been alive, I am sure that we would have seen a different Jason, but thankfully, she was. Jason knew one thing: he could not fall apart, and he had to focus. For Sam.

The other big thing seemed to be that some were upset that Jason allowed Alexis to be the first one to see Sam in the ER. Ummm, being both a mother and a grown daughter, I have to say that these are the moments that show me just how unselfish and thoughtful Jason can really be. Sam is Alexis’s daughter. My mother would have plowed right over my husband in a situation like that. I might plow over someone someday in a situation like that. Being someone’s baby trumps being someone’s girlfriend each time! Ask around. That’s how it is.

The fact that Alexis even waited until Jason gave her the go-ahead shows me that she respects his love for Sam, and his place in her life. Sure, it left Jason to walk around that waiting room like a lost soul, and that’s exactly how he felt, but it also showed how generous he can be. It’s one of the things Sam loves most about Jason. Steve Burton made me cry, even if he kept his own tears in check. That’s amazing!

I thought Jason did the right thing, and it paid off. When Sam started to show signs of waking up, Alexis returned the favor. She gave Jason the go-ahead, and the relief and thankfulness he felt was palpable. What a difference five years makes, huh? Jason and Alexis have come full circle. Jason honors her place in Sam’s life, and Alexis honors his place in Sam’s heart. Alexis let Jason be there when she woke up because she knows it’s what Sam would want. Sure, you want to know your mom was watching over you, but when your eyes open after such a harrowing experience, you want to see the man you love is at your side!

I loved the look on Jason’s face when he walked in and looked upon the love of his life lying in that bed, eyes closed, bumps and bruises reminding him of how close he came to losing her. Jason has been in this situation before. Sitting at Sam’s bedside, willing her to live, to wake up, to come back to him. If there is one thing he knows it’s that Sam takes her cues from him. In the past, it was the sound of his voice that warned her that something was really wrong. So, I think Jason willed himself to sound strong, to sound sure that she was going to be okay. He told her the things that would reassure her. He told her he was right there; letting her know she was his priority.

This time however, the sound of his voice couldn’t tell Sam anything. This time, though, the look on Sam’s face did tell Jason and her doctors something was very wrong. I loved that after those few moments of sheer panic on Sam’s face, she seems to lock her gaze on Jason’s, and that even when his words couldn’t reassure her, his love for her could. That was huge. It made me weepy. Kelly Monaco is beyond AMAZING! The fact htat she too can say so much with her brown eyes is something she doesn’t get enough credit for! I LOVE HER!

When Jason said, “Sam, can you tell us what’s wrong?”, I could see that the possibilities of what that could be were scaring the crap out of him. Then Sam answered, rather loudly, “I can’t hear you.”

If Jason missed seeing the limo’s explosion firsthand, Fate stepped in and made sure he didn’t miss its impact. Jason was blown away. The things you hear when you least expect them…



February 28


2006: Sam in the hospital, and Jason at her side! LOVE THIS PATTERN!

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4 responses

  1. Deborah Sigel

    I have to say, when that curtain closed on the exam room leaving Jason standing helpless outside of it, my heart stopped. Shades of November, 2004. Something I never wanted to see again.

    March 1, 2011 at 4:24 pm

  2. L.

    Hi! Great post and great blog!

    I am a huge Jasam fan but also a huge LuSh fan too and I have to say that , even if I appreciated the fact that Lucky came clean to Siobhan about his “children”, I too did not understand why he told her about Jason. It was not necessary and what made it look weird was the fact that he only told him about Jake’s father, for example, and not Cameron’s father (who, though, she did not know, so he may have thought it was not relevant/interesting/useful to tell), which is strange, if his goal was to explain the situation to Siobhan and be completely honest with her.
    What I really think happened was that the reason why he told Siobhan is: the writers wanted to remind the “old” audience of a secret that is obviously not mentioned every day and to reveal “new” audience something important they may not know. The reason for this message is to give a hint, a clue: in a few weeks, Lucky, Siobhan, Liz and Jason will be involved in a very important and tragic s/l that will revolve around Jake.
    Just like, for example, Mac out of the blue mentioned Jerry Jacks – it implicitly told us he would be back a few weeks later; or when jason was in prison to protect Micheal and he told M about something Brenda used to tell him. At that point, nobody had any idea that VMG was coming back. It’s a common strategy soaps use to try and recall history, make connections with past/present/future storylines…
    That’s my opinion, anyway…

    March 1, 2011 at 11:24 pm

  3. JasamFan

    WOW.. Love every word of this blog!

    I too was wondering why Lucky told her about Jake, I had to rewind to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.. I guess we will find out soon why they had that conversation.

    I was so proud of Alexis not blaming Jason they have indeed come full circle and I love that. And yes as a mother I would have knocked Jason to the ground to get to my baby. I love that they know Sam needs them both and that they have come to respect one another!

    Steve and Kelly rocked those scenes.. both of them say so much with their eyes not a word has to be spoken and you can feel everything they feel. Simply amzaing Stelly chemistry is Jasam magic.

    I am so proud of GH.. these last couple of weeks have brought us back to the GH I fell in love with so many years ago.

    Sam is Jasons heart and he showed us just that these last few days. I never thought it possible to love them more than I already do.. but then we get scenes like these and I fall more in love with them every day! *SIGH*

    Sam and Jason are truly “THE SUPERCOUPLE” I am so excited to see what comes next for these two!

    Love you

    March 2, 2011 at 2:36 am

  4. Sonia

    I thank you for your tireless effort
    to supply us with such lovey and encouraging
    words about GH and Jason and Sam. You have
    describe Jason and Sam so clearly and with
    such love.. I do enjoy reading your post

    March 3, 2011 at 12:34 am

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